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  1. everyone is gathered in the gym as the first assembly of the year was being held to start off the first day.
    many creatures from witches to vampires, pixies, werewolves, succubus, and everything in between sat patiently in the chairs waiting to be dismissed and go to there home rooms and see who was in there class. it has been nearly 2 hours since the presentation started and it was finally closing.
    "that is all students, we hope you have a great year, please go to your designated home rooms at this time."
    the head master finishes before leaving the stage.

    you may play as a teacher or student!
    teachers can teach:
    spells and casting- Miss Calith (Mayorfaye)
    potion basics-
    wings and fangs-
    hybrids 101-

    ~characters! (optional)~
    grade (10-12) or teacher:
    appearance (or picture):
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  2. name: Jace Alika
    gender: male
    race: Tigrith (he has cat ears and tail)
    grade (10-12) or teacher: student grade 11
    appearance (or picture): he has long-ish black hair (length of my profile picture) with yellow almost gold eyes with cat like pupils. his ears and tails are the same night black as his hair and is 6'4ft and rather muscular for his age.

    he looked down at the small paper in his hands of which he had scribbled on his home room number and with a sigh headed down the twisting halls. he ran his hands through his hair pulling back his ears so they blend with his dark strands. avoiding eyes contact with everyone he silently made it to the 3rd floor home room and took a seat in the farthest corner away from the chatting teens. another year to waste... he thought to himself as he propped his elbow onto the desk resting his cheek on the closed fist.
  3. Name: Almaznyy
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Female
    Race: Crystal born. A spirit born from a crystal that reached its peak in purity.
    Grade: 11th year

    Show Spoiler

    The uneasiness of starting a new year was... uh. 'Present'. Definitely there? Absolutely omnipotent. Even though it had been several years since Almaznyy attended this school, she couldn't help but to feel distressed each time a new term began. It wasn't like shyness prevented her to behave normally, but the constant waves of new faces was not putting the crystal woman at ease... Already, the entrance ceremony was enough of a hassle - being surrounded by unknown people was making her quite anxious - but gladly, soon she was going to join her class, where she'd probably be more at ease.
  4. name: Evangeline Akuma
    age: 16
    gender: Female
    race: Half Demon Half Angel Of Death
    grade (10-12) or teacher: 11th Grade
    appearance (or picture): She has large black wings with hints of dark purple that, when not in use are large black wing tattoos that go from her shoulder blades to her waist. Her left eye is an eye of death, it shows her how long someone's lifespan is and when someone is about to die, sometimes how if she's close to the person. Left eye is all black with a red skull for a pupil that she keeps hidden under an eyepatch.

    Evangeline made her way to class quietly. It was her first time attending this school and she had moved due to circumstances she would much rather not talk about. The young girl adjusted her eyepatch so it would fully cover her eye. She prefers not to view people's lifespans unless she was "working". Turning the corner, she approached her class. Evangeline lingered in the doorway, looking around before she made her way to a spot in the back of the class and next to the window. She sat perfectly straight, her gaze locked out the window hoping other student noticed she would much rather not engage in pointless conversation.

  5. jace twitched his ears a bit uneasy as the noisy class disrupted his thoughts. he glanced over the students not being able to help himself but let his eyes hover over some of the girls. he quickly turned away noticing his inappropriate staring. he never really thought the love was real or the a relationship was worth the time. he flicked his glossy tail and played with his tie twirling it around his finger. gazing over to a gothic looking girl who sat in the back not far away from where he rest jace grew curios of her eye patch and found himself looking over the girl far longer then he should.
  6. name: Rosalie Lite
    age: 16
    gender: Female
    race: Siren/Mermaid
    grade: 11
    appearance (or picture):
    Appearance (open)



    Rosalie made her way to her class silently. She glanced into her room and noticed the noisy class. Sighing a bit she made her way in and to the back, her eyes set on an empty seat in the back of the room. She took her seat and dropped her book bag on the ground slightly near it. Her eyes glanced over to the boy with the tail. 'Interesting..' She thought as she took in his black appearance. Speaking of black, her eyes next flicked over to the girl with the eye patch. 'Strange fashion choice but I can dig it..' She thought again as the girls gothic clothes spoke for her, she looked liked she'd rather not be spoken to. Rosalie's eyes glanced away quickly as she looked down at her own appearance. Her long blonde hair was wavy from her morning swim and her jeans and t-shirt seemed a bit.. too normal for this school.
  7. Evangeline stiffened, getting that all too familiar prickly feeling of someone watching her. Holding back a glare, her naturally cold, ice blue eye turned it way to the boy with cat ears in a tail. He didn't seem to realize she was looking back, so she simply continued to look at him with a face of no emotion. She figured she could get a laugh if she scared him, even more so if he did that cat thing and arched his back while hissing at her. Evangeline kept her cold gaze as it flickered to another girl who looked at her but she wisely looked away. The eye returned to the feline-like boy and once it became apparent he didn't know she was looking back Evangeline turned her body to face him. "Do you have some sort of question to ask? Or is staring at people how you make friends?" Though sarcastic, her voice was flat. Something she trained herself to do so se can be even more mysterious when "working".
  8. name: Darius Vothe
    age: 18
    gender: Male
    race: Reaper
    grade (10-12) or teacher: 12
    appearance (or picture): Wears a long black cloak, mostly with the hood down and wears a black t-shirt with ripped up jeans. His eyes stick out the most with his irises all black. His skin is extremely gray and his hair is black with a military cut style. He is average height for a male at about 5'10 and does not have a huge amount of muscle, but has a very tone stature. When he pulls his weapon of choice out, the scythe, it glows a faint red and has mysterious lettering on each that glows a bright red.

    Darius walked into the school, he sighed his breath making a cold chill to the students around him. Some of the students noticeably shivered. He grinned, sometimes forgetting that his whole demeanor did things to the weak skinned races. He walked into the class and with his solid black eyes taking in the whole class. He walked in as the girl with the eye patch seemed to already be discomforted by the cat like male. He sat down, his eyes bearing down on another student until he moved and he sat down and leaned back on his seat. Watching the two converse. This is going to be an interesting year. He thought with a huge grin on his face.
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  9. Rosalie looked up to see the new boy walking in. His gray-ish skin kinda have Rose the creeps but she wasn't one to judge anyone. Hey she had a freaking tail and gills. The boy say close by and she tried to evert her eyes but she was drawn to him. She studied his figure and looked him up and down. 'The cloak is an interesting choice..' She thought as her attention was drawn back to the scary girl with the eye patch who was confronting the car boy. 'Glad I looked away..' She thought as she watched the scene unfold.
  10. jolts up right almost falling from his chair and tenses at getting caught now realizing just how much he was staring. he quickly darks his eyes away face going a dark red with embarrassment. "no sorry... you just look interesting." rub the back of his neck and looks down shyly. "I didn't mean to be rude."
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  11. Evangeline held her cold gaze for a moment longer, but then finally broke the look and let out a light chuckle. She found it funny that she startled him so bad, it made her think of a cat. Then again, he was kind if a cat. "Don't worry about it." She rested her chin in her hand and smirks at him. Her gaze flickered away to look at the reaper. They were quite similar to Angels Of Death, often the ones to see to it a person died after being given the Kiss Of Death by the angels. She studied him quietly, then looked at the scythe. Once she finished watching the boy she turned her body away from the rest of the class and to the window. She had nothing further to say both because she isn't a "social butterfly" and didn't have the skills to carry on the conversation as well as because she lacked the interest in talking. She just wished to get through the class and go back to marking people for there death as well as carrying out the death sentence. She couldn't let reapers have all the fun, how else would she get to release her sadistic side?
  12. Jace let out a sigh. first day and I'm already embarrassing myself, I have such a graceful high-class family... I hate being the disappointment. he thinks miserably. he again scans the crowd the blond catching his eye. is she a human? surly not humans are rarely that beautiful. he gazed out the window not wanting to look for long afraid of getting caught again. staring at one girl was embarrassing and he didn't want people to believe he was checking out girls, because that was far from the type of person he was. yet how could he not they always looked so intercut and different it was breath taking, of course other guys stared for different reasons and people are quick to judge. pulling his bag from his back he searched threw it and placed it on his desk, pulling out his pencil he dropped the bag to the side and stared sketching.
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  13. Rosalie watched the girl chuckle and then turn towards the window. She looked lonely, but maybe that was the way she liked it. Her eyes caught the cat boy looking at her and she giggled softly as he looked away quickly, probably not wanting to be embarrassed again. So she did what any reasonable person would do. She reached over and tapped his shoulder. "Uh.. Hi there." She said.
  14. tensing up he turned to the girl. "... good morning." he said much more confidently then he sounded looking back down at his page, continuing sketching. "you are quite beautiful you know." he says like its a fact. his face turns to an un-readable one.
  15. Keeping her back to the rest of the class, she moved her hand to the eyepatch and tapped it lightly. She spotted someone outside coughing, it looked like a terrible cold. Smiling, she pushed up the eyepatch so her Eye Of Death could catch a glimpse of the student she got the satisfying feeling of using the eye, it felt like a secret she alone knew. She lowers the eyepatch back over her eye securely. Only 24 hours left.. Make the most of it. She thought to herself and rested her chin in her hand. She would have to get to that kid soon to seal his fate. Evangeline continued to be lost in her own little world, no longer caring if she was looked at or by whom. She just wanted to amuse herself and watched events from the sidelines like always.
  16. The reaper noticed exactly what she was doing. Ah so that is how it is. He thought in a rather blank tone. appeared in the desk in front of Evangeline, his head tilted to the side as his black eyes swirled with interest. He was grinning, excitement over his dark features. "As always, an Angel trying to take my fun." He sat the opposite way of the seat his arms and chin rested on the top of the chair, his eyes peaked with interest, his eyes remained focused on her eye and not the patch. He tilted his head the other way, his scythe propped up higher then usual. He studied her for a brief second but should no interest in his now blank expression.
  17. Her cold eye turns to meet his blank gaze with one of her own. "I won't apologize for it. It's fascinating to watch the person die. Watching that stupid little light leave from there body. It intrigues me." Her voice was flat. She didn't care if the other students heard. She needed to prove a point. That point being she was capable of doing a reapers job for the fun of it. She watched him, her gaze never breaking or even blinking. It wasn't that Evangeline wanted to threaten him, she was just testing him. Seeing if he had a limit and if he would get annoyed with her.
  18. He smiled, his black eyes growing darker. His scythe went back into a normal state instead of being raised high like it was previously. He finally put his head straight as he smirked at the cold eyes she gave him, welcoming it as warmth more then sending a chill down his spine. "I never asked for an apology because there will be nothing to apologize for." His voice seemed more darker, sinister and had a metallic ring to it that darkened the room itself. His face was no longer blanked but had a huge smirk on his face as he stared at her. He had played this game before, and he freely let his eyes look through her, wondering if she was being as strong as she acted.
  19. A slow, lazy grin spread across her face, her own face growing just as dark. Her demonic side took her more, her own body radiating with just as much of a dark and threatening vibe as his. "Then I'm sure you won't mind if I claim that kid down there as my kill." Her naturally cold voice was laced with a demonic tone. She let her dark gaze seal off how she was on the inside. She felt no need to give the reaper the privilege of learning more about her without putting in some time and effort to find out. At this point Evangeline was far more entertained in this little challenge they've made then her surroundings. Without giving him the liberty of answering, her gaze locked on his as she held out her hand. "I am Evangeline Akuma. And you are?"
  20. He decided to just match her own defiled gaze instead of one upping it at the moment. He noticed the demon part of her straight away and smiled as he was unable to poor through her body with his deathly gaze. I'll have to try harder, next time. He thought in a rather joyful attitude. He kept the death glare just to make the people around them uncomfortable and not her particularly. He took her hand, keeping eye contact, and kissed it gently before releasing it. "Darius Vothe, and believe it or not I was just saying how you weren't going to have that kill, my dear, Evangeline." He stated his voice sounding still like that dark, metallic tone he previously used. His reaper-like demeanor did not settle down though he sounded like he could be regularly conversing.
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