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  1. Backstory


    The above text in a easier-to-read font:

    It was centuries ago, in the time of the ancients, when this conflict began.

    The ancient Egyptians were my ancestors. They were the very first of the vampyres. Nobody knew of their affliction- they were good at crafting their guise, and it protected them for many years. Hidden in the empire, they were safe. They played their role to perfection. The existence of these vampyres was little known.

    After the empire collapsed, rumors began to spread. People were telling stories about strange creatures that lived in the night and feasted on life. Dead bodies would be found in shady corners in the cobble-stone street, pale skinned with their eyes open, staring listlessly into the sky. Small dribbles of sticky, crimson blood ooze from four small punctures that are usually found on the neck- but not always.

    The people, they lived in terror. Always hiding in their wooden shelters, with mahogany dressers pushed up against the flimsy doors. They never strayed at night. Even the priests that patrolled the churches, even the nuns that settled at the foot of alters and read from their small texts, stayed in their rooms, hidden under the woolen blankets and praying to live just another day.

    The vampyres became rampant in this time. They were uncontrolled. Without their empire, their home, they had nothing. They no longer seemed to feel the need to hide, to disguise themselves as humans and everyday people.

    They were careless.

    The production of newborns, birthed from indifferent demons and their growing-haughty actions, had no limits. The small, clandestine vampyre population grew to become a company, then a congregation, and then they had their own world.

    Back during the Eygptian's time, we had lived as monarchs. We were pharaohs, we were the gods of our own world and domain. We had lost that when our empire crumbled, and we were going to claim it again.

    The land we pursued was already taken. It was occupied with the lycanthropes, who had lived and ruled on the isle much like we once had. Their empire was much more civilized and developed than ours had been, and it was set up perfectly for our invasion. They had the hierarchy we desired, they had the land we yearned for, and a powerful place among the world and it's many nations.

    Powerful vampyres joined together and migrated to this land and organized the blueprints of this new kingdom. They needed an army to combat the lycanthropes, so they used the newborns, promising them riches and all of the crimson ambrosia they required and thirsted for. Many readily accepted, and many mortal men were turned for the cause to fill in the gaps. They were not greedy with whom they got. This army was needed to distract and bleed, not to see the dawn of victory.

    Twas the day before the full moon rose that they attacked. The newborns charged their castles and manors across the isle, slaughtering whomever they encountered. Where one newborn fell, another had been born, and swept forward in the bloodlust, took his place. The war was an uprising. It was utter chaos controlled through lust, a fantastic common interest.

    Before the night was over, we sat on the throne.

    A new era had begun."


    Roughly three centuries after the birth of the new vampire kingdom, things began to crumble. Although the majority of the population consisted of lycans and humans, the vampires still held 40% of the population, and 100% of the control. Age old powerful vampires sat on the thrones and controlled all of the land, not to mention the wealth. Anybody less than a vampire was living in the lowest of conditions, lycans especially. The vampires made sure to push them down to the bottom of the chain, and kicked them down whenever they got back to their feet.

    However, the poverty and horrible conditions only fueled the lycans anger further. They began to grow in number, and in strength. They were going to stop at nothing to fight back against the invaders in their land.

    Background Info
    Vampires (open)

    VAMPIRES: creatures of the night that have a thirst for the blood of mortals. Vampires are immortal and originated in the ancient Egyptian empire, as far as historians can date. After the empire collapsed, they congregated in England where they attacked the lycan throne and took the isle for themselves.

    Vampires typically have pale skin, and mysterious eye colors (red when bloodthirsty, but normal eye color can range from blues to purples to near-blacks) that distinguish them from normal humans. They do breathe, but only for the aesthetic appeal- stabbing a vampire in the lungs would only cause them to bleed. Their blood is a dark brown/black color, as the blood is dead inside of their veins. However after drinking, a vampires blood can turn slightly redder in color, and their skin will become slightly flushed and regains some color for a short time. Vampires also do notneedto blink, although many do out of instinct to keep their eyes moistened.

    Vampires are heavily sensitive to sunlight. While they do not burn or crumble into pieces under sunlight, they will burn easily, and are significantly weaker. Their eyes can literally burn in their sockets from the glare. Under other forms of light- UV, infrared- a vampire would begin to die. Firelight is harmless to a vampires skin, but will cause irritation to the eyes.

    Holy water will cause a vampires skin to blister, and consuming it or contact with the eyes and nose is lethal. Dip a weapon in holy water, and stake a vampire with it, and the vampire will rarely survive. Regular water is fine.

    Because vampires are classified as dead, they also do tend to carry a particular odor with them. No, it's not a horrible, smelly odor, but it's a hint of what can only be described as death. The scent of blood often follows them around, lingering on their clothing after a feeding, and tends to hide the 'death smell'.

    A vampire will sleep, and will feel tired after rigorous exercise and the like. They do not require as much sleep as humans, but especially when injured and healing, they will sleep.

    Their skills and strength vary on theirclass. The older the vampire, the better.

    • The eldest, pureblood vampires are called ancients. They are the strongest, quickest, and smartest of the vampires, and usually are in the ruling class. However, not many of them are left. Despite their strengths, the eldest vampires require much rest to keep their dead bodies functioning. Many have actually begun to decay and wither due to time and strain. Even though vampires can heal, many ancients do not have the ability to do so anymore, or very quickly. Because of their age, they must drink blood daily, sometimes even twice a day, to live, although they have excellent control over their cravings.
    • Purebloods are vampires with untainted bloodlines. They come from the eldest familial ties and typically sit with royal families. They are incredibly fast and strong, and can heal themselves exceptionally well. They drink daily, even though they only need biweekly feedings to sustain themselves. It is a luxury. Purebloods generally have control over their bloodlust, although will release themselves at times during a fight or conflict.
    • Hybrids are purebloods mixed with turned vampires. They have roughly 2/3 of the strength of their pureblood parents, and while allowed to be the heirs of most families, usually do not receive that spot. They drink blood bi-weekly and train rigorously for total control over their cravings.
    • Turned vampires are, you got it, humans that have been turned. They only retain 1/2 of the power of their Pureblood masters, and typically are used as 'slaves'- often having personal liberties, they typically must serve in the military, or as a servant, before earning their freedom. They drink blood daily and fight for control over their cravings as newborns, often losing control, before settling into a 3-4 times a week rhythm, with moderate control.
    • Dhamphiri are half vampire, half human. They are largely scorned in the vampire community, sometimes not even allowed to live. Several dhamphiri, born between royal vampire families and upper class human families, have been allowed to live as 'peace makers'. They have 2/3 of a purebloods power, and only need to drink blood weekly to survive. They require breathing, food, and drink, and are not truly immortal. They are easily vulnerable to attack. They also rarely crave.
    When in bloodlust, a vampires eyes will turn bright or dark crimson, and they will lose themselves, only desiring blood. They will ruthlessly attack whatever human is nearby, or even lycans and animals when desperate. Bloodlust typically occurs when a vampire with little control sees or smells blood, or when a vampire has not fed in a long time. Bloodlust ends when a vampire is sated or has been subdued.

    When feeding, vampires usually drink from humans. It is taboo to drink from another vampire, but is not unheard of. When a vampire feeds, they do not necessarily drain a person, and can stop before the human dies.

    And let's remember one final thing.

    Vampires are monsters. Demons. Whatever. They aren't going to sit around nicely at the dinner table discussing politics.

    Okay, well, maybe sometimes they will. But vampires are going to be violent and they are going to have instincts and want to drink peoples blood. Generally, they are going to be cruel and heartless. They organize themselves for personal gain. I doubt humans will be falling head over heels for a vampire.

    Lycans (open)

    LYCANS: people that can turn into the form of a wolf. Lycans can be out during the day and the night, and can turn into their wolf form at will. Lycans originated from the north (Ireland, Sweden) and traveled down into England centuries before the vampire arrived. They ruled the country from an early time and when they were attacked, they struggled to hold onto a foothold in their country. They are a very proud people and will fight for what they want strongly.

    Lycans are not immortal, but live for a long time- up to 200 or 250 years. Essentially, they are humans that can shapeshift into a wolf form, but they are much stronger than humans. Their reflexes are incredibly good, but not as good as a vampires. However, their strength matches that of an ancient vampire. An arm wrestle between a lycan and a vampire would likely end in the vampire losing, if not breaking a bone or two. Even in their wolf form, they are incredibly strong and vicious.

    Humans are turned into lycans through a wolf bite, done by a lycan during the full moon and the full moon only. The human will have no symptoms until the next full moon, when they will turn into a wolf. New lycans typically have no control over their shifting from anywhere from three months to a full year. From that time on, they can turn at will.

    Lycans are weak to vampire venom. Instead of being turned, a lycan would die within twenty four hours, in extreme pain. The venom eats away at the lycans insides slowly, turning cells into an acidic compound. There is no known cure.

    During the full moon, lycans will feel a strong urge to attack and show dominance. Royals typically used this time to compete for mates and princes would fight to claim spots for the throne. However, this urge can be suppressed by most lycans. During times of war, the full moon was used to increase testosterone in a lycan army, allowing for more brutal attacks and ruthlessness.

    Like vampires, lycans are typically classed in a few ways:

    • Purebred lycans are wolves with a direct lineage to the origins of the lycans. They are the strongest, and are the fastest. They lead the ruling families and usually breed within their own class, to keep the blood lines strong.
    • Turned lycans are humans that have been bitten and turned. They are about 7/8 as strong as their purebred counter parts. Unlike vampires, however, turned lycans do not follow their purebred turners as masters, and are free men. They have all the traits of a purebred other than the slightly decreased strength.
    • Hybrids between purebred and turned lycans are stronger than their turned parents, but not as strong as their purebred ones. After time, hybrid families can become purebreds (when mating with purebreds and producing less distinctly human children).
    • Purebred-human lycans have no name, but are half of each species. Theycanturn into a wolf form, but are not as strong, and live shorter lives (roughly 125 years). They are not seen as shameful in lycan society- instead, they are considered a blessing, and are protected.
    In their wolf form, Lycans typically have a fur color similar to their hair color, and their eyes remain their human eyes. Lycans are larger than typical wolfs (but remain smaller than horses).

    humans (open)

    Not much to say about humans. If you don't know who they are, look at yourself. A human requires sleep, breathes, eats, blah blah. Very needy creatures. Any humanxmonster mix has been posted above in the appropriate grouping.

    It also is needless to say that human blood is very attractive to vampires.

    Major Families
    Vampire Families (open)


    The family Vladimirovich is the ruling-class family. The family is composed mainly of strong, powerful and ancient vampires, with family lines dating back to the ancient Egyptians. It is their family that lives in the massive, stone castle, has feasts every night in their great halls, and creates the legislature for the entirety of the isle. The family, although powerful, is actually rather small- the youngest living ancestors have only grandparents and the family line considered 'royal' is only the direct descendants. Vladimir, the vampire whose name has become the royal family title, was four generations down the line.


    The Beaumanior family comes from a rich, upper class French vampire family. Soon after the establishment of the vampire country, the Beaumanoir family swiftly arrived at the isle and established themselves as one of the upper class families in the country. Victor Beaumanior wasted no time in marrying off his children into the royal family, gaining them power and wealth in their new home. They live in a massive manor not entirely too far off from the Vladimirovich castle. Heritage of the family is passed down equally to the descendants- each parent passes on their wealth to their children, the direct family line being the head of the manor.


    The Duguesne are the final, major wealthy family in the isle. They lived in the isle long before the Vladimirovish era began, and thus were instrumental to the war. Because of their services, they were permitted their own manor and village near the outskirts of the main city. The family is large and has, like the Beaumanoir family, married into the main royal family. There is no direct familial line- instead, the elders of the family rule and coordinate the family.

    Lycan Families (open)


    The Anzeray's were the former ruler class of the isle, pre-war. The massively sized family had a lineage that traced all over the country, but only honored the direct descendants line when picking an heir. Largely believed to be the first of the lycans, they hail from the north, Ireland and Sweden. They revealed their true nature briefly before the war began- but their people were widely unaffected by the wolfish nature of their leaders, and life continued on as normal. After the war, they were granted one manor in a forest nearby the main city; a luxury prison, as they call it. They are given free access to the city and the forests surrounding their manor, but are not permitted to leave. The existence of the main royal line is questionable; most do not know if the heirs were obliterated, or allowed to live.

    le Vicomte

    le Vicomete's hail from the isle. They have lived there for roughly fifty years after the migration of the Anzeray's to the isle. The family is heavily mixed with the royal family, although only one family member has made it onto the throne. Many in the large family actually hold a mixed family name of 'le Vicomte-Anzeray'. They are not the strongest of lycans, but certainly hold class over the rest of the lycans in the isle.


    The Calmette family is a small, wealthy family that has been living in France since the war. A few of the familial members still reside in the isle on large pensions. Before the war, the family was widely known to marry off it's young women to the Anzeray family, gold digging heavily. While many of these women married heirs to the throne, or sat on it themselves, they usually held a generally promiscuous reputation.

    Human Families (open)


    From when the lycans ruled the isle, the Bainard's worked with them to help regulate the country. In essence, the Bainard's role was to play peacekeeper between the lycans and the humans- and they did it well. The medium-sized family had no manor to themselves, but those that lived and worked in the city had valuable homes of high quality and often visited the royal family. A few Bainard's are known to have married into the Anzeray lineage, creating a small line of purebred-human hybrids in the family. Now, they still live in the city, but have been plunged towards the middle-lower class of the country, alongside most other humans. They scrape along just above poverty, with homes and food but still in fear.


    This family of aristocrats lives primarily in London, alongside the Vladimirovich family. They are highly favored by the vampires for their business value and as an ambassador of sorts to other countries. To outside eyes, the d'Evreux family is the royal family of England, not the Vladimirovich family. However, on the inside, the family is composed of greedy business men and desperate women. They are one of the only human families left in the country that live in the lap of luxury, their every want provided to them. There is only one final catch; they are permitted to attend vampire feasts in the castle, but they are the main course.


    The Paschal family is a religious family that runs of the remaining Protestant churches in the country; conveniently placed in London. Since the war it has been conveniently renamed St. Vladimir's, although it is human run. The small family often takes in homeless humans and even lycans, providing shelter and food for the night. Their generosity is well known. Even criminals and thieves are permitted stay in the church.

    Positions Presumable pre-set character positions

    Vampires (open)

    **Set ages would be in APPEARANCE. Vampires are immortal. But they have to have an age by appearance. That's what I put down**

    • Vladimirovich heir (male, 17-23, in line for throne, unwed)
    • Vladimirovich heiress (female, 16-20, in line for throne, possibly wed)
    • Vladimirovich youth (any gender, ages younger than heir/heiresses, not in line for throne but still royal)
    • Vladimirovich King (on throne, 40s-50s, married)
    • Vladimirovich Queen (one throne, 30s-50s, married to the King)
    • Vladimirovich grandparents (off throne, male/female, 70s-90s, not really important)

    • Beaumanoir heirs/heiresses (can be nearly any age, with nearly any status)
    • Duquesne heirs/heiresses (can be nearly any age, with nearly any status)
    • Beaumanoir family (older than heirs/heiresses, typically wed with children)
    • Duquesne family (older than heirs/heiressess, typically wed with children)

    Lycans (open)

    • Anzeray heir (male, 16-25, would-be king, unwed)
    • Anzeray heiress (female, 15-24, would-be queen, unwed)
    • Anzeray family (scattered family)

    • le Vicomte (typical family members only)
    • Calmette heir (male, any age, inheritor of family wealth)
    • Calmette heiress (female, any age, inheritor of family wealth)
    • Calmette family (typical family members)
    Will be edited later

    Setting 15th-16th century: London, England.

    Resources on 15-16th century England (open)

    History (open)

    3100 B.C
    The vampire species "begins". The origins are unknown, but most believe that they came from humans, or that humans came from them.​

    2500 B.C
    The lycan species "begins". Origins are also unknown, but there is a legend that states that the lycan species began when man was bitten by a special wolf during the full moon, and then on the following month, man turned into a wolf, and became lycan.​

    30 BC
    Egypt becomes a province of the Roman Empire. The pharaohs collapsed and subsequently, the vampire civilization in Egypt collapsed and began to spread through the Roman Empire.​

    900 AD
    Vikings begin plundering Irish monasteries and towns. A clan of lycans with no known name joined with the Vikings before settling down in England.​

    1066 AD
    Lycan rule over England begins.​

    1200-1300 AD
    Vampire families begin settling down in western and eastern Europe.​

    1303 AD
    Scotland merges with the English monarchy, creating one huge lycan country. (not historically accurate, but edited for the purposes of the roleplay)​

    1475 AD
    Planning for the vampire invasion begins​

    1479 AD
    The vampires invaded and attacked London. It is unknown if they killed off all lycan heirs or not.​

    Current (open)

    The following information is personalized for each family and marks what each family is currently doing. Reading the other families information could be a spoiler to yourself- read at your own risk.

    Vampire (open)

    To be added

    Lycan (open)

    To be added

    Rules (open)

    Learn 'em Live 'em Love 'em

    1. These rules are subject to change. This roleplay is a concept in progress and will be edited and altered until it is posted for sign ups.

    2. All iwaku rules apply.

    3. Absolutely no hijacking/godmodding.

    4. No powerplaying (overpowered characters)

    5. You can have as many characters as you want but you must be able to manage them all.

    6. Be as active as possible. If you're going to be gone for any amount of time, let us know. Otherwise, you'll probably be poofed out of the roleplay after about a week. If you know you won't be able to get on very often, try not to leave other peoples characters stuck in the middle of a conversation with yours.

    7. Be realistic. Not everyone knows exactly what Renaissance England was about, but I have provided resources for your use at any time, and feel free to ask questions. Mistakes happen. I'll probably make countless mistakes. But the point here is; don't be so inaccurate it hurts. I.E no cellphones!

    8. Don't kill anybodies character without asking first.

    9. Don't let your characters never die, or take a hit in battle. Invincibility is not an option. I understand some people want their characters to be alive as long as possible, but if there truly is no way to save them, it'd be more realistic to let them die. (I guess main characters could be an exception)

    10. Please use third person, past tense. Keep one liners to a minimum.

    11. Romance- keep naughty acts to yourselves. You know what I mean.

    12. Use the provided bio/skeleton or your character may not be accepted.

    Bio/Skeleton (open)

    This must be the full name for your character. Required.
    Any nicknames.
    A secret name you go by.
    Please see vampire/lycan tabs for information on aging habits. Must be reasonable. Required.
    Self-explanatory. Required.
    Lycan, vampire, human. State what kind (see lycan/vampire tabs). Required.
    Try to include things such as, but not limited to height, weight, eye color, hair color, personalizing/distinguishing marks, scars, muscles, physique. You can use images, but please refrain from using anime images or images of celebrities. You must source the image you use with a simple link. Required.
    Try to include things such as, but not limited to fears, likes, dislikes, descriptive adjectives (she was introverted, she was ambitious, she was charismatic.), and how he/she would react in situations. Keep in mind the setting of the story. Required.
    Chose from the list provided or create your own. If creating your own, include a short description of the family. Required.
    Familial Role
    Are they the heir to the family wealth? Are they the third cousin twice removed? Required.
    Weapon of choice/combat style
    What weapon does your character use? How do they fight?
    While you do not have to fill this out, it is useful in mapping our your character's weaknesses and flaws for reference.
    Include a brief (at least) summary of your character's history. Childhood, teen-life, adulthood. Past experiences. Who made them who they are today? Required.
    Anything else you have to add.


    - History tab
    - Specified character positions
    - More detail to family relations

    Planning for two major roles- the vampire royal family and a lycan royal family. The lycan royal family still is holding onto one manor on the outskirts of the 'kingdom' (planned to take place in 15th-16th century England, ish. Can be more developed than historic England for the purposes of roleplay), in which they are gathering forces to fight against the vampire throne.

    Consideration for other mythological creatures? Witches/wizards could probably meld in pretty well.

    Any interest? Ideas?

    After some people show interest & everything is finalized, this'll be moved to sign ups.

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  2. Editing the above but the coding keeps freaking out on me so it might take awhile.

    Edited it. Dear god if the coding does that again... It like duplicated itself over and over. Was horrible.
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  3. Very... Intimidating, Rainjay. But it just might do for me.
  4. How so is it intimidating? Too much background info?
  5. No, no! That's wonderful. Always good to have a solid background. I'm always intimidated by hefty CSs and being classy. But if you were thinking of including wizards/witches, I might have an old post that could help here. Disregard the story we were working out and focus on the mages. They might not fit for what you want, but they're just something I'm throwing out there. And before you even think that the Skinchangers are irrelevant in the world with Lycans, I automatically think "arrogant humans trying to mimic a superior races ability with dangerous but adequate effect".
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  6. I see. The CS I'm working on. Honestly a lot of it is just clarifying who you are; familial ties here are important (vampires always like huge families) so half of the CS is just that. It WAS spaced out and colored more nicely, and it was much easier to read, but the coding glitched up and after I spent 2 hours trying to fix it I just gave up for the time being. Planning thread doesn't need to be perfect.

    And I actually really like the idea of the skinchanger. What with lycans being around, greedy humans could get into lots of trouble masquerading as the wolves they weren't meant to be. And then necromancers could be molded in to fit with vampires. It could add another dimension to the roleplay (I've been trying to find a unique spin to put on vampires vs lycans for awhile). Although, perhaps they should stay along the lines of human families. Humans with magic powers of a sort. What do you think?
  7. You'd think that magic would be a massive natural power pervasive in every aspect of life. But it's clear that that option is way too clichéd. I'd think that only exceptionally strong-willed individuals would have access to magic (still an omnipresent force, but largely inaccessible). What causes the magic they have access to I'm still working out, though a Vampire is likely not going to have a strong affinity for fire, and humans aren't likely going to be good warlocks simply because of a naturally weaker physiology. Any ideas?
  8. There's the most sci-fi-esque concept where maybe it was engineered by lycans/vampires through the use of their venom or blood but it sounds horribly silly. Hmm. Maybe there's just an exclusive family of mortals (there would be a limit on the number and type of family members) that live inbetween the boundaries of life and death, allowing them communication with spirits or something. Being descended from immortals and ending up mortal, that could be the cause of being between the two worlds. And then having access to the spirits could allow them .... some sort of power I guess.

    Unfortunately that's the only idea I've got for now.
  9. Maybe it's produced from rituals performed as a sort of experiment by an ancient vampire in the earliest periods of vampirism as an attempt to secure more power for the race, and the rituals were eventually discovered by humans and lycans. When they were completed, the races were gifted with magic, which surfaced randomly and scarcely across the world with various powers granted.
  10. I like. I'll add it in, although it needs some limits, probably on a first-come-first-serve basis type deal.
  11. What, set up the classes and have people lay claims?
  12. Some roleplays regulate the roles for each character. I don't want to do that, but I'd like to limit how many of each character there is. Per say; the heir to one vampire throne. There can't be five of them running around. There can be one heir and then his/her siblings, second, third, fourth in line, but there can't possibly be 5 people all set for the same position. It would cause fights. Sometimes people prefer to get the 'important' roles first, so they would be singled out as being first come first serve spots. And then as for having characters with rare magic powers, I'd probably just give a numerical limit per race. Otherwise everyone will want a character with said powers.
  13. Fair 'nuff.
  14. Alright. I just need a name and then I'll set up a sign ups thread.
  15. A name?
  16. So what all needs to be done still?
  17. Roleplay needs a name, title, whichever. And then, are we going with the magic idea or not? What types would be available?
  18. An Ancient Dispute maybe..

    I think magic would be powerplaing hardcore because we already have immortality, shape shifting, and cross-breeding.
  19. Yeah that's the concern. As above the idea was that it would be rare and not OP, maybe mostly for humans, but I'm not so sure about it. I had a title in mind awhile ago but of course I forgot it
  20. Magic in this sense could be considered in the same class as OP, but with plenty of available methods of regulating usage. We could also enforce limits on the magic itself, say, a necromancer can only raise a few undead before weakening himself to his deathbed.
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