Valhalla Lost: Causality

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  1. In ancient times, there existed three realms of existence, three distinct worlds, all connected. Midgard, realm of the mortals. Asgard, home of the gods and goddesses. Nieflheim, realm of the dead and diseased, ruled by the goddess Hel. The inhabitants of Midgard go about their daily lives, praying to their gods and goddesses for protection and good fortune, for long lives and wealth, for love and glory. The gods and goddesses tended to their duties, granting the prayers of the mortals from their home in Asgard, the halls of Valhalla itself. Odin, the god amongst gods, sat on his throne, spear Gungnir close by. The World Tree Yggdrasil stood firm, roots planted firmly into the ground. It could provide its protection to gods and mortals alike. The valkyries, the Maidens of Fate, scoured the battlefields, searching for those worth souls to take with them to Valhalla. Those judged worth would become einherjar and fight for the gods themselves.

    Before long, some humans grew tired of the rule of the gods, and staged an uprising. A large group of mortals invoked dark magic to reach the realm of Asgard, ready to strike Odin down themselves. Odin laughed at them, and struck them down, cursing the ones unlucky enough to survive the slaughter. In the midst of the chaos, Loki, one of Odin's sons, lashed out against his father, along with his army of Vanir and hellspawn, not to mention his children. In one fell swoop, Odin, the god of gods, had fallen. And with that swoop, Valhalla descended into chaos. Loki was not satisfied with simply Odin. He and his army slayed any foolish enough to remain in Valhalla, most of the gods and goddesses among them. The valkyries managed to escape the carnage, but that was no concern of Loki's. They were lesser beings, and would rot on Midgard, for all he cared. Gungnir, the divine treasure of Odin, was his now. Even as a shadow began to loom over Midgard, as Yggdrasil showed the first signs of dying, he cared not for it. He simply wanted power. He wanted everything for himself, and he would not stop until he did so. He would relish in his victory for now. He had all the time in the world now...


    Character Sheets

    Name: (Your character's name, first and last preferred)
    Age: (Self-explanatory)
    Gender: (I hope this is self-explanatory =P )
    Appearance: (Picture or a description will work fine)
    History: (A brief description , or a bit longer, up to you)
    Powers: (For humans, this would include rune magic.)
    Weapon/Fighting Style: (Any weapons you use in combat. Keep in mind that this is fantasy-based. With that noted, expect to see blades, bows/arrows, and magic. Sort of like medieval times. Magic itself is based upon drawing runes or using special runic objects to "channel" magic through, with a few rare cases.)

    Please, no time-related powers. Any RP I've seen time-based powers/magic in, they've become grossly overpowered at some point.

    Valkyrie Character Sheet

    Name: (First name only)
    Age: (Or how old you appear to be)
    Gender: (Female-only)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    History: (More of a brief summary of what happened to you during/after Loki's rampage)
    Powers: (You're a valkyrie. At this point, you're slightly stronger than a human, but thanks to Loki's influence, that's not a huge advantage.)
    Weapon/Fighting Style: (What is your weapon/how do you use it, typically?)


  2. The Land/Places of Interest:

    Midgard: A general term for the land of mortals, located below Asgard. Its people pray to the gods for protection, live, love, and the like. However, with no gods left, what will become of Midgard? Its terrain is varied, ranging from calm meadows to volatile volcanoes.

    Asgard: Realm of the gods. It is beyond Bifrost, and Valhalla, the hall of the fallen, is located here. Previously, it was filled with wondrous architecture, but with Loki's reign, it has become a [SIZE=3]realm of suffering and [SIZE=3]hellfire.

    [SIZE=3]Niflheim[SIZE=3]: Land of the dead, ru[SIZE=3]led by Hel hers[SIZE=3]elf. The poor souls in this land have died from illness or an unfitting death. The realm [SIZE=3]itself is always gloomy, as befits death itself.

    Bifrost: [SIZE=3]A realm th[SIZE=3]at links the human realm to Asgard, though getting there is difficult in itself. The final boundary is a large prismatic bridge connecting Bifrost to Asgard.

    Samelia: [SIZE=3]A large kingdom in Midgard. Its king [SIZE=3]has been more vocal lately, making [SIZE=3]more demands of his subjects[SIZE=3]. Can he feel the shadow looming over Midgard?

    Homhh: A small villa[SIZE=3]ge located nearby S[SIZE=3]a[SIZE=3]melia. [SIZE=3]Because of its relative location, it still falls under the jurisdiction of the king of Samelia, and is treated as his prope[SIZE=3]rty.[SIZE=3] [SIZE=3]Many years ago, [SIZE=3]this was the brewing place of a rebellion against the gods themselves. The rebellion failed, and many of the sou[SIZE=3]ls taking part in it were slaughtered or cursed. It has been [SIZE=3]nearly 17[SIZE=3] years since t[SIZE=3]hat incident.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  3. Name Agni Einarr (roughly translated as Edge of the Lone Warrior)
    Age 35
    gender Male
    History : a beserker who was deemed to powerful and mad in battle, he was exiled from his clan and wanders alone. Seeking guidance from the Runes and Thor he tries to come to grips with his bloodlust and battle rage. His wars against small clans and the fear he instelled in large armies, brought on the attention of Thor himself. A battle between the two took place with Thor vowing not to use any of his lightning or full power if his hammer Mjolnir. Agni was soundly defeated, but not after putting up a reasonable effort. He only landed one blow. For this Thor took an interest in the mortal eventually forging him a hammer like his own, albeit no lightning abilities. It was also revealed the Gods were not immortal, but required Golden apples to prevent aging and death from disease, but the effects only last a year. Before the Gods fell Agni was given one apple. He still has it and searches for what happened to the Gods as the runes no longer cast divination and the gods don't answer.
    powers, rune casting and limited cursing
    weapon/fighting style The Hammer Jafnoar ( can only be wielded by him now that Thor is dead returns to owner on spoken command) beserking two swords, or his hammer(also one handed) in beserker he feels no pain can fight for extended periods of time, unlike most berserkers he does not become weak from the act of beserking and can't beserk more then once a day
    place, Resides in Midgard
  4. Name: Prima
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female

    (Minus the draconian looking styled armor, imagine it more typical Valkyrie style)

    History: Prima was known among the Valkyries for being one of the most cunning, able to come up with strategies and moves in combat that could catch even some seasoned fighters off guard and even utilizing magic that summoned mighty creatures she could command. She was one of the last Valkyries to flee Vallhalla, stubbornly she wanted to try to fight Loki but found it to be a futile effort. She was distraught by the fact Loki's forces easily killed so many, including her own best summoned creatures, gone for good now. She longs for the day the fallen can be avenged and her pride mended.


    Summoning Magic, Prima specializes in magic that can summon mighty creatures to join her in battle. Due to Loki's actions however, she can barley muster the strength to summon one creature and is thus limited to one summoned creature at a time. Loki's power also limited her selection of beasts, leaving her unable to call upon truly powerful beasts entirely. Thus the type of creatures she can summon now are rather mundane relatively such as Hábrók, an exceptionable hawk but not a beast of legend.

    Weapon/Fighting Style: Two smaller one-handed axes, one for each hand. While they may lack the brute force of one single large axe, they allow for faster attacking. With this style she prefers to get up close and personal, thus typically not being too defensive and not being big on ranged maneuvers. Despite this she is known for being somewhat unpredictable in her fighting, she constantly seeks out ways to surprise or catch her opponents off guard to gain an upper hand and keep them guessing. Her summoning spells are what she tends to use when in situations where close combat alone is not enough or too dangerous to survive.
  5. Weavel, accepted.

    James, with all due respect, your character is Thor in all but name. The berserker ability has no definite time limit from what I'm seeing, and the fact that he doesn't need to rest after it seems ridiculous. If I chop someone's arm off, I don't care how much pain they can endure, they have to rest after or they're going to bleed out and die. The fact that a god would "mentor" someone isn't very practical, even for this setting. I could -maybe- buy Thor being impressed by him, because yes, hitting a god is a big thing. The Golden Apple is just bleh in general. Basically, the only way to kill your character would be decapitation, and I don't particularly like that. On a semi-related note, the history is very bland.
  6. Edited as far as beserking I'm not sure how to place a time on it it's not five hours I guess I'd say an hour.