Vampire Diaries Role Play

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  1. I would like to start a Vampire Diaries roleplay. I would, naturally, play the role of Stefan Salvatore. I am looking for a person for every character, and will start when we have most or all characters. Post a character choice, and we can get started! A list of characters can be found at this site: Any questions, post here. Anyone is welcome, and please, don't be shy. (This will follow the storyline that is unfolding now in the season. As we progress, we can go off in any direction we want.
  2. Interested! this would be epic even though I lost track of what's going on with the show.
  3. Doesn't matter, we just all need to agree on a starting point, and make our way from there.
  4. :) awesome, well where do you think is the best point?
  5. Can I join? I love vampire diaries
  6. I'm totally interested. Can I still join?
  7. I'm really interesting in Rping this. I wouldn't mind being Caroline but I would want a CarolinexKlaus relationship <3. I am up to date on all the episodes so jumping in for me would be no problem. Can we start some time after Klaus arrives in the series?