Valley of Death

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Which area do you want to handle first

  1. Skyscraper

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  2. Forest

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  3. City

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  4. Catacombs

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  5. Alien Ship

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  1. [​IMG]
    Full Name:
    Raphael Morningwood
    "The Sky King"
    Appears 17 but real age unknown
    Social Class:

    The Sky Kingdom
    Raphael is quiet but kind hearted. Unlike the other leaders, he actually communicates with his people and refuses to go to any of the other events. He keeps a cloak on at all times outside of his palace but inside, he does whatever he wants.

  2. Color me interested.

    Character Name:
    Gunnery Sergeant Slater 'Desert Scorpion' Rockwell
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Scout Sniper
    Age: 34
    Individual Body Armor flak jacket
    Camelbak Demon MOLLE compatible backpack and hydration system
    M-40A3 Sniper rifle w/ Leupold variable power scope (100 rounds)
    M-8 Carbine (300 rounds)
    H&K USP pistol (.45ACP 90 rounds. He keeps a single round hanging around his neck, just in case.)
    1X MRE field ration
    Tactical Medkit
    Trench Shovel
    KA-Bar knife
    General Appearance:
    General Personality: Slater has survived for as long as he has through strict observance of his situational awareness. As such he prefers to work alone, usually in a support role. He avoids combat if at all possible.
    General History: The sole survivor of 2/7TH Battalion, 3RD Marine Expeditionary, Slater became a loner after his spotter was killed by a Sleeper. He has become paranoid of everyone as a direct result.
  3. @"Lost"

    Dimitri looked up at the castle and shook his head- "no Dimitri, you've got a nice life of assassination ahead of you, you shouldn't waste on some idiot you haven't met.." -He began to walk away then turned around and jumped onto a ledge, pulling himself up slowly, and walked into the castle, looking down to the floor beneath in. He listened to the conversation and stood on the other side of the railing and jumped, grabbing onto a piece of wall sticking out. He saw the guards walk up the flight of stairs. He dropped down and headed down the steps, walking further into the dungeons-
  4. I should just link my whole blog to this thread. : |||
  5. (Ooooooookay.... still looks like him to me)

    Character Name: Eve/ "Evy" Knite
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Registered Nurse
    Age: 28

    Regular things:

    wallet with ID, Money, keys, credit cards, and pictures of her ex husband

    Medical supplies:

    Carried in a small backpack, Evy has disposable equipment, seeing as how she can't always readily disinfect items.

    black thread for stitching if needed
    hook needle

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    General Personality: Sweet and caring, but a little distracted and down at times. Her mood will waver sometimes to being pissed for no reason it seems.
    General History: Evy is a product of what one would call in the movies "The chick who could survive through the entire horror movie because her husband left her". Her anger at the situation kept her alive thus far. Hard to believe she's still running on that anger, seeing as how she had watched one of the mutants destroy her husband of four years and their child. She was a gentle housewife, softspoken; now she is able to cuss like any other. She stayed with her neighbors for five days before she left without a word. She travels and usually is with a different group every five or six days. During that time, however, she will do her best to nurse the people around her.
  6. The Skyscraper seems like it would be the most climactic. I think it would make a good conclusion. *votes for the forest*

    Very much interested sir!
  7. Will looked at Iris pouting as she took his weapons "your better look after those" he complained as he walked into the shower room. It was just as you'd suspect, wide square room with muiltiple showers, which all drained down into the centre which had a hole small enough for a rodent.

    Will walked up to one of the showers and turned it on, flinching a little bit as the water hit him. Before slowly pushing back his wet white hair, as small needles began falling out and hitting the ground with a "ting" as dozens and dozens fell out as will washed his hair "oh yea, I forgot about those" he said embarrassed as he picked a few up and pushed them deep into his arms the wounds healing up instantly.

  8. Okay, McCarthy and TK look good.

    Vay and Shewolf, look forward to you joining.
  9. Question! Because I fully intend to play a human...I'm just curious... what if we wanted to play like, a sleeper or a vampire or something? Would this be useful to your plot or a hindrance?
  10. Oh, if she changed while Slater was around he'd be the first to put two in her chest and one through her head.
  11. That would be a hindrance Shewolf.

    If you did make a sleeper or vampire, that character would only be good for one of the five scenarios, and no, "vegetarian" vampires aren't allowed either.

    Really though, I'm wanting people to play humans because honestly, that's what the story was geared towards.

    If I was going to use a similar setting allowing those characters, it would be after they had exhausted their primary food source (humans) and had to fight the other groups for survival.

    On a side note, if you were a sleeper, I wouldn't tell you that, you wouldn't control when you turned, and you lose control at that time. Infected don't really have choice, all they have is kill.
  12. I will join, this looks interesting...
  13. Well, looking forward to it J. C.

    And I would like to add one more thing for when this RP gets started. This situation would be very stressful, so it would be plausible that your characters would go Psychotic. I'm simply putting it out there as a possibility, but it's up to you.
  14. Name:

    Bryce Atticus






    Bryce is usually an approachable fellow, but often very deeply wrapped up in his animations. Granted he is not very keen on stepping inside most toon worlds, he thoroughly enjoys giving life to his drawings, to the point where he may even treat them as his own children. Of course, this leads to some foreseeable problems, especially with a potentially volatile animation like Ryoko, but all the same, this mostly just means that he might take some crazy risks if his animations come under some threat, and he happens to catch wind of it. While this has not yet resulted in him entering the Toon World due to this, it's more than likely that he would probably make the attempt, should his animations be threatened in the toon world somehow.

    Other than that though, he is mostly a calm, and composed individual, and not bad for conversation, despite his occasional social fumble. Most folks wouldn't find it too hard to get to know him, just as long as they weren't going to hurt his animations in some way.


    Bryce grew up watching alot of 20th century slapstick comedy cartoons, having favored Tom and Jerry, and the Donal Duck cartoons as a prime soruce of his entertainment back in his younger ages. However, as he grew up, his tastes began to shift a little; though he still had a deep rooted respect for the animated products of the 20th century, his attention quickly began to take a shift towards anime.

    As he already had a habbit of drawing, it didn't take him long to start experimenting with animations, eventualy discovering that he was able to alter the Toon World using these animations. By the time he had gotten a good grasp on animating, he was dead set on familiarizing himself with the anime art-style, but considering he isn't as familiar with Japanese culture as he'd like... It wasn't uncommon that he'd add his own spice to his drawings in some way, whehter it be in the form of Western pop-culture references, or perhaps connections to Western fairytales here and there, or just a little easter egg of some sort.

    All in all, he is a fair animator, and while he is looking reach the pinnacle of his ability, his moral compass seems to prevent him from taking any... Unethical measures to rise up in the ranks of the animators. That and well, when his own conscience was unable to sway him, his animations usually did, in a more... Blunt way. Perhaps it was his own way of keeping himself on the "true" path of an animator, or so he believes.

    For now, he hopes to expand his repertoire of characters by successfully introducing them to, and successfully guiding them through stories. Instead of being driven by self interest, or some sort of hunger for power, he appears to be more pushed along by his eagerness to give life to more toons later along the line.

    Favorite Animated Genre:

    (Closely followed by 20th century era animation, notably the slapstick comedy section)

    Hated Animated Genre:

    The Silent Era
    (Though Over the Top Golden Age content does grind his gears to a degree)​
  16. Raphael

    Raphael walked through his town with his cloak on. His cloak was black with red roses to indicate that he was indeed the king. Servants bowed to him while nobles who he called friend, nodded in acceptance. He was kind and loved by all of his people. Suddenly, music started to play all through the kingdom. Those wearing cloaks, ripped off their cloaks and started dancing and singing on the spot. raphael laughed as he saw his people burst in cheer. It was certainly a day to celebrate. It has been a decade since he killed the previous king and became king himself.

    He started dancing with one of the servant girls. He kept his cloak on. He always had his cloak on when he was outside of the castle walls because last time he took it off, the servant girls attacked him. Not in an aggressive way, no. They all wanted a piece of him and he just didn't have any interest in them. He kept it on just to keep their lust for him at bay. He laughed lightly. As a king, he was so much different than the Shadow King and he would like it to stay that way..
  17. The Oracle

    The Oracle was sitting in a chair brushing her hair. Her orb was floating in front of her and she saw the boy sneaking about. She could see his aura and she giggled. "What do we have here?" She could always walk into Phoenix's office next door and let him know about the little escaped thief wandering his palace but she also wanted to see what this boys goal was. She looked at the boy with her silver eyes that nearly pierced through him. "Lets see, lets see. Maybe I'll send some spiders after him. Nah, I'll just wait."
  18. Oh. Maybe that's how he did it. >.< Sorry, I'm no help.
  19. Dimitri let out a shaky breath as he heard her approaching. He put his hands on the wall, looking through bars, hoping to see her just walk past. He shut his eyes and gulped-