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    (This thread was created solely for fun and character development with my dear friend, greenytijana. With that said, let's make some interesting things happen just for the heck of it.)

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  2. Well hi there! :D
    I guess I'll start off the story now, eh?


    Upon a simple, yet fresh grassland lays a refined cyan dragoness. She stares up at the sky, watching the clouds slowly drift across the blue expanse. The day was bright and warm, and rays of sun pierced through the fluffy mist above and onto the ground below. Nothing interesting or seemingly bad has happened all week, which somewhat troubled the basking dragon's thoughts. Trouble was usually close at hand, and the longer it was delayed, the more anxious she became.

    "Hey, Gem?" questioned the dragon, "What do you think of all this? I mean, the peace is nice and all, but we haven't even been attacked all week! Don't you think that's just a wee bit suspicious?"

    Gem, who was currently chasing after some of the prairie dogs that inhabited the plains, stopped in mid-pounce and turned to face the question. "Nonsense, Crystal! So what if nothing 'interesting' has happened? If I were you, I'd stop worrying so much and just take this moment and leave the trouble behind."
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    About a kilometer away on the plain walked a blue dragoness, staring at the sky and dragging a relatively large bag

    "Lalalalala..... This is boring.. " She stood still for a second and then continued, staring into the ground instead of the sky now. "Maybe I'll at least find some interesting bugs..."
  4. (It's alright. We're both just learning here, anyways.)


    Gem resumed her chase against the prairie dogs, only stopping once in awhile to survey the area. Despite the peaceful mood of the atmosphere, she always had to be on the lookout-- not just because she believed that something bad would happen, which she didn't, but mostly because it has become a habit. Vigilance was one of her best traits, for her eyesight and experience was much keener than that of her companion. Despite this, however, she has not yet noticed the presence of the newcomer due to the distance between the two.

    Crystal continued to stare at the sky, lost in thought. Despite Gem's reassuring words, she couldn't just shake the feeling that something was about to happen. Of course, her instincts were occasionally wrong due to being more logical and less animal-dependent than that of other creatures. Finally breaking the silence, she started, "I wonder if--"

    However, he sentence was never completed. As soon as she spoke, a somewhat distanced 'BOOM' was heard, coming from far across the grassland, and maybe even from another biome. Crystal shot up from her relaxed position, well aware of the sound that just took place. Gazing across the horizon, her eyes locked on the tip of what appeared to be the leftover debris of an explosion...
  5. The blue dragoness dropped her bag and looked toward the source of the loud boom. "What the HECK IS THAT?!", she said out loud and arched her back like a cat. "Uhh.... I hope it's no danger... Geeeh.... The zombie apocalypse is starting? Or, or is it a nuclear bomb?!", she thought. She squealed like a dog and sat near her bag, looking scared.
  6. "Well, it looks like you got your wish, Crystal" remarked Gem, who is now vaguely annoyed. "I guess we should go see what's going on over there, now, huh?" The tone in her voice hinted sarcasm, something she tends to do a bit too often.

    "I never said I WANTED this. I was just anxious, is all." muttered Crystal. It turns out that her instincts may have been right after all. Turning to face the direction of the explosion, she says aloud, "C'mon, let's go."

    On that word, the duo dashes off at the direction of the sound, both hoping that there was no disturbance to be found, even though this was likely a futile hope. Their running speed accelerated as they went along, Gem moving slightly faster than that of Crystal. However, they both abruptly stopped just as they were about to crash into the newcomer, a familiar blue dragoness. Stopping just inches away from her face, Crystal's expression widened with surprise.

    "Tiana?! What in the worlds are you doing here? And--" she looked back over the horizon and at the slowly fading debris. They were much closer to their point of interest than where they were before. "--wait, you didn't happen to cause that explosion, did you?" Crystal highly doubted that her friend was capable of causing such demolition, that is, unless she blew something up.
  7. Tiana jumped back in fear when Crystal and Gem arrived. It was obvious on her face that she was about to panic. "I-I.... I .. I was just looking for wildlife! Uhh, I d-didn't b-blow up ANYTHING! I'M INNOCENT! GAAH!" She cowered on the ground and covered her eyes, in fear of getting blamed by her friends.
  8. Crystal recoiled from her friend's sudden outburst. Softening her expression, she begins to explain, "Nono, I'm not blaming you of anything, don't worry! I'm just trying to figure out what caused that noise." Flexing one of her wings, she gestured towards the direction of interest. Obviously, it seemed to her that Tiana was just as clueless as they were.

    "Yeah, and if we don't hurry up, the smoke debris will fade away before we get there. So I suggest we get a move on." Gem interrupted, rather sharply. "And, of course, anyone is welcome to come along if they're interested." she aimed this last remark towards Tiana, somewhat against her will. Crystal has always told her that it was a good manners to invite someone to journey with them, regardless if they're heading into trouble or not. However, Gem usually disagreed with this-- not just because someone could get hurt, but also because she enjoyed when it was just the two of them alone. Crowds were not her thing, though since this happens to be just one person, she could make an exception.

    Nodding her head with approval, Crystal began to speak once more, "Yes, Gem's right. You see, we're going to try and find out what caused the disturbance. You're more than welcome to join us, though I don't know what kind of situation we'll end up in." She grinned awkwardly, hoping that her words haven't come across too strong or reckless. Setting a bad example wasn't the kind of thing she liked to do, especially in front of her friends.
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    Tiana stood up with a weird expression like a mix of embarassment and fear. "Uhh, okay.. '' She felt really bad, she thought her friends might get a bad expression of her. "Uum.. Sure, I- I'll go with you..", she lowered her head. She got out of her panic quickly. "There is.. Wait.. It is always boring for me anyway! Sorry.. "
  10. Gem simply shrugged at Tiana's remark, was becoming rather uninterested in the conversation. "So... yeah." Instead of finishing with a proper statement, she turned and began traveling once again, naturally expecting for Crystal and Tiana to follow. Crystal, despite somewhat disagreeing with her actions, trusted Gem's judgement regardless and followed her without another word. She only looked back every so often to keep an eye on Tiana-- she trusted her just as much as she trusted all of her friends, though since they haven't adventured together very often, she isn't sure of what Tiana was capable of, and is naturally a bit paranoid of keeping her safe. Then again, what the duo got into was usually never really 'safe', and the situation that was looming in front of them was no exception.

    * * * * *

    The grassland eventually ended as the duo made their way into the edge of a forest, an area right between the two biomes. Arriving at their point of interest, and halted at the mess that lay in front of them. Dust, debris, and ashes are scattered all across what appeared to be a freshly-made clearing. Some stray trees were shattered and pushed back, along with many large piles of soil and rock that were scattered along the edges of the crater. In the center is what looks like a giant, circular hole that slopped downwards, though isn't quite a strait drop.

    Crystal peered over and into the large hold in front of her. Straining her eyes, she could faintly see an outline of the tunnel's walls, though she couldn't quite figure out how deep it was nor how long it went on. Yes, this was obviously the spot where the explosion took place, possibly even from underground. "What could've done this..? And why?" she pondered to herself.
  11. (sorry, my entries will probably be a bit weird. I just got a tooth plucked out so I'm still a little woozy.)

    Tiana skittishly followed Crystal and Gem. She was still freaked out because of the explosion, and felt a little sick to her stomach. She breathed shallowly and quickly as she stared at the deep hole, thinking: "What the heck has happened here?!". She lowered her head in wonder and more and more paranoid, mind twisting thoughts filled her head. She was completely silent.
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    "Well I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?" Gem, after saying this, took a reckless dive down the hole and veered down the edges as if it were a slide found in a fun park. She wasn't too concerned about injury-- after all, it wasn't a strait drop, and she had a rather thick skull.

    Crystal, on the other hand, just rolled her eyes and turned to face Tiana. "I understand if you don't want to come. We won't think any less of you." she reassured after reading her panicked expression, "Who knows? It may be just some natural disaster that occurred." Leaving the decision to Tiana, she began to slowly maneuver her way down the chasm. The further down she ventured, the wider the space became, and the easier it was to squeeze through the spaces.
  13. Tiana lowered her head again. A bunch of thoughts was swirling around in her head and she really wanted an adventure, yet she was afraid and hesitant. Without a word, she transformed into a Great Tit with an unnaturally blue hue to it and fluttered around Crystal as she headed into the hole. She left her bag on the edge of the hole, in case she needed it.

    She was terrified, but her little bird face did an excellent job of hiding it. Controversial thoughts were still on her mind. "What is down there? A monster? Is it an angry spirit? Could it be an ordinary animal? Or is it just a landslide of some sort?", thoughts full of fear did a bit of pressure on her mind.
  14. The group finally reached the bottom the the pit, which ended with an open metal door. The room was large and dimly lit, easily giving enough space for a dragon or more to walk around in. Crystal looked around, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, all the while watching Tiana flutter around. Evidence of an explosion was all around-- large pieces broken machinery, wires and cables dangled from the roof, and various shards lay scattered across the edges of the ravine. This was no natural incident.

    However, what interested her most is who she sees leaning over one of the worktables, apparently trying to piece together a new part of some sort. It was Vector, one of her friends and a founding member of the Defenders. Relief flooded her thoughts-- she though for sure that someone a lot worse would've been responsible for this mess. Opening her mouth to speak, "Vector! Thank goodness it's just you. What in blazes do you think you're doing down here?!"

    Vector whirled around to face this new approach, shock and surprise clearly imbedded in his expression. "Guys? It's--" However, instead of finishing his sentence, his tone immediately turns to panic. "You need to get out of here! The door--!"


    A heavy noise could be heard coming from behind, the sound of the entrance being slammed shut. Leaning on nearby wall with his arm against the door stood a tall, dark figure, one that Crystal knew all too well. The light from his artificial red eyes slightly illuminated the surrounding area, causing a faint red glow.

    Gem's once dilated eyes quickly turned to slits after realizing the situation at hand. "Get behind me." she hissed, instinctively wanting to protect her companions from the monster that stood before them.
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  15. As soon as she started to cool down from the recent explosion, new fear kicked in. Tiana let out a loud, sharp 'spurrrrruck' sound when the heavy metal doors slammed shut.

    Instead of the crippling, crawly feeling she had before, something completely different took over. She knew, what seemed like a chemical experiment gone wrong is actually something much, much worse. Crystal and Gem didn't seem very reassuring..
    Except for the silent fluttering at her hiding spot behind Crystal's wing, Tiana was frozen in fear. "We're dead. We're sooo dead..'', she muttered as her pupils widened.

    She started breathing heavily. Much scarier thoughts were dashing through her mind.
  16. Crystal's once reassured feelings quickly crippled to fear. Yearning for the slightest bit of comfort, she scooted closer to Gem's side with her wing wrapped around Tiana. Poor girl, Crystal thought, I should've known this was a bad idea. Her gazed turned to face the figure, who was still casually leaning against the wall, as if waiting for something to happen. "I know that's you, Zein. Open that door and let us go!" she barked, sounding a lot more quiet than brave. Spending the day in a dark, underground chamber with someone who wanted to rip her neck out wasn't her idea of a good evening. But, as long as she strayed his attention away from the transformed Tiana, things might just work out.

    On the other hand, the last thing on Zein's mind was to let his enemies go. After all, it was they who poked their snouts into his business, and he hadn't done anything wrong... yet. And, fortunately for them, his mood was oddly better than usual. "Let you out? Why would I do that, especially since you are the ones who ventured here at your own risk.." A slight smile formed across his mask, and it wasn't a friendly one. "No, I think it would be much more entertaining to kill you all, in the worse way possible." However, he didn't exactly mean what he just said-- no, he was just toying with them, trying to pick apart their sanity to see who would break first. His cold gaze surveyed the group, looking for any sort of reaction. Gem just frowned and stared back, Crystal shuffled her paws uncomfortably. Vector, however, was trying to make himself seem small as possible, and shrank back into a nearby corner. A glimpse of movement from behind Crystal's wing caught his eye, though he didn't pay it much attention.
  17. (sorry my entries are kinda short...)
    Tiana was just terrified. Meeting her friends' worst enemy wasn't a lot of fun.
    Her fluttering began to sound a bit louder, her wings were weak and she knew she couldn't fly for much longer.
    She desperately tried to draw as less attention as possible to her. She drew the last of her power just to stay in place. She knew she chose a really bad hiding place.
  18. (That's alright-- usually having less characters adds less details. And sorry it takes me so long to post. >_<)


    "Alright, alright." Gem broke the silence. "So let's get down to the details. So, what are you creating here, and what caused that explosion?" If anything, Gem didn't give a crap with what Zein was building. She just wanted to keep him talking as long as possible so that they could figure out a way to get out of this situation without being scathed for life.

    Zein's eyes narrowed, slightly dimming the red light that surrounded his stance. He stopped standing still and stood up to his full height, slowly walking closer to his latest project. The metal armor that covered his talons let out a light clink with every step he took. Stopping in front of something that looked like a teleportation device, he began to explain, "You really want to know what happened? Fine." Whirling around to face them, he placed his hand on a nearby lever. "I'll show you!" Grinning like the maniac he is, he thrust the level downward, turning on whatever the device was.

    ...Nothing happened.

    Confused, Zein rapidly started to flip the switch ON and OFF, trying to make his creation work. But still, nothing happened.

    Crystal would've almost laughed out loud, but since they were the ones stuck in a large room with nowhere to go, she thought better of it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Vector slinking away with something in his paws; it looked as if he was holding a large battery. Oh, so that's why the machine didn't work... she thought. Before she could take a good notice of this, however, two mechanical, tentacle-like arms shot out from Zein's back and striked them. One grabbed Crystal at her neck, and she felt a sharp pain go down her spine. "Aaaack!" she yelped, and looked over to see that Gem has been restrained as well. Zein, who is now furious, had attacked without warning and now has an advantage over both of them. However, he has overlooked Tiana, thinking nothing more of her than just a a pet bird that they brought along.

    "Miserable reptiles!" he screeched, having lost all sense of clarity, "I will make you suffer!"
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  19. Tiana, exhausted, took Zein's attack on Crystal and Gem as a chance and quickly fluttered down to the ground. Her wings hurt pretty bad and she could barely move. Although her outer appearance seemed like she's sick or paralyzed, or even dying, her mind was working like crazy. She was panicking, her friends were in grave danger and she didn't have the foggiest idea of what to do.

    A few moments later, her fight of flight instinct kicked in, adrenalin was pumping, and she made a pretty darn stupid decision, but she went with it after all. She fluttered toward Zein and in mid-flight transformed into a Greater Bird of Paradise. She flew around Zein's face and flapped her wings violently, trying to block his field of vision.
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