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James De Vires wasn't the average vampire. When he hunted, his tracking was insanely accurate. No prey ever got away from him, alive. But he knew there was something missing in his life. When he'd been younger, he'd promised his family he'd always take care of his sister. Now, years later, circumstances had separated them, and sadly he had no idea where to start looking.

He hoped in time, she'd come out of hiding, and at least let him know, that she was alive and well. Was that so much to ask for? Both of them were vampires, with the same bloodline. If he saw her again, he knew he'd have to keep better track of her. Or his family long-dead, would haunt him in his dreams.~
It had been a few years since she was turned and things were different. Even though he remembered having a twin sister she did not. Things change when you are a vampire the memories gone some came back to her but others did not. All she knew was this face of another person the face she knew but did not know. Now she was walking down the streets hunting for her next victim. Even though she was a vampire she still had some of her humanity left and she only fed from someone that was going to die every few days. The victims had to be perfectly chosen so she would not kill someone that had a family or boyfriend or girlfriend. Mostly she chose someone that was going to die of old age. Sure their blood tasted weird but at least she was not going to kill some innocent person.
James wandered the streets, dressed in his all black attire, his hair smoothed back, wearing his unique dark black leather duster that fell silently to his ankles, and being 6'1, it was very -long- with wide pockets for hiding weapons if enemies tried to get their wish of destroying him. In all his lifetimes, he hadn't made very many enemies, but there were those retarded humans, with slow-thinking, backward brains, that thought anything different was evil.

One never could be too careful, especially in the 21st century. He didn't have anything particularly trouble some on his mind, but it was just easier for him to get lost in his thoughts. He'd always been a loner, but still fairly sociable when needed. He had his mansion, his years of collecting books and other odds and ends, plus he apparently was very used to modern technology, though some of it made him smirk.

Spotting a fleeing girl, he scanned her quickly, before pouncing by reflex, intending to bite her, and then go home.~
Becca had grown quite known to the people around this town and she liked it that way. She was no typical vampire and she wanted to help people that's what she was like when she was alive. She had been alive for quite sometime and she found living off someone that was going to die soon was better then killing innocents. "Stop." A voice was heard from the dark alley way when she saw what she knew was a vampire pounce a girl. There were few vampires around and she hated when an innocent person was going to be fed on. It had been years since she saw another vampire and maybe this was a good thing.
"This one is hardly innocen--" Suddenly, James caught sight of the other girl.. and froze, letting the girl run away and not even caring. Staring straight at him, looking like she'd rather stake him... was his own sister! Or... was his mind playing tricks on him?

"Rebecca De Vires?" He asked, as if not quite believing it could be his sister he'd spent so many years trying to find and take care of... Would she remember him? Or would she run..? His heart raced, as if afraid of the answer.
Becca had forgotten about her brother by now even though she was blood related with him. The girl ran off like a little school girl scared as hell. "Why do you care?" She said eyes glowing as she circled him hoping he would not run off to the girl that she had just saved. It had been so long since she had an encounter with her brother or with another vampire what would happen?
James froze. His entire body became like cold stone almost, from how rigidly he stood, staring at his sister. "Because, I have a sister by that name. She may have forgotten her older brother over time... and it's understandable. . .but.. I've never forgotten my last remaining family member. If you're her... I'd only want to be assured that you're alright and out of danger." He added.

He wasn't one to impose on anyone, not even relatives he hadn't seen in -years.- He just hoped he could calm her down enough to talk.~
(Hope you didn't mind the whole forgetting her)
It had been nearly two decades since she last saw him and things have happened since then. "I don't remember you. You should also watch who you try to eat." The girl that he tried to eat was someone she had been watching for a while and helping her even though the girl did not know. Somehow the vampires around here which were few and far between had been trying to attack her for some reason. So since she cared about humans at least a little she tried to save her as best she could.
(Nah I don't mind, hopefully she'll remember though!)

James was clearly worried. But he nodded. "Well I hope you don't mind then, that I only know you as a sister. But if you don't remember me... just tell me, are you alright? Do you need -anything?-" He asked, not wanting to scare her any further. He'd leave once they were done discussing things. There was no reason for him to continue harassing her, or otherwise, bother her about something she didn't remember.

Perhaps there was a chance she'd remember him on her own tonight, or in her dreams in the near-future. One could only hope for the best in this case, though his heart shattered at her lack of memories... what had happened to her?

"This is my home address and cell number...I'll leave now, and 'be careful' who I target." He wrote down address and phone number, before handing her the paper. Unable to stay longer, he grimly turned around and walked back out of the alley, sadness and despair radiating off his every particle.~
"I'm fine." Her eyes were still red as she now could not hear the heart beat of the girl that was around not long ago. Yes she could hear heartbeats from the people she wanted to attack as well as others. Who said he was even telling the truth about him being her brother even so she took the littel piece of paper because there weren't to many vampires left around the world. It was a sad dieing race and she did not like it maybe she could change a few but that went against what she agreed to. She agreed to not kill innocents and that would be killing innocents right? Sighing she turned and started walking the opposite way away from him.
On the way home, James managed to feed off a criminal even his sister wouldn't have cared to save. Tossing the body to the side, he walked back to his own mansion, intending to relax in his own home for the night. He'd start wandering the city a lot more again, hoping to at least run into her again.

But if she never remembered him, what else could he do, except try to lock away those memories of the time he had a family? He certainly didn't know what else to do, and simply went to bed just before dawn.~
Who was this person and why couldn't she remember who he was? If she was his twin she would be able to remember him right? She fed off someone that would have died that night she knew that and then headed to where her home was. Over the years she managed to take money off the people she killed and managed to great a deal of money. Now she owned a mansion which she turned into a safe house that had blackened out windows.
(its okaies. Stuff happens ;3)

James went home, sullen and tired and exhausted mentally as well as physically fort some reason. He'd only wanted to keep his word to their mother and father: to protect his sister. And now he didn't even have the privilege of knowing her address, not that he couldn't easily track her. He could. But he refused to act like a low life and scare her from ever trusting him again. . .if they met again in an alley or some street, and she was curious about him, he'd talk.

There just wasn't any way he was ever going to scare or hurt her. He sighed as dawn crept towards the horizon, giving him small motivation to hide in the basement on a real bed, where there were no windows, doors, or any cracks or holes that could let in sunlight. He was tired, but it was a long while, before he could even go to sleep.~
Even having a mansion to herself was lonely and boring maybe she would look for someone to come live with her. When she got to the door she opened it and shut it tightly behind her. No vampires could get in and no humans either she made sure of it. It was nice not to have to worry about money since the people were dead they didn't care and she would not get into trouble. Going to the kitchen she grabbed a glass and poured some champaign in the glass. Taking the glass she walked to the living room to see what was on the television.
James wouldn't have minded at all living with his sister, if only she'd remember him! Perhaps after a few more chance encounters, and gaining her trust, he could counsel her on their family history. But he wouldn't scare or threaten her, or use any aggressive force. He sighed as he slept fitfully, dreaming of his childhood.

When he woke that night, he ate a few serial killers in the street, and simply wandered aimlessly, lost in thought, and enjoying the cool night air. He wondered how life had gotten so screwed up..~
She had fallen asleep on the couch with the television on and now her stomach was growling and she was hungry. Slowly she got ready changed her clothes and started walking outside. Maybe she would see the brother again and ask him to move in with her. Yes she did not know him but he was the only vampire around here that she knew of and it was getting pretty boring all by herself.
James was so lost in thought, he didn't even realize where he was until he almost knocked over a girl. "Sorry--" He then took a moment to realize he was helping up his sister again. "Are you alright?" He asked her. He meant this in more than just the obvious ways of course.... Would she ever regain her memories? He vowed if someone had hurt her during their separation, he would track, find, and kill them in ways so violent, it would make Jack The Ripper look like a Saint!
When she was bumped into she growled and made an oomph sound when she fell on her bottom. "What where your going." She said as James helped her up not seeing that it was the same guy from the last night. "Yes I'm fine. Hey I wanted to ask where are you living? I live in a Mansion and it gets pretty boring and lonely." She said not knowing if she should ask him this but at least she kind of knew this person.
James blinked in surprise. "I'm also living in a mansion, but it's by the ocean and not really welcoming... I'd love to stay with you for a while, at -least- until we can figure out why you lost your memory... that is... if you don't mind me trying to help?" He offered in exchange. He really did want to see his sister fully able to remember her past, without any pain or fear.~
"We'll see about that right now you are more then welcome to stay with me. No need for rent I have enough money. Would you like to come see it?" She asked knowing he probably slept in a basement at least her house had blackened out windows and no need for tresspassers. Soon she walked away so that he could follow she had a stash of blood there was no need to go out and feed tonight. Soon she would have to go and get some more blood from her secret stash.