Vampire/Human Romance!

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  1. So, I've already got one or two going, but I really want another!
    I'm really into Vampire/Human romance lately. P

    I'd like to play the human, so I'm looking for a male vampire.
    I'm willing to double and play a vampire for whomever wants one as well.
    Although if not, I'd rather not double.
    It's going to be set in the modern day, and I'd like the human and vampire to be/look in their early twenties, so around 21-25.

    I need a partner who can possibly do mature scenes, which means I'd like someone at least sixteen, eighteen if sex scenes, which I'd like..
    I also need someone who can use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as 3rd person.

    And, if possible, I'd like someone who can reply at least once per day. I'd enjoy more, though.

    So, my basic plot is this:

    My Oc has gotten a job as a maid/servant/personal helper at an old mansion outside of the big city where she lives.
    Before this, she'd been working at least two jobs, just to live in a crappy apartment.
    This job offers room and board, as well as a very nice paycheck, so she took it.
    She'll be living at the mansion, and she'll be the owner's personal helper.
    She doesn't know him, and he's just recently moved to the mansion.
    Obviously, he's the vampire.
    And no, I don't mean sparkly stupid Twilight vampire. I mean a dark, tall, handsome, strange vampire.

    So- this role play would mostly take place in the mansion.

    Anyway, someone pleeease sign up!
  2. I am willing to join
  3. I'd love to do this you.
  4. Whenever you return, if you're still willing and looking for someone to do this roleplay with you, maybe you could consider my character Drake, the link to his bio is set as my homepage, so if you like it, I'll me more than happy to talk with you about starting a roleplay. c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.