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Valentines Day Thoughts

  • Love it! A great day to show extra affection!

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Hate it! So many reasons!

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Just another holiday that I don't take part of!

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Tuxedo Mask

Original poster
This day comes around once a year every year on February 14th. Often times it's filled with chocolate, flowers and heart shaped antacids that we give those who we want to show exceptional love.

So the questions is what do you think about this holiday?

Love it?

Hate it?

Just don't care?

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Fun Fact: The average American man spends $165 dollars on Valentines Day while the average American woman spends only $85, almost twice as less as the man.

What The Oatmeal has to say about it:
Re: Valentines Day

Love it. It's a day about love - giving, sharing, spreading the love in various way and with various people. Today, I will spend the holiday working and driving every customer insane with hearts and balloons. Also, it's when some of the best candies come out.

As a side note, I only spent $15 dollars this year, and that was on my mum.
Hate it.

If I explained why, it would be the length of three Asmo-posts.
Normally I hate it. because v-day in America is totally untraditional and only about couples.
Back in asia, we had fun because it was making chocolates for anyone we liked.

This particular valentines day, I LOVE. Why?
Because my best friend bought me a bouquet of roses :D
and I'm sitting class right now with an enormous bouquet in my lap. I feel like the luckiest princess ever.
It's crazy xD

It's gonna be so hard going home -___-

I like traditional v-day.
Girls give chocolate --> boy they like
boys give roses is so american x)
I kinda miss how it was in grade school, sometimes. Kids would bring cards for everyone, and no one ever felt left out because, at the end of the day, their shoebox was full of cards from everyone, so you never really noticed the teddy bear some girl got from her best friend or the like.

When I hit Junior High and High School, it got a lot more blaring and obvious and really dumb. Our schools would have little fundraisers for clubs and stuff for the week preceding Valentine's Day. You could buy a lollipop or card or box of candy, and the people would deliver them on Valentine's Day.

Yeah, I was one of the ones who got nothing. Except my Junior year of High School, where a bunch of my friends chipped in during the worst part of my life and got me a HUGE bouquet of lilies and irises (my two favorite flowers) and a card saying how much they loved me, and wanted to see me smile. That was their only chance to do it, because I was absent a lot that year for court, but they told me I HAD to be there that day.

It was one of the sweetest things people I love have ever done for me. Despite that, I've always told people that there should never be ONE day a year where you shower affection on the one you love. If you aren't loving them 365 days a year, you won't have them for that single day.

So I don't pay much attention to the day, especially since my youngest sister was born 10 years ago today. It's her birthday, where I can pay way more attention to snuggling her to death (and getting sunburns!) than worrying about who likes me!
When you think about it that way, valentines day does kind of lose its meaning.
Last year, I made chocolates for my guy friends and this one cool guy that I liked. He accepted them (thought I was weird, though for not knowing him and making him chocolate) and never spoke to me after. It kinda sucked :/
But, I do understand.
I feel like it's too exclusive to couples and stuff, sometimes. But again, that's the way they celebrate it here.
I miss the traditional valentines, friends give stuff to friends, you give chocolates to your crush.

I didn't mind the roses, though! I was one of the few girls in a school of 4000 with a huge bouquet! take that senior year v-day xD
not to rub it in anyone's face. i just felt so loved xD
carrying the bouquet, a bunch of little chocolates in pretty wrapper, two cupcakes, and some candyy (: i brought home a whole sack full of joy.

It really made me happy. The silliness at school and the whole holiday today (:
but maybe because my friends are just the cheerful, affectionate kind.
It was more about ILOVEYOU (: than oh yar, its couples day. xD

While I generally don't care either way when it comes to Valentines day, I'm sure I'd enjoy it if I was in a relationship. And while you should ALWAYS show your appreciation and affection for the one you love, having a holiday dedicated for that one person is something to enjoy.

So boo to everyone who likes raging about hating it and whatnot. XD
To me, this is a holiday that's got mother's day, father's day, etc etc. all wrapped up in 1 special day. It's a time to spread your love and appreciation towards everyone you have a relationship with. Not just a lover; friends and family too! Dedicating it all to just a single person is fine, but there are so many others out there you can share this with.

I'm bitter during the entire months of March, May and December, I might as well enjoy February. It's my birthday month and the month of loooove~

Just like Moonie, I say boo! Particularly to the crowd of meanies making me feel bad for having a relationship. c___c
I hate it because of those who had been loved or love and lost are pretty much rubbed in on that day. I swear I got a headache from that shit
I just get sick and tired of one thing in particular:

You always see that one girl who got the 25$ or more, GIANT teddy bear.

She's struggling to carry it.

It's kinda ironic, and funny. Then you think of the idiot who bought it for her, and the fact that it's a USELESS GIANT TEDDY BEAR. THAT SHE HAS TO CARRY AROUND UNTIL THE END OF CLASSES.

But it really depresses people. Hell, it depressed me a lot when I was younger.

At the school I had gone to. you could actually get a valagram with a rose attached.

Never got one until my last year.

One was from a close friend. Another was from one of my friends who apparently had a secret interest in me.

That led to the most awkward lunch in the history of valentines day. And that wasn't even due to me barfing up conversation hearts <.<;;.
You always see that one girl who got the 25$ or more, GIANT teddy bear.

She's struggling to carry it.

It's kinda ironic, and funny. Then you think of the idiot who bought it for her, and the fact that it's a USELESS GIANT TEDDY BEAR. THAT SHE HAS TO CARRY AROUND UNTIL THE END OF CLASSES.

^_^ if it makes you happy, i didn't get a teddy bear this year? XD

I never really thought about the other side of this x/
I guess it's different when you're not receiving the chocolate or the presents D:
lol, Nah, you ain't gonna get shot.

I just think it's like...

The one day a year where EVERYONE EXPLODES WITH PDA.



Annoying. I liked it better in elementary school. Soooo much more innocent.
I use to love it because it was a fun excuse to run around spread girly love and mush to friends and loved ones. >> But bitter people have RUINED it for me. I've been avoiding the internet since last night, cause I get SO FRUSTRATED hearing people talk about how much they hate valentine's day because couples are "throwing it in their faces". D:< And I am all "Guess what, you're throwing it in OUR faces about your being single to make US feel bad." I mean, why is it SOOOOO wrong that there is a special day to remind you to appreciate the people you love in your life?

I don't see anyone bitching about how Mother's get a day of love by women that've never had babies. e.e; Or at fathers. Or at Jesus on Easter cause he was resurrected and no one else was.

Why can't people hate things quietly and let others enjoy something? ><
Because, simply:

That would be too easy.
Back in high school I used to be the "cupid" or whatever you would call it. All of my friends would come to me to have me get put in their valentines orders for their respective secret crushes because they were total dorks who were too shy to do it out in the open & I had a good poker face. They wanted their love to be all secretface. I belonged to a lot of school organizations that did the fundraiser things someone else mentioned so I'd use Valentine's Day as my excuse to pretty much skip classes and screw around under the pretense of IMPORTANT FUNDRAISING.

I use Valentines Day as an excuse to get my family members their favorite flowers & make the house smell nice & to spoil my younger family members with all the chocolates and cute toys their little bodies can take X3333 To me, Valentine's Day hasn't really had a romantic meaning since I was never with anyone around that time anyway. I like making everyone happy anyways, so everyone I like gets something! Plus it's an awesome excuse to do some relaxation baking :D

People get way to butthurt about this holiday. Jesus Christ, go get laid or somethi---OH. RIGHT. AHUR HUR HUR HUR. *prances away on tippytoes*
That's what I do on this holiday too Ampoule. Glad to see others doing the same!
if it didn't remind me of the loneliness id feel okay about it.

as it stands its a day im even more bitter and angry then usual.

either that or just another work day.

(the 'super arsehole' facade was cracked slightly when a coworker did something cute for her boyfreind[made him an "i love you" thingy out of extrudate, which is basically plastic])

People get way to butthurt about this holiday. Jesus Christ, go get laid or somethi---OH. RIGHT. AHUR HUR HUR HUR. *prances away on tippytoes*

right. how's blow it out your arse as a retort.

now that im done countertrolling, i dont roll with the "throwing it in my face" shit, im just intensely jealous of never having felt a somewhat comman and supposedly important emotion.

and yes. i am a c*** when it comes to things like this. i wont deny that.
I like all holidays! They break up the monotony of everyday life.
>.> I'd love getting those giant bears. I'd chase people around with it like an immature little monster and I'd let it sit in a chair next to me to help me study/learn. It was awesome.

Ahh... Now I miss high school. I DO NOT WANT TO MISS THESE, EVER. *noms on the memories* D<