Vampire Craving. Character Trade?

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  1. Name: Hayden Beth Wickory
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: Stands at about 5’11. Thin, fit, balanced curves. White-blonde hair. Green-hazel eyes. Nostril pierced. 0g ears. Assorted ear piercings. Compass star tattooed on the back of her neck. World map wrapping around the top of her left forearm.
    Personality: She doesn't really like too many people. It’s not necessarily their fault, she just likes to be alone a lot of the time. To think, or make things, or just.. to be alone. It didn't feel lonely, it was relaxing. She’s nice enough, but is rather bored of life in this town. She’s tired of having people tell her to act like a Founder’s Daughter. What’s the big deal with being in a Founding Family, anyway? As far as she had ever figured, it just meant that you had some sort of merit to be a rich snob. But no. Apparently it means you are better than all the other rich snobs. For God knows what reason. Not to say she wasn't more than happy to spend Daddy’s money.
    She day dreams too much, and is very artistic, and somewhat adventurous. Generally, the only time the girl actually spends time with others is at parties. Aside from that, she likes to wander forests, or do some sort of arty thing. Painting, sketching, sewing.. whatever.
    History: Pretty general, really. Her family's close enough. Parents are overbearing, but she doesn't think they actually care as much as they pretend to. Maybe that's just teenage angst. Maybe it's clever intuition; who knows. Either way, she's always just felt like she just doesn't quite fit. Most kids her age probably do, but it doesn't feel the same, to her. She's not bitter, or anything. She's got a really pampered life. It just doesn't seem right.Since she can remember, she's had dreams of this other life. Bits and pieces, at first. Then, they just got vivid. It's like she had this second world in her head. So she wrote. Wrote everything out, slapped it on a website, and for some reason; people loved it.

    Alright , I was trying for this to be a Vampire Diaries deal, but I can't seem to find anyone for it. Anyway, I'm looking for someone to play a male vampire that used to be with someone named Bethany. Bethany would be the vampire that made your character, and they were together for a couple centuries, or whatever; she disappears, leaving your character alone, unsure if he really remembers her dying, or not. Memories were missing, and he's just generally confused and heartbroken. He was very strongly bonded, and quite in love with her.
    He's got to be the sort that is sarcastic, and rather callous, but God help anyone that touches something of his. He catches wind of this writer that is spilling out his life, and goes out for blood, only to find a girl that looks exactly like Bethany. She's got blonde hair, and a silver ring in her nose, but aside from that.. he'd know her anywhere.
    I want him to be olderish; late 20/ early 30s in appearance, anyhow.

    I'm dying to do this. I may be a little picky about your character, though.
    But I will, however, play a character in return, if there's something you've been craving. :3
  2. I am very interested in this roleplay. If you would please PM me I'll do my character sheet and we can begin
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