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  1. 'I have been hunting him down for over a month and now that I got him he runs again F-' she was pulled out of her though when she almost triped over her own feet. she turned into an alleyway to see she lost him. "I-I lost him Again" she said to herself. "danm it and another point for the vampire once again which makes it what now, Vampire 16 Me 0" she sighed not noticing someone or thing in the shadows of the alleyway. "mom is so going to kill me"
  2. Victor ran quickly but not as fast as he could. He stayed just ahead of her to keep this game going. After a little bit, he turned into an alley and quickly hid in the shadows. He watched her run into the alley and then just watched her for a little bit. He listened to her before he walked up behind her. "This is a fun little game we have." He said to her before he took a few steps back to the opening of the alley, "You almost had me this time like the third and the tenth time."
  3. She jumped and pulled out her sword turning to the voice to see the vampire. or more better know Victor "Yeah sure it was Victor but What would it make it more fun is you dead with your head in my hand to give to my mother..." 'or my Head will be rolling and in my mothers hand' she said to herself with a shiver. not because of the cold air but because she knows that her mother would do that. "Now let me kill you so my head stays Please" she said it sweetly as she could.
  4. He looked at her and listened for a moment before he said "I am sorry but I cannot comply. I may be a vampire, but a lot of people need me to do my job. If I died, then I would never be able to keep running my business. Although, you should tell your mother something for me. Tell her that her daughter will never be able to kill me. If she wishes to kill me, then she must do it herself. Of course, if she wants you to be a good hunter, then my game is the best around and you will gain a lot of useful knowledge and tricks. It is her choice whether to kill you to let you live and play this game with me like your mother did when she was younger." He waved and then grabbed onto a truck that passed by. He was gone in a flash.
  5. She was shocked at first. "Wait my Mother knew you personliy" SHe called out to him knowing he was already gone. "No thats it mother we are having a talk big time." she mubbled to herself. after that she started to walk home. which was a small house with a red door. "MOTHER EXPLAN TO ME WHY THIS VAMPIRE KNOWS YOU!!!!!!!" she Yelled to her mother. "Oh you know found out or did he tell you" sh called back at her. "I-he told me" she said with a sigh of defeat. "i guess you didn't get him?" "I lost him in an alleyway but he was just in the shadows. didn't even notice he was their till he spoke I suck at this Hunting Mother" she said walking to the kitchen and siting down on a stool in frount of the iland looking at the woman. "Dear its alright. you don't need to know how to Hunt one but it would be good to at least know how to keep yourself safe. from the bad ones that is" The woman said with a sile. "anyways get to bed you need to get to school tommorrow and you better have done your homework." her mother told her. "mom when have I never done my homework" she said walking upstairts to her room and floping onto her bed falling asleep.
  6. Victor got home soon and then looked around for a moment before he walked up to his bed. He looked at the time and then decided he would sleep for a little bit. When he woke up, the sun was just coming out and he smiled a little bit. He stretched and then took a quick shower before he got dressed and then grabbed his black cloak, black large brim hat, and black gloves before he headed out. He smiled a little bit before he said "Good thing only a few people know of this ability." He headed over to Cry's house. He sat down in the front of the house in the shade of the tree. He knew that she would be going to school today, mainly because he used to go to the same school with her mother.
  7. "Cry wake up your going to be late for school" Cry yawned and looked at the time. "SH*T" she jumped up getting her tank top and jeans on with her pruple hoody. grabbing her one sholder backpack and leaveing almost out the door. just to stop to hear her mother say "Food now." she turned back and grabbed an apple then left just to stop again to see Victor. "what the hell! mom theres a wired guy outside Call 911 while I go to school please. thanks" she said with a smirk then started to run to school. "I'm so going to be late" she said as she looked at the time on her watch as she ran.
  8. Victor listened to the commotion and then watched Cry start running to school. He smiled a little bit and then walked over to the front door. He knocked and was soon invited in for just a little bit. He was honestly a friendly vampire and a lot of the hunters got along with him since he stuck to animal blood or blood bags that were left over from hospitals. He was more of a trainer than some random vampire.

    After a few minutes, he left and headed to the school, where he was substituting for a teacher today... Cry's teacher. When he got to the school, he walked into the classroom and waited for the bell to ring as he took off his black overcoat and hat.
  9. Cry was late luckly the school gived her a warning "that sucks" she said with a sigh. she walked to her first class math which went by quckle then she went to her favourt class mythogy. right now they where learn about the greace gods, but today she was even more exited because they where going to read about hades and persephone myth. she finds it nice that hades falls for her. there are diffrent versoin but she likes the nicer ones to it. it make it sound more romance even though she gets kidnapped. she smiled to her self as she walked into the class just to have her smile wipe clean from her face and replace with shock. "w-w-what?" her mouth was gasp open and still shock lucky no one is in class yet to see her.
  10. Victor was writing some stuff down and checking papers when he heard her walk in and be in shock. He looked up at her and then smiled a little bit. "Well hello, Cry. I am sorry that I am not your original Mythology teacher, but i promise he will be back tomorrow. Oh, and I heard you were late for school. You should really get to school on time." He said with a small smile before he went back to checking paper's. He found it kind of funny that she was in shock like that.
  11. "not fuuny old man" she growled then sat in her normale set which was infrount. "you better be right about that" she gleard at him silently. "wait how did you get to be a teacher your like 19 or 20 years old looking they wouldn't let you be a teacher! you did something did you? you-" she stopped talking because some students where walking in and started to take their seat and just then more. jsut to meet the bell. growled even more. "I hate my life right now." she hited her head on her desk.
  12. He listened to her and smiled a little bit before other students started to walk in. They all started to greet him since most of them have had him as a substitute before in other classes. He greeted them back with a smile. Some of the class was talking and some also talking about how it was kind of cool to have him for a teacher. When the bell rang, he walked over to the door and checked for any stragglers before started taking attendance. After making sure everyone was here, he started handing out a worksheet for them to do on the reading. "Sorry I can't be more of a teacher in this class. I have only read a little bit of these myths. So, the teacher left a work sheet and is going to let you work in groups because the worksheet is due at the end of class." He said before he went back to the desk and started to look over the papers from the last class again.
  13. she sighed and just grabbed the sheet and started not really a person for groups. she was almost finished when someone tapped her shoulder. "yes" she said with out looking up "Cry i was wondering if you could help me with something in the work sheet you get this more then I do so..." Cry looked up at the female then smiled. "sure sit down and tell me what you don't get I'm pretty much done" she said and then started to work with the girl. once the bell rang the girl was done and understand what she was reading. with that the girl hand it in and Cryed stay in her seat smiling at the girl waving as she left. and once she was gone her smile turned in to a frown as she faced the 'teacher'. "now why are you following me"
  14. He graded papers through the entire class time. When the bell rang, he looked up and thanked all of the students as they turned in the paper. He looked over at Cry after everyone was gone. "First off, I am not really following you. Second, this is my job. Anyways, the school already knows what I am and don't mind. They actually like it because I am basically the ultimate substitute teacher. Also, I used to go to school with your mother and I trained her too. So, I am honestly your mother's friend. Anything else you would like to ask?" He said to her as he stared at her.
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