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  1. Finally. The school bell rang loud and shrill, releasing the bored high school students at 3: 05. With all of the others, Spencer poured out of the large double glass front doors, relieved to be free of the school for another day. Adjusting his backpack weighed down with homework, he began the short walk home in the cold Winter.

    It was already dark outside thanks to the Winter hours, the Sun having long since retreated past the horizon, shrouded the city in early darkness, something that pretty much everyone hated, including Spencer.

    As he walked, his hands shoved deep into his jean pockets, he was suddenly shoved to the ground by a boy he recognized, dashing his way passed after his friend, laughing. Spencer frowned, glaring at the kid. Really, didn't he get tormented enough in school? With what dignity Spencer had left, he hoisted himself to his feet, brushing off himself and his backpack, his green eyes dark and unreadable.
  2. In one of the dark alleyways where some of the local gang members would hang, there were piercing jade green eyes. A sinister laugh echoed through the alley as a teenage male stepped under on of the flickering street lights, he stood there for a minute watching people go by. He licked his lips as he looked for his next prey; someone simple and plain, someone who was hardly noticed, someone like him.... The male teenage saw a simple looking high school student walking by and decided to follow after him until he found a good time to strike.
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    While dusting himself off, he suddenly felt watched, and he paused in the middle of dusting off his backpack, and looked behind him, studying the surrounding area for a few moments before shrugging the backpack back onto his shoulder with a grunt, wishing he didn't have to carry such heavy books all the time.

    Straightening himself up and combing a hand through his black hair, he once more began to walk, occasional vehicles passing him by on the street, his shoes crunching against the snow, his hands once more stuffed into his jeans pockets as he walked, feeling the wet spots from the snow on his clothes and his book bag.
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    Drell followed after the raven haired boy, watching him closely but from a distance. He would hide behind buildings and alleys if he noticed the boy looking around, he would also follow the boy's scent if need be. After following for about ten minutes he started to get bored and even more hungry then before, he had to eat soon or he would end up passing out or worse.

    He sighed as he watched the boy walk forward, passing by other people on the street. The vampire stalked his prey; waiting, watching, and slowly getting closer like a cat stalking a mouse.
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    As he once more began to walk, he again felt watched, and stopped and looked behind him, turning his head first to the right, and then left, frowning when he again saw no one else. At least, no one else suspicious anyway. Frowning deeply, figuring maybe he was just paranoid because it was already dark out by 3 o' clock in the Winter hours.

    Again he began to walk, a little faster then before, his feet once more crunching against the snow that had been failed to be shoveled off the sidewalk, the salt used to melt the ice underneath scattered about. But before he had managed to walk ten paces, he suddenly bumped into someone.

    His mood darkening and becoming visibly irritated, Spencer brushed himself off and turned his attention to whom it was he had bumped into, and blinked in surprise when it was a man with the palest skin he had ever seen, and eyes the color of a ruby. Spencer blinked in surprise, wondering who this guy was.
  6. The vampire stalked his prey being careful not to be noticed, he walked lightly on the crunching snow. He followed behind the raven haired boy; blending in with some of the other humans as he made his way closer. His jade green eyes shifted to a scarlet red; his dirty blonde hair turning into a pale silvery-blonde like the moon above.

    now was the perfect opportunity to strike he moved faster to get ahead of the high school boy. Once in front of the dark haired boy he stopped; letting him run into the vampire. He smirked lightly as the boy bumped into him; he then looked down at the boy with a glare. "Watch where you are going, I could have gotten seriously hurt..."
  7. Hearing the scolding come from the vampire, Spencer looked up at him, a frown still on his face as he combed his hands through his shaggy black hair. "Then maybe you shouldn't be standing in the middle of where others have to walk." Spencer snapped, in not much of a mood to be apologetic or sympathetic. He had had a bad day enough at school as it was already, and he wasn't about to put up with more crap now, despite the fact he was only 15 years old and this guy was obviously much bigger and stronger then he was.

    Not wanting to waist anymore time, Spencer made to move past the vampire, grumbling, his green eyes irritated as he once more adjusted his heavy backpack against his shoulder, pausing a moment to move it to his other shoulder, cursing whoever had written these damn text books they had to learn from.
  8. The vampire glared at the human; pretty much sizing him up. He reached his hand out and grabbed a hold of the boy's jacket, "Hold on buddy..." he said gripping the jacket tightly, "I think you need to pay a bit of let's say insurance, for bumping into me...." he smirked, "You know I could have gotten seriously hurt, and guess who would be responsible?"

    He practically pulled the boy around so he was facing Drell, "How about you step into my office...?" he smirked as he pointed to an old alleyway across the street where they wouldn't be seen. "You don't want to cause any trouble right?"
  9. A grunt escaped from Spencer when he suddenly felt a strong hand grip the collar of his jacket, and he stumbled on the slippery sidewalk as he was yanked so that he was once more standing in front of Drell, the vampire's dark blood red eyes narrowed at him in quite the angry glare.

    "Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Jeez it was just an accident!" The words came out in a rush, but still the man pulled him into the ally, shoving him against the back wall, another grunt escaping from Spencer, and his backpack fell to the ground, though this time Spencer left it there. At least for the moment. Holy crap...What was this guy's deal? He'd barely bumped into him!

    The frightened boy stared up at the man, wondering what he was going to do, his heart hammering so loud he could hear it in his ears.
  10. Drell smirked as he lead the dark haired boy into the alley way, "Sorry but I really need something to make up for your clumsiness..." He pushed the boy against the wall with a smirk, "I wonder what you could offer me?" he smiled and leaned in close to the boy.

    The vampire licked his lips as he looked up at the boy, "You're not scared are you?" he said in a mocking voice as he grabbed the boys shoulders to hold him against the brick wall. He rested his teeth on the boy's neck with a laugh, "Don't worry, it will only hurt a little, plus you'll be helping me out.... you see I'm a bit..... hungry..."
  11. As the strong hands took hold of his shoulders, Spencer began to struggle, swallowing hard when asked if he was scared or not. "Look...I didn't mean anything alright? I...I just need to get home!" He tilted his head away, too frightened to even let out a good scream for help as he tried to shove the older male off of him.

    What was this guy's deal? He was taking this way over the top! And how on Earth could Spencer do anything about his hunger? And what will only hurt a little? What was the guy going to do to him? He wasn't going to kill him was he? The thought of possibly dying at only 15 and in some forgotten ally made him panic. Holy crap...He had to get away from this guy!
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    Drell smirked as the boy struggled beneath him causing him to laugh lightly, "struggling isn't going to help you." he looked up at the boy, "I'll let you go in a minute, just let me have a meal first." He opened his mouth to reveal sharpened fangs as he leaned down. He face the boy's neck as he lick the side of it, "I swear I'll be gentle." he then opened his mouth and angled it around the boy's neck, his teeth brushing at the boy's neck.

    The vampire bite down on the nape of the boy's neck, letting the blood flood through his mouth. He swallowed as some of the blood that escaped from his mouth trailed down the boy's neck. He held onto the boy making sure he didn't try to run or move so that the vampire could get all the blood he could from the boy, without killing him.
  13. Finding himself pinned between the alley wall and Drell, he couldn't move, and grimaced when he felt Drell lick against his neck, then yelped as the man suddenly bit into his neck with sharp fangs. Holy crap...Just what was this guy? Spencer wasn't so sure he wanted to find out, but then, from the books he had read and things he had heard, one word popped into his head. VAMPIRE. Holy...This guy was a vampire?!

    Spencer tried to cry out, bit it was almost impossible to talk with his blood being drained, and soon, Spencer felt faint, his grip loosening from Drell's shirt, and slowly, his hands fell to his sides, his heart beating slowly then it had been moments ago, and with a low groan, Spencer fell unconscious in Drell's hold on him, slumping against his cold pale body and the alley wall.
  14. The vampire smirked as he felt the boy became weaker the more he drank the boy's blood. After a few moments he released his fangs from the boy's neck with a smile, licking the blood that ran down his neck. He then licked the puncture wound he had left in the boy's neck as it began to heal, since vampire's saliva could heal wounds. Once it was closed up all that was left was two tiny scars which he left to pretty much mark the boy as his prey so other vampires would stay away.

    He held the boy as he fell into the vampire's arms and sighed lightly, "I'm pretty sure I left you enough blood to stay alive...." he looked around as his silver hair returned to it's original dirty blonde hair and his ruby red eyes faded back to jade green. He picked up the boy; carrying him on his back so it didn't look suspicious to ongoing humans. He walked out of the alleyway and onto the nearby sidewalk reading the street signs as he walked with the boy on his back.

    Since he had sucked the boy's blood he had gained some of the boy's memories; unfortunately they were only minor ones like where he lives, what school he goes too, and a name. Spencer... huh, sounds a bit childish for this day and age but whatever. he thought as he walked trying to figure out the fastest way to get to the boy's house.
  15. Indeed Spencer was alive. Just a bit pale and his heart beat a bit slower then it had been moments ago. His breathing was slow and slightly shaky, and a groan escaped from him as Drell scooped him up and into his arms, proceeding to carry the unconscious Spencer home, Spencer in his arms and Spencer's backpack on his shoulder, the thing heavy with school books and other learning material.

    When Spencer was finally carried home, his Mother was pacing in the kitchen, worried and frightened, Spencer's Father trying to calm his frightened Mother down by saying he would show up, that something wasn't wrong, that if Spencer wasn't home by 4:30 they would call the police to search for their boy. What neither parent was expecting however, was for their Son to be dropped off home by a total stranger carrying him and his backpack. For several long moments both of Spencer's parents just stared before his Mother finally snapped out of the shock and surprise.

    "Oh my God! Spencer!" She breathed, quickly taking her boy from the stranger's arms, another groan escaping from him as Spencer's Mother carried him to the living room couch.

    Spencer's Father looked to a mixture of emotions. "Who the Hell are you?" He demanded in a somewhat deep and rough voice, taking in Drell's appearance, not looking pleased very much at all.
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  16. Drell sighed as he carried back the unconscious boy to his home, sure he wasn't that heavy but his backpack.... what was he carrying rocks?! He occasionally had to stop to adjust the bag and Spencer so he didn't do either one, he would also stop to check street signs before continuing to the boy's house.

    Once at the boy's house he simply opened the door with his free hand and walked in, seeing the boy's parents stare at him was a bit intimidating but he shook off the shock. As Spencer's mother claimed the boy from the vampire he sighed and placed the bag down on the ground, rubbing his shoulder from the strain the bag had caused. He looked over to the father who was somewhat yelling at him, "Ah You must be Spencer's father, it's a pleasure. Well you see me and Spencer are in the same class and well he was complaining earlier today about being light-headed." he smiled nervously as he scratched the back of his head, "So after school I saw him walking slower than usual and he was bumping into people so I walked over to him, and he was saying stuff about feeling sick so I checked his forehead and he had this really hot fever. So I helped him walk before he fainted and then carried him here." He sighed with a smile, "Man was he heavy, I mean I had to carry him all the way here."
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