Vampire, My Master

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    In the world where vampires are known, humans still rule the world. In some parts of the world, vamps walk the streets like your average citizen, and the things a human would do. In other parts of the world, they don't, and they live somewhere, but no one knows where. That's here, in the city of Lakewood. Not that the name matters. Here in LW, sometimes people are found dead in random places, with only two holes in their neck and terrified faces left as evidence. Sometimes people may go missing, and some believe they've been kidnapped, by the vampires. Now, vampires are not feared here. Not by the majority anyway. But still, everyone wonders what it's like to come into contact with one, and what happens to the ones that go missing.

    Unfortunately, Harley Brammer happened to be one of those who didn't fear vamps, but wasn't casual with them either. Somewhere in the middle. Somehow, she ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking home when someone tackled her from the side, with abnormal like speed. Then something hit her on the head and everything was blank.

    She woke up in a gray and hard, dark room. A cell. There were others too. Beside her, across from her, even above her. Like she was in a holding cell. Some people slept, some cried, some were even happy. But that was only a few people, of course. She knew she'd been taken. She didn't know, but where she was, she was an item. This place was sort of like a store. Vampires would visit and walk through the halls, looking in the cells to see who they would want to buy, everyone at different prices.

    "Hm, a new one?" "Yes, she was brought in earlier this afternoon. Two thousand." What?

    "Interesting. She's pretty, I'd say. But maybe we should lower the price. She's not worth it." "Do you want money to keep this place going or not." Harley's wide gray eyes fearfully looked into green ones, as they turned red. Her heart quickened, as her thoughts did too.

    "She's a scared one, I can tell. Her thoughts run through her mind I can barely keep up." The man smirked as he opened the cell, a loud creak coming from the metal door. The other man stayed out, watching nervously. "Don't bruise her! She's not broken in yet." By now, she was shaking.

    "I'll be sure to break her in then." Again, he smirked as he grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground with much force. She yelped in lain and held her head, tears already spilling.

    "Already crying now are we? We'll have to fix that." "Stop it Leon, I said to be careful!" The man outside said. She knew the abuser's name now, but she wasn't thinking about it. How could she care at a time like this?!

    The next thing she knew, the air was knocked out of her as her body slammed into the cement, gray wall, luckily, her head didn't hit that hard. Just enough to give her a headache.

    Her feet were off the ground, and the only thing that held her up was Leon's single hand around her neck, holding her to the wall. This was the worst way to be choked out, because there's no way of getting free.

    Har tried to breathe in, but couldn't. Her air was going quick due to having the air knocked out of her in the first place. Her legs kicked as her hands gripped his wrist and pushed, but all it did was tire her out. Her head started spinning already as her struggling slowed. Her eyes blinked rapidly. And after some seconds, her eyes closed, her mind accepting the fact that she was going to die.

    "Stop." A firm voice said from outside the cells. It didn't come from the other guy. No, it was a new voice. But everything sounded slurred and extended in her ears. The hand released her, and she fell to the ground hard, a sound a pain coming from her, followed by gasps for breath. She kept her eyes closed, trying to regain her senses. Her body was still spinning.

    "You don't want to kill my slave do you?"

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  2. Courtney sat in the furthest corner from the door she could find. With her knees pulled tightly to her chest and her head resting on top of them as she focused on evening her breathing. It was cold and her short sleeves did nothing to help keep her warm. She rubbed her arms up and down slowly, trying to calm herself. She didnt know where she was, but she knew how she got here. They took her, and now she would probably end up dead in a ditch, she would never go home again. God she should have just went home... no science project was worth this.

    Courtney sat up in her corner, listening to the others around her, she refused to cry, if these were her last moments she would be strong, she would give them hell if she had too. Of course she was scared, terrified even but the worst they could do was kill her. There was crying, sniffling... and even an excited squeal...? Courtney scoffed. Of course some people would think of this as a good thing, it didnt matter that they would enslave you, work you to the bone, drain you of your blood, as long as they were gorgeous while they did it right? Courtney scowled, her contempt for these creatures growing with each heart beat.

    She let her curly dark brown hair fall in front of her face to create a curtain between her and the opening door. She made a point to sit in the corner nestled behind the bodies of everyone else, they would conceal her... at least for now, until she could gather her thoughts. She couldn't panic, that was the first thing her father taught her. Light flooded into the room and her hair shielded most of it but she could still make out the bodies of those who entered.

    She heard a male voice speaking. It had a dangerous edge to it although it flowed like silk. God she hated vampires. She didn't listen to a word that was being said. Whoever was picked sure was unfortunate, she would keep her head down until they left. She didn't want to draw attention to herself. But when she heard a yelp of pain she peeked her head up to see what was going on.

    There was a girl on the ground and tears were sliding down her face. A menacing figure towered over her. She felt pity for the girl, anger, but what could she do? If she got up, tried something? they would hurt her or even worse kill her and Courtney really didn't want to die anytime soon. Plus they were vampires, she was only a human.

    There was a struggle and Courtney lifted up her head all the way. The girl was being held against the wall. She was being choked. Courtney looked around her but none of the other people seemed like they were willing to do anything. She looked down then up again. The girl was still struggling but it looked like the fight was leaving her eyes. She couldn't watch this anymore. If she was going to die anyway at least she wouldn't die a coward... or at least as much of a coward as everyone else in the cell was. Vampire or not.

    She quickly got on one knee ready to bulldoze into... or at least try to make the vampire release it's grip. It was stupid and most likely not going to work, but while he was distracted by Courtney it would hopefully give the girl time to catch her breath... Hopefully. Just as she began to gather momentum the girl fell to the ground. Courtney froze in place. She slunk to the ground trying to slowly and discreetly slide her way to get over to the girl. Just a bit closer to see if she was alright. The Vampires were turned away. She tried to make eye contact with the girl. She could not speak, they would hear any whisper. She was close enough about five feet away at most. She willed the girl to look up. She inched steadily closer until she rested a hand on the girls arm. Her body was against the wall on the side of the door. She gently shook the girls arm.
  3. (Sorry!! I didn't say this before, so I'll just put it out there lol. Not for you though; your post reminded me!

    ONLY ONE OR TWO PEOPLE PER CELL IF YOU ARE A HUMAN! Also, I WILL BE PLAYING THE VAMPIRES UNTIL SOMEONE IS WILLING TO TAKE OVER! If you want to, don't ask! But once you take the position it's yours! So due to this, I will not describe the vampires' appearance.)

    Harley flinched a little, but didn't move as her body felt like it weight 200 pounds. She didn't speak either, still catching her breath through her small sobs.

    "You don't want to kill my slave do you?" The vampire that was choking the human turned around, a small smirk growing on his face.

    "Of course not. Two thousand is much valued." There were hints of sarcasm in his voice. The one who insisted the first vamp to stop hurting Harley just stood there for some seconds, before walking around to the other cells, supervising them.

    "Two thousand huh?" He looked past the other's shoulder, who was standing in the cell's doorway. As he looked over Harley's body, he saw the other. He gestured toward her, lifting his hand a little to point at her as he titled his head in that direction. This caused the abusing vampire to turn a bit to look.

    "What about that one?"
  4. The other girl in the small cell caught his eye as well, so he asked "How about that one?" The violent vampire replied with a smirk on his face "Around two thousand as well." He stopped my fun, lets take him for all he's worth. No one but a pureblood could afford both of them.

    Trent Kingston was one such pureblood and he nodded at the feeble vampire before him. "Well then, I'll take them both." The shorter vampire's mouth dropped open in surprise. "Where would you have that kind of currency?" Trent stared at the vampire coldly, trying to hide his contempt for the lowlife before him who captured others for slave trade. It's how this world works but.. this man, even without his occupation, would have been deplorable. "Well, in this age it's typical to use credit cards, is it not? The funds will be sent whenever you give me your bank account number."

    "Are we done?" Trent asked as he gently picked both girl's off of the floor and whispered to them "Don't make a scene, I don't plan on taking your blood. Let's leave quietly and we'll discuss our terms at my estate." Trent had a smooth, convincing voice, he couldn't help it, it was a strong trait, especially in purebloods. As he lifted them he lead them to the door. Trent threw a phone and a business card at the disgusting excuse for a vampire as they left. "Contact me and you'll get your payment.'
  5. Har was going to make a scene, despite her current state of weakness. That was until the vampire buying them whispered, "Don't make a scene, I don't plan on taking your blood. Let's leave quietly and we'll discuss our terms at my estate."

    Many questions ran through her head for a second or two. "Our" terms? Was he going to work them to death instead? Her overwhelming fear was quickly replaced by calmness. It was like his words had changed her demeanor. Like it was a spell cast on her...

    And so she did as he said, and didn't make a scene, walking with the vampire quietly. Even though she was calm state, a small part of her was still terrified, asking questions, and hurt physically and emotionally from the previous beating.
  6. The girl was breathing... just barely, but she would be okay. Courtney released a relieved breath her hand still on the girls arm. She could make out hand marks on the girls neck. She looked up at the one called Leon... this must be what pure evil looked like.

    Courtney's eyes widened considerably when the vampire pointed at her. She really should have seen this coming. She couldn't fight him, that would get her nowhere but hurt. All she needed was an oppotunity. She would escape, she would not die here... but she couldnt just leave the girl, the girl was still crying, she would not leave her, they would escape. She stayed in place and sat up as rigid as her back allowed when the vampire began to approach her. $2, 000... was that really the price of a human life?

    Courtney was pulled to her feet. She felt the slight pressure of his hand wrapped around her arm but she kept her face blank. She would wait. Even after he told them not to make a scene, that they would discuss terms later she kept a glare on her face. He was still a vampire, and she was still kidnapped.

    She would stay quiet for now, lay low. I wont die here. She couldn't let them know they scared her as much as they did. She let him drag her away, not saying a word. Courtney saw that he had his hand around the other girls arm, she took a deep breath and looked forward.
  7. He lead the two girls forward and towards the exit he took his arm from the girl who was being choked previously, figuring she'd be too scared to run. The whole place smelled like fear, but no one tried harder to hide it than the other girl he had purchased. You'd be doing great if I couldn't smell it. He thought to himself.

    He reached in his pocket for his car keys. once he found them he unlocked the car. He turned to the girl who he didn't have under his arm. "What's your name... Actually, both of you tell me your names." He ordered as he pulled the girl back under his arm and walked toward the car.
  8. Just as she thought she could have a chance to maybe run, he grabbed her arm again, and it hurt, for she was a kind of fragile girl.

    She kept quiet, not saying a word. She hoped the other girl would say something first too, so they wouldn't get yelled at. She stumbled slightly as she tried to keep up with the vampires long-legged steps.
  10. Courtney looked at the girl. She would have remained silent. Refused to acknowledge a word the vampire said but she looked so scared like she was waiting... hoping Courtney would say something. Her eyes flicked back to the vampire, the steady weight of his hand clenched on her arm holding her in place. She sighed and pursed her lips. She couldn't help it she wanted to be as difficult as she could... but... uggghh... this was just....

    Courtney sighed and pursed her lips. She lifted her head up and looked the vampire straight in his eyes, she glared for just a few seconds and looked away turning her glare to the ground. Then she ran a hand through her hair in agitation." Courtney... my name is Courtney." She tugged slightly on her arm, his grip was making her even more uncomfortable, realizing it was useless she resigned herself to waiting until he let go and nodded at the girl hoping it would encourage her to speak.