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  1. Alright everyone!

    This roleplay is basically where a new type of government has arose to defend all races. The list of races are: Angels, Humans, Werewolves, Demons, Vampires. There are mixed races of each race as well. This is kind of like the hunger games, but with mythical creatures.

    The government has assigned pairs that must travel through a war between races to reach Valencia Towers. Once the pairs reach Valencia Towers, they must fight against people due to the limited amount of space in this town.

    Valencia towers is a town that ensures peace and safety to anyone who makes it. The winners that make it will be awarded with a vast amount of money and their families will be moved to Valencia Towers. Who will win?

    Any character you want you must request; I will approve with a yes or no when CS's are posted.


    Female Vampire & Male Half Demon/Human:

    Female's age: 24 (Taken by AbbieNoel)

    Male's age: 26 (Taken by D3M0NIX)

    Female Half Angel/Vampire & Female Human:

    Female Angel/Vampire age: 22 (Taken by AbbieNoel)

    Female human age: 18

    Male Vampire & Male Werewolf:

    Male Vampire age: 20

    Male Werewolf age: 27

    Male Werewolf & Female Werewolf:

    Male age: 17

    Female: 25


    Female & Male Angel:

    Female age: 21

    Male age: 16


    Male & Female Demon:

    Male age: 24

    Female age: 22


    Male Human & Female Human:

    Ages: Both are 20


    Female Werewolf & Male Human

    Female age: 22

    Male age: 22






    Number of Family Members:

    Number of Children:


    Backpack with food, items, etc? Y/N


  2. I will be posting my CS tomorrow :)
  3. 35084947be9a873a0829b4ead6f810a1.jpg
    Name: Drake
    Age: 26
    Number of family members: None
    Number of children: None
    Weapons: Duel Katanas
    Backpack: Food and water rations
    Drake, born a human. Created with the blood of a demon. Often times this is unsuccessful, for him it was different. It could be due to his mass hatred towards Demons, or his sheer will to survive. Either way, his human blood bonded with the demon blood and made him super human.

    As a child, before the demon blood was augmented. His parents were eaten alive by a demon right in front of him. He beheaded the demon with an axe whilst the demon was feeding on the innards of his mother.

    After that a man that was hooded came to him. Offering power to hunt the demons down and kill them. Drake accepted, wanting nothing more but to kill every demon he finds.

    Once the war began, he finished his transformation into what he is now. A killing machine to all demons.
    After watching his parents being eaten alive, he has become hateful towards demons. He believes the only reason he lives now is to kill every demon he can. He has become cold, calculated and dangerous.
  4. I'd love to sign up, but my character sheet will have to wait till tomorrow.
  5. That's fine :)
  6. K'_full_1028128.jpg
    Name: Kayne

    Age: 24

    Number of Family Members: One Younger Sister

    Number of Children: No Children

    Weapons: Fists, Control over Fire with Right Hand.

    Backpack with food, items, etc? Food & Water, Herbs and Medicine

    Biography: A young aspiring Demon who prefers to use his fists and Martial Arts in Combat, believing that Weapons take lives away too easily. Initially, Kayne was summoned by Dark Wizards to be a Doppelganger for one of the more powerful demons. When he found this out, he turned against those who brought him into the World, killing all of them before taking over the body of the one who was sacrificed to summon him. His Host? A Hand to Hand Fighter.

    Personality: In the Demon World, Kayne was known for being very violent and volatile. He would carry these tendencies into the Mortal World.
  7. Thank you! So he's going in what group? Please pick and let me know :)

    I may take a little longer to add my CS sheets.. Work has been killing me lately and I'm trying to get caught up
  8. Male and Female Demon if that's okay.
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  9. Okay that's fine :) If we cant find a partner for you i'll make a character who is a female demon.
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