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  1. Humans. We've been to the deepest trenches of the ocean, and the most remote mountain peaks. We've been to outer space tons of miles away, and we've been to the furthest reaches of cyberspace in the computers and devices that are never more than arm's reach away. But the final frontier of mankind is not what everyone expected it to be...I know I sure didn't see it coming.

    It's our minds. Our subconscious is the biggest unexplored realm in all of humanity.

    Crazy, right?

    Okay, let me start from the beginning...

    2020. Earth's in crisis. All sorts of problems with natural resources, lots of possible wars heading our way if we didn't get things figured out with the other people we shared this giant rock in space with. It didn't look like we were headed anywhere good at the rate we were going.

    But then it started happening...

    People started to Awaken.

    It's strange, how it happens. Different for everyone who experiences it. One guy reported to the media that he was arranging books on his bookshelf, and it just hit him like a mental tsunami. Some other guy was mowing his lawn in a certain pattern. It's random things like that, and the subconscious of kids and teenagers started getting triggered by all this random stuff, and they gained new abilities.

    Abilities, like special powers. They could grow stronger by standing in darkness, or communicate with animals, or scream loud enough to crumble a skyscraper to dust like it was a gingerbread house. The powers people got always seemed to have something to do with the event that Awakened them in the first place.

    People weren't sure what to think, at first. How do you react to one of your race's biggest fantasies suddenly becoming reality? But, inevitably, with great power comes great big assholes who want to ruin people's day. Lots of Awakened were using their powers to commit crimes and generally "disturb the peace", as they say.

    As you can imagine, this did not make our global situation much better.

    It gets worse.

    Where there are assholes ruining people's day, there must also be inexperienced idiots there to try and stop them with dangerous superpowers and equally dangerous good intentions. A bunch of Awakened vigilantes showed up on the streets, following the police scanners and trying to stop the rise of superpowered crime being committed. However, the lot of them had zero clue how their powers really worked, and in the battles between the vigilantes and criminals, civilian casualties were sky high and the property damage caused was through the roof.

    Naturally, the people were pretty pissed, and so they turned to the government to apprehend the reckless vigilantes who were causing way more harm than good. The government outlawed superpowered heroics, and several Awakened "heroes" were arrested and charged with hefty fines and jail times. But that wasn't the end of it.

    One particularly prestigious psychologist appealed to the government in light of the police force that had returned to its previously helpless state in stopping the villains and criminals roaming the streets. In response, the government passed an act that allowed Awakened individuals to participate in crime-fighting, but only if they had earned a special government-sponsored certificate that indicated the individual was capable of upholding the law with minimal collateral damage. These certificates could only be earned by graduating from a college-level institution that the government funded the creation of. The school was constructed in a location where there would be no people around to be bothered by the rampant superpowers of budding Awakened youth: the remote wilderness regions of Wyoming. A small town was build around the school, and the place was dubbed Valor Glade.

    Well, that's basically it. Years passed. Young adults started graduating and earning their certificates. Some became full-time crime fighters, others chose to pursue average lives and careers like normal people.

    What's that? Who am I? Well, that's a really long story.

    Eh? You want to hear it? All right, but you'd better get comfortable. This is gonna be a while, yeah?

    Hmm, where to begin?
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