Vampire Diaries roleplay.

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  1. The night is dark in Mystic Falls. It is a cold winter night where nobody seems to be out, or even awake. But the vampires are awake. Damon Salvatore sits in the lounging room, sipping a cup of whiskey, relaxing, one of the only nights in a long time where SOMETHING wasn't going on. He takes another sip, and watches the fire in the fireplace burn.

    A vampire roams through the woods, starving, and cold. She's been lost for weeks as a brand new vampire, her sense of direction is hopeless. She needs to find a town to feed in now. But as she starts to break through the woods, she sees a large boardinghouse that is lit up, meaning people were home.
  2. Elvira's eyes flashed as she darted through the trees on the outskirts of Mystic Falls, just on her way through. However, she suddenly caught the scent of another vampire in a house nearby. Curious, the young vampiress - only fifty years old - went to investigate, but ended up accidentally falling through the window and rolling across the carpet.

    She opened her eyes again after the fall, and bit her lip nervously as she looked up at the dark-haired vampire who looked shocked. "Bonjour - je m'appelle Elvira." She nerbously spoke, and quickly jumped to her feet. "Je suis un vampire aussi."
  3. Damon stared at her wordlessly. He didn't really speak French, only his brother did and he wasn't even here at the moment.

    The girl, Lily, stopped cold in her tracks. They were two vampires in the house. One older than her it seemed like, and one younger. She became defensive, and unsure what to do.