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  1. It seems to be the only logical prefix lol

    So, let's talk about... VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!!!!! :D
    I must say, when I found out Kaname was Yuuki's
    Spoiler (open)

    I was like...
    GIF Animation (open)


    But, after I found he wasn't actually
    Spoiler (open)
    Her brother

    but really an
    Spoiler (open)
    Ancestor of her bloodline

    I cooled down. However, I still love Zero more... Like A LOT!!!! <3
    Spoiler (open)
    I'm glad Yuuki and Zero got together in the end. They make a cute couple and of course, with a cute couple comes...

    Spoiler (open)
    children!!! A child because... Well, one of those children is Kaname's child, as well... -__-

    Hino-sensei even drew them!! :D
    Spoiler (open)

    What a disastrous love triangle...
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  2. I watched the anime when I was younger and kind of fell out of it because I forgotten which episode I stopped at lol.

    But, I remembered my favourite characters were Aidou and Akatsuki <3 They are cuuteeee~ ^3^
  3. Haha, I'm talking about the manga, not the anime xD
  4. Spoiler (open)
    Doesn't this mean Yuki fell in love with her ancestor? ; _ ;
    o god y

    Also, Shiki is Love. Shiki is Life.
  5. Spoiler (open)
    Yes, she was falling in love with him, she fell in love with him, and then... BAM!! She fell in love with Zero!! :D
  6. THE TWIST!!
  8. so many feels in this manga though xD
  9. Yeah, it was all good until THAT happened...
    Spoiler (open)
    Yuuki awakening and finding out Kaname is her "brother"

    I love Zero... I love Zero and Yuuki... They're like perfect for each other, haha! xD
  10. you haven't read the ending, right?
  11. Actually, I have. It's quite clear in my very first post, haha! xD
  12. I don't read the manga but I know someone who has
    Spoilarrrrrr (open)
    isn't the ending really effed up? something about throwing hearts and sacrifice? AND THAT YUKI DID SOMETHING EVERY SHOUJO GIRL WOULD DO?
  13. LOL I'm just laughing at this person. I can't help it- that's not even the ending to the manga! xD

    I'm curious though, as to what they are trying to say when they throw out that Yuuki did something every shoujo girl would do...
    They said something about Kaname throwing his heart into (it was either a giant pit of blood or fire) to save Yuki and Yuki was like 'NO MY KANAME' and then sacrificed herself to save Kaname so basically the manga ends with a Kaname with no memories and Zero.

    i don't even.
  15. Ah, that. It was a furnace (so fire). I'm honestly and completely indifferent about that because of my hatred for Kaname. I don't think Yuuki should've done that, but yeah, I don't give a crap what Kaname goes through.
  16. shame kaname is one of those i-love-you-and-then-i-reject-you types x __ x
  17. I don't think he deserved Yuuki in the first place and cringed a little when I found out something I misunderstood...
  18. shoujo manga is the stuff, man :')
  19. Yup; for the most part~ (:
  20. climbing through many layers of cheesiness to get to the feels is so worth xD