Vampire Bats in Amazon feed on human blood



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In Latin America, vampire bats are now attacking people in a remote region in the Amazon. Possibly because of deforestation, these bats are sucking human blood. Four children have already died and nearly 500 people are receiving rabies vaccines from aid coming from Peru's health ministry.

What do you think of this latest health disaster?


I was horrified when I read it...The article says that "Vampire bats usually feed on wildlife or livestock, but are sometimes known to turn to humans for food, particularly in areas where their rainforest habitat has been destroyed..." I didn't even know Vampire Bats existed, much less that they sometimes suck human blood.


What about you? What are your thoughts?
I knew plenty well these bats existed but they were normally docile towards humans. But seeing as their own habitat is being destroyed by humans it would logically mean that those attacking the bats would recognize and try to get a double deal out of their feeding. As far as them killing people I can only assume the "children" were under 3 years of age. They need the blood to survive and without enough children will die. However, full grown adults or even anyone over the age of 7 will probably live if bitten by several. To be honest I don't see anyone sitting still when getting eaten by flying rodents and the attack will stop as soon as they realize they aren't getting anywhere.

In addition you also have to take into consideration the bats' feeding habits. If more and more of the area around the forest is becoming urban i.e. less live stock, then the bats would have to turn to another source for food. Simply put, any third world village around this place is more than likely a target so long as the bats can spot it. I really do believe that these bats will more than likely become endangered though simply because of urbanization.
Everything Piro said here makes sense, except for one small part: Vampire bats have saliva that numbs the area, allowing themselves to feed while their victims sleep like nothing is going wrong. It could be problematic for not only younger children but older as well since blood is an ineffective way of sustenance and, like the fuzzy panda bear, they do need to feed a (relatively) large amount to live(they're usually dwarfed by your average chicken, for size comparisons). Except unlike the fuzzy panda bear, they'll starve if they are without blood for even one night. It's understandable they go for humans when their home (and therefore food) have disappeared.
I knew Vampire Bats were real.

*Was obsessed with bats as a wee boy*

I'm sorry the children died as a result since they obviously weren't plotting against the bats. But it's their parents'/ whoever was in charge's own damn fault for messing with the habitat. Seems like Karma.