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  1. The young Mia McAllen sighed as she looked at her class schedule. She always loved acting, especially when it came to being something sinister like a Vampire. However this was a all-boy Academy and her grandfather could only pay for this school. She knew what she had to do...
    Mia took out some scissors and grabbed her long black hair. She hadn't physically developed yet which was a good thing and she already had a men's uniform on. All she needed was to loose the-
    Snip! Within an instant her long hair was gone. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, she looked like a boy now.
    The school was right in front of her but she was still stuck in her car, with a nervous breath she opened the door and walked out.
  2. Joey walked along the hallways of the school. He was early, so he didn't mind if there were barely any students around. It was good for him, he wasn't much of a people person to begin with. In fact, he had a hard time with people. So whenever he did practice dances and such, he did them before or after school. Better than during, right? Well, he was apart of a Dance class at this school, and they were suppose to have a dance concert later in a few weeks or so, best to keep active, right? Right now, Joey found the dance classroom and opened the door, walking inside and closing the door. The classroom was a large spacious room with a large mirror that covered the entire wall as well as stereos in the upper corners of the room. In the back was a computer and a book of CD's in which he was going through. Eventually he finds one he likes and sticks the CD into the computer.

    He positioned himself in the center of the classroom, staring at his reflection for a moment. "Alright, let's practice some more..." he breathed as the song came on and he started his dance. His movements were smooth, clean and flawless. Only because he was a Advance Dance student, so he knew a lot and was considered an amazing dancer by many at the Academy.

  3. ((Ohh I love the song wedding dress! My favorite group is 2ne1))
    Miya kept walking, in and was lost automatically, she had dance class first but there were so many rooms and hallways she had no idea where to go. Suddenly someone grabbed her and she jumped.
    "Hello there,"
    It was a boy, a boy who just scared the shit out of her.
    "Hey, you smell delicious!" He said.
    More guys gathered around claiming that Miya smelled delicious.
    "Back off, one guy said," everyone backed away and another guy came forward. He had black short hair and dark purple eyes. He was completely handsome.
    "Leave the fledgling alone and get back to your classes!" he shouted. The boys walked away and the vampire that helped me smiled at me. "The names Lee, how may I help you?"
    I looked at him for a while and blurted out "do you know where dance class is?"
    He nodded, "follow me," he said. I followed and before I knew it I was right in front of the door.
    I turned around to say thank you but he was already gone.
    I peeked over inside the window.
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  4. Joey was still practicing at the moment. He was so focused on what he was doing, he didn't even know someone was watching him. Eventually the song had ended and so did his dance. Then the next song started up and he was at it again. It seemed like he loved what he did, and that was good. That means it wasn't considered work to him, it was fun. And he enjoyed having fun. It's a difference between like and love. Like working, either you like what you do, or you love it so much that it's just fun and games. As he was dancing, he paid close attention to himself in the mirror, listening to the music's beat and following through with his smooth dance moves. It looked like nobody else was in the classroom at the moment, but in fact, another student was, she had been off to the side, and now they were working on a Duo dance.

  5. Mia ((sorry not Miya)) looked around once more, nobody was in sight. She quietly opened the door and silently closed it again, she leaned against the wall watching his movements. He was stunning, graceful, flawless, brilliant that it made her feel self-conscious. She took one step forward then hesitated. Finally she just stepped back and leaned on the wall again.
  6. When the song had ended, Joey looked to see someone in the back, against the wall, watching them. Joey told the girl that had danced with him to go ahead and go to class. To which she nodded and said her goodbyes and left. Joey turned around, staring across the room at the person for a moment. He hadn't seen them before, so he started to take a few steps towards her. "Ah, so you saw the dancing, huh? I didn't know anyone was around to be watching me like that..." he laughed embarrassingly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "You... What's your name?" he asked. "Name is Joey."
  7. Mia knew that it was more expensive to pay for a girls uniform than a boys, she had to act like a boy too or else she could get in big trouble. She already had the look,
    "hello," she said in a lower voice, "my name is Hatsu."
  8. Joey made it over towards the student by the name of 'Hatsu' and patted the student's shoulder. "Ah, Hatsu is it.. Nice name" he smiled. He looked around the dance room a bit and said, "Are you apart of the class or just looking around?" he asked. "Cause, dance doesn't start for a while. Not till school starts anyway" he sighed as he walked around the room a bit, staring at his reflection in the mirror and adjusting his hat for a moment. Then gave a goofy smile and looked over at Hatsu, "Do you dance at all?" he asked.
  9. "," she lied....I'm just new here and I'm just starting dance class."
    Hatsu looked around the vast room. It was so hot in this mens uniform, she wished she could take it off but her curves grew in early and in order for them not to show she had to wear baggy.
    Finally she sat in front of the mirror and stared at herself for a while. "So, why is this called Vampire Academy anyway?"
  10. Joey blinked for a moment, then followed Hatsu over towards the mirror and sat down next to her. "Well..." he started to say, "It's a Vampire Academy..." he told her, sighing a bit. "Course, I'm not one to like blood so I try to stay away from it..." he wrinkled his nose a bit upon the mention of blood. "I once went a month without it.. ended up crazy afterwards and the students had to hold me down and force feed me blood. Worst experience of my life..." he shook his head, looking at the floor. Then he lifted his head up to look at Hatsu. "So, why did you ask?"
  11. Her face went pale, "uhh no reason..." inside she was panicking.
    H-how did I end up in a school for vampires! Shit I gotta get out of here! Okay...just play cool until you can find a way out!
    "You know...I hate blood too, I never drink it..." Hatsu said and took a deep breath.
    Hoping to change the subject she asked Joey where the boarding rooms were and when we know who our partner is.
  12. Joey sat there, thinking for a moment. The gears in his head were turning slightly. "Uhh.. boarding, right... Girls are on the East side of the school, Boys are on the West side." he told her. I'm sure that if you already talked with the Front Office, they should have helped give you a Room number that you are assigned..." he said. "Mine, is 203" he smiled. "In case you want to stop on by and chat or whatever." he shrugged. "Sometimes I like to spend my time here, but my dorm room is normally where I stay. I sleep a lot" he smiled.
  13. "Okay....oh yeah you know what! Umm...I do remember my board number and I will uhh go there now!" I ran from the door and looked around for the office. Suddenly I see Lee walking by and run up to him. "Hi, do I know what my board room number is...and do we have partners?"
    Lee smiled and nodded, "it should be on your schedule."
    Hatsu quickly took it out and handed it to him and he took a look at it. "It's 202, looks like nobody else is going to that room so you will have a room all to yourself."
    I thanked him and walked towards the west side of the school. "Lets see...ahh, there it 202."
    Mia opened the door and see a key on the dresser. I looked around, it was pretty big. "Nice I said and closed the door, locking it behind me. "This is not good" I said and walked into the bathroom getting undressed. The bathroom fogged up as the shower started running and I stepped in.
  14. Joey watched as Hatsu left, to which he left to his own dorm. He arrived there first of course, and went to unlock it, and walked inside. Closing the door behind him, Joey walked around a bit, taking off his shirt and setting it down on a nearby couch, then went to go lie down on his bed and stare at the ceiling. He felt at peace here, to be quite honest. Then, he felt something jump onto his chest, and he looked to see a fluffy white Chicken sitting there, staring at him. He couldn't help but smile. "You're happy to see me, eh?" he smiled and sat up a bit, the chicken sitting in his lap. It was a fluffy one, so it had a lot of fur or feathers all over it, making it look really huggable. The chicken's name was Dara. Joey use to have a roommate, but he couldn't take the fact of getting jumped on, pecked, or even suffocated by Dara, so Joey had his room all to himself, with the exception of Dara.
  15. I sink into the bathtub full of warm, inviting water and smiled. I needed this I thought to myself. In here there were no worries, no pretending to be someone else, nothing...nothing at all.
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