Vampire professeur.

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    Allysa rolled her eyes at her friend's antics. How in hell she could ever make friends with Jamie, the school gossip, was unbeknownst to her. The first day of school was always a long day. Any and every summer scandal, Allysa had to listen to- not like there weren't enough scandals during the school year anyway. Thankfully, there was only one class before lunch- language class. The two friends had made sure to choose the same classes, so they wouldn't have to be separated for most of the day, but this year, Allysa chose to take French III, while Jamie chose Spanish I. "Good luck, hun- they say that the new French teachers are mean this year!" Jamie warned, the two girls parting and walking towards their respective classes.

    Allysa walked in to find that most people had seated themselves already. 'Wow... this teacher really must be strict....' A couple of seats in the middle were still open, and she placed her things down at one, before sitting down. Just as the bell rung, a boy came bursting into the classroom, boisterously rushing towards the seat... right next to hers. She groaned inwardly as she realized that it was Zack that had sat next to her. On top of being a massive, egotistical jock, Zack also had a serious anger management problem. He looked at her straight in the eye, and smiled. "Hey bit-" he started. Before she knew it, Allysa had slapped him in the face for being such an asshole. He face was red and seriously upset- it was obvious that this seating arrangement would get pretty challenging. 'Why, heavens? Why do things like this happen to me!?'
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    He could hear all the students say that the new French teachers where mean this year but the funny thing was that this French Teacher didn't look like a teacher he looked like a sturdent. He walked into the class room and saw one of the students slap the piss at an another student and snapped at them "HEY!! What is the reason for this!" he said as he walked toward them, he looked at the girl and she seemed quite beautiful but the male smelled like a ragged dog, "You tow are lucky this is the first of the school year or I would have tore you up!" he said as he smirked and was showing his fangs. He walked over to the board and picked up a peice of chalk and wrote his name on the board "My name is Clemente Ettore. I am yalls French Teacher for this year and don't worry, no I am not mean at all. But to be honest I don't take bullshit and tuff like that in my class. You treat me with respect I shall so you the same. Don't end up like the other student who tried to act all hard and ended up as my next dinner." he said as he lick his lips and smirked. "So everyon, in order please stand up and say your name." he said with a smile.
  3. Allysa blushed as the teacher came in, scolding the two of them for their actions. "Sorry...." she mumbled quietly to the teacher as went to to the front of the room. Unfortunately, Allysa was too embarrassed to catch the fang-ridden smirk he had shown. She bit her lip nervously, staying quiet. Surprisingly, this French teacher wasn't some 60-year-old lady who cursed them out in French all the time. This one was... young, surprisingly handsome, and for some reason... a bit intimidating. After Mr. Ettore gave instructions, everybody had started to stand and introduce themselves. "I'm Allysa." she said when it was her turn, before sitting back down quickly. Afterwards, she looked around, only to notice that idiotic Zack was staring at her again, interestingly enough with a look of curiosity, and surprise, rather than one of anger. Trying to ignore it, Allysa merely looked to the front of the classroom, her eyes focused on the professor.
  4. As soon as Allysa stood up and sid who she was he noticed as the male was staring at her and was scanning her, "Hey you Zack? You planning your next meal and picking Allysa as that meal? Because your staring her down like a "Wolf" would do." he said as he smirked and showed his sharp fangs again. He looked at the class and he liked what he saw, people who were interested in French and possibly more because he was a Vampire and not Human like some of the people here. He walked to his desk and grabbed a thick stack of paper and started passing it out to the students, "I want you to write me an essay about you and you can be discriptive and talk about whatever you want." he said as he walked to Allysa's desk and looked at her and smiled but as he put the paper on the desk his hand accidently brushed against hers and then walked away. "Alright as soon as I say 'Go', I want you to get started on what you are going to write about yourself."
  5. Zack surprisingly growled when Mr. Ettore called him out, making Allysa shift uncomfortably in her seat. "What is wrong with him?" She whispered to herself, causing Zack's head to snap back towards her. Thankfully, when Mr. Ettore started to hand over the papers, he quieted down. Allysa looked at the essay in disdain, blushing as the teacher smiled at her, before walking away. Immediately, she began to write, mentioning her likes and dislikes, her love of French, her desire to go to Paris, among other things. Once she made it to the bottom of the page, she made her conclusion, before standing up and walking over to the teacher's desk. "We turn it in here, right?"
  6. "Yes ma'am you do. Your the first one to finish." he said in a suprised tone, he grabbed the paper "You can have a seat if you like." he said as he looked into her eyes and smiled. "You have very good hand writing. And your in luck as well because I take my best students in my class to Paris and if your extremely good in my class I'll take you as well." he said as he smiled and kept reading. He could see Zack stare at him and Clemente snapped his eyes at him and they glowed at him, 'I wish you would, boy. I'll rip you in half you stinkin fucking mut." he thought to himself.
  7. Allysa smiled back as the teacher mentioned a class trip to Paris. "You do? That would be amazing! I'd love to go Professor Ettore." she told him excitedly as she returned to her desk. A few more students turned their essays in, a lot of them merely holding onto their papers so that they wouldn't have to actually learn. Zack was obviously finished, leaning back in his desk, for some reason leaning over to her. "Y'know, nobody has ever stood up to me like that before..."

    "Oh, they haven't? Well trust me, somebody should have- a long time ago." Allysa quipped, just as the bell rang for the end of class. She stood, grabbing her bag and walking out quickly- almost making it to the lunch room before she realized she had forgotten her cell phone. She immediately turned back, rushing to the French room. 'Please oh please don't let anyone have stolen it.' Allysa bursted through the door, a bit red and out of breath from the running she had done. "Mr. Ettore.. have you seen my cellphone?"
  8. "Yes ma'am. I have it, you should take better care of yourself, Allysa." he said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out her phone. She left it on her desk and the ass of a Zack was about to grab it but didn't trust that kid, especially on how he looks at her like she is a peice of meat. "Here, mon amour. You must take more care of your things or someone will come along and snatch them rarely quickly." he said as he was walking over their slowly and handing it out to here. "Don't be nervous around me. I'm not going to bite...well not yet." he said as he smiled and his white, sharp fangs showed once more.
  9. Allysa sighed in relief, extremely grateful to Mr. Ettore for grabbing her phone. She nodded at his warning, intending to grab the phone from is hand, before being taken aback by his smile- and pointed teeth. Her eyes widened slightly, as she stepped back a little. "Wow Mr. Ettore... Did you get that done my the dentist?" She asked, knowing a couple of people who had done that because of the "Twilight" craze- she just didn't think that a teacher would have had their teeth sharpened like that. "You must be a vampire fan, then- right?" She inquired, giving a small smile.
  10. He chuckled and smiled a little bit "You can say that if you want but I would be lying to you if I said 'yes, you are correct'." he said as he walked over to her slowly, "Don't be alarmed. I will not hurt you, I promise. You need not to fear me, for I am not the enemy but that mut that sits behind you smells like trouble and nasty thoughts. But don't be afraid of me ok?" he said as he smirked. He looked at the people walking by and waved his hand just a tinny bit so the door could close behind her, he set the phone on the desk and sat down and opened the bottom drawer and grabbed out a glass and a bottle of what seemed like wine, and poured out a darker liquid in the glass and sipped on it. "So are you going to take your phone or are you just going to stand their?" he said as he smiled but his fangs got a bit longer.
  11. Allysa was confused. So... He wasn't a vampire fan? Then why did he- Her thoughts were interrupted as the door suddenly closed. Allysa jumped slightly. She hadnt seen anyone close the door... she turned her attention back to Mr. Ettore- who had pulled out a glass, and was sipping on some sort of liquid. Allysa felt slightly woozy... She didn't know whether to run, or scream, or both. "I- I don't know..." She stuttered out in response to his question. She of course needed her phone, but she really didn't want to go near the intimidating teacher.
  12. "You need no fear, Allysa. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." he said as he sipped on his drink some more. He scanned her, she looked about in her 20's and smirked because he remembers when he was at the age a long, long time ago. He smiled once more, "Come get your phone or I'll lock it up and you won't get it back for a while, ma'am." he said. 'Is she afraid of me? She doesn't need to be.' he thought to himself. "Look I'll come half way and you go the rest and you can grab the phone. OK?" he said as he walked closer to her and stopped half way. "Your turn." he said. "Don't fear me."
  13. She winced as he threatened to lock away her phone. She needed it- but was it worth the possibility of dying? Or getting bitten? His tone, despite the fangs peeking out of his mouth, seemed sincere- which calmed Allysa down greatly. She moved towards her teacher, grabbing her phone from him quickly. "Thank you." She told him sincerely. "I definitely wouldn't have wanted to go without it." She sighed 'Okay... you've got your phone.... LEAVE. NOW' her mind shouted at her, as she started to turn and head for the doorway. "Does the school know... that they've hired a vampire?" she suddenly asked, curious.