Vampire Roleplay anyone

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  1. I would love to do a vampire roleplay with someone, I have a character but you need to fill out a character bio like I have and then I will tell you the plot, I only play females.

    Name: Elizabeth Cromwell (nickname: Beth)
    Age: 150 years old (but looks 18)
    Appearance: anime_vampire_girl_1_finished.jpg
    Personality: Scared, but many mistake it for being loving
    Bio: Elizabeth was 18 when she got turned, she fell in love with this guy she met at the pub and he turned out to be a vampire. He loved her dearly until she realised he was lying when he decided to bite her in the neck. It took three days for the transformation to take place, she went through pain and anger for three days, she locked herself in the apartment. She got the power of mind control, she controlled her parents minds into thinking she was raped and murdered and the had a funeral for her. She has grieved the vampire for turning her and wants to kill him for herself with the bad ass moves she has got. Her long mission is to go round the world with her best friend Klaus who is over 300 and has helped her through stuff like resisting the blood and he helped her drink animal blood instead of human.

    Basically is I want my roleplay partner to play Klaus and to help find the guy who turned her and murder and torture him because she was just an innocent girl who thought she was being loved but actually used. You can make him look like whatever you want but he is somewhere over 300 and has obviously been through this. Maybe there could great plot twists like Klaus actually falls for her and starts to feel again as there emotions are taken away when their turned.