Valentines Day RP?

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  1. Yes! Love Valentine's day!

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  2. No, not really

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  3. It seems cool but also kinda confusing..

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  4. Yes, but only if you add/change (let me know in the comments)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I know this is a little early,
    (like grocery store's selling pink teddy bears and boxes of chocolates early)
    BUT I wanted to see who would be interested in a fun little valentine's day rp!
    This rp would be super casual, with fun little twists, ending in a big valentine's day dance!
    I would except around 10 characters. 5 boys and 5 girls.
    It would be a two week long rp. So from February 1st to the 15th.
    If you're still interested read below!

    The Basics
    So as you know this rp would be very casual.
    The sentence limit would be about 3.
    Romance and Drama would be a main theme.
    This Role-play would be under the forum "Modern"
    Character genders would be equal.
    LGBT Friendly

    The Plot

    Jamerson Highschool, Your typical everyday high school.
    Though in this average school cupid is about to work his magic on 10 lucky students.
    Over a week period the students of Jamerson high are thrown some romantic curveballs.
    Some couples will be broken apart and some will be made. Will your love life float or sink?

    So, if you're interested let me know, I'm in the beginning stages of planning this rp out. I have a general idea of what will happen though out the week and the characters will probably be assigned a crush. Some will already be couples and others will just be friends that end up together. Couple stories will be pre-planned but how they end will be up to you! Characters will be interacting with one another. If you're interested in this idea let me know below!

    *An idea of how the characters will be assigned*

    Each character will have their own assigned "story line"
    Numbers line up to the couple
    EX: Girl 1 goes with Boy 1.

    Girl 1: G1 is a popular girl who is not the brightest one in the bunch. She doesn't pay any attention to her "nerdy" tutor, until she starts really getting to know him.
    Girl 2: G2 is the "new girl in town" who wants nothing to do with "bad boy 2" But when they begin to work together she starts seeing a different side to him.
    Girl 3: G3 is already dating a boy (NPC). They are a powerhouse couple! But when he starts pulling away she begins to drift to the boy next door.
    Girl 4: G4 is an artist girl who prefers to keep to herself and her small group of friends. She can't stand the class clown, Boy 4. When she starts getting notes from a "secret admirer" She starts looking for him everywhere. Will she be happy when she finds out it's the one boy who she can't stand?
    Girl 5: G5 is a pretty and popular girl. Her older brother is a sports superstar at her school, so when her brother's best friend starts flirting with her will she take a leap of faith with him?

    Boy 1: B1 is the typical "nerdy boy" who tutors pretty popular and way out of his league Girl 1. But when she starts taking an interest in him will he turn out to be the man of her dreams or shy away from the beautiful cheerleader.
    Boy 2: B2 is the school's bad boy. With a bad reputation and a secret soft side he's broken more than a few girl's hearts. But when his job sets him up with the new girl in town, Girl 3, He wants a chance with her. Can he prove to her he's different then his reputation.
    Boy 3:B3 is the "boy next door" to Girl 2. Though he knows she has been dating another guy since freshman year. But when Girl 3 begins noticing a distance, B3 sees his chance to sweep her off her feet.
    Boy 4: B4 is the class clown. A guy who tries, and most of the time succeeds, in making the classroom roll on the floor in laughter. He's a bit cocky and likes to push the limit, but deep inside he has a caring side for Girl4. Though he knows she dislikes his cock attuned he tries to win her heart though secret notes and little gifts. Will he muster up the courage to tell her before the dance?
    Boy 5: B5 is a jock. He's been best friends with his friend since they were little. When he starts noticing his friends little sister will he be willing to risk his friendship in order to ask her to be more than friends?

    *Some plot twists will be thrown in and connection will be made though out the characters.*
    Ex: Girl 1 and Girl 5 are best friends.
    Girl 5 and Boy 4 are siblings.

    *Characters will be worked around if we have any LGBT*

    Comments, Concerns, Ideas?
    Leave em below!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
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  2. Interested! Particularly in Girl 3.
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  3. Yay! Awesome!
  4. Either girl 2 or girl 4 would be easily playable for me! Given the choice, it'd definitely be the second!
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  5. I call boy 4!
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  6. i'm interested in playing any character that's leftover. o3o
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  7. Interested. I'd like to play boy 2
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  8. I'm interested. Girl 1 peaked my interest.
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  9. 2 more people and I'll make the OOC
  10. I'm totally interested in either playing Girl 4 or Boy 3. :D Either way, I'm up for it! :D
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  11. I'm Also thinking that on the last day, the day of the dance I'm going to open it up to anyone who wants to join.
  12. Oooh I love this plot < 3
    Definitely up for girl 2, if the role hasn't been snagged yet. c:
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  13. Cool! Okay guys, I promise the OOC will be up in a few days and I will tag you all in! Hopefully the plot will be well laid out and you all will have multiple chances to ask questions before the rp starts. You all need to commit at least the 2 weeks to the roe-play because after valentines day we will only be rp-ing until all the main couples have either gotten together or decided not too.

    ALSO: Characters will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. So you cannot reserve a character here in the IC.
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  14. Very interested in the RP. :) I'll be sure to be on the look out for the OC thread.
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  15. this is a tad confusing as to whose playing who, so here's what i have so far of whose interested in playing who:
    whirlwind - girl 3
    mistress dizzy - girl 2 or girl 4
    professor nv - boy 4
    -QT- - boy 2
    RareSecret - girl 1
    polystical - girl 4 or boy 3
    unicornx - girl 2

    i guess i'm stuck with either boy 1, boy 5, or girl 5 by these results so far.
    just to clarify that i call dibs on whatever character is left.
  16. Haha! Good to know that people are actually interested!
  17. Hey is anything left? ono
  18. Yes all characters are still open
  19. Ill take girl 3 or 5. Doesn't matter
  20. It's a first come first serve basis
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