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    This is a joke RP I had the idea for a while back. It takes place in the world of Valkyria Chronicles, but information of it isn't required, because I will give any information that is required.

    This will follow a group of Misfit soldiers from countries that aren't Gallia. This unit is severely underfunded (Because the army doesn't see the point.), and often has to make do. They are often used as expendable troops by the army. (Because, what's the point in sending perfectly good troops from your nation, when foreigners are readily available?) The Foreign Legion consists of soldiers from countries such as: Amercia, Japen, Canadia, The Federation, and even the Empire.

    Welcome, men and women, To the Foreign Legion of Gallia.

    If someone wants to be a Valkyrur, it's fine, I'll PM you with information if you want to be one.

    Character Sheet:




    Weapons: (The basic weapons of the Gallian Military, we're underfunded.)

    Position on team:


    Country of Origin: (I'll make some up to give you, only three countries are technically canon in Valkyria Chronicles.)

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  2. I should try doing this again...

    Some more information:

    It will be done in Episodic format, with events surrounding each battle being considered an episode.

    The classes available are:

    Scout: Fast and powerful, but lightly armored.

    Shocktrooper: a Heavily Armored, and can shoot quickly, but very slow, and the bullets aren't as powerful.)

    Lancer: An Anti-Tank troop that carries an Anti-Tank lance, and is armored against explosions, but slow and vulnerable to bullets.

    Engineer: Similar to Scout, but can disarm mines, reequip ammo, etc.

    Sniper: Slow and lightly armored, but capable of killing someone in one hit from a distance.

    Medic: Only one per team, but yeah, gets wounded off of the field and treats them.

    Tanker: One only per team. You get a tank. 'Nuff said.
  3. Ooooh, a joke RP? Color me interested, I love silver hair and the series, naturally, I wanna play a Valkyrur, I love them all, except Selvaria... *coughginormousboobscough*
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  4. I should bring this back fr the second time as well.

    Anyway, I want to post this: Every soldier wears a patch of their country of Origin's flag, so here's the ones of the nations who contribute to the Foreign Legion the most:





    Britesh flag:

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