Valkyrie Strikers

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  1. ~Warning this is a Ecchi FxF RP, If you do not know what Ecchi means then please don't enter if you do not know~

    1) Everyone is to have a partner

    2) No Sexual intercourse - Take to PM if too intense-
    3) No ridiculous Powers
    4) Shemales are allowed
    5) Have Fun

    *Each of these girls who have been infected with a mysterious virus known as the S Virus (Striker Virus). These girls are divided into two classes, Strikers who can transform into weapons when sexually aroused, and Emancipators who have the power to wield an Striker in weapon form, known as Emancipators soul Weapon. It has a process known as Code:Trigger*

    ::The world is against anything that is more powerful than man which is something they can not defeat by themselves or with weaponry. Many years ago there were Female Soldiers in the military who were very skill along side men but one day they said that the woman sudden DNA tests showed that they had abnormal results which made them go through all kinds of tests and see what happened. A total of 6 Female Soldiers were only attracted to one of the other and when a pair was near each other arousing each other a flash of light could be seen and without warning one of the females was turned into a weapon which surprised the Military and Doctors. Not only did the one pair figure it out but the other two as well and with the ability to use the weapons they were able to over power the fighting force but became violent so they were sent to confinement.

    About 4 years later a huge Island was formed and a barrier was created around the Island because they have been finding females with the S Virus and would send them to the Island where they are to live throughout their days for mankind did not want them to try and take over or kill Mankind. Not too many are found at once but New S Virus girls are found and brought to the Island, Their are two types of people one the Island. The ones who calls themselves Keeping order that give law and order and those who don't want to be involved with there ways of laws. ::

    You decide which Side you want to be on more will be put up later

    (Disclaimer- Highlight to see fine print)
    [BCOLOR=#000000]It is similar to Valkyrie Drive but just with some difference[/BCOLOR]​
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  2. I absolutely love this anime XD. I'm glad to see that there's finally and RP about it. I shall be joining, that's if you'll have me of corse.
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  3. I love that anime too and I can't wait for episode 5. Oh sure I wouldn't Mind having you
  4. All smut/ecchi roleplays need to be divided into the adult/teen sections so that adults and teens don't end up roleplaying with each other. We do not allow people from different age groups to roleplay smutty content with each other as both the site and the adult/s in the roleplay can get into legal issues over it. You can easily see who is a teen and adult based on the red (adult) and blue (teen) star underneath their avatar.

    Your interest check will be moved into the libertine area shortly ^^
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  5. Thank you I keep forgetting since I just became an adult
  6. Dude like wo

    I'll bite.
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  7. If one more or two more join I'll start it
  8. It's cool with me. I can dig it.
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  9. Imma get started on the rest now since im back from a family funeral
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