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  1. Humans. We've been to the deepest trenches of the ocean, and the most remote mountain peaks. We've been to outer space tons of miles away, and we've been to the furthest reaches of cyberspace in the computers and devices that are never more than arm's reach away. But the final frontier of mankind is not what everyone expected it to be...I know I sure didn't see it coming.

    It's our minds. Our subconscious is the biggest unexplored realm in all of humanity.

    Crazy, right?

    Okay, let me start from the beginning...

    2020. Earth's in crisis. All sorts of problems with natural resources, lots of possible wars heading our way if we didn't get things figured out with the other people we shared this giant rock in space with. It didn't look like we were headed anywhere good at the rate we were going.

    But then it started happening...

    People started to Awaken.

    It's strange, how it happens. Different for everyone who experiences it. One guy reported to the media that he was arranging books on his bookshelf, and it just hit him like a mental tsunami. Some other guy was mowing his lawn in a certain pattern. It's random things like that, and the subconscious of kids and teenagers started getting triggered by all this random stuff, and they gained new abilities.

    Abilities, like special powers. They could grow stronger by standing in darkness, or communicate with animals, or scream loud enough to crumble a skyscraper to dust like it was a gingerbread house. The powers people got always seemed to have something to do with the event that Awakened them in the first place.

    People weren't sure what to think, at first. How do you react to one of your race's biggest fantasies suddenly becoming reality? But, inevitably, with great power comes great big assholes who want to ruin people's day. Lots of Awakened were using their powers to commit crimes and generally "disturb the peace", as they say.

    As you can imagine, this did not make our global situation much better.

    It gets worse.

    Where there are assholes ruining people's day, there must also be inexperienced idiots there to try and stop them with dangerous superpowers and equally dangerous good intentions. A bunch of Awakened vigilantes showed up on the streets, following the police scanners and trying to stop the rise of superpowered crime being committed. However, the lot of them had zero clue how their powers really worked, and in the battles between the vigilantes and criminals, civilian casualties were sky high and the property damage caused was through the roof.

    Naturally, the people were pretty pissed, and so they turned to the government to apprehend the reckless vigilantes who were causing way more harm than good. The government outlawed superpowered heroics, and several Awakened "heroes" were arrested and charged with hefty fines and jail times. But that wasn't the end of it.

    One particularly prestigious psychologist appealed to the government in light of the police force that had returned to its previously helpless state in stopping the villains and criminals roaming the streets. In response, the government passed an act that allowed Awakened individuals to participate in crime-fighting, but only if they had earned a special government-sponsored certificate that indicated the individual was capable of upholding the law with minimal collateral damage. These certificates could only be earned by graduating from a college-level institution that the government funded the creation of. The school was constructed in a location where there would be no people around to be bothered by the rampant superpowers of budding Awakened youth: the remote wilderness regions of Wyoming. A small town was build around the school, and the place was dubbed Valor Glade.

    Well, that's basically it. Years passed. Young adults started graduating and earning their certificates. Some became full-time crime fighters, others chose to pursue average lives and careers like normal people.

    What's that? Who am I? Well, that's a really long story.

    Eh? You want to hear it? All right, but you'd better get comfortable. This is gonna be a while, yeah?

    Hmm, where to begin?


    • All information that I reveal in the OOC chat is outside of the roleplay, which means that just because I inform a player about something, does not mean that their character will automatically know it. If I tell someone that their character's actions have caused a certain clique to feel negatively about them, that person's character won't know unless they actively go and interact with the clique or if another player's character informs them of such.
    • No god modding, bunnying, autoing, etc. Don't be an idiot, basically.
    • Literacy is imperative. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation must be observed if one does not wish to risk getting kicked. Posts must be, more or less, a beefy paragraph in length. Post length can be shorter if, and only if, they adequately contribute to the plot, for instance, if your character is in a conversation with another player's character.
    • Most NPC characters will be played by me, but I may give permission for you to take control of certain NPCs if you ask me beforehand.
    • Respect your fellow RPers.
    • Have fun!


    [Appearance Pic: make it snazzy!]
    Gender/Age: (Valor Glade is a college level institution, so around 18-23 years old is the acceptable range)
    Personality: (No Mary Sues, make them deep and interesting! Don't forget to include strengths and weaknesses.)
    Powers: (Please, please, please, please, PLEASE be creative with this! I want to be stupefied by what you guys come up with! Make me gape in awe at their awesomeness and uniqueness! Don't forget weaknesses and vulnerabilities)
    Background: (Don't have to monologue pages and pages about their past, just a brief description of the kind of life they had before moving to Valor Glade)
    Quote: (Put a quote that your character might say. It'll help give me a better idea of your character's personality, and it'll give your CS some flair and charm)
    Theme Song: (optional, but recommended. Huge on the 'flair and charm' factor. A stylish CS makes a good impression on me ;P)
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  2. Kanra.full.250394.jpg
    ⊰ Kanra Hitori ⊱

    Scarlet eyes stare at you with condensed curiosity. Raven locks flow down her shoulders like rivets of black water. Her porcelain skin flawless without any blemishes. She appears very quite innocent with her girlish charm. Her red lips that smirk with mischief and the switchblade she holds, says otherwise.

    "Ne~ Lets play a game!"

    ♥ Gender/Age

    Female, 21

    ♥ Personality
    Kanra is a sly, manipulative and charming woman. She is very jolly and mocking, coming up with nicknames for people even though they don't like it. She claims to love humans and she means all humans. She also claims to own the humans within her god-complex. She says the humans are hers and she doesn't like to share. Due to her 'love' for humans she likes to mess with them and put them in situations just to watch how they react. She is very girlish and likes most things that girls like, flowers, clothes, though she dislikes sweet things. She only cares for dark chocolate. She tends to languish herself in expensive items, coming from a rich family she can do that.

    She is very narcissistic and quite psychotic though she hides it well. Kanra loves to make conflict, though she only watches and when provoked she puts the person in their place. She could be considered a brat who acts like a child who sees the world as their playground, treating people like her playtoys. She can be very convincing and at times that comes in handy with her job as an informant. She can use her charms and brains to get info from the most hard headed person. She is usually quick to read people to tell what they are thinking and is very accurate with that. She is a person to be wary of.

    ♥ Powers/Abilities ♥
    Kanra has the ability to bend shadows and darkness to her will. It allows her more stealth and agility. Mostly to sneak around and fight against people who are after her. She is able to solidify shadows into weapons or unleash a blast of shadow that can cause quite some damage. She is also able to travel through shadows but this highly drains her, so she only uses it in dire circumstances. She can cloak herself in shadows and become unseen unless someone is able to scent her in the shadows. She has quite a few abilities that do not have anything to do with her Awakened powers. She is a master of parkour and is quite accurate at throwing knives and using her trusty switchblade.

    ♥ Background ♥
    Kanra grew up in a normal family. Her parents were high paid and rich and she was spoiled from the start. Though she never had much attention from her parents. She was basically raised by nannies and other help. She still loved her parents though, despite how they never really did show love and affection. She excelled in many places, grades, soccer team, arts, writing. She was a model student, until she became awakened. It is unknown how Kanra became as twisted as she is today, some say it happened when she was a first year in High School. She saw how horrid her parents really were. Her powers awoke when she was undergoing a emotional and traumatic situation. A hired worker for their mansion was wondering around the house drunken. He had found Kanra walking down the stairs to get a drink of water when he attacked. She ran screaming into her room and hid herself in the closet. It was dark and she couldn't really see anything. The darkness surrounding her felt warm and comforting, her fear and sense of betrayal mixing with it. Her powers awoke and with a scream she sent the shadows flying out and it pierced the man in several places. Impaled and murdered. When her parents found out they didn't care about how she felt or what she was going through, they only cared about covering it up and saving their asses and their reputation. After that she really didn't care what her parents thought of her. She moved to Valor Glade and made a name for herself. She became an informant she sold people information for a price, she also gathered info as well. She became a very powerful person. When she heard of the academy opening she enrolled herself, she would learn how to control her powers as well as have a little fun.

    ♥ Theme Song ♥

  3. @Nico

    Wow what a piece of crap. DENIED

    LOL jk. Accepted

    • [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]

      darla dunphy, if you haven't already noticed.

    • [​IMG]

      c i s g e n d e r e d f e m a l e | 1 9

    • [​IMG]

      OBVIOUSLY BOSSY . She acts likes the boss. Sometimes she is, sometimes she really isn't. She is a good leader in some situations, it really depends. And sometimes, she may not even notice she's being bossy.
      OLD SCHOOL , WELL. NOT REALLY . Yeah, the way she talks and acts from stealing things from her ancestors.
      EASILY ANNOYED . Like every little thing. But she get's annoyed in her mind...
      BUT PATIENT . ...So you might not hear about her displeasure with you.... Or whatever your doing.
      TWO - FACED, IF YA WANNA GET TECHNICAL . Like she acts all witty and graceful and elegant but really she's lazy and kind of gross.
      TACTICAL ? . Eh. Sorta. She is bossy for a reason.
      OVERALL A LOSER . Kind of links with 'secretly goofy', but yeah. She's an awkward loser.
      GIVES OFF AN AIR OF SNOOTINESS . Because she is snooty, hahaha!
      JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS . Because it fits. How are you going to have a bitchy, relentless, two faced girl without the envy and screaming??

    • [​IMG]

      BIRDS!!! . She is rather linked with birds! She can grow wings, and of course, fly. Since she's a lil' birdy, she can practice traits from other birds to master for her own liking. Currently she has elevated hearing, from owls. Increased sight, from eagles, and heightened speed during flight. She can sing to attract birds. Sounds neato, right? Maybe. Not fun when you're home alone, singing at the top of your lungs and you suddenly have the whole cast of Rio at your window.

      HAHAHA .... I HAVE NO ALLIES . she's mean so
      THIS HURTS I AM GOING TO DIE RIGHT NOW . She has a low pain tolerance when she's not all hyped up on adrenaline.
      I DON'T DESERVE THIS -WIGGLES AROUND- . For some reason she easily gets tangled in things, especially rope or string. It's rather frustrating.

    • [​IMG]

      Darla comes from a family of winners! Winning here and there and everywhere, because they are the dazzling dunphys! Also because a lot of them are sly and are good cheaters.
      They are a very light hearted bunch, despite the handful of snobby people that basically raised Darla. They were rich, and had too much money for their own good, so they were on trips and bought effortlessly! Darla was about to be a quadruple threat, wanting to charm the world in Hollywood, have that Kim Kardashian lifestyle! Well she already kind of did, but she just wanted to be famous, but uphold herself! She was a singer, an actor, and was going to go into business and law! Darla was a very motivated girl and never seemed to get tired or ever too stressed. Until she was awakened.

      Darla was awakened from going to a beach and messing around with a group of exotic birds.
      And suddenly her quadruple threat had to just... Go down the drain because she had to fight crime with these stupid powers! Don't ever ask her about her past, she just trying to get a job [beat about braindead enemies for like a year or something? not that hard!] and THEN get back to what matters most, being a quadruple threat!

    • [​IMG]

      imagine like that old timey type of way they used to talk but more of light accent than the full on drawl

      "Dunphy, Dunphy Darla, just Darla, darlin'~ -giggles-"
      "You're crazier than a drunk flapper..."
      "This is the damn ice age, why in the good god's name is it so damn cold?!"
      "Now why in the green earth would you ever think I'd actually care darling?"
      "That girl is blessed with a nice bottom. Good onya, sugar!"
      "Sweet coca cola, ya hair is the antichrist! -makes cross with her fingers-"
      "Now ya think ya reaaal slick, dontcha? Your a sly one, but Im even more cunning, baby doll."
      "Oh yes, the joy shows not in my face but in my heart, sugar." -gritted teeth-
      "I'm going to be honest, so don't tell anyone... I really do hate pigeons with all my heart. I know, i know! I'm the bird goddess and whatnot, but who in the green earth likes pigeons?"
      "Y-Ya see him right there?" -Jumps over chair and peeks out behind it- "He's more dapper than me, that's n-not supposed to happen-- Im Darla the Darling Dapper Dunphy! Me! Oooh jesus... He's finer than white wine."
      "____ is finer than white wine~"

    • [​IMG]

      "Dreams do come true in, New, Or, Leans~"
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  4. Lyall.png

    Black Eyes... Like Two Obsidian Spheres, Stare Into Nothing.
    Otherwise he is not intimidating in the least.

    Lyall Raske


    Not particularly fast to trust others unless one of the first things they do is help him, then he trusts them very quickly.
    He tries to maintain a calm demeanor, it takes a very personal insult to get him angry, or an insult to a perceived friend
    When he gets genuinely mad, he quickly and violently lashes out, in large contrast to his calm demeanor.
    Holds a respect towards skilled fighters.
    His mind is still being warped by his powers.
    Would love to have a chance to fight those who would harm innocent people, before he goes insane and turns into one of them.

    His palms can split open, creating either black smoke, or a substance resembling tar.
    The smoke can be quickly described as a potent tear gas.
    The substance resembling tar is acidic to flesh, a strong adhesive, and highly flammable.
    The tar-like substance replaces his blood.
    He has great speed and strength.
    His powers are still warping his mind.
    When his palms split open, it is extremely painful.
    He is blind, but can sense the tar-like substance.
    He can make a non-acidic tar that he uses to subtly 'tag' people, so he can tell where they are.
    Being blind also heightened his other senses, as it would with anyone else.
    Can take more damage than the average human, blood is replaced by tar-like substance.

    How His Powers Work:
    Lyall's blood is replaced by a volatile substance resembling tar. This substance is extremely acidic in most cases, quickly eating through walls, metal, and flesh. This substance also has a gas form that is similar to tear gas. Lyall also has the ability to split his skin open, usually on the palms of his hands, this allows his to quickly turn his acidic blood into a weapon.. He has shown the ability to control the level of acidity, as long as the substance is still in contact with him. He has also shown a strange ability to sense where the substance is from roughly a fifty foot radius... The blood's adhesive properties also close wounds quickly, and it's acidity destroys bullets after they enter his flesh, so he is slightly harder to kill than most humans, and he would bleed out very slowly.

    *His powers are still evolving, I don't want to spoil what happens to him.*

    Lived in a strange community that was the remnants of a warrior culture, on an island in the north.
    He trained to fight a foe that was long gone, grew up on stories of myths and monster, and learned a dying art: Forging.
    His friends were very close, and his community was friendly.
    He knew a lot about the outside world, and his home was mostly unaffected.
    One day, he accidentally gripped a red-hot nail, he tried let go, but it stuck to his skin, he was bleeding a tar-like substance that stuck to his skin.
    He eventually managed to let go, and tried to ignore what happened.
    The tar replaced the pigment and blood in his eyes, and he saw no more.
    The smoke revealed itself soon as well.

    He found himself at Valor Glade, It was an opportunity to become a true warrior.

    "It was less like 'Awakening' and more like falling into a pitch black nightmare."​
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    • [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]

      duncan bello kullua.

    • [​IMG]

      c i s g e n d e r e d m a l e | 2 1

    • [​IMG]

      ODD . In general, Duncan is pretty weird-ish, just not bouncing off the walls crazy insane at all.
      WISE AND SILENT! . He's pretty good at knowing when and when not to say anything, and that can leave others feelings ignored or feeling as if whatever they said was not important. Don't worry though, he's very good at listening.
      THOUGHTFUL . In a silent way, yes. He'd do little deeds and wouldn't mind if you thanked him or not.
      PROTECTIVE . He's a body guard so that's kind of what he does naturally.
      HARD ON HIMSELF . If he fails to do something, he can really beat himself up and people might not even notice it.
      PICKS AWAY AT HIMSELF . It may seem that things that happen to him does not phase him, but it's actually the complete opposite.
      KIND AND CARING AND WOOOW . He's not all sunshine and rainbows on the outside, but that doesn't stop him from being that on the inside. His deeds and little helping moments do kind of clash with his appearance.
      LOVEABLE . big scary guy but is actually big sweetie is a winner for everyone love him

    • [​IMG]

      MMM... TASTY . He has the ability to consume metal, steel, stuff hard you usually cannot consume. This affects how well he can manipulate steel and better defensive for his skin. He chews on it on his free time and what not. He can gravitate steel towards him and make it float and stuff. He's rather good with it.

      TOO HOT . Eff you fire.
      WHAT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN IM DYING . His defense can be a little too good, and he can over do it and not notice that he can be badly hurt. That puts him a dangerous place.
      SUPER SCARY . Since he is the big guy and the manly scary guy, he's often targeted or disliked at first. Other people think he's competition, or come first for him because he's more of threat.
      WHATS WRONG WITH ME IS IT BECAUSE HOW I LOOK OR AM I TOO MEAN OR AM I TOO NICE OR . Duncan is diagnosed with depression and he knows how to cope, but. Inside his head when he does something wrong or something bad happens, he just chips away at himself to the point that he can burst randomly into tears.

    • [​IMG]


    • [​IMG]

      he's not a huge talkative guy so

      "What's the point of having friends if I can't even do my job right to protect them?"

    • [​IMG]

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  5. @spoopily

    He can't have all three of those abilities, just one power per Awakened. One's powers can grow and develop, but not into completely unrelated abilities. A pyromancer cannot learn to read thoughts, etc. etc.

    Same goes for Darla. No more than one power.
  6. @Dahrinn

    Accepted, so long as his speed and strength aren't superhuman. One power per Awakened.
  7. I had to sign up >=3

    "I'm 5''5 with a petite but curvy body. I think my mind is my best asset though"

    Name: Charlotte Winter Bronte "Charlie"
    "Just calling me Charlie is fine"

    Gender/Age: Female at the age of 22 years old
    "Do I not look like a 22 year old woman? o.o"

    Personality: Charlotte is girl who enjoys smiling and making friends which is why she usually dislikes having to take down criminals but because she feels like its her job because she has the ability to do so, Charlotte continues to pursue those who need to be stopped. Even if it gets dangerous. Charlie is committed to both her job as well as those she cares for but sometimes she has moments when she breaks down and locks herself into a small dark place. She always does that when she's not in her usual chipper attitude, it makes her feel somewhat safe and gives her time to allow herself time to think. Charlotte is... tricky, she tends to lie most of the time so its best to not take half the things she says seriously. For Charlie everything is a mind game even if it is verbally, the things you say can reflect on how you truly feel. Puzzles and mysteries always catch Charlotte's attention and if she can't solve it she gets upset and refuses to talk to anyone for a while.
    "Please be a bit more tolerant with me, I learn my mistakes fast"

    Charlotte has the ability to see into someone's mind by touch but this ability has expanded with the time she's been training to control it. She's learned that if you are careful enough you can mess with someone's mind, this is stronger with touch, and make them stop or start something. Its a mind playing game, Charlotte puts words into your head and because your psyche believes that it is its own command the body will follow its orders. Charlie has a another vision that connects to this ability and even though it doesn't do anyone harm, Charlie can see the good from the bad; if you have bad intentions she sees a nasty monster around you but if your intentions aren't harmful you will have nothing around you, this ability is something new to Charlie so she doesn't quite understand what the monster hanging around some people truly means. If Charlotte puts words in someone's head without touching them, she must put more concentration into it, taking a lot more energy mentally so she'll have to watch out how many words she puts into someone's head. She doesn't have the entire mental ability thing under control since the mind is a very tricky thing.
    "The mind is a strong thing, if messed with the wrong way... well, let's not jinx anything"

    Background: Growing up Charlotte lived in the ghetto and has seen as well as heard bad things but it was part of the life so she thought of it as normal. Her father had bailed on her leaving her with a mother that was always hanging out a new guy every week, leaving some money for Charlie so that she didn't have to come back home for a few days or maybe even several. When she was 16 years old Charlie got a job at a small restaurant as a waitress, everyone loved her and even though Charlie gave them a warm smile, she emotionally kept her distance from everyone. Until a boy 2 years older then her caught her eye. He would come into the place with a few friends and always ordered a burger with large fries, sliced pickles and an Oreo shake. It was easy for Charlie to remember it so when he ordered she always asked 'do you want the regular?'. It was probably his smile that had her always looking his way but one day he finally asked Charlotte for her number. Since then they've called each other, hung out and soon fell in love. Things happened and Charlie ended up... pregnant. Unfortunately the boy she fell in love with had given her an envelope of money for abortion. At first she thought it couldn't get any worst but when her mother found out and Charlie refused to kill her baby, her mother forced her to give up her baby when it was time for birth. Not all the screaming and kicking in the world changed the fact that he baby was gone and living with a bunch of strangers. Its left a nasty scar on her but when she's around children you can tell just how fond of them she is.
    "Shh, this is all a secret between me and you. Okay?"

    Quote: "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind"
    Theme Song:
    "Can you take a closer look? Its a bit dark but... can you see my demons?"

    Other: She is the cousin of Kanra Hitori

    "Did I forget to mention this? Sigh, I remember when we use to sneak into abandoned buildings to play"
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  8. I'll add a paragraph to Lyall's abilities, to explain how they work.
    (His speed and strength are impressive for his appearance, but far from superhuman.)
  9. @spoopily

    Better, accepted! I'll accept maybe 2 more people, then I will submit my two characters (the main protagonist/narrator and the main villain) and then we will begin.
  10. I'm in the process of making a bio for this. It's 11 here, so it'll probably be finished up tomorrow.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Jisa Mirona
    She's optimistic, cunning, and noble. If there is something she can put above herself, she will find it. Jisa is the kind of girl that will put her life at risk to help others, and often gives rather than takes. However, her ideals are greater than she could ever accomplish, much to the annoyance of her comrades. She is out of place wherever she goes, and is rather strange.
    The ability to walk through objects. She can walk through any type of metal, plastic, wood, glass, and structure as if she were walking through an open doorway. This applies for floors, if she is standing on a second+ floor she can move down into the next room via the ground. Powers are limited to water and anything hotter than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
    Jisa has many siblings, coming from a family where her mother kept giving birth to twins and triplets. The oldest child of twelve, Jisa grew up surrounded by children in the poorer parts of town when her parents could hardly afford to take care of their children.
    Her gifts woke late, and suddenly. She was painting a wall for a part time job and next thing she knew she was flat on her face in the basement the building didn't even realize they had. She has very little control over her gift, and half the time it's a struggle to keep her from accidentally walking through walls or sinking in a bed halfway. Jisa discovered the academy through a friend of hers when she finally left home and moved to Valor Glade. She enrolled, hoping to figure out how to control her gift and use it to help someone.
    "Sometimes I wish that I'd been chosen by someone else to have this power, or any power at all. It makes you an outsider, where everyone can point and laugh at the freak show called you."
    Theme Song:
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  12. @Tick @LeVen

    Can one of you make a female character? My two characters are both male, so we'll need (at least) one more female to balance it out a bit.
  13. Is this still open for sign ups?
  14. I could make a female character, but I'll wait to see what everyone else does first. X3
  15. -flies around the thread-

    A Nico flew around the room before you came~

    Anyways, I hope we start soon *^*
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