Vampire Bite

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"Why am I here....? What does he want from me...?"

It was another day of my life and I decided to go out with my friends to party. After dancing, drinking and having a good time, my friends one by one were occupied by guys who they liked. Leaving myself alone and a bit drunk, I started to walk home and bump into you by accident. I mumbled my apologies as I try to get a hold of myself but couldn't. Feeling very weak and tipsy, I passed out and fell down, injuring my knee. Waking up the next morning, I find myself in someone's bed and wearing clothes that aren't mine.



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Hey, Just wondering if this was an Ad for an existing roleplay if you could also post the link?
Otherwise if it's an Interest check or a roleplay starter I can move it to the correct place for you so people can find it ^_^
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