Valentine's Day is terrible

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  1. This thread is not a trap.

    Are you lonely? Are you sick of the asinine joy of those around you? Do you hate the opposite gender for past transgressions? Do you believe Valentine's Day is the commercial vomit of cynics? Do you believe that whining will bring you pity sex from cyber-strangers? Do you believe that talking maturely and objectively about your love life will somehow endear you to us?

    Use this thread to tell us, in great detail, how you disapprove of or are apathetic towards the abomination that is Valentine's Day.

    Remember to tag @Diana in every post. After all, she is the enemy.

    I repeat, this thread is not a trap.

    Don't open this yet. (open)

    The fuck did I just say? (open)

    Seriously. Quit it. (open)

    I said quit it! (open)

    You suck (open)
    List of people who have been caught in the trap just wonderful

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I'm a flaming lesbian.
    This PSA was brought to you by "IT'SATRAP Inc."

    Also can I just say I'd really like to know where the hell Valentines day comes from. There are four or five stories but hisotorians say they don't know for sure. Like what the fuck historians, you have one job.
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  4. Does that annoy you?

    Does it make you think Valentine's Day is a little bit stupid?

    Tell us, Kitty.
  5. Something with some Saint Valentine guy.
    Catholic grade school taught me nothing, but they did push that he was a Saint at me. 8D
  6. So are you saying it's a cynical device of the Christian Right-wing, Staci?
  7. Maybe if you're some wicked hedonistic sodomite Godless communist, Asmodeus. :v
  8. Nevermind.
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  9. ...

    ... well, that escalated quickly.

    *quietly drowns his joke in the bathtub*

    T__T I'm sorry, baby. Daddy had big plans. He was gonna do right by you.

  10. The RP ball! I'm really excited about that too! Also a little intimidating, but introversion amirite?
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  11. Sorry, I hate that I said anything. I dont mean to make people sad. i just... Yknow...

    Yeah, I'm excited. Just wasting time until 2 EST when it starts... I've folded two hours worth of laundry, I'll probably work out or something and just wait around until the RP starts up. I've never done a chat RP before so it'll be interesting.
  12. Not really, Asmo-sama.
    I remember the teachers gave us candy when they gave the speech on St. Valentine.
    Candy made me happy. And I believed in it, whatever it meant.
    But now I don't.
    But.. 8D CANDY.
    I want candy.
    Asmo, give me candy.
  13. No. I'm depressed now.

    Let's just sit in separate corners and be quiet.

    The joke's over. It's done.
  14. Why should someone spend damn near over a hundred dollars for a dinner and wine when I can just get my ass in the kitchen and cook a way better dinner for a fraction of the price and drink at home. I am way more satisfied with myself as a woman and a human being when I do something. V day puts way too much pressure on men to do something "nice" for Women. Buy this for your woman, Buy that for your Woman...I'm happy with food in my fridge and a roof over my head as well as the clothes on my back.

    I think the the notion of Love is exaggerated and over processed into this grand lie, Love is not pleasant. Its hard work, Its painful, and it takes a really strong person to endure what love is. Thats why it is called "love", because you have to "love" to put up with all the big issues. It's NOT a one day kinda thing. same with anniversaries and christmas. I have four holidays and they are called solstices and equinoxes. And you know what I do to celebrate, I go pick FREE flowers. I go into the woods and find a FREE LOG and BURN IT. I go on a nature walk, I light three candles for my deceased buddhist family members. All Gifts I make with my hands never store bought. I don't joke, I'm a rather serious chick. I'm intelligent and opinionated.

    I support others in their celebration, I don't believe in bringing others down just because of my own opinions, However, I will not be that part of the population of america that perpetuates the debt problems by placing value in bullshit.

    I won't be fooled because I know what love really is, and what it takes to make it work and keep it strong.
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  15. :D.....
    -Pours candy into Asmo's corner.-

    You can't be alone today.
    You has Tegan.
  16. Wait, it's a chat RP? *hyperventilates and runs off* I've never done one either, but I get much more nervous in real-time chats... but it will be interesting so I have to suck it up and check it out anyway! Besides, y'all are cool people so I'm sure it'll be fine. :3

    *tosses @Stacisaur one of those candies that's caramel with the cream center* This work?
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  17. Im sorry I said anything. I was just upset to be edged on I guess. Please dont be upset with me.
  18. *springs the trap*

    Fijoli has earned her one-day ban.
  19. Neither of you tagged @Diana in your posts. I'm throwing a yellow flag on the play. You have to shoot again from the 3-point line and spare that 7-10 split.
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  20. I am now amused.
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