Vagabonds and Mandolins

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  1. “And stay out!” A rather large, gruff looking man slammed opened the door to the Ram’s Head Tavern and without much effort at all tossed out a red headed man in some very bright clothing. “Next time,” The man yelled, “You better bring enough coin!”

    The gypsy laughed as he pulled himself to his feet. “Ah will do good sir!” He spun on his heel and offered a silly bow. The large man growled and slammed the door closed. Xenon sighed softly and rolled his shoulders. He seemed to ignore the crowd as he waited. One…two…three…The large man returned throwing a mandolin out from the doorway. Xenon jumped foreword to catch the instrument. When he did the crowd broke out in laughter.

    Xenon gave them a bow and began to play his mandolin and sing a song about the poor musician without enough coin for some mead. If he hadn’t looked so daring he probably would have gotten only half the tips that flew at his feet. Tall and slender the man had shoulder length red hair and an eye patch covering his left eye. His clothes were patched together with different colored cloth. He looked almost like a clown, a very rogue clown.
  2. Kuyumi grumbled, working her way through the crowd, pushing stray hairs that fell out of her braid behind her ears, her steps seemed quick, as if in a hurry. Until, she stopped. She looked around hearing the sound of a mandolin stray to be heard above the ruckus of the crowd. Her grey eyes scanned the area, quickly locating the area where people seemed to be staggering to join.

    She proceeded against the traffic of people, getting glares and muttered curses, she kept her head down and gently pushed though, when she got to the half circle created around the she frowned at the lack of being able to see the musician, being on the shorter side of the elven race, she was at a disadvantage. Her grey eyes scanned for an opening in the crowd, catching flashes of red hair.

    She grumbled and pushed through the crowd, stumbling and landing on her knees in front of the musician, she looked up at him before blushing, making no move to leave and re-enter the crowd where she wouldn't be seen. She sat there, mesmerized by the music.
  3. He slowed his playing as a pretty little elf fell at his feet. He knew by that blush the woman was embarassed, but he could not help himself. A playful smirk bloomed on his lips and he bowed low enough to offer a gloved hand to her. "My, my", He said. "If you are not the best tip I have earned all week."
    The crowd began to laugh again at his words as he gently helped the young creature to her feet. He supposed he should feel bad for teasing her, but the whole act was working out so nicely!
    "Are you alright?" He asked softly, his lips still plastered with that crooked smile.
  4. She took the hand and pulled herself up, becoming red as a tomato as she felt everyone's eyes on her. She brushed herself off, her eyes full fixated on the ground. And her terrible stutter came out. "I-I'm fine... T-Thank y-you..." Her eyes glanced around, and couldn't move, feeling everyone looking at her. She felt stiff as a board and couldn't move. Or, more so, didn't know where to go. She took a couple steps back, glancing around for an escape but she couldn't find one. She remained silent and stiff.
  5. Xenon only needed to take one step to match up with her two. He had noticed how embarassed the girl had become and decided to help her after all. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and raised his other high into the air.
    "Thank You! Thank You!" He called out to the crowd, "I am glad you all enjoyed the show! Me and the little lady here will collect our tips and be on our way!"
    The crowd offered up one more round of applause before they resumed their chores. The man glanced down at the elf and slowly stepped away from her.
    "Forgive me.", He smiled. "I could not help myself!"
  6. She blushed even harder, if possible, when he put his arm around her shoulder. Once the people were gone she breathed a sigh of relief. "I-Its fine. Just not a b-big fan of b-being in the s-spotlight." She breathed, and fiddled with her clothes calming her stutter. "Your music was beautiful, but I couldn't see the musician behind it. . . I'm not the tallest elf ever. I was trying to make it to where I could see before well. . . you were there for the rest of it." She looked up at him with a small frown. "I apologize if I interrupted your performance, I truly didn't mean to."

    She looked down fixing the rebel stray hairs the came out of place before looking back up at him, her eyes wide as she finally fully took the musician in, stunned by his beauty, she stared. Once she broke out of it, she gently shook her head, a blush re appearing on her face.
  7. He smiled at her stuttered answer and apology. She was an awfully adorable little elf. "My dear I wish more of my performances were interrupted this way! A pretty, neigh, a beautiful young woman falling at my feet! Why I think that is a a wonderful way to end a show!"
    He took note of the blush on her cheeks and the way her eyes lit up. He resisted the urge to smile at her unrestricted admiration of his features. It had been a long time since someone had looked at him like that. Since before he lost his eye, he recalled. Once again Xenon offered his hand to the elf, this time for a handshake. "Let me introduce myself", he said. "My name is Xenon. Now what is your name my lovely assistant?"
  8. Her blush grew, one might think it never leaves her face. She smiled gently and took his hand, shaking it gently. "My name is Kuyumi. Its a pleasure to meet you Xenon." She paused and giggled, "Though maybe on different circumstances would've been nice." She released his hand and looked around. "Do you perform here every night? Or is it just a once in a while thing?" She looked at him eyes full of genuine curiosity, "I would love to hear you play again."
  9. He could not help but laugh at her innocent question. "I am afraid not, Dear, I travel around, performing when the opportunity presents itself. I had just been thrown from the establishment right over there and thought I would give a laugh to the onlookers." He smiled down at her. "However I can hardly resist playing for a lovely lady when she has asked so nicely!"
    Positioning his mandolin he started to play a very sweet melody. "How is this?"
  10. She frowned at the mention of him traveling around, she smiled when he started to play the sweet melody and started to sway to the beat. "Gorgeous." She closed her eyes and got lost in the melody, she began to do dainty twirls around Xenon, graceful as one would expect an elf to be, before she started to truly get lost in the melody and leave the real world, twirling and leaping whenever the moment seemed right.

    She didn't notice she was doing it, she just did. She went with the music and didn't notice the fact some people begin to look, and once again create a half circle around the two.
  11. Xenon smirked as the crowd began to grow to watch her dancing. Perhaps he really did find himself a new assistant. He continued to play and began to sing a ballad about a young girl being kidnapped and raised by fairies. The crowd reacted accordingly, some clapping, some singing along. By the time the song ended the ground was littered with coin.
    Xenon grinned toward his new friend, "My! Kuyumi you are talented!"
  12. She snapped out of it and looked around, freezing and sliding behind Xenon. "Was I... in public... in front... oh no..." She blushed and continued to hide behind Xenon. "Remember how I said I don't like the center of attention? I was just the center of attention... I feel sick." She turned away from him and leaned against a wall, paling and taking deep breaths. She looked around at the crowd a faint smile on her face before looking at Xenon, then back at the ground, trying to focus on regaining healthiness.
  13. Xenon smirked st her. Sensitive little thing, wasn't she? He bowed to the crowd and began the task of picking up the coins. When he had finished he joined Kuyumi and held out some of their earnings. "Here you are, your share!" he grinned down at her. "You did very well you k ow, nothing to be embarrassed at. Why I think if you keep this up I may kidnap you and make you perform with me permanently!"
  14. She looked at the coins then back at him, pushing the hand holding them away. "No thank you. It was your music that I got lost in anyway, without your music that would've never happened." She smiled at him. "And you'd have to get me used to the spotlight before you did that." She giggled, "No way am I ever performing in public. No way, no way. Too stressful... Everyone is watching you, if you mess up. . . everyone sees. Laughs..." She pauses and shudders. "Bad memories associated with performing." She sighed and shook her head. "What you saw me doing was because of your music. Truly beautiful."
  15. He smiled at the compliment and bowed his head to her. "You are too kind darling. You do realize though as long as I am playing, if you go into that trance, you won't even realize you are performing."
    He smirked down at her as he pocketed the money. "You really would be a sensation if you tried it and I really could use a pretty companion with a penchant for blushing and dancing."
  16. She chuckled. "Oh shush. I would become aware of it eventually. I suppose as time went on I would get used to it though." She shrugged. "I mean. . . I guess I could try it." She smiled. "Ya, why not. I could try it." She shrugged. "Maybe it was good I stumbled, literally, upon your performance then."

    She nodded. "Though, like I said, it will take me awhile to get used to the whole performing thing. . . It doesn't come naturally to me as it does for you it seems."
  17. His eye lit up at her acceptance. "Wonderful! We can leave tomorrow! I am thinking Thomasboro Port! There should be a few inns along the way for us to practice at! You'll be wonderful!"
    He grinned down at her, just a alight. "That is, if it is alright with you!" he hoped it was. Females always meant more tips, and this little darling was so innocent and sweet, why it didn't matter if she became embarrassed, the audience would just love her all the more!
  18. She nodded. "I'll have to pack up my current items." She paused. "Don't worry, I pack light unlike most females." She smiled gently, nervous about the fact of performing but excited nonetheless. "How far is Thomasboro Port? I've actually never left the city so I'm a bit unfamiliar with the surrounding towns and cities." She paused and smiled, "I guess that's why its good I'm with you, you seem experienced with outer cities."
  19. Xenon grinned, taking the comment as a complement. "Why yes I am! I have been traveling around the world since I was little boy! I've been about everywhere!" he smirked ,"Thomasboro is about a three days journey from here, but best seafood you have ever had! Now you go pack, I will wait right here!"
    He leaned forward enough to touch h nose with his index finger, just to be silly.
  20. Her eyes widened. "Since you were little? That's amazing!" She scrunched up her nose when he tapped it but nodded and ran off.

    ~*About 30 minutes Later*~

    Kuyumi ran down the street, a mere deja vu coming into her brain as she looked around for where she found Xenon earlier, when she spotted him she ran over, and smiled, a large satchel hanging at her side was all she carried with her, as she fixed her hair once again. "I'm so excited! I finally get to leave this place!"