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  1. Eve has just recently turned. She wasn't bitten or anything but she turned, nobody is able to explain it. As soon as the Vamp Council hears about her she is immediatly sent to a secret high school. Specifically for vampires. What will happen there?
    *Quick Character Info*
    Name: Eve Rene Mist
    Age: 17
    Body Type: Slim
    Height" 5'8''
    Personality: Nice (If you are nice to her) , Kind, Caring, Loving, Tough, Stubborn, Short-tempered.
    Looks: Pic Below (except her skin is a little more fair due to being a vampire)
    Eve stared at herself in the mirror for quit some time. She looked different that was obvious. Her eyes use to be a warm chocolate brown color but now they are pure blue. And skin was more fair now as well, but it was beautiful. Not only that but even her look were more stunning, she had always looked beautiful but now... Her looks were far greater now. But the one thing that stuck out to her more was the fangs... fangs! She stared at them for a while then suddenly the door rang snapping her out of it. She jogged downstairs and opened the door. The sun hit her face and it immidiatly gave her a head ache and bothered her sensitive eyes. She shielded the sun with her arm and looked at the man who wore a hoody which covered his face.
    "May I help you?" She asked. The man simply gave her a letter then left. She just stared at him for a moment the looked down at the letter then closed the door. She opened it then read it.
    "Dear Ms. Mist,
    It has come to our attention that you have turned into a vampire... Therefore you must attend Vamp High. If you don't then there will be some serious consequences.
    -Sincerely, The Vamp Council-

    She just stared at the letter for a while, 'A vampire? That is ridiculous.' she thought to herself.

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  2. "AAAAAAAH!"


    The sixth body dropped into a slump, the whites of his eyes in plain view. Carlisle Walker chuckled to himself, licking his lips free from blood, savoring the sweet taste of the crimson liquid. It's funny how the blood of the mortals--those sinners--seemed to taste sweeter than those who do not sin at all. His thirst was quenched--for now, all he needed to worry was getting back to his parents and ridding himself of the blood stains on his once-pristine white polo. Vampires were common nowadays. You'd notice them with their gleaming blue eyes and pale white skin. Most of these 'bloodsuckers' were very sensitive to light--and Carlisle, although trained in sunlight exposure, can't even stay under the sun for more than an hour.

    He dashed away, shying away from direct sunlight exposure. Even though he was trained in sunlight exposure, he couldn't exactly say staying under the sun was very... favorable. Dashing madly into the mansion his parents own, he flitted straight to his room, flinging the polo off his torso and threw it in the hamper. Putting on a clean black shirt--mainly so if he decided to have his seventh drink of the day--he inspected himself on the mirror.

    The guy in front of him was pretty handsome--dare he say it. Brunette hair, blue eyes and angular features--damn, was he handsome or what? He smirked to himself, then dropped it upon noticing a little droplet of blood near the corner of his lips. Luckily the maids didn't see him earlier, or else they might sell him out. His parents were in this stupid vegan diet, actually. They think they were doing it for a cause. They only drink blood from those little pesky animals--those pests, as the humans say. Like squirrel blood.

    But ew. It tastes bad. He tried it himself. And believe him when he says it's bad. Human blood is much, much sweeter. He chuckled, stepping out of his room. He came face-to-face with his father. Carlisle raised an eyebrow.

    "Yeeees?" He voiced out after what seemed like forever. "Yo, dad. What's up?"

    His casual behavior wasn't exactly tolerated, though. Charles Walker scowled at his son, raising a piece of paper--


    "What's the meaning of this?" Charles Walker demanded, pointing at the big fat F- on his report card from last semester. It seemed like it was a habit for the high school to send his things a little bit later than usual. "An F-? On Chemistry? Carlisle--I thought you were doing fine!"

    "I am doing fine!" He insisted in vain. He knew how stubborn his father can be. In fact, that's where he got his stubbornness, too. "Now will you excuse me, I'll be going to school right now." He wasted no efforts in flitting away from his enraged father, making sure to be faster than he usually was.
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    Carlisle Walker (open)
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  3. Loretta Iliana Charlestine,
    Aged 16, really about 60
    Slim, pear figure at 5'4"
    Bright, though a little ditzy. Playful, studious, friendly, tries to be flirtatious, kind
    Appearance: Click!

    Tap tap tap tap tap, click! went the keys of the keyboard, Loretta typing away to the tempo of the music playing in her bulky white headphones. It was just her, her imagination, and the keyboard. She recently came up with the idea of writing a novel series to pass the all the free time she has to herself. Although, she hasn't written much due to so much self-criticism. The clicking stops. She rests the headphones onto her shoulders and stretches her arms toward the ceiling. That should do it for today! Ah, you're getting better everyday!

    "Oh, hi, roommate!" A white, fluffy Scottish fold had snuck in through the door. In this small apartment, it was a girl and her cat Bubbles.
    "Came in to say hello, did ya?" she said in a baby voice, picking up the ball of plush and attacking it with kisses. Bubbles mewed as if it were giggling, then hopped down out of her grasp.
    "That's right, you better get down, cause I've got to get ready for school now, not that there's much to do."

    As she came into the bathroom, she stared at herself in the mirror for a while. Though she had turned years ago she never got used to her bright pale complection and colored eyes. Well, I haven't aged a bit! she thought as she smirked at herself in the mirror. Now hurry up, you'll be late!
  4. Isaiah Carter (open)
    [​IMG] , Age: 17 Height: 5'11

    Isaiah woke up when a large German shepard leapt up onto his blankets, Biting at him and dragging him out of the bed. " Alright! Alright im up!" He said pushing the dog away who tried to lick his face, He stood up chuckling " Your a fool " he walked over to his mirror and ran his hand through his hair. " You look terrible...Terribly Sexy, Hah!....i need friends " he said shaking his head, and walking into the bathroom to do his daily routine. But once finished he came out all refreshed with his clothes on. He rushed and grabbed his bag and slung it around his shoulder with a smirk on his face, As he pulled up his hood on his zipperless hoodie. He Rushed through the hallway and jumped down the steps landing infront of his mother, he stood with her arms crossed and hips leaned agaisn't the door frame. " You are always on a rush to leave " his mother said to him " Dont even want to eat breakfast with your mother " she also said. " Mom...i can't go out and feed right now i have to get to school you know this. " He said trying to go past her, but she placed a hand on his chest " I know i know but your growing up so fast " he shot a glance at his mother " well not so fast but your growing up damnit! " his mother shouted at him " Mom i will go hunt with you tonight now please " he said. As he walked past her and out the door, he had his hoodie up and a smirk on his face still. He looked around before he took off in a blur of speed, his traveling speed was amazing at that. He was off to school taking the back route through the woods.
  5. Eve was in denial, she sighed and crumpled up the letter, grabbed her backpack to go to her school. 'There is no way I am a vampire!' she thought to herself ignoring the headache she was getting from the sun. She continued to walk when suddenly a chunky hoodied man appeared in front of her, causing her to stop right in her track. She stared up at him. 'What is up with all these hoodied guys?' she thought to herself.
    "You are going the wrong way..." he said in a deep voice. She sighed, "Get lost, I always take this route to school..." she started to walk past him then he suddenly put a hand on her shoulder, suddenly he teleported them away. The next thing she knows she is in the middle of a hallway of a school... a different school. She looked around the confused. Suddenly the man handed her a schedule, "Good luck..." he simply said and walked away. She just stood there stunned.
  6. Loretta hummed a happy tune to herself as she took out her history book from her locker. Today seemed a little different. She was in a better mood than usual and couldn't stop smiling to herself. Perhaps it was because she had been pleased with her writing this time.

    As she clicked the lock onto the knob of the locker, she heard a deep voice echo through the hall. That voice sounds familiar. A look to the left - no one. A look to the right - oh! What's this? A "hoodie" huh? I wonder what's up. When he had started walking away, Loretta started curiously walking toward the stranger left in the middle of the hallway.

    Two little taps on the stranger's shoulder seemed to startle her more than Loretta had planned.
    "Oh! Sorry there. I saw that hoodie over there and - wow!" She stopped in mid sentence to blink admiringly at the girl's bright blue eyes. "Look at those! There's no way you're a new one!"
    The girl was looking at her strangely now.

    "Oh, sorry sorry sorry. My name's Loretta Iliana Charlestine. But that's sure a mouthful, isn't it? Just call me Lori! What about you, missy?"
  7. Name: Brandon Beck (Nickname: Rat)
    Age: Looks 17 but is 22
    Body Type: Slim and short
    Height" 5' 4"
    Personality: A bit of a loaner and a trickster, Though loyal to his friends.
    Looks: Pic Below

    When Brandon was bitten it changed him. Not only did he become a vampire but became a "Nosferatu". A rare occurrence when a mortal is embraced, turning the skin white, flattening the nose and pointing the ears and teeth. But its not all bad, being a Nosferatu grants the vampire a kind of empathy like with a breed of animal, letting the vampire command these beasts. Brandon's breed was rodents, specifically Rats, leading to his nickname.

    Rat awoke in his apartment and looked at the clock and rolling his eyes. "Great... School day." He pushed himself off the sofa and made his way to the refrigerator. Opening the fridge 2 rats jumped off the top and landed on Brandon's shoulders. "Cain. Able. Sleep well?" They squeak back. "Cool. Breakfast?" Another squeak. From the fridge he pulls out two chunks of cheese and a bag of blood. The two rats run down Brandon's arm and into his hand, eating the cheese, as he bites into the blood bag.

    Draining the full bag Rat belches and wipes his face. "Ok guys! Lets go." The two rodents scurry into the pockets of Brandon's black hoody which he pulls over his face. He opened the door and made his way to the basement to a sewage access grate. Its not like Brandon could walk around in public with a face like his. Other Vampires could pass as human.... Not a Nosferatu. He took a deep breath as he pulled open the door and climbed down into the sewers, being careful not to slip into the water on the way down.
  8. She look girl a bit confused at first not knowing what she was talking about then she realized she was talking about her eyes. Even she admit her eyes were pretty amazing. She smiled kindly at the girl name Lori.
    "Well thanks... But I can assure you I am a new uh... vampire. And very nice to meet you Lori. I am Eve." then she added, "And you don't need to apologize." yes, she had finally come to terms with it... she was indeed a vampire...
  9. "Nice to meet you, Eve!" Loretta giggles in delight at the sound of a newcomer. Not often were there many new enrollments to this school. A new student was an exciting thing.

    "Wow, you really are, huh? You'll have to tell me all about how you changed, and I'll tell you mine in return. But I think we outta get to class. You can shadow me if you like! Let's go! I'll introduce you to everybody!"

    She excitedly pranced down the hall, turning around to exclaim, "C'mon, we'll be late!"
  10. She smiled, she liked this girl, she certainly was nice. Hard to believe she was a vamp... she certainly didn't look like one. She nods at her, "Well... I can tell you later. But we really should head to class." she looked down at her schedule. She arched an eyebrow when she read what her first hour class was, "Vampire Law?" she looked at the girl, "With Ms. Riley. You know her?" she followed her.
  11. His body coming to a stop in his classroom, some type of law class, he cant remember much since he didnt much care for the name. Leaning back in his seat in the back corner, he pulled his hood down revealing his moderately good looking facr.
  12. "Oh, Ms. Riley's Law class? Yeah, sure, I know where that is. Let's get going!" Loretta smiled. She led her new companion down the endless hall, only a few students left hurrying to class.

    A turn to the left and,
    "Here it is! Ms. Riley's class. It's a good thing we got here before the bell rang."

    Loretta carefully opened the door, hoping not to draw too much attention, as the class was usually dead quiet at this time. She motioned Eve to walk in with her hand, as if they were sneaking in.

    "C'mon, let's take these seats here for now." Loretta sat down in one desk, then tapped on the seat behind her. "Don't be shy," she smiled kiddingly.
  13. (I've never done a vampire before, but I'll try.)
    Name: Bianca Shoal
    Age: 17 (actually 28)
    Body Type: Medium
    Height: 5'6"
    Personality: Logical, Uncaring, Secretly Regretful

    Bianca's eyes watched her classmates as her feet moved rhythmically. First period, Vampire law. Bianca had flunked this class last year, which was why she was taking it again, this time with younger vampires. Or younger people who were older vampires but still learned at a lower level. Really, Bianca wasn't sure how the class schedules were organized.

    Bianca slid into a chair the second row from the back. She bit her tongue slightly, wishing she had taken a drink from that girl she had passed on the way to school. "Leave it be," she had thought, "let it get bigger." Of course, she hadn't expected everyone else on the breakfast menu to have company. It's hard to suck someone dry when their pal is kicking you from behind.
  14. Eve followed and smiled when Lori said 'Dont be shy. this caused her to laugh a little. Her? Shy? That was funny to this about.
    She smirked, "Me? Shy? Thats funny." she said then took the seat behind her. That was when Mrs. Riley walked in. She looked about there age, she was very beautiful: She had long, curly strawberry blonde hair, golden brown eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. It was hard to believe she was a teacher.
    Ms. Riley looked at her students, "Alright students we have a new student today which is..." she looked at Eve and smiled bigger, "Right there. Come on up here Eve. Introduce yourself!"
    Eve smiled back and stood up, walking up to the front, it was a little weird that she already knew her name but then again she was a vampire so... there was nothing more abnormal than that.
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  15. Bianca's cold eyes followed Eve to the front. She hissed ever so slightly. Not at Eve, but at new vampirism in general. The school alone had more vampires than the world needed. Humans - they died out. They had to keep being born to replace the dead. But vampires were immortal and difficult to kill. Bianca felt they were becoming overpopulated, and she did not wish to have to fight over blood. Who were the fools who kept turning more?
  16. Name: Shane Archer
    Age:16 (actually 20)
    Body Type: slim
    Height: 6'1
    Personality: Dark, Secretive with a hidden past, loner,
    Look: Tall with long raven hair and blood red eyes. Pale skin with snow white teeth and sharp fangs.

    Shane watched his classmates flow into the room with disinterested eyes. He really didn't care to be here but had no where better to be, besides the debates in law class almost made it worth it. As class was about to start he noted a new member to join this happy congregation. Now that was something interesting! He wonder how she was turned, but decided that it didn't matter anyway, they where all here now. His wrist suddenly itched at a distant, but not forgotten memory, of a moonless winter night, a dark shadow, and blinding red pain.
  17. Lee closed his locker after grabbing his books out, he hasn't been recently bit by a vampire but nonetheless still hated drinking blood. It was a curse to him.

    He remembered the first time he'd gotten bitten, he needed blood so bad that he ended up killing someone for it.

    (what he looks like) _Kim_Jaejoong__21092009182028.jpg
  18. Name: Dylan Milton
    Age: 21 (looks 17)
    Body Type: Slim built
    Height: 5"6
    Personality: Very dark and gloomy, he is a prodidgy and so is naturally intelligent, anti-social, slightly sadistic

    Dylan had just finished drinking his blood when his mother came downstairs and started pestering him. "Why aren't you at school yet, Your'e a vampire, speed shouldn't be a problem." He sighed. Mother I assure you there is nothing i'm missing now that I dont already know everything about." His mother sighed and went away acknowledging defeat. Dylan got up and moved like a bullet up the stairs of his extravagant italian styled home to his room. He entered the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. He caught sight of his face. His skin was extremely pale, almost colorless and his jet black hair spiked up very messily making him look even more handsome than he already was. His eyes were a deep red, which were unusual for vampires who normally had blue eyes and his fangs could cut on contact. He sighed and moved to te bathroom door still looking at himself. Then he sped off to school.
  19. Lilith was lying on a huge branch of a willow tree at the gardens behind the school. She's not really into going class today. She rather stay here and nap all she wants. Her best friend will scold her once she go home to the dorm later.

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