Vampire Pandemic?!?

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  1. PLOT
    The latest pandemic! Amongst vampires! All around the world vampires are getting sick and no one has any idea at all as to what is causing this among their kind. It is spreading among themselves as wild as yellow fever and seems to have no cure, accept an old legend about a very rare blood type called the "Golden Blood" that just might do the trick and cure the pandemic happening! (This will be a modern day roleplay).

    The Sickness
    • Attacks the vampire's body from the inside out, making them even more subject to light, even artificial light, making it hurt their eyes.
    • Makes them cough up heavy amounts of blood.
    • Makes it very hard for the sick vampire to sleep.
    • Violent mood swings, difficulties controlling their bloodlust / feeding urges.
    • Seizures.


    I'm not picky on what you want to do for a character sheet. All I really ask for is name, age, and a character picture (anime or realistic).

    • No God-modding or controlling other people's characters unless you have direct permission from the owner of that character.
    • No sexual themes. Sex isn't the point of this roleplay!
    • No texting talk.
    • If you have to disappear for a while, please let the rest of us know so we aren't left wondering.
    • Please stick to one or two characters at a time. If one of them dies during the roleplay, make a new one, but please don't have like, a dozen main characters at once.
    • Supernatural senses: speed, strength, site, smell, etc...
    However, please don't allow them to shadow walk, sprout wings, turn into a wolf or bat or animal, stuff like that. AND ABSOLUTELY NO SPARKLING VAMPIRES!

    Also, before I forget again to add this in, VAMPIRE DO NOT EAT HUMAN FOOD. THEY DRINK BLOOD. Otherwise they wouldn't be vampires...

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Elvira Dawn Slyvony, Human Age: 23, Vampire Age: 106​
  3. You know this sounds like it could be fun mind if I join this?


    Layton Denuce Resote

    Human age 20, Vampire Age: 97

    Personality: Laid back. Helpful. Kind and friendly.

    Background: Became a leading visionary in the pharmacy field of Vampire health. Works as a lead pharmacist at Elvira's hospital.

    Past times: Barging into Elvira's office without an appointment and talking about anything. ​
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    OK given the rules of this vampiricness hasn't really been established much, except for the removal of the shapeshifting, I'm going to be making certain assumptions in my App which may need correcting.

    Character Number ONE:

    Name: Lamies (LA-mi-ess)
    Human age at time of conversion: 76
    Generation: IIX (assuming that Generation I is Caine and each generation is progressively weaker, with a new vampire instantly being 1 generation younger than their sire)
    Overall mortal age: 242
    Personality: Lamies is still a very young vampire, only 2 years old, and as a result, is still almost identical to what he was like when he was a human. He is a very well balanced person. He cares not for the Vampire-Werewolf conflict, nor for much of the immortal world at that. The only reason he became a vampire is because he was faced with the option of being a vampire or being a corpse. His willpower is phenomenal, so he is able to control his bloodlust and frenzy almost indefinitely. Additionally, he takes his blood only from mortals who are already close to death, to prevent damaging the mortal world too much.
    Backstory: Lamies was born to a rich human family in the lovely 18th century. When he was 5, he found a secret room behind a (you guessed it) bookshelf in their library. Behind it, a passage ran for several kilometers, disappearing deep within the earth. At the end, he found himself in a second library, this one stocked with many heavy and often religious or superstitious tomes. He spent the next 71 years of his life studying those texts, slowly learning the ways of the Thaumaturge. In addition, he studied the more taboo art of Necromancy, and 3 days before the day of his "death" he managed to create a spirit tether. He faked his death, and continued studying magic, ruling the country by making tiny adjustments in the characters of the government. 2 years previous to the current events, he was found by Theyira, defeated in combat, and forced to become Theyira's servant. Upon becoming a vampire, he lost almost all of his necromantic powers, but he retained his thaumaturgy, what with it being the most basic form of magic that can be mastered by even an ex-mage in a week or so.
    Affinities: Thaumaturgy, having a posh british accent.

    Character the SECOND:

    Name: Theyira, the Rose Queen
    Human age at time of conversion: 13
    Generation: VII (Originally IIX, but she exploited her Sire's death to absorb his power.)
    Overall mortal age: 21
    Personality: Theyira adapted to her role as Vampire incredibly quickly, perhaps basing it off the vampires she saw in mortal media programs. She has a god complex, and remains undefeated. With nothing to prove her weak, she continues to be stubborn, cocky and fiery, and her magic reflects that. She has a very hard time controlling her bloodlust and frenzy, and has to feed on a daily basis.
    Backstory: Theyira had a simple childhood, that went something along the lines of "If you can't join them, make them your subjects". Her neighbourhood was home to two gangs, who fought for control over the town. The children of the gang members did roughly the same over the school yard. That is, until Theyira shot one of them in the knee with her father's gun. Out of fear of her reputation, she had no friends. She was driven to the "delusional" state, and was exstatic when she was offered vampiric domination of her peers. Over the next 5 years, she built up her power, becoming the "spirit" known as the "Rose Queen". She manipulated the town and both gangs with fear, picking off key gang leaders and political figures. Her name came from her bad habit. Each of her victims would be found dead on their own bed. They would be drained entirely of blood, they would have a cavity in their chest, and the heart would have been replaced with the head of a pure white rose, the xylems stained with the left over blood, giving an eerie appearance of tainted purity.
    Affinities: Theyira has almost no ability to use magic, however makes up for it with her mastery of Celerity and Potency. Her favourite murder method is to sprint towards her victims, reach into their chest and rip out their heart. When their heart is off limits, she generally tears of limbs instead, or goes for the throat.
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    Character App:

    Name: Hannah Lynn
    Human Age: 18
    Vampire Age: 21 (Has only been a vampire for 3 years)
    Looks: Jennifer Lawrence