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  1. Yep, I'll admit it, I have vampires on the brain. I know they are cliche and everyone's done 'em, and whatnot, but I'm craving a vamp romance and would love to find a partner who could suite my preferences.

    As for my preferences:

    • Only FxM
    • No Mature
    • At LEAST 3 paragraphs. I love to have something to work with. I write longer posts and you don't have to match me, but I would like something substantial. :)
    • Grammar and spelling is nice. I would like to be able to read your posts and understand them.
    • I would like a DAYTIME partner. If you can get on at night, that's great (sincerely) but what I really need is someone who can be on during the day hours as I have more than enough night-partners.
    • No demons/daemons or witch/warlock/mage/magician/sorceror.
    I would like to be the vampire and the female in this RP. I have a lot of male characters right now and I usually play the male/other species in these kind of RPs. I'd like to try the vampire out. :) I am looking for a modern/fantasy/futuristic/or even apocalyptic RP where vampires and the other 'species' are enemies. Our two characters would be a forbidden type thing and if they were important to their own people, the better. Further details could be hashed out with my partner. And yes, I did warn that it was cliche. LOL

    Sooo.....if my finicky nature hasn't scared you off, lemme know if you are interested either here or in PM. Thanks!
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  2. ^_^ Haloo Kaisaan, I don't believe we've met yet. I'm Knives, a new(ish) member here, and I've been spreading some rp roots, so if you are still looking for a partner, I'm game.
  3. Hi, Knives ~

    No, we have not met, but I hope we will be glad we did. Yeah, I could use another partner. Shall we take this to PM?
  4. Hmm........Vampire/Soul Reaper? Well, it's an idea but probably no a good one.
  5. Uhh, I have no idea what a Soul Reaper is, so probably not something I would up for. Sorry. :/
  6. It's all good.
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