Vampire Hunter D. Frozen Night

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    the hunter
    hunter it is thousands of years in the future. Vampires once ruled the lands, but their tyrannical rule has been scattered. Their greatest lord Dracula the vampire king has vanished, but he left behind a son a dunpel half human half vampire. He does not age, it takes weeks for constant sunlight to strike me crippled, he is unlike any other dunpel. The remaining vampire council in the Capital have cast a powerful blood spell found among the Kings few remaing books. Now night has fallen forever so it seems. All manner of dark creature roam free attacking villages and travelers at will. Is this the end of things?

    D rode his horse gazing up at the sky. Blackness all about. He rode to find his woman the only human to ever catch his eye. And then he would find out what was going on. Even the water falls had dried up. The world would not survive this curse much longer
  2. Martha waited for him at the top of their hillside where they'd always met. Usually though there was at least a sunset to light the forest behind her. But now there would be no more sunsets unless this curse was lifted. She carried a shuttered lamp to light her way up the hill, and her eyes strained in the dim starlight for a rider she knew all too well.
  3. He knew where she was but this might be too much for her. Eternal night mention relentless attacks from creatures spawned of legends. Towns were constantly under attack. Thriving villages vanished in hours. How long civilization could hold was anyone's guess. The hunter neared the hill on alert
  4. A smile rose on her face as she saw him riding towards her. She waved, knowing that to him it was as good as day and he would see her. She was tempted to call out, then remembered the threat they were all under, and that everything could put you at risk of some terrible end.
  5. He rode up swiftly and pulled the cyborg horse to a stop. He then dismounted. "Hello again." Was all he spoke but his eyes on her spoke far more. After a moment he surveyed their surroundings. "Do you have any news about all of this?" He asked in an expressionless tone.
  6. (A guy drives through on a ferari)

    The clatter of a thousand hooves is heard in the distance. Though they can't be seen it is the devil herd, a monstrous troop of fiendish steeds driven on by their rangers--the three balthory brothers. Viceroi, was a cruel and drunken man in life. He's a merciless killer in death. Valentine was a lady killer, literally. He hasn't changed, and Victor was the leader on the three. He was always was level headed but stuborn. Now in death they drive the devil herd for eternity.

    On this long night though they rode, plotting to avenge the vampire who cursed them...Dracul
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    Martha shared a brief private smile with him before frowning at his question. "Most people are too scared to think straight, let alone figure out what happened. Everyone's pretty much holed up wherever they can." She replied. "There's rumors it started somewhere in the western ruins, but that's the only thing I've heard that might be useful." She peered off into the darkness as thunder rumbled far off. Or was it? Her hand rested on her sword, which she had gotten used to wearing more and more since her training. "There hasn't been a storm in ages." She remarked.
  8. He turned his attention to the skies, "not in these parts, but the world changes often. The ruins you speak if haven't been used in some time. I don't know their location can you take us?"
  9. "I only know the directions, I've never been there myself" Martha replied. She sighed. "And it's through the forest." She waved a hand in the general direction of the dark mass behind them. Whatever evils had been set loose upon the world were sure to be worse in the forest that harbored its own horrors even in the light of day.
  10. "I suppose we shall find out then." Pulling the reins he led the horse into the woods. Despite being during the night the woods seemed to have an atmosphere all their own as they were darker then their surroundings. Gnarled roots piped up out of the ground and the trees groaned as cold winds passed by
  11. Martha followed closely, relieved as she always was more so in his presence. Something told her that the noise was not thunder, and to be moving away from it seemed like a good idea. One hand still resting on the hilt of her sword she touched D's sleeve lightly with the other. She wished they didn't always have to be caught up in such dire circumstances.
  12. D smiled at her as they entered the forest "so tell me how have things been? What if your travels?"
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    "Well up until now things had been pretty normal. I've kept busy practicing with my sword like you taught me to. Once everything went dark I've tried to keep an ear out for anything useful." She paused for a moment. "I'm not sure who started pointing to the western ruins but it's by far the most popular rumor. " Martha smiled back up and him and added softly. "Not to mention I've missed you."
  14. "I see" he said as reached a bog in the forest, mists rising from it. "I mussed you as well." He knelt down and kissed her gently." He looked ahead the horse could not cross it had to be taken under foot. He extended his hand to her. " we have to go on foot."
  15. Martha raised an eyebrow at D after glancing at the bog. "Around or through?" she asked wryly, not cherishing the idea of mucking through....well, muck. But she took his hand. Who knew what sort of creatures lurked in the shallow depths?
  16. "The waters are too deep, the horse can't make that. We need to find a way around.." The hunter removed his long sword and chopped at some vines, but there was a bolder behind it. After awhile he could not find a clear path. " any suggestions?"
  17. Martha thought for a moment. "Is swiming it totally out of the question?" she asked. It didn't seem like there was much other choice, as much as she hated to admit it. "Unless there's some way to build a raft...." She shrugged.
  18. A shirtless man removed himself from the shadows behind him and looked at the two, them probably not knowing that he was merely feet behind them. "I can help..." he said. His voice trailed off due to the fear that built up inside of him when he noticed the vampire hunter, he could sniff the vampire blood on him. He was a very powerful werewolf, but no matter how strong you get as a wolf, you'll either hate or have a small fear of vampires. For the the man it was both. "I have a few rafts built and designed for this river of two can use on if you want, I'll be happy to lend it to you."
  19. Martha whirled around, her hand on her sword, when she heard a voice from behind them. "Who are you? " she asked, waiting to see what D would do.
  20. A faint smile appeared in the mans face. " Martha if this werewolf were going to attack he would have done so before I think it best we hear what he has to say. If you truly are offering aid we seek the Town of Red Roses." The hunter turned to face the creature.