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  1. I want to try get a group mature rp going, last time I tried it flopped due to lack of commitment so if you want to be in on this, you gotta give it 100% kay :)

    Moving onwards, a plot!!!
    -stolen from someone I rp-ed with years ago on another forum *forgive me!!!*-
    2 vampires own a massive manor, they employ slaves for multiple reasons, recently they have acquired new slaves the rp follows the day to day crises the ensue. In this world, vampires are supreme and humanity is repressed, only the weathiest men and women manage to escape the cruel life of servitude, but only by a hairs breadth.

    The 2 vampires (1 m 1 f) have a new haul, 2 slaves each, boys for the female vampire, girls for the male vampire. Slaves can have romances, vampires can have romances, its a free for all. They can also try kill each other (ask permission before killing someones character though and let me know too)

    -Vampires can see their reflections
    -Sunlight is extremely dangerous to vampires HOWEVER they can travel outside under a parasol, prolonged exposure (2-3 hrs) will result in death, however they don't instantaneously combust.
    -Vampires have supreme strength/reflexes/cognitive abilities to humans
    -Vampires can be killed by stake to the heart, beheading, prolonged sun exposure (2-3+ hrs) or consuming Holy Water. Blood starvation causes a vampire to grow weaker, fatigued and eventually can result in death -can take long periods of time however-.
    -Vampires are typically "Created" by draining the blood of a humanto the point of near-death, then allowing said human to ingest vampire blood. Changing humans without the permission of the ruling Vampire Council is strictly forbidden.

    -There are 3 types of slave.
    General Slave - They wear a blue collar, they offer companionship, do chores/work -do not offer their bodies or blood
    Blood Slaves -They wear a red collar. Provide food to vampire masters, only slaves with favourable blood types are allowed to work in these positions. Rarer blood types are preferred, each slaves blood has a unique flavour, depending on the vampires tastes it can determine what kind of slave is selected.
    Sex Slaves - They give their bodies to vampires, they wear a white collar.

    Salves can be multiple roles, e.g general and blood, general and sex, or can be just one e.g a blood slave. A mixed slave will wear a collar with stripes (e.g. blood and sex is white and red striped collar). A slave that is a blood slave CANNOT be used for sex, a sex slave CANNOT be used for blood and so on, the slave can only be used for their prescribed purpose.

    1. General rues apply
    2. Be active
    3. Don't be a dick

    You guys know how to rp so I don't need to go insane with rules.

    1. Luke
    2. Constance
    3. Mal
    4. Rion
    5. Skye Blue
    6. THea

    CS -


    Collar colour: (see notes on humans)

    My CS -KuroHime
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Malachi "Mal"
    Age: 21
    Sex: M
    Appearance: long/longish dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, a scar on his left shoulderblade. Lithe, toned body and 1 dimple on his left cheek.
    Collar colour: white and red
    Personality: Cocky, a tease. Sometimes he can be a total ass. Hes selfish, he has his own ambitions and he'll pursue them whatever means necessary, if that means stepping on a few other slaves, he'll do it. Hes not a bad guy, hes just grown up in a bad world and learned to only look out for himself. Hes determined, charming and seductive. Unlike a lot of humans, he doesn't care much about being a slave, as long as his masters treat him decently. If his masters abuse him, he becomes stubborn and rebellious.

    Likes: Getting his own way, expensive wines, sex (particularly with men).
    Dislikes: When his masters are shit dom's, people wasting his time, boredom.
    Bio: Mal grew up in the usual non-eventful type of way all humans did. After he was "Blooded" for the first time, it was reveale he had a very rich, velvety tasting blood, and from then, he knew he woud be a blood slave. A few years on he discovered his body was quite desirable too and began offering himself for sex as well. Pretty soon he discvered he had a penchant for satisfying masters and went from place to place trying to earn favour with kinder masters in the hope he could stay long term in the lap of luxury. His last Mistress had him expelled from her home because he'd seduced the other male slaves and they were less satisfactory to the Mistress. This time in his new home, he hopes to seduce the master all for himself ... but will there be competition ... ?
    Other: Hes left handed, has a stomach piercing thats particularly sensitive to touch, is pretty kinky.
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  2. You confused me.. you said slaves can take multiple roles and have striped collars but then said they couldnt mix... and im intrested in female slave
  3. Sorry for not being clearer, you can be a sex and blood slave, but you cannot do any roles outside of sex and blood -as in that kind of slave cannot do household chores, thats what I meant by mixing- You can take on up to 2 "roles" as a slave, anythingg that falls outside of your role(s) you cannot do. (A general/blood slave cannot have sex, a blood/sex slave cannot do heavy lifting/household chords, a general/sex slave cannot offer his/her blood)
    Does that make any sense? I didn't proofread sorry I know I should but bleh!
  4. Yes makes sense now. Also, can we be a bit unwilling.. like a sex slave that doesnt always like to belong and tends to try and fight back? Ill edit my bio if not.

    Name: Skye blue (skye for short)
    Age: 23
    Appearance: long brown hair and eyes as blue as the sky. Delicate facial features with small lips. Plump breasts that arent over taking. 5'4 in height. Tiny but mot starving looking. Eara pierced and belly pierced. Both uasually have long dangly pieces.
    Collar: red and white
    Personality: quiet but not shy. Just likes to keep to herself. Can be strong willed most of the time and enjoys pushing her masters buttons-maybe because she enjoys the punishments or maybe because she doesnt want to be here or maybe its just so she can remember shes a person with a brain.. not just a robot. She thinks its a little bit of it all.
    Likes: tiger lilys, chocolate, spaghetti, reading, she likes the feel of her masters bites and touches expecially when hes rough but she wont admit it
    Dislikes: fish, rollerblading, being hurt to the point of scaring, anal sex
    Bio: was lured to the vamps several years ago. Picked for blood as she smelt so good and sex because she gets turned on by the feel of the bite not to mention she sucks at cleaning. She has been in the house for several years now but is starting to think about feedom. She just couldnt imaginebher life with out her master. Where would she go, what would she do, how would she survive without his touch.. this leaves her coflicted and moody.
    Other nothing I can think of
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    Name: Constance
    Age: Looks about 20
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Long black curly hair that she always keeps looking nice, light brown eyes that have tints of red in them which can look very vicious, high cheek bones and full lips give her a strange but beautiful look, she isn't too short but she isn't tall, a small waist and well endowed chest with long well shaped legs give her a body that many want,
    Personality: She likes to sit and watch most of her surroundings, but she does love to get involved in conversations no matter who it is so long as they are intelligent. She is very picky about who she feeds on. She prefers them to have intelligence but be stunningly beautiful. Its not just about sucking blood for her. Having the perfect specimen is like setting a beautiful table to eat from. She does argue sometimes and she loves to be crazy in bed.
    Likes: Old poetry and reading novels, she values education, piano and violin weather she be the one to play or not, Sitting in front of her mirror and fixing her hair, the blood of Human's who take care of their bodies
    Dislikes: Rude selfish creatures of any sort be them human or vampire, Fat people (because she says they taste awful), going outside in daylight weather or not she has her parasol
    Bio: She became a vampire so long ago that its hard for her to remember, but she hates being asked how. All she knows is that it was terrible and she was left to survive on her own with no one to help her. When vampires started ruling over the humans she found piece. She has taken many slaves before and isn't always as sweet as she likes to think herself to be to them, but she has never turned a human before and has no want to. To her being a vampire can sometimes be a terrible thing, but she doesn't complain about this to anyone. She generally keeps those emotions hidden even from people she beds.
    Other: She is very proper and picky at how she likes the house to be taken care of, but she will let loose and go crazy in bed.
    Name: Luke
    Age: Unknown, but looks like a man in his mid-20s
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: He's about 5'9" tall and slim with muscles; shoulder length light blond hair that matches his pale skin; blue eyes as deep as the sea, but cruel and cold that gives off a murderous aura, yet somewhat dreamy that has stolen the hearts of many girls;
    Personality: He prefers to be alone and doesn't enjoy the companionship of others, unless that person struck his interest. He rarely makes public appearance so not many people know of his existence, except for those who live in the immediate vicinity. He can be very demanding, especially toward his food source. He doesn't want to feed on someone who is both clumsy and gullible. He usually spends his day sleeping or lazing around.
    Likes: Nothing in particular.
    Dislikes: He doesn't like to get involved with humans unnecessarily because he considers them bothersome and weak creatures.
    Bio: He has lived in the manor for a long time that he couldn't remember when was the first time he came. He was born as a vampire so he could never understand human's feeling and fear; he wanted to avoid associating with them as much as possible. The only time he sought their companionship is whenever he needs to feed on someone.
    Other: He seems to be interested in a human recently. It is unexpected and hard to believe.
  7. Love them both, Accepted. Need 2 more slaves and we can go!!!
  8. Thanks! I look forward to it :3
  9. Can I join? And does gender matter? Like do you need a male or female character in particular?
  10. I believe we need 2 more slaves, 1 male & 1 female.
  11. Details of available spots are posted in the top post of the thread, I updated them all as we went, but as Rei says, 2 slave available m/f
  12. Alright thank you!
  13. HUMAN
    Name: Thea Marx
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Thea is 5'11", a tall woman. She has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, freckles that dot her nose and her shoulders. She wears glasses and has two tattoos, one on her ribs and another on her shoulder. Her build is slender, athletic in nature yet she has curves in the right places, wide set hips, ample chest and a perky bum. Her skin isn't pale, but isn't tan. She's right in the middle.
    Collar colour: Blue and white.
    Personality: Thea is a quiet girl, seemingly shy when you first get to know her. But when she comes out of her shell she can be quite stubborn and sarcastic. Friendly and loyal she is also obedient unless she is in a bad mood. Then watch out.
    Likes: To read and write, to be outside. Flowers. She likes her alone time but when she gets lonely she enjoys being around others. She enjoys being busy around the house. Likes men and women alike.
    Dislikes: She dislikes heights and spiders, being yelled at. Not much bugs the girl.
    Bio: Thea was born to be a salve because both of her parents were. She really has known nothing else and takes to her role with ease.
    Other: I believe that's it.
  14. Im the other female slave.. we should build our character to be like best friends.. would make sense since they all livr together
  15. looks fine to me, accepted. -Ill edit the thread when I can on my phone now so editing is kinda annoying-

    1 spot left, Male Slave!
  16. HUMAN
    Name: Rion Solius
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Rion wear the standard issued slave clothes. He have dark hair, blue eyes and the face of a young man. He is also capable of heavy lifting.
    Collar colour: Blue and white. (If that mix is a no no, then just blue.)
    Personality: Rion is happy that he is still alive, and even more now that he get decent food to eat. He have somewhat accepted the role of a general slave, and help out with no complaining. He is a bit scared of the vampires, so even though he bear a half white collar do he still hesitate. He will be cheerful and flirty with the female human slaves, but serious and cautious around the vampires. He sees men only as friends or enemies.
    Likes: Keeping secrets. "Fun" with the female slaves, helping out in general.
    Dislikes: He is not used to be ordered around, but he value his own life enough to follow orders.
    Bio: Rion Solius had been able to get by as a thief. But in the end, he was captured and could look forward to death penalty. When he was saved by the vampires to work as a slave, he wasn't sure if he should thank or curse them.
  17. Thats everyone.. what now
  18. I'll make IC now!!

    Posting the link her ein a few minutes when I'm done!
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