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  1. The man was standing within his castle. He sat upon his throne in deep thought. He was thinking about his next move. Where there any more vampire hunters that he knew? Certainly not. At least not after him. He was a quiet man. Very powerful as well. He was one of the richest men back then. He owned more property than most lords. A nice castle. With few servants. A single cook. A single butler. A single maid. And a single librarian. He was in deep thought. He felt something special was going to happen soon. But that. He had no idea.
  2. Harmony took a deep breath as she stood in front of the large door into the castle. So this is the vampire lord's castle huh? She said pulling her cloak closer around her. She pulled the hood down more so you barely even see her light blue eyes, let alone her face. The castle frighten her. She had heard stories about the place and the man that lived inside. But she couldn't let that stop her. They needed his help and she was willing to do anything, give up anything, if that meant protecting her village. She let out the breath she was holding in a large sigh. She straighten her herself up and raised a hand to knock. She pounded hard on the door and waited for a response....
  3. Malistair looked up. The castle doors opened. His voice echoed throughout the castle. "Enter young one." He smelled the blood of a young woman. Was this a n offering? A trap? What was going on? He held his hand on one of the knobs on the end of the armrest of his throne. He looked up. "Now who dares to invite themselves into my manner before notifying me before hand? Are you a hunter? A spy? Or are you... my meal?" He smiled. His ancient brown eyes now red. He looked at the human. A slight interest in his eyes. "If not. Then what is it you need of me?" He looked at the young woman. Did they want protection? He sighed and waited for a response. (Sorry for taking so long I had stuff to take care of. >.<)
  4. Harmony jump back the door opening. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. She let out a staggered sigh and took one step through the door way. In to the lion's den, she went.

    "Enter young one."
    called a soothing yet sinister voice. She hesitated for a moment. Was she really sure about this? This could mean the death to her. But she shook the thought out of her head. It was for the good of the village. If it was for the village, any price would be paid. She started into the castle....

    She made her way into what looked like an old throne room, where a king use to sit and rule his subjects. Now there sat a dark looking man. He sat up, taking notice of her entering and asked her what she was there for. At first, she was speechless. Not sure what to say or do, she stood there, staring at the man from under her hood. He was quite handsome like the rumors had said. His eyes, now glowing red, seemed to pull her in. But she wasn't there for that sort of thing. She quickly fell to her hands and knees and answered him, keeping her eyes to the ground.

    "My name is Harmony Angelo. I am the daughter of the head of the village Redloch a few miles from here. We are asking you for your assistance. A great army threaten us with death and we have very little means to protect ourselves. We just wish to leave in peace. We ask you to help our village by joining our few men in battle with the army in hopes of keeping our people safe. Please, any price will be paid. Just keep our people safe!"

    Her voice crack slightly in the last sentence. She took a deep breath, fighting back tears. If it was for Redloch, any price would be paid.....any.....
  5. Malistair was slightly amused. Oh how much courage it must have took for this fragile woman to walk into his humble abode. He looked at her. He stood up and strode down the throne. He stood very close to her. "Stand young one. I am no ruler. You know what I am. So don't bow to the thing your kind fears." He said sternly. He looked down at her. "Any price will be made. Is that so?" A few scenarios flashed in his mind, he laughed letting the clear out. He bent down low and whispered. "Are you willing to accept the cost of what is to come if I aid you?" He was toying with her but at the same time serious.

    He stood back up. Her scent was strong. He had to keep away a short distance so he would not be tempted to bite. "If you accept these terms there will e no going back. Horrid stories will go across the land of the dark mutilation, gore, and death that spread through out the town. Anyone who is threatening the town, killed. Are you prepared to see the blood scattered across the towns name?" He looked at her. His eyes still red.
  6. Harmony stayed kneeling for a bit, even the vampire lord told her to stand. She thought a moment. She was really ready to do this? Her heart was pounding fast. She had to but, she had so much she wanted to do. But she had no choice. Her town in stake here. Her wants and needs were nothing compared to everyone's life. She bawled her hands into a fist and squeezed hard. Finally, she mustered up the courage and stood up. She pulled back her hood, letting her long golden locks flow out of the condensed space. Her light blue eyes looking up at the vampire with determination.

    "You can kill me, devour me, torture me and do unspeakable things to me until the end of my life. I don't care. But my people stay safe. That is all I ask of you. "

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    He leaned in close, and whispered. "I wasn't talking about you, the soldiers. I am asking you, do you have the stomach to handle what you will see? You will truly never know gore until you have sen what I do." He smiled."But your offer is appealing. So I guess I shall take up your offer and have you stay here" He smiled devilishly. He was just going to toy with her. He walked back to his throne and sat down. Hand on the handle knob on his right arm rest. "Now go home. Sleep for the night. Warn all he villagers to stay in their homes. And sleep peacefully. Do not fear the screams in the night. Know that they area the enemies f your village. The next day you come here, and help with the maids. They will have your room and outfit ready. I will see you tomorrow." He said with a fanged smile.