Vampire bonding

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  1. Lena always went walking at night. It was cooler then the heat of the day and she didn't have to worry about people and so many cars. She loved looking up at the stars and the moon and listening to the crickets. It was comferting, not scary. She had never been easily frightened, nor was she superstisous either. Tonight felt different though, like she was being watched or followed. She stopped and looked behind her but saw nothing. She shrugged and continued making her way back home from her walk.

    OOC: I was thinking your vampire character could meet mine while walking and lure her somewhere and feed off her???
  2. Willahelm Imeda, more commonly called Will, is hunting. He hadn't "chosen" her, or whatever nonsense the humans came up with, instead deciding that he would hunt her on a whim. It was normal for his kind to do this, to do things arbitrarily, seemingly randomly. With so much time on one's hands, what use is being nit-picky about everything. If you make a mistake, hide away for a few centuries, and when you come back, no one remembers anything.

    Seeing the woman turn around, he hides in the shadows of a nearby building, waiting patiently for her to turn about and keep walking. Speeding up in his silent walk, he reaches her, touching her shoulder lightly, and as she turns around, he asks her, "Excuse me, ma'am, but are you lost? Not many people come down this way at such a late hour. Do you need directions, or an escort, maybe? Because I would be happy to provide both." He gives her a small smile, playing the innocent act most humans would fall for.
  3. She jumped a little when she felt an ice cold hand on her shoulder and frowned a little. One of her pet peve's was people sneaking up behind her.

    "Actually I'm headed home. It's not far. Only about a block away. I think I know my way home."

    She said, turning off her walkman.

    Lena's long black hair tumbled down to the middle of her back, though she always braided it when she went on her late night walks to keep it out of her way. She took her earphones out and stuffed them in her pocket.

    "What are you doing out here so late at night?"

    She wondered, watching him with baby blue eyes. She was a little tall, around 5"7' and had cream colored skin. She did have a tattoo of a red rose on the inside of her right hip, and dark vines with thorns curled all the way down her right leg ending at her ankle with smaller roses on the vines.
  4. Beneath his hand, Will felt the woman stiffen, removing it when she started turning around. His dark eyes gazed into hers, him a full head taller than her, his pale skin nearly luminescent in the pale light given off by the moon. He replied, "I could ask the same about you, my dear," then cursed himself for his odd and old-fashioned way of speaking. "I am simply enjoying the quiet while it is still around." He said, giving a plausible answer. Wasn't that what humans did, relish in the little things sometimes? He thought so, and based his lie solely on that.

    "Could I persuade you to allow me to buy you a drink?" Will asked, giving his eyes just the right amount of coy innocence he thought would be enough to get her to walk into a dark one-way alleyway no one else would wander down.
  5. She thought about it for a moment, deciding she was thirsty and nodded.

    "Sure. That would be fine."

    She gave him a smile and started walking.
  6. He smiled, inwardly smirking. "Come along." He said, "It is a short jaunt through here." He pointed down a dark alleyway, where no streetlights shined their light into. Will led her down it several metres, until he was certain no passersby would see anything. Then, forcefully, he pushed the woman against the wall of one of the buildings.

    Holding her there for a couple seconds as he felt his incisors elongate into fangs, his eyes turning red as his vampiric instincts kicked in. He smirked, revealing his teeth to her. Leaning forwards, so he was next to her neck, he gently whispered, "Forgive me," before sinking his dagger-like fangs into the soft flesh of her neck, drinking the blood that flowed.
  7. She struggled against him, her muscles tense, which made even more blood flow down her neck. She gasped in pain as his fangs punctured her skin and she tried to scream, but no sound would come. After a few moments she couldn't move, her heart pumping fast with adrenaline and fear. She couldn't move as her blood was quickly being drained from her system. She whimpered when her heart studdered and started to pump more slowly from loosing so much blood so quickly.
  8. His eyes fluttered as her sweet blood flowed into his mouth, swallowing greedily. Finally, her struggles subsided, and he released his hold on her, taking his fangs from her neck, and laying her on the ground of the alley. Taking a roll of gauze from his jacket's pocket, he rolled it around her neck, lightly enough so she could breath, but tightly enough so that she wouldn't die. Standing up, Will took to the streets, in a mad dash to get back to the crypt he was holing himself up in. He silently prayed she hadn't seen his face clearly, else she could report him to the authorities, and everything would be lost. Occasionally, he glanced behind him, nearly hitting street poles a few times.
  9. OOC: I was just thinking that maybe my character could eventually become your character's blood slave?

    She woke in the morning, finding herself in an alleyway. She groaned and sat up, feeling a bit lighthead and woozy. What the hell happened last night? She wondered, standing up and stumbling a little. She remembered going for her evening walk and meeting a strange man but after that the details were fuzzy. She stood there, one hand braced against a wall to steady herself before slowly making her way home. She had to work today, but she didn't think she could. She would have to call in sick. She stumbled home, feeling almost like she had drank to much. Which reminded her, hand't there been something about drinking last night? When she got home, she went to the bathroom to shower. When she stepped in front of the mirror, she froze, starring at her neck. There were two tiny puncture wounds on her neck that had scabbed over. She touched them with her fingertips, eyes wide. How the hell did that happen? She wondered.
  10. ((ooc: yeah, I was thinking, like, later the next night, he would go hunting again, to find that he cannot drink the blood of anyone else, and seek her out.))

    Making it back to the crypt safely, Will remained there the rest of the night, sleeping when the first cracks of dawn appeared in the eastern horizon. He awoke nearly twelve hours later, the sun setting in the west now. His stomach growled hungrily, and the creature of the night knew he must feed again. Heading into the night, he had no trouble in finding a young woman, and he promptly snuck behind her, grabbing her around the midsection and sinking his teeth into her. Once he had drunk his fill, his stomach moved around uncomfortably, and he soon had to run to the nearby bushes, throwing up all the blood he had just drunk. Thinking it was just the one person, perhaps a disease in the blood, he went on to a young, strong man, but found he couldn't retain his blood either. Worried, he wandered the streets, occasionally whispering to himself, trying to make sense of it.

    On his way throughout the streets, he caught a familiar scent. It was that woman he had fed off of yesterday. Knowing she was safe, that he wouldn't throw up her blood too, he followed the trail, faint and stale from sitting there for nearly twenty-four hours. Eventually, he came upon a house, covered in her scent. Will moved along the windows, trying to see if she was in any of them, but also wary, because he knew that if she saw him, authorities would definitely be alerted.
  11. She had called in sick from work today and it had been much nicer out since the rainy day, and she had one of her kitchen windows open and the window screen lifted. She was currently sitting in some black silk pajamas and eating icecream and watching a movie, still feeling a little dazed and confused from being fed on last night. She kept feeling the two puncture wounds on her neck, still trying to remember how the hell she had gotten them. She reached over for her beer and took a big gulp.
  12. Looking in through the front windows, he saw her, watching something on her television. She must have been recovering from last night. Running a nervous hand through his brown hair, he moves to the door, contemplating his next move. He could just run in, take her blood and leave, but that wasn't how he had been raised. He had been taught to never take someone's blood without their full knowing. If he took her by surprise, it would go against his teachings.

    He could also go inside the house, tell her his problem, and hope she helps him. He didn't even know her name! How would that seem? Pretty crazy, it would seem! Sighing, he resigned himself to this, and knocked on the door.
  13. A puzzled expression came across her face when she heard the knocking at her front door. She set down her nearly finished icecream and turned off the TV. Her hair was down and wet from her shower so she was able to hide her bite marks with her hair. She hadn't been expecting anyone, as she had just wanted to recover from last night. Whatever the heck last night was even. She got to the door and opened it.

    "Can I help you?"

    She asked, and then froze a little. She could have sworn she recoginzed this man, whoever he was, standing at her doorway.
  14. He jumped as she answered the door, not expecting her to answer so quickly. When he recomposed himself, he said, "H-hello. Might I come inside? This might take quite a while, and I fear for your feet if you stand on them too long." He didn't notice her stiffening, and continued onward, "It's of great importance, unfortunately, and I fear for your life if it is put on the back burner..." He trailed off, again berating himself for not taking lessons to get rid of his soft English accent and odd way of speaking.
  15. She stared at him like he was crazy.

    "I'm sorry, what?"

    It's not that she didn't hear him, she just didn't have any idea what he was talking about. She studied him for a few moments, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. She looked into his eyes and suddenly it all clicked. Her blue eyes widened and she leaned against the doorway, suddenly pale and frightened.


    She breathed, and quickly went to slam the door in his face. He was how she had gotten the bite marks last night. He had fed from her!
  16. As she moved to slam the door, he stuck his foot in the doorway, keeping it open, but grunting in pain as it squashed his toes. Pushing open the door, he wiggled his toes inside his shoe, making sure nothing was broken. Of course it wasn't, his vampire bones being able to sustain much more force than what the woman could procure. "Please," He said, softly so she would calm down, "give me five minutes of your valuable time, madam. After those five minutes, you can help me, or force me to leave."
  17. She stood there for a few moments, debating.

    "Fine. Five minutes."

    She stepped aside to let him in.
  18. Will grimaced, giving her a nod of thanks as he stepped into the house. "I'm going to have to speak fast, so bear with me." He takes a deep breath, and begins. "As you might have guessed, I am a vampire. Last night I hunted and fed off of you, and left you to wake up in that alleyway in the morning. Tonight, I had to hunt again. The woman I hunted tonight, well, for some reason, I could not hold it in, and became sick off her...her blood, essentially. So, I hunted a healthy young man, and he, too, made me sick. I knew that although you would be weak today, you wouldn't make me sick, as you hadn't yesterday. I live by a moral code not to take blood from the dead, insane, or unconscious, so I couldn't wait for you to fall asleep. In essence, I have come to you to beg." He got down on his knees, gazing up at her remorsefully.
  19. She looked down at him, pale and wide eyed.

    " need my blood again?"

    She asked weakly, wondering if she was going crazy. Either that or this man was seriously crazy. But how could he be when she had two real puncture wounds on her neck from him last night? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, opening them again.
  20. "Y-yes." Will said, noticing her paleness. "I know it is very hard to take in all at once, but I assure you, I am not lying. At the moment of a vampire's turning, we make a blood vow never to lie. If we do, we are disgraced from our brethren forever, making ours an even more lonely existence." He says the words sadly, having met a vampire who had been disgraced. It wasn't a pretty sight. "I am sorry I have scared you and hurt you. It isn't fair for me to do that. Not to anyone. But I must do what I can to survive. That is the deal made when a sire chooses an eternal companion."