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In light of the recent downtime we've all had for vacations; I'm sure we all want to know:

What, did you do.
OMG! So, after work continued to kick my butt I patiently counted down the days until my vacation. Where I knew I would get to hang out with my best bud and her menfolk! The flight there started out fairly nice, but then I overate on my layover, having not eaten anything in nearly a day. The last leg of my flight was less then fun. To make matters worse once I got there I actually temporarily got lost in the SMALLEST AIRPORT EVER! I shall not live down this shame, except I find it funny and don't care.

But I was on solid ground and soon in the embrace of dearest of webmistresses! Except the journey was not over yet! A winding road into the countryside. Cows, hills, and more cows. Not to mention the motion sickness hadn't subsided yet!

Finally after coming so long I was there! My new home for the next ten days! It was joyous as I got to meet people I'd only known online as well as reconnect with those I hadn't seen in 8 & 9 years.


As plague swept through the land, thanks to the advent of modern medicine and ancient secrets I was spared, but not my companion. I watched as she wilted away into a ghost of her former self.

Through the grace of some higher being though, she recovered after three days! There was much rejoicing, and shopping to be had!

We gave thanks multiple times to the anniversary of the birth of the one that brought us together. There was music, and drinks, and meat and sugar. For days we rejoiced in many different manners.

Then the days of rejoicing slowly wound down and my time drew to a close.

We took to the streets and ventured to and fro, looking for the last bargains to be had. More success then was expected was had.

Then there was the drive back, up and down winding roads with cows in their fenced in pastures and once more to the smallest airport in the world, where I learned you can be the only person in a security line and the TSA agents, being bored, are very friendly and happy to help.

Thus ends my tale of my trip to Arkansas to see Diana, Pan, Gibs and Taboo. It is only one chapter though, there will be many more.
Ocha just told my story. D:

Her getting lost in that airport was freaking HILARIOUS. That place wasn't even as big as a Super Walmart. >>;

Getting sick during the first half of the vaycay sucked major balls. D:< But maybe it was good that we got to lay around and relax for the first few days... I think we would have been broke as fuck before the weekend, otherwise. XD
Ocha, I LOVE how you recalled your vacation to us and I shall not have a good opportunity to do the same. It took me a few minutes to even remember that I went on vacation this summer. It was a good short vacation to show my brother the nation's capital over the weekend before the 4th of July.
I was in vacation in Portland and visited Fluffy, which I'm sure many of you know. We trolled the city and had adventures. Fun was had all around. The end. :)
Well lets see.

Last year was my last vacation since I decided for summer '011 to stay home and learn how to cook [ I accomplished ] but yeah, last year...
It started when I left off to New York, of course the airline of choice was Jet Blue and we arrived at the John F. Kennedy airport [ So damn big ! Lol ] so yeah after that I did some awesome shopping visited the statue of Liberty and all that. Then I moved back to my home state of New Jersey [ -Fist pumps - ] were I of course visited the Jersey Shore [ Seaside Heights in my occasion ], then I went to Newark after that I went to a flea market in Twin City if I recall.

THEEEN-- I went to Dorney Park in Philadelphia. After that I visited some people in Virginia. Then I went to North Carolina and went to some aquariams and zoo's, and of course went to Charlotte to got to a amusement park called Carowinds [ Thrill Ride Capital of the Southeast ] THEEEN-- I went to South Carolina and visited some beaches.

And finally I went to Florida [ Miami, Orlando and all that ].
So yeah, I didn't do much.
I don't have vacations. I just get one week to get drunk and as high as I would need before going back to college.

But in general I get drunk every week, so it's all the same shit anyway lolz!
Last vacation I took was to the Mid-west. It was a solo road-trip.