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  1. Delynn Kierny, an obsessive compulsive, baby faced thirteen year old trapped in a sixteen year old's body, loved nothing more than a good romance. So, naturally, Valentine's Day, the one holiday where romance took center stage, was her absolute favorite day of the year, second to none. Ever since she began her high school experience at Westfield, a place she considered very non romance friendly, the girl, hopeless in her endeavor for true love, scorned the school for its lack of Valentine's Day celebration, so, tonight, on the 14th exactly, she planned to change that - at her own home, large enough for a well kept house party, she would host the first Valentine's Day Dance kids at Westfield have ever been invited to. Her parents were away on a three day trip, although they were aware of her party, so she and her mischievious little brother, Caderyn, had the available space, time, and money to host the best party their city had ever seen, fit with a dance king and queen, elegant decor, and a exuberant DJ to keep things lively, or, in the spirit of true romance, slowed down when the moment is right.

    The dance was ready to begin. Starting at 6pm, with fancy attire required, and ending at 10, for Westfield kids,and anyone else who decided to show up. The dance, Delynn hoped, would be classy but fun, without much ruckus, but definitely a lot of romance. Slightly naive she was for thinking a high a school party could be anything but wild, but Delynn was undeniably the orderly type, and believed, despite the rowdy nature of her peers, that other students were just as conscientious, if not more than, her. So, with a small smile plastered across her deciptively child like, chubby face, she waited by the door in good posture, excited for the arrival of the first few students pouring in as her brother, at the tender age of 14, continued laying Delynn's homemade snacks on the trays out in the living room.

    This,Delynn hoped, would be a night to remember
  2. Zaki (open)

    His Outfit (open)
    guys wearing clothes-1.jpg

    Zaki never cared much for the holiday about love and romance he assumed it was because he found himself alone on this day.

    But what surprised him most was the invite to a party taped to his locker. He took it down and read it, this caused him to become curious he thought a boy of his stature wouldn't be invited. Serious, being 4'7" is cute on a girl not a guy.

    Nonetheless he was glad that he was invited.

    He dressed up the best he could and headed to the home mentioned on the invite.

    When he arrived he expected alot more kids but it seemed like no one was there he figured that they were all inside. When he reached the house he noticed a cute girl standing by the door.
  3. Delynn's Dress (open)


    Delynn (open)


    A few students had already entered. Not many, maybe nine or ten, but Delynn figured that not many would be so punctual, especially since house parties, although she referred to it as more of an elegant dance, were more of a casual affair, fit for students who showed up when they wanted and how they wanted, despite the overall theme and class of the event, and the note she placed on the locker invitations that urged all students to 'Please be punctual.' She figured that most kids would be arriving within the hour, but she decided to wait outside until half past six just so she could make herself known to some of those arriving on time, and scope out just who really did decide to come.

    She invited mostly everybody. Kids who were called geeks. Those she knew would be alone on this night, and those she knew would have dates. Those with girlfriends. Those with boyfriends. Those who were perpetually single, and those who experienced heartbreak. Delynn was friends with all types of people, more so a drifter than anyone who maintained a solid, lasting friendship (or relationship, for that matter), so she figured her event would appeal to all types, from populars to nerds to jocks to hipsters to everyone in between.

    Approaching now was a fashionably dressed guy in a dress shirt and jacket, of abnormally short height, although he wasn't bad looking, with such messy bright hair and an oddly cute face. Delynn wasn't very tall herself, being only around 5'1", so she had an interesting appreciation for shorter people when she saw them, especially since she was used to being teased for looking like a twelve year old, as opposed to someone four years older. Tonight, she wore a dark teal dress, with lace at the top, her red, curly hair falling in waves past her shoulders like an odd sort of ruby waterfall. She looked good. Knew she wasn't a stunner, but she looked good, nonetheless.

    As the shorter guy neared her porch, she waved at him amiably, smiling as wide as she could for a girl whose lips always seemed to be in a constant pucker.

    "Hello there," she said to him, her voice as tremulous as it usually is. Delynn wasn't a very introverted person, yet she still couldn't stifle the odd meekness in her voice, and almost inability to shout or speak much louder than a normal person's quiet tone. It was weird, she noticed. But Delynn wasn't the type for changing who she was. "Happy Valentine's Day!"
  4. Zaki nods back saying "Happy Valentine's know it's cool of you to have this party and invite everyone." he was being honest most kids had parties and only invited those who are like them."

    He gives a slight smile, he couldn't help but find her cute. But he knew he had no chance with her.

    But everything about her was beautiful the way her hair hung on her and the vivid colors of her eyes it all made Zaki's heart melt.

    "I'm Zaki by the way...I seen you in the halls. " he adds.
  5. Delynn smiled, her eyes widening slightly. Most of the guests who already showed up were somewhat curt with her, in a hurry to get inside and explore the festivities. She couldn't blame them, of course, even if she herself was the type to stop and talk to random strangers, whether they found it appealing or not. She could be, in fact, somewhat of a pain to talk to, with her tendency to ramble on about inconsequential things, but she appreciated the joy she believed this party would bring her classmates, whether they cared much for her or not. A quintessential nice girl, Delynn found it hard to hold grudges, and was somewhat oblivious to when she wasn't wanted by others, with the intelligence of someone far older, but the social prowess of an awkward middle schooler, and the looks to match.

    She giggled slightly despite herself, although she wasn't exactly sure why. She found laughter to be a good way to alleviate awkward or embarrassing moments, yet she hadn't a clue why this was so awkward and embarrassing, even if the boy she was conversing with was so strangely cute. Nervously, but still keeping a level head, she readjusted her collar and smiled as warmly as she could for someone with almost perpetually puckered lips, even if the expression came out to be more of a lopsided grimace than anything showing real affection.

    She said to him, "Ah, I remember you! That's why you seemed so familiar!" She remembered vaguely seeing him in the halls occasionally, but, much to her own embarrassment, she hadn't remembered him very vividly until now. Delynn was more of the type to walk the halls in thought, contemplating schoolwork or ways to make more friends. She believed that this party, with such a vast array of kids from an even vaster set of social groups, would help her do just that. "My name's Delynn Kierny. It's a pleasure to meet you." She curtsies slightly, grabbing the hem of her dress much like royalty, and smiles. She chuckles slightly and adds, "Valentine's Day is most certainly my favorite, not just holiday, but overall day of the year. I love the feeling of warmth it entails. It's very saddening that our school doesn't observe it more thoroughly."
  6. Zaki wasn't sure if he should agree about the school over looking this holiday since he wasn't to fond of it himself, but he didn't want to come off as the Scrooge of Valentine's Day so he settled with nodding and smiling.

    "I know what you mean, I mean they don't have to treat it like it doesn't exist. They could at least decorate or at least serve foods that fit this holiday like they do for other they did for St. Patrick's Day...that school tried but I think we could've done without the green eggs and ham."

    His usual dark tone was nowhere to be heard in his voice as he spoke. This was the most excited he had gotten about anything. He usually is one to shut off others or tell them to shut up, but talking with Delynn was different, it wad odd but he felt like he talk to her for hours.
  7. Delynn chuckled - she agreed wholeheartedly. All holidays except today were noticed at Westfield, and that was exactly why she threw this dance: to show awareness for her absolute favorite holiday, and allow students, of all ages and romantic histories and preferences, to get together and celebrate the beauty of love, whether friendship, romantic, or somewhere in between.

    Smiling that same odd sort of lopsided grimace as before, she said to him, "Exactly! I've been petitioning the school for ages to have a dance tonight since freshman year! I even tried for Valentine cupcakes in the cafeteria..." She sighed, looking down to her feet in a contemplative sort of way, reasoning a way she could try again next year. Not seeing anyway the school would agree, she shook her head subtly, meeting Zaki's gaze yet again. "I don't know if you noticed, though, but I was able to get red Jello last year. This year, they apparently didn't have any, so blue was the next best thing." She rolled her eyes. "Remind me again how blue correlates to Valentine's Day. The only thing blue during lunch today besides the Jello was me!"

    It was odd, but she found herself oddly drawn to this guy, in a weird, unexplainable sort of way that she hadn't really felt so strongly before. She wasn't sure if she could say she had a thing for him, although the possibility of such a premise had been floating around in her head, but it was safe to say that she found him very endearing, and appreciated his mutual feelings for the holiday. She found it hard to carry on conversations with most kids, especially guys, as the majority of them found her irritating after only a few words, but with Zaki, she found it oddly easy to get just the right words out. Smiling, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ears and waved at another girl, wearing a long black dress, as she entered her home. More people seemed to be arriving at the moment, so she figured it was around 6:30, and smiled as she heard a sliver of music through the slightly opened door.
  8. David (open)

    David Gray was the next person to arrive at the dance. Being 16 years old and road-legal, he was one of the few students at Westfield who could afford to drive. After all, paying for all that gas wasn't cheap. Checking his appearance for the final time interior car mirror, David cleaned the lenses of his designer glasses. He put them on and gave himself a thumbs up, grinning ever so slightly. Tonight he decided to wear a fancy black suit along with a skinny blue tie. He believed that first impressions and appearances were important. And he also enjoyed dressing up smartly. David was slim and above average when it came to height, standing modestly at 5'11".

    When it came to romance and relationships, David wasn't the luckiest of guys. In fact, he was considered to be one of the more 'geekier' kids at school due to his heavy interests in video games, anime and roleplaying. He had been single for all of his life, though he had had a numerous amount of crushes throughout his life.

    "This is the place." he said to himself as he stepped out of the car. Approaching the only house on the street with its front door slightly open, he was relieved to find that he wasn't the first one to arrive at the dance. He always found it awkward to arrive first at anything. Looking around for Delynn, who he saw regularly in the halls at school, he managed to accidentally bump into the female. This caused him to stumble slightly. "O-Oh, my bad. Please excuse me-- Wait, Delynn?"
  9. Delynn saw the boy approaching her porch as she conversed with Zaki, spanning various thoughts and antecedents about Valentine's Day and the dance she hosted, but, when she found her eyes leaving him for a moment, he collided with her gently, accidentally bumping into her side slightly, although she maintained balance. The boy seemed familiar, with a slim figure, light hair, and above average height, although she found it hard to place what his name was, even if she recalled saying hello to him in the past. Delynn was the friendly type who tried to make herself acquainted with most people, but it was safe to say that, tonight, after forgetting the name of both Zaki and this taller guy, she was a tad bit embarrassed for such neglect.

    She smiled warmly, a bit guilty that he recognized her, although she couldn't quite place him, even if she wasn't showing it. "Yes!" she said brightly. "I suppose you're hear for the dance? So glad you could make it!"

    Wanting to appear more presentable, as others began to approach the door, she stood up a little straighter, readjusting her collar and fluffing her bangs slightly. She spent quite awhile into her appearance tonight, but she wanted everything to be as perfect as possible, especially her hair, which usually remained frizzy without product. As a couple walked up her parking lot, she waved at them, smiling as amiably as she possibly could.
  10. A small but nervous chuckle escaped his lips, nodding in confirmation. "Yes, I am here for the Valentine's Day dance. My name is David Gray. I believe I've seen you at school in the halls a couple of times? We've never really spoken." David had knowledge of the female's name due to seeing her locker at school. Their lockers were not too far from each other, but kept them separated enough to not have allowed them to engage in much conversation. David noticed Delynn many times in the halls, though she never noticed him back.

    His eyes were fixed on the shorter female and he managed to smile faintly, not letting his nerves get the best of him. David was somewhat shy and it took him a lot of courage to attend tonight's dance. He was determined not to let his shyness ruin the night for him, though.
  11. Zaki watched as Delynn and David conversed, he felt a mix of anger and loneliness as he stood there like the oddball. He wondered if David had a better connection with Delynn than himself for one, he knew her name.

    Zaki ran his hand through his hair and as he shifted uncomfortably in his spot on the porch "It was nice meeting you Delynn." he said in an surprisingly soft voice, he waved to her as he walked into the house, he couldn't bring himself to leave the party. It wouldn't feel right after talking with the one and only girl that he didn't find a pain.

    He had to be honest enjoyed being in the company of Delynn and he wasn't sure if she felt the same. He wandered to the back of the living room and leans against the wall sighing in defeat.
  12. Delynn had an odd sense of intuition.

    She could notice chemistry between two people from a mile away. She fancied herself a matchmaker. She was the success behind three couples still presently together in her school. She was able to remedy friendships, and notice a relationship in slight disarray by only watching one conversation. It was almost magic, you'd think, being so insightful into the emotions of others, and the bond, or lack thereof, of two or more people.

    But, when it came to noticing the way someone felt about her, or the social cues of someone she herself was engaged in conversation with, she was practically powerless. She couldn't tell who found her endearing, or who found her annoying. She couldn't tell who was trying to escape the conversation, and who wanted desperately to be apart of it. She even had a little trouble sensing who was mad at her, and even questioned the motives of her parents at times, if they were blatantly angry. She couldn't tell that Zaki was uncomfortable in the situation, as he seemed happy to meet her, and she couldn't tell that David was so shy, either, as he seemed as bold and expressive as any regular guy.

    If Delynn had only one weakness, it would be her naivety.

    She was disappointed that Zaki walked away. She would have preferred it if all three of them talked together, and got to know each other. Delynn's mentality was younger. Her only close friend was her fourteen year old brother, really, who was a piano prodigy, although incredibly immature otherwise. She saw herself as smarter and more hardworking than him, and, besides his musical ability, she was. But, despite her responsibility, she looked just how she acted - like a twelve year old girl. But a very nice one, at that.

    And, being an overly nice twelve year old, she didn't exactly understand why Zaki left. She supposed he was eager to get to the party, and figured she'd talk to him inside, if she could find him (although, with his very blatant looks, it likely wouldn't be that difficult), and now, she would take her time getting to know David a little, and any other guests who decided to walk her way. It was her favorite holiday. A day of love, friendship, and warmth. And being so enraptured in that feeling herself, she couldn't fathom that no one else could feel it, too.

    Delynn smiled warmly at the guy. She did recognize him, and supposed that maybe his locker was somewhere near her's, since he happened to be in her hall quite often. She supposed it would be nice to befriend him so she could at least have one person to talk to habitually who remained a consistent friend, rather than most of the other fair weather buddies she was used to.

    She nodded, still smiling, and said, "Yes, yes, I recognize you! I believe your locker is in my hall, am I correct?" She curtsied slightly, not making a big as display as before, and continued. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She paused, reconsidering that statement, then chuckled under her breath. "Er...officially meet you, I suppose."
  13. David noticed Zaki walking away from Delynn, unaware of Zaki's feelings of guilt and loneliness. David would have happily involved Zaki in a three-way conversation had he stayed instead. Of course, David had no intention of 'pulling' Delynn at all and simply approached her out of courtesy; to greet her and introduce himself properly. David wasn't the 'player' type and, if anything, he was simply looking forward to making new friends tonight.

    Watching Zaki walk away, David shrugged and turned his attention to Delynn.
    "A pleasure. Indeed, my locker is in your hall. We pass each other at school quite frequently!" began David, "I have to say, you have a really nice place here."

    He looked around the house as he spoke, nodding a few times in admiration. It was a genuine compliment and David was impressed by the d├ęcor and effort that was put into tonight's dance. He always did notice the little things, especially when it came to arts and design.
  14. Watching the other guests have a good time dancing and chatting made Zaki feel guilt about just leaving Delynn and David. He was never the social butterfly and he usually liked the thought of having friends.

    He sighed and walked towards the punch bowl, he figured that he'd apologize for seeming rude to them. He collects three glasses and pours punch into it. He looks at the two from his spot at party, their talking about what, he isnt sure about.

    He heads back outside holding out the drinks to Delynn and David "Sorry about leaving...I guess I'm just no good at being very social." He looks up at David "I'm Zaki, its nice to meet you. "
  16. Liam (open)
    outfit (open)
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    Liam walked up to the party about an hour into it, he wasn't sure if he wanted to go but his old man was drunk again and he didn't feel like being a punching bag on Valentine's Day.

    Liam laughs excitedly as he reaches the house the flyer mentioned it was so lively that he was feeling jealous that he didn't think to be the one hosting it.

    He noticed the three kids out front assuming they were the cool kids he smirks and winks at the young red head finding her cute.

    He enters the house as he pats the guys in the back roughly.

    He looks around and spots a girl at the punch bowl he decides to talk to her.
  17. Seeing a chocolate strawberry on a stick she picked it up. As she did her nervous habit kicked it as she bit her lip, biting into the strawberry she felt the sweetness touch her tounge. Danni finished the strawberry off as she was going to pick up another one she saw a guy heading her way, Wonder what he wants....I mean he doesn't look half bad either.
  18. Atlas (open)

    Apparel (open)

    Atlas pulled over to the side of the road, about a block from the house in a car that had seen better days. It certainly didn't look like it should have been driven by the man inside of the car at the very least. With a fancy new suit on, a nice pair of black shoes and sleek black pants, Atlas reckoned he probably looked like a millionaire. He turned his car off and pulled the key out of the ignition. Sighing, he placed one foot up on the dash of his car, an odd sight to see considering he was 6'1 and the car wasn't exactly the biggest thing around.

    He ran a finger through his messy hair, "What are you doing?" He thought aloud to himself, not overly ambitious to leave the car "You don't even like Valentine's Day." He looked out of his window to the people at the house. He scoffed, If that were true you wouldn't be here. He thought to himself. It's not like he couldn't get a girlfriend. He played football as a star running back and was pretty smart. It was just his busy schedule prevented him from any relationship. He scarcely had time to do anything but train or study, and his only friends were jocks. Jarred from his thoughts by a buzzing noise in his pocket, Atlas pulled out his phone. On the screen he could briefly see a reflection of himself, messy brown hair, soft hazel eyes, and an expression of deep thought. Going to his messages he saw a text from an unknown number "Hey ;)" He didn't open up the message, instead turning his phone off and placing it back in his pocket. He took a second to look outside his car at the people again before opening the door and stepping out of the vehicle. It felt nice to stretch his legs, the car looking small in comparison beside him. He shut the car door, locking it before making his way to the house.

    He saw some people talking outside of the house, and the thought of some of his team mates from the football team seeing him at a Valentine's Day dance sprang into his mind. He panicked for a brief second, turning around and nearly running back to his car. He managed to stop himself. Taking a deep breath, he turned back around and headed for the door. He was near the entrance when he suddenly felt something hit his stomach. He took a step back, and noticed a small redheaded girl, around 5'1 standing in front of him. It took him a moment to realize what had happened, and he took another step back, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you-" He again felt something hit him and turned around to see an even smaller boy. His cheeks began to redden, "Er, umm, sorry I didn't see you guys." He took a step away from the two, making sure there was no one behind him. He felt oddly like a giant for some reason.
  19. David looked down at Zaki and waved a dismissive hand. David knew what it was like to be shy and could relate to Zaki's behaviour quite easily.

    "Oh, don't worry about it! It's nice to meet you, too, Zaki." He took the glass of punch offered with a small smile. "Thanks." Taking a small sip of the rather delicious punch, David looked around the place and noticed that more and more people were arriving. It was getting busy around here. David wasn't exactly a social butterfly either, but he promised himself to try his best to make as many friends as he could tonight.

    Turning his attention back to Zaki and Delynn, he asked, "So, you two know each other? I saw you two talking earlier."
  20. "I just met her, I seen her in the halls but this is the first time I talked to her. Do you know each other?" He asked, he about to sip his own punch but he was suddenly collided with another being causing him to choke on the drink.

    After a short coughing fit he was about to snap at the newcomer who smashed into him but caught himself when he heard the apology "It's okay." He said with a slight smile as he looked at newcomer.

    Zaki mentally frowns, he felt like a child with everyone being so tall.
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    Inside Liam wanted to impress the cute girl with the strawberry, he walks up to her and places a hand on the table he winks at her and says "Are you a Pikachu? Cuz you're shockingly beautiful!"

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