Vampire Love

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  1. Damian leaned back into the sofa, and sighed. "I just hope the guys don't freak out when I tell them."

    Sam smiled and turned to head back to the car.
  2. "We can only wait and see" Tyler said.
  3. Soon Sam and Danny returned and Sam sat on the sofa beside Damian. "Ok, you gave us all a shock - especially Ty here. Poor guy." He glanced across to Ty. "You ok now?"
  4. Ty nodded "we have something to tell you."
  5. Damian took a deep breath and then quietly said, "I'm a vampire." He watched nervously for the reactions.
  6. Everyone blinked then Danny asked "are you pulling our leg?"
  7. Sam was shocked into silence.

    Damian bit his lip and shook his head, "No - I'm not. I really am a vampire." He took out his golden contacts, revealing his crimson eyes.
  8. "WHOA" Dan said loudly "ummmm so..... does that mean you drink blood?"
  9. "Yeah, but I never kill." Damian quickly assured him, "I just knock the person unconscious, and then... well, I'm not going to go into details, but Ty and I thought it was time you knew."

    Sam's eyes bugged out, and he turned to Ty, "You knew? How long have you known?"
  10. Ty frowned "since day one, but it's suppose to be a secret. It's not that we didn't trust you, but well to be honest I often forget I have a boyfriend who's a vampire."
  11. Damian couldn't help but smile at that and he rested his head on Ty's shoulder. "Because you make me feel human and normal." He said softly to his human boyfriend.