Valkyrie's Last Stand (Third Time's The Charm)



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The beginning is unknown, irrelevant. All that matters is what happened after...As time passed by, decades, millenia, a tree sprouted, and began to grow. This was Yggdrasil, the World Tree, from which all life flows into the three realms of Asgard, Midgard, and Hel. And from Yggdrasil, humans and elves came to be. Soon, these beings came to discover the knowledge that existed inside of Yggdrasil, and came to seek it out. And with this discovery came conflict, and the beginnings of war. Amidst the battles, a few humans and elves attained Yggdrasil's power and obtained the knowledge of all that had come before. With this newfound knowledge, they transcended the mortal coil, and became gods and goddesses, ruling over the lesser humans who still insisted on fighting. They ascended to the realm of Asgard.

But even divinity couldn't end the violence in Midgard. Through the pointless fights, several thousand humans became corrupted, both emotionally and physically. They became demons of sorts. Most were killed and sent to the dark realm of Hel, but the stronger ones refused to die. Their bodies began to die, and their souls were stripped from their very being. These horrible beings were alive, but dead at the same time, and wanted only one thing. Death. They wanted to kill anything, everything. They were feared, hated... Eventually, a man by the name of Brahms became one of these undead creatures, but he was an odd case. His will was so strong that he managed to hold on to a portion of his soul, and so became the leader of the undead. He was not an ignorant being, though, and so attempted to establish his rule over the rest of his kind.

A lack of knowledge leads to fear, fear leads to arguments, arguments lead to fighting, and fighting leads to war and death. And so it was this time. The humans, divines, and undead began to battle and kill each other, while the elves attempted to avoid fighting altogether. However, those who did not fight were made into cattle, into tools. So, the gods and goddesses would transfer souls into an elf to observe what was happening on Midgard closely. And so the elves became cattle, and were trapped in the Elven Glade. Brahms, disgusted by this show of tyranny retreated into an unknown sanctuary, but continued to fight over the years.
The humans continued to live and fear, though they began to calm down and become wise. A few amongst them insisted on fighting, and rebelled against the gods, but were easily repelled by Odin himself. Most were killed, but a few were punished. Instead of killing the participants, the children of the participants were punished instead.

About 12 years later, Odin himself was murdered in an act of pure jealousy and malice, by Loki, God of Mischief. The three valkyries, Odin's servants, retreated from the burning Valhalla, and fled to Midgard. Most of the gods and goddesses died, but two managed to escape, their pride broken. Loki has begun to weave a wicked plot, and has set the wheels of fate in motion once again. His plans threaten to bring about Ragnarok, the End of The World. Enemies must put aside their petty differences and band together in a last-ditch effort to stop a madman's plans. But is this tale destined to end in fire and destruction? Only time will tell.


Character Sheets:

Name: (Your birth-given name)
Alias: (Do you have a title/nickname?)
Age: (How old are you?)
Personality: (What are you really like on the inside?)
History: Try to keep it somewhat descriptive-A paragraph or two would be ideal, but you can include more if you'd like
Magic Skills: (Elements of choice, and the skill with it/them)
3 Valkyrie Slots Open- First come, first serve!
PM me for questions/info/character problems!
Looking to start with 3 people before the IC is up, so yeah....JOIN. >_<
Magic Elements:
(Light and Dark, but these are special elements, PM for info/usage)
Ughhh I'm actually so interested in this. I'm so swamped with school nonsense that I'm being a total non-posting butthead in the RPs I already am in... Class ends early August though, so I dunno... we'll see.

Other people better join this thing though. C'mon. It's Nordic! Do it.
Thanks for showing interest, Medusa! Hopefully, we can get people as entusiastic as you in here. ^_^
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WOOOT MAN IM SO IN THIS. here's my character

Alias: Lone Warrior
Age: 20
View attachment 1484 but with a warhammer instead and a longsword
Personality: very edgy and can't take a joke basicly a loner but the the chips are down he would risk his life for another warrior

History:Einar had a normal life with his family and he was raised by his father to serve the gods.It took to him and he trained very hard with his father and soon took in his fathers ideals that to die on the battle feild was the highest of the age of 8 he experienced his first battle when his father sent him out to fight wild bears as hard as it was einar survived and returned proudly with the head of his kill. at the age of 15 Einar was accepted into the warrior ranks as one of the youngest to do so and on that day he saw first hand what war was like and as he fought for his life he saw his father fall with his own eyes. now at the age of 20 Einar is a proud and mighty warrior his goal in life take down as many enemys as he needs to get to vallhala and then some.

Race: human
Magic Skills: earth control

Earth kraken: he slams his warhammer or fist into the ground creating a fisure that traps or swallows his enemys.

Earth Armour:Rocks and earth form over and cling to his armour as extra defence.

Wall of Rocks: creates a wall of sturdy rocks,mud and or dirt.
Name: Rasputin
Alias: Ra-Ra-Rasputin
Age: mid 30s early 40s.
Personality: (What are you really like on the inside?)
History: Try to keep it somewhat descriptive-A paragraph or two would be ideal, but you can include more if you'd like
Magic Skills: