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  1. Her name was Yuuna Yamada, a normal 17 year old girl who used to go to a private boarding school. Her mother, Himeko Yamada took care of her while her father, Hitoshi Yamada was in prison for not paying his taxes. When Yuuna's mother died in a car crash Yuuna's grandfather Kieko agreed to take care of her. After a while Kieko's retirement money was going down the drain having to pay for his medication and his grand-daughters boarding school. With Yuuna's parents wanting her to continue attending a boarding school, Yuuna's grandfather had no choice but to take her into an all-males academy, the prices were cheaper and Yuuna could easily become a boy. A pamphlet was mistakenly sent to Kieko's address called Vampire Academy, thinking it was a school for make-up artists Yuuna agreed to go.
  2. Yuuna stared at the paper in her hand, reading and rereading the words written upon it. Her eyes lifted to the sign over the gate, taking in the characters there, before going straight back to the note.

    This... can't be the right place. She stared at the gate and the building behind it, and her teeth gritted. Her small hand clenched, crumpling the paper, and she found herself fighting an urge to turn around, walk right back down to the bus stop and wait for the next trolley out of there. She didn't know how long it would take the bus to arrive, but she imagined the wait would have been preferable to spending her time in the middle of nowhere in a boarding school for who knew what kind of riffraff. That stupid Gramps! He couldn't even find a decent place to send me!

    There was nothing around. No metropolis, no sophisticated shopping centers, no karaoke bars, no nothing. Just this school down a trail and a small city that appeared extremely lacking in things to do, from the short glance she'd given it. Oh, she was angry. Furious, in fact. This was ridiculous! How could she be expected to live without anything around to do?

    But... maybe it wouldn't be so bad. After all, this wasn't the bustling Tokyo cityscape. The people here were surely backwater, lacking in sophistication. She could rule here once more, queen of the hive as she had been before... before...

    Anyway. Yuuna shook her head, derailing that train of thought as best she could. In her discomfort, her fingers had wandered up to tangle in her long brown locks, but her hands found only empty air. Her expression soured.
    Oh yes... I forgot. Her grandfather had convinced her a few days ago that short hair was all the rage, citing numerous fashion magazines he'd picked up at the bookstore. From Paris to Milan, all the loveliest models were sporting shorn locks, and he had been insistent that she do the same. Yuuna couldn't bear to part with her hair, however, so she'd appeased his sudden, unusual fixation with her coiffure by donning a short brown wig. He'd left her alone after that, but his words about fashion had gotten to her. She was wearing the wig now; all of her hair was tucked securely beneath it. It made sense, though, she'd reflected later, especially since she'd be attending a school for make-up artists. Disguising oneself was par for the course in such an industry, so she'd looked at it as a challenge.

    She'd just decided to turn around and head back down to the path to the bus stop when the sky opened up. Squealing in outrage and surprise, she did the first thing that made sense in her head: she grabbed her luggage and dashed up the path towards the building that housed her new school. When she got there, she pushed open the door and darted inside, slamming it behind her. Just in time, too, for the rain decided to pour down with a vengeance. She winced when she heard the crack of lightning and the resounding crash of thunder; storms still terrified her, and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide under a blanket.

    But it wouldn't do to show weakness on her first day here. If she was going to be the queen of the hive, she'd have to toughen up.
    Toughen up, Yuuna. You can do this. She sucked in a deep breath, allowed her shoulders to slump slowly, and relaxed her tensed muscles. Her eyes closed, she counted to ten slowly in her head, and drew herself up to her full height. When she thought that she'd recovered herself well enough to face the world, she brushed off the jacket of her uniform; it was in the boy's fashion, complete with blazer, slacks, and tie, and at first, she hadn't wanted to wear the thing at all. She much preferred her feminine garments, but her grandfather had reminded her that the school would expect her to arrive in a sort of disguise, as a test of her make-up and make-over skills, and she had complied.

    Yuuna stepped forward, a little confused by the silence of the foyer and the general air of emptiness. Clearing her throat, she attempted in her best male voice,
    "H-... Hello?"
  3. The school looked gothic old-fashioned, black and silver everywhere with tinted windows letting no sunlight in whatsoever. Stands were against the main halls advertising different things. One of them advertised something about a blood bank which had a huge line, others had different clubs to join in including fashion and arts.
    Suddenly there was a stand with a white sign that stated in black letters "New Students!" and beneath it was a group of new students. As Yuuna walked over towards the crowd she noticed that all of them had pale, pale skin and sharp fangs. The crowd heard someone clear their throat and they turned towards the sound. A cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes stood there with a clipboard and a pen. "Welcome to Vampire Academy! Where we come here to learn, spread your wings and maybe drink a little blood!"
    Everyone looked at each other smiling, licking their sharp fangs.
    "My name is Hitoshi Fujihara and I will be your tour guide for this all-males Academy! Welcome new vampires!" he said smiling.

    ((This is what Hitoshi looks like)) images.jpg
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  4. ... Wait... What?! A-all-... male? V-vamp...?

    Yuuna's eyes had been locked on all the boys crowded around with their pale, pale skin and the fangs that they sported. She'd found herself thinking it was kind of silly, but it was a school for make-up artists, and vampires were the in thing. So it made some sense that they would have chosen to dress themselves in such a fashion. She just wasn't sure why they were all dressed as boys, and she'd taken to eyeing them warily, trying to pick out which ones were actually females in disguise, as she herself was.

    And then her ears had picked up the words from the young man with the clipboard, and when her mind registered what he'd actually said, her jaw dropped in shock. She stared at him, her mouth hanging open slightly, unable to believe what she'd just heard. Were they putting on some sort of weird play? Was it a school for aspiring thespians, as well as those interested in the art of painting faces? She was trying desperately to convince herself that this was the case; there was no way that vampires actually existed, and certainly no way that there was an entire school devoted to their education. What would they teach? Bloodsucking 101?

    Yuuna snorted quietly, amused by her own private joke, and reassured herself that this was all an elaborate act put on by the drama department to welcome new students. As she fell into line with the rest of her fellow newcomers, however, she found herself unable to get over the "all-male" reference. Did her idiot grandfather just put her into an all-boys' school? Truly?

    No wonder he'd been so insistent that I disguise myself, she thought sourly, her face puckering as though she'd been sucking on lemons all morning. That stupid Gramps! When I get back home, I'm going to give him such a talking to! ...That guy with the clipboard is kind of cute, though. But I think they're taking this whole "vampire" thing a little far.
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  5. Hitoshi walked and everyone followed. "We have a very wide selection of different activities for everyone at this school! Including out recently renewed building of the arts! Which includes fashion design, theater, marble sculpture and of course paintings!"
    He stopped at a huge wooden door and opened it, there was a beautiful art mural in the center of a woman holding her arms up gracefully. Around it was different paintings and clothing displayed on the wall.
    He closed the door and kept walking through the long corridor. "Here we have our cafeteria! Serving warm blood! Would everyone like a sample?" Some vampires nodded and Hitoshi told everyone to hang on and walked into the cafeteria, he walked out with a bunch of cups in his hand and passed each one out to the group. Yuuna looked at it and thinking it was soup she took a taste, it was real blood.
    "Lets continue on with the tour shall we?" Hitoshi smiled sweetly and continued walking. The rest of the group followed interested in this school already.
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  6. She wanted to throw up. The red liquid in the cup had been real blood! It tasted heavy, thick on her tongue, like drinking liquid iron, and discreetly, not wanting to seem rude (or vomit in front of her fellow new students), she lifted her glass to her lips under the guise of taking another sip. Instead, she spat the mouthful back into the container, and did her best to suppress a shudder of pure disgust. Where had the blood come from? It was a hazard! It could have been infected by who knew what diseases! How dare they serve such a thing to students?!

    But she'd seen the fangs that lined the mouths of these boys, and rather than make a fuss and get herself eaten, she found the nearest trash can and tossed the cup when no one was looking. Yuuna hurried after Hiroshi and the rest of his entourage, baffled by what she was seeing. It was all well and good to read fantasy novels about vampires, but actually seeing real ones was... shocking, to say the least. She had never thought such a thing actually existed.

    Maybe they don't. Maybe these are just a lot of freaks who want to think they're vampires, and they go around impersonating them. Yeah. That's surely all this is. And that blood wasn't actually blood. It was just corn syrup and food colouring, or that fake stuff you buy in stores for Halloween.

    Reassured by this, she followed along sedately, listening with half an ear to the tour guide's explanations.
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