Valley of Death

Which area do you want to handle first

  • Skyscraper

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Forest

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • City

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Catacombs

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Alien Ship

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Professor Crane

Original poster
The world fell to pieces, no one knows how, or why, and frankly, no one cares.

Five events happened at once, that was when the world went to hell. Alien ships crashed across the globe, the skies darkened under a horde of winged beasts, Graveyards and Masoleums were uprooted amongst the undead, the forests of the world were overrun by overly vicious and intelligent animals, and the infected ran rampant across the cities.

But that was just the start of the problem. Most of the human race was wiped out when these events occured. The rest divided, some try to survive and work together, the rest went insane.

That's how the world stands now, it's a mess, and what's worse, we don't even know how many people are alive outside our valley. What most of us agree on, is we need to work to keep this valley as safe as possible. There's five things we need to do to keep this place safe. There's a skyscraper where those flying beasts live, the city ruins are close to it, the infected still roam there. One of those alien ships crashed and it's been mutating whatever is around it. The forest at the mountain's base is teeming with those super beasts. Lastly, some old catacombs were uprooted by the undead.

We need to solve this, and fast.

Make your character and please vote for which area you would like to start with.


Character Name:
Equipment (If they are carrying a lot, give them something realistic to carry it in)
General Appearance:
General Personality:
General History:


Slow and determined, these zombies move with some unknown will. Though much of their nature is unknown, their condition is not contagious.

Undead with dread powers. They seem to be able to control the zombies, but their death does not stop the zombies movements. Liches are the most individually powerful of the undead.

Vampires are the trickiest undead, they can occasionally masquerade as humans, and they can be stronger than humans.

The enhanced are, for all intents and purposes, human. For some unknown reason all they can do now is kill.

Even more dangerous than the infected, the enhanced are more durable, and something warped their skin and bone into weapons.

Sleepers look and act like normal people, but eventually they will change into infected. When they will change is unknown.

The most intelligent of the animals. Packs are calculated in their viciousness.

The strongest of the animals, they're body is deformed from all the added muscle and only patches of fur remain.

Monsters are somewhere in between packs and brutes, intelligent and powerful, but there are never more than two together at one time.

Alien Ship:
Mutated are humans that were affected by the crash of the alien ship. They are completely changed from their original form and extremely violent.

Alien Beasts:
the alien beasts are hunters in nature, however they are not particular about they're prey, they will attack anything living they find.

The grays are super intelligent, their greatest strength is their tactics and equipment, but they are physically fragile.

The insects range in size from swarms of regular insects to gargantuan insects.

Small beasts:

Small beasts range from imps to harpies, and anything in between that has wings.

Large beasts:
The Large beasts are abstract, and only threaten the tallest structures. There is no real set way they look.
Color me interested.

Character Name:
Gunnery Sergeant Slater 'Desert Scorpion' Rockwell
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Scout Sniper
Age: 34
Individual Body Armor flak jacket
Camelbak Demon MOLLE compatible backpack and hydration system
M-40A3 Sniper rifle w/ Leupold variable power scope (100 rounds)
M-8 Carbine (300 rounds)
H&K USP pistol (.45ACP 90 rounds. He keeps a single round hanging around his neck, just in case.)
1X MRE field ration
Tactical Medkit
Trench Shovel
KA-Bar knife
General Appearance:

General Personality: Slater has survived for as long as he has through strict observance of his situational awareness. As such he prefers to work alone, usually in a support role. He avoids combat if at all possible.
General History: The sole survivor of 2/7TH Battalion, 3RD Marine Expeditionary, Slater became a loner after his spotter was killed by a Sleeper. He has become paranoid of everyone as a direct result.
Jesus, that's a lot of work to take care of!

Profile coming up shortly

(Jess, is that Malbro man? Looks like him)
No, it's not. All I did was type in 'Marine' in Google and that was one of the image results.
(Ooooooookay.... still looks like him to me)

Character Name: Eve/ "Evy" Knite
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Registered Nurse
Age: 28

Regular things:

wallet with ID, Money, keys, credit cards, and pictures of her ex husband

Medical supplies:

Carried in a small backpack, Evy has disposable equipment, seeing as how she can't always readily disinfect items.

black thread for stitching if needed
hook needle

General Appearance:
General Personality: Sweet and caring, but a little distracted and down at times. Her mood will waver sometimes to being pissed for no reason it seems.
General History: Evy is a product of what one would call in the movies "The chick who could survive through the entire horror movie because her husband left her". Her anger at the situation kept her alive thus far. Hard to believe she's still running on that anger, seeing as how she had watched one of the mutants destroy her husband of four years and their child. She was a gentle housewife, softspoken; now she is able to cuss like any other. She stayed with her neighbors for five days before she left without a word. She travels and usually is with a different group every five or six days. During that time, however, she will do her best to nurse the people around her.
The Skyscraper seems like it would be the most climactic. I think it would make a good conclusion. *votes for the forest*

Very much interested sir!
City, Catacombs, Forest, Skyscraper, Alien Ship, I think. I think i might join this... I've been wanting to try an apocalyptic rp, and since it looks like Feedback abandoned their Flare one...
Okay, McCarthy and TK look good.

Vay and Shewolf, look forward to you joining.
Question! Because I fully intend to play a human...I'm just curious... what if we wanted to play like, a sleeper or a vampire or something? Would this be useful to your plot or a hindrance?
Oh, if she changed while Slater was around he'd be the first to put two in her chest and one through her head.
That would be a hindrance Shewolf.

If you did make a sleeper or vampire, that character would only be good for one of the five scenarios, and no, "vegetarian" vampires aren't allowed either.

Really though, I'm wanting people to play humans because honestly, that's what the story was geared towards.

If I was going to use a similar setting allowing those characters, it would be after they had exhausted their primary food source (humans) and had to fight the other groups for survival.

On a side note, if you were a sleeper, I wouldn't tell you that, you wouldn't control when you turned, and you lose control at that time. Infected don't really have choice, all they have is kill.
Well, looking forward to it J. C.

And I would like to add one more thing for when this RP gets started. This situation would be very stressful, so it would be plausible that your characters would go Psychotic. I'm simply putting it out there as a possibility, but it's up to you.
I can't help but think of the Psych Gauge from MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Will someone puke when they get over stressed?
well, it would be helpful if the others would post up there characters.

I'll try to get the IC up by the end of the weekend.