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    HELLO! Welcome, fair stranger, to this humblest of roleplay searches. I’m Anna, a purveyor of dramatic exposés and decorated veteran of fangirlery. //theatrical flourish
    I’m a female of some twenty-three years, residing within the chilly confines of Canada, in a province plagued by ruthless wind and vindictive geese. My days are spent in attempt to be productive – a task often resulting in failure considering the Internet's various distractions are the bane of my existence.

    Engaging plots and dynamic characters are sweet ambrosia to my writer's soul. Quality writing is what I aim to bring to any table I visit and I do my best to perform up to standards.
    This ad is targeted specifically to Game of Thrones. While I am part of countless other fandoms, for now I seek solely GoT.
    • • •
    STYLE My replies fall within the range of 300-500ish words per character – a length that prevents me from burning out and provides for enough content, in my modest views. I am also most comfortable when writing in the 3rd person, past tense.

    PAIRINGS My wish is to double with canon/oc pairings. I find comfort and enjoyment in such a setup, having written this way since my earliest forays into roleplaying. I would be happy to play a canon of your choice for your OC if you played a canon of my choice for mine. My preference is for m/f or f//.

    COMMITMENT I seek partners for longterm roleplaying who can provide me with a daily reply. Being an impatient lady, I become quite fretful, and not to mention bored, if left waiting too long. My apologies for this particular trait. Consider it to be my tragic flaw.

    LIMITS By way of limits, not many things ruffle my feathers, so allow me to abide by yours. Though, I will admit to being greatly bothered by non-consensual acts. If used as a background plot-point or in mention, this is absolutely fine. Anything beyond that and I shall, as they say, bid a rousing "peace out, girl scout" and make my departure. The same applies to anything done with animals, children, or dead things.
    Another thing to mention, and one of utmost importance, is that I roleplay exclusively with individuals who are 18+.

    SMUT I do love my smut. All I ask is that it is not rushed for the mere sake of writing kinky erotica. If characters are to engage in some canoodling, let them do so in a way that makes sense within the context of the all-encompassing plot.

    LOCATION For writing venues, private messages or email is my preferred milieu. Private messages or email can also be employed for ooc chatting – though I would be happy to offer my Skype.

    CONTACTING Do send me either a private message or leave me a response within the thread.
    If you send me a private message, please give me a general run down of what you’d like to roleplay and
    what your deal is.
    ⇢ I reserve myself the right to reply with scathing sarcasm to anyone who sends me a one-sentence message in the spirit of ‘hi do you want to roleplay?'. Ye have been warned, wary travellers.

    • • •
    Disclaimer: The roles in bold are whom I would like to play.

    ⇢ (canon/oc)
    ⇢ (tormund giantsbane/oc) or (margaery tyrell/f!oc) or (trystane martell/oc)

    I am intimately familiar with all characters from Game of Thrones and can therefore provide an accurate portrayal of any canon asked of me.
    Though I've read the book, I would like for the roleplay to occur within the universe of the show either post Season 4 or during the current Season 5. I welcome retconning dead characters into being alive again and other twists to canon, so have no fear.
    • • •
    That is the entirety of my spiel and I do hope I have captured some small scrap (oh, alliteration!) of your attention. Thank you very much for reading through this.
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