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    "You really didn't have to invite me along, Tohru." A tall blond whispered quietly, continuing to pack her lavender suitcase with all the necessities someone would require for a month long vacation. "You shouldn't feel obligated to bring me."

    However, the brunette in question only wore a large smile and insisted that the offer was entirely normal. "I know that you spend your Summer vacations at home all alone, Uo." She spoke the truth, but this yearly tradition had never really bothered Uo before, at least, she never let anyone believe otherwise. "I wanted to have you come along and the Sohma's said it was fine."

    "Oh right," Uo mused thoughtfully. "The Sohma cousins are coming too?"

    Tohru nodded, "Yup. Shigure, Yuki and Kyo."

    * * *

    Reluctantly Uo walked with Tohru as the group was driven to the local airport by another member of the Sohma family. Apparently this person was their doctor, or so Uo managed to gather. She'd also learned his name to be Hatori and thanked him politely when everyone left the car. He merely nodded and drove off in silence.

    The air port welcomed them all with smiles and classical music, painfully dreadful to the ears. Uo was guided to the eating area by Tohru's hand, the shorter female finally stopped in front of a Ramen shop. "Are you hungry, Uo?"

    Although her stomach grumbled loudly in protest, Uo declined Tohru's kindness and lied. The Americanized woman allowed her eyes to survey the airport in curiosity. This would be her first time outside of the small town and the opportunity was all thanks to the Sohma family. Well, Shigure to be specific. It was his idea that Tohru and his cousins go visit the Emerald Beach of Okinawa. When Tohru suggested if Uo could join her, no one had protested.

    * * *

    Uo sat lowly in her chair, the airplane beginning its climb above the clouds. Seated next to her was the annoying orange-top. She would have preferred Tohru, but the generous young woman had taken her seat beside Yuki and Uo didn't want to ruin Tohru's happiness. She seemed so happy with Yuki, talking and giggling without a care in the world. Shigure was seated somewhere among the plane, but his actual location unknown.

    As the plane suddenly began to shake as it encountered turbulence, Uo clenched together her teeth and tightly closed both eyes as she silently prayed not to die in a fiery explosion.​
  2. Kyo sat with his head on his hands, scowling at the fact that he was even here. If it wasn't for Tohru, he wouldn't be here with that damn rat. When the plane started to rise, he clenched the arms. A cat on a plane...what a wonderful idea! He looked over to see that Uo was also tense. He smiled, "What's wrong? Can't handle a little turbulence?" He was going to laugh when the plane shook again and was finally in the air. He clenched again and let out a sigh as the plane leveled out.

    This vacation was Shigure's idea. It was probably just a way to get away from his editor. He didn't even want to go, but it was either this or be stuck with Momiji and Hatsu. Plus, Tohru seemed to really want him to go. Looking over at Uo, he thought that having her come along was a bad idea... trying to keep the secret from her was hard enough when her and Hana spent the night, but now they were stuck together everyday, for a month. He looked over to see Yuki was staring at in. Instantly, he was angry, "What are you looking at?"
  3. Uo's temper had been under control for the longest time and most likely would have stayed in a calm state, but unfortunately, Kyo just had to open his mouth. Momentarily delayed in her retort by fear of the plane, Uo composed herself long enough to reach for the handle on the side of Kyo's chair and quickly yanked it. Suddenly Kyo's chair was sent falling backwards and Uo snickered in pleasure, her plan having been a success.

    Satisfied with her little mischievous prank on Kyo, Uo tried to relax as the flight continued. Looking around for something to keep her entertained, a magazine presented itself and Uo reached for it hesitantly. Reading while nervous is not exactly easy, but Uo managed. She kept silent, occupying herself and in the background Yuki and Tohru's conversation could be overheard. Shigure had apparently fallen asleep already, his head lolling to the shoulder of an unknown woman seated beside him.
  4. As Kyo yelled at Yuki, his chair flipped back suddenly. He flew back into the laps of the people. He looked up at them quickly fixed his chair, glaring at Uo, "Hey, what's the big idea?" He said loudly. The couple behind him shushed him. He growled a little and looked over at her, "What are you reading?" He asked. He snatched away the magazine from her, as payback for the chair. He flipped through and it winced at it--a girl magazine. He threw the magazine back at her and looked around. He was getting anxious and wanted off the damn plane.

    "Can we get up yet?" He asked, but then the conversation that he had had at the house with Yuki and Shigure before the other night came back into his mind. Shigure had said that they should not get up unless they absolutely have to. They didn't want to risk getting accidentally hugged by any woman. That memory only made Kyo angrier. Now he had to stay in the same place for a while. He tapped on the chair's arm, and what was worse is that he had to sit next to the Yankee. ​
  5. "Are you always so annoying, Orange-Top?" Uo growled angrily, returning to her page in the magazine once Kyo had tossed it back. She honestly disliked Kyo's temper and silently wished someone else would take his spot. Even Shigure would be a better replacement. Kyo and her have never gotten along, ever since their first meeting. Uo sighed, resting back in the chair and dropped the magazine into her lap.

    "Stop complaining," Uo scolded, getting even more irritated. She cast her eyes to the window, looking outside and immediately felt nauseous. From their height in the plane everything below was incredibly small and the rapid movement of the plane made Uo very uneasy. She raised a hand to her mouth and leaned back away from the window. "How long is this flight, anyway?"
  6. Kyo's hair stood on end as Uo called him annoying, "You shouldn't be talking, Yankee." He grumbled to himself as she went back to her magazine. When she looked out the window, he noticed her reaction. He smiled and stared at her, "Motion sick?" He asked. If this was the case, he was sure to never let her live it down. Suddenly, something hard hit the back of his head. He looked over to see Yuki glaring daggers into him. Kyo glared back, but before he could say anything, Tohru drew Yuki's eyes away from him.

    Kyo clenched the arm tighter. A small crack could be heard as the arm slightly lifted from the chair. "Oh, can this get any worse!" He said loudly. A flight attendant came around and looked at him, "Sir, could please keep it down. People are complaining." With that, she turned. Kyo fumed in his chair silently.​
  7. Uo snickered quietly, amused at the degree of Kyo's discomfort. He truly was an entertaining sight. "Why can't you be polite and mild mannered like your cousin, Yuki?" Already knowing his intense hatred for that violet-haired male, Uo was just antagonizing Kyo for her own enjoyment. Finally a lovely flight attendant came by and was offering drinks with some tasty snacks. Uo smiled kindly, although still feeling sick to her stomach.

    "Can I get you anything, miss?"

    Uo nodded, asking for a soda and some crackers. The woman nodded, lowering her gaze to the handsome red-haired male, "Would you like anything, sir?"
  8. Kyo curled his hands into fists at her comment. Luckily for everyone, a woman came around with snacks. Uo ordered cracker and some pop. The attendant asked him if he wanted anything. He looked at the cart and pointed at a can of pop, "That would be great." He asked, giving a slight smile. He was hungry, but him eating and flying was not a good idea.

    The woman gave them their snacks and before she left, Kyo lifted a finger, "How much longer is the flight?" He asked, hoping that she would say it would be over soon. She gave that annoying too-nice smile, "Another hour, sir." With that, she walked away. Kyo sighed and hung his head. He opened his pop and took a sip, his black and white beads clanking the aluminum can.​
  9. The faint clanking of beads caught Uo's attention and she raised a brow curiously at the beads on Kyo's wrist. She'd never seem him without them, but honestly had no idea what they meant to him or why it was so important for him to wear them all the time. "Oi, Kyo?" Uo leaned to the side, inspecting his wrist with slightly narrowed eyes. "Are those beads special to you or something?" She teasingly tugged on them, "I didn't take you for someone to wear jewelry~"

    * * *

    "Yuki?" Tohru questioned him, shuffling her feet nervously. "Do you think Uo and Kyo will get along on this vacation?"
  10. Yuki looked at Tohru, and then over at Kyo and Uo. He smiled, "Oh, I would worry about them too much, Miss Honda." He said, in his gentle voice. When the attendant came around to them and asked what they wanted, Yuki gave her a smile as well, "Water is good for me. What would you like Tohru?"

    * * *

    When Uo asked about his beads, he squeezed his can tighter, tensing. He didn't really know how to answer. He couldn't exactly tell her the truth, but if he didn't say anything, she'd probably start making stuff up and never let him live it down. "I just like them, okay." He said, a little too defensively. He put the can in the cup holder and put his hand in his lap. "I wonder what Shigure is doing?" He asked, trying to change the subject.​
  11. Uo scoffed at Kyo's curt reply and crossed her arms in a huff, looking away from him. She'd actually been trying to have a conversation with him and he refused to even humor her. So much for attempting to build a semi-friendship. Anyway, the plane would begin its decline shortly and Uo figured she could handle a few more minutes with the annoying man.

    * * *

    Tohru squeaked in mild fear when the plane began to descend towards the ground. Knowing she couldn't embrace Yuki for fear of causing him to transform, she reached onto his arm instead and held it tightly. Her eyes were shut in fear, tears just brimming the lashes. At least she had Yuki to protect her and make the fear seem less dramatic.

    Shigure was slowly waking from his nap, opening his eyes to a semi-furious woman as she noticed the circle of drool on her shoulder. Needlessly to say, her screaming was overheard throughout the entire plane. Thankfully she only slapped him and didn't do much worse. Shigure nursed the reddening bruise on his cheek and mumbled something about, "I'm innocent" in the process.

    * * *

    When the plane finally landed and everyone was allowed to leave, Uo hurried from her seat and pushed by Kyo. Her brash actions forced Kyo to fall back into his seat and Uo dashed out into the hallway of the airport. Tohru, Shigure, Yuki and Kyo joined moments later.

    "Where to now, Shigure?" Tohru asked eagerly, having dropped Yuki's arm and struggled to hide the maddening blush along her cheeks.
  12. Kyo was thankful for the plane landing. Uo had gotten up in a hurry and had pushed him back in his seat, "Hey! what's the big idea!" He yelled, but she had tore off of the plane. He sighed and followed Yuki, Tohru, and Shigure off the plane. Once they were off the plane and in the airport, they were making their way towards the luggage carousel. Tohru had asked where to next.

    Shigure, having been pulled away from his joyful staring at all the young, beautiful women. Yuki rolled his eyes, "If this is how you are here, imagine the beach. Where are we going now?" He asked, tilting his head. Shigure shook his head, "Yes, yes. We need to go to the hotel first!" He said, pointing a finger in the air. Kyo crossed his hands over his chest, "Won't your editor get angry that you've ditched out again?"

    Shigure waved his hand up and down, "Nonsense, nonsense. She'll be fine." With that, he pointed to the luggage carousel and walked towards it. ​
  13. Uo followed behind everyone else and waited for her luggage to come around. Spotting the small, lavender colored, bag make its appearance, Uo reached for it. Tohru was struggling to get her own, the machine moving to quickly for her. Uo smiled, snagging the bag at just the last moment before it disappeared. "Here you go, Tohru."

    The brunette grinned, happy and thankful. "Come on, let's go eat!" She suggested, earning agreement from Yuki and Shigure. Uo didn't protest either, her own stomach demanding food soon. Tohru managed to find a cute little fast food joint near the exit. Everyone sat down at the table. Tohru next to Yuki, Shigure beside the violet-haired man and this left Uo to be seated next to Kyo.

    Frowning at the displeasure of having Kyo be so close, Uo busied herself with the menu and looked for something cheap. Shigure and Tohru both offered to pay, but Tohru insisted. As for Uo, well, having recently been fired from her part-time job...her wallet is fairly vacant. Rather than allow the others to pay for her, Uo just ordered a dollar burger and a soda.

    Tohru looked concerned, knowing that Uo normally eats much more than that at school. "Uo, are you alright?"

    "I'm fine, Tohru." Uo dismissed the inquiry, leaning back in the chair awkwardly. One arm resting over the back and her other arm hanging down from the side.
  14. Kyo grabbed a black suitcase when it came around. He watched Tohru struggle to get her luggage, but Uo was right there to help. After everyone was ready, Tohru suggested getting something to eat. "Yeah! I'm starving!" He added.

    Once they were at the restaurant, he found himself sitting next to Uo again. What is this? He thought to himself. With Tohru paying, he picked more cheaper items, but not as cheap as Uo did. He nearly dropped his menu when he heard what she was getting. Tohru asked her what was wrong, but to come to think of it; she did seem a little...not like herself. He eyed her up and down before turning to see the waitress coming.

    The waitress had a broad smile on her face, almost like she was pretending to like her job. "Hello. Are you all ready to order?" She asked. Yuki nodded, "Yes, I would like the number four please." He told her. Shigure ordered the number 3 and Kyo ordered the burger and fries. ​
  15. When the meals were set on the table by the waitress, the poor young woman seemed quite exhausted and yet wore a stubborn smile all the same, Uo and the others eagerly began eating. Shigure and Yuki didn't say much while consuming their food, but Tohru engaged Uo in conversation. Even though Uo really didn't wish to talk so openly among the Sohma cousins, she couldn't refuse answering when Tohru began asking questions.

    "Why didn't Hana want to come?"

    Uo sighed, setting her small burger down on the wrapper. "She went on vacation with her own family. I asked if she wanted to come, but her grandparents would have been disappointed."

    Tohru nodded, completely understanding. "I'm glad you came, though, Uo." Tohru's smile was enough to make Uo's own lips quiver upwards as well.

    "Thanks, Tohru, me too."

    They continued eating and soon the table was left with only wrappers and dirty napkins. Tohru and Uo both gathered the garbage and went to throw everything away, leaving the boys together. "Remember to be careful around Miss Uotoni, you stupid cat." Yuki, ever so kindly, reminded his cousin.
  16. Kyo glared at Yuki, "Don't call me stupid, you damn rat! It's not my fault that I got stuck next to her twice." He said, biting into his burger. Yuki shook his head, "Still. Cats are clumsy, small-minded creatures who--" Kyo slammed a fist down on the table, glaring at him. Shigure sighed, "Yuki, Kyo...must you? We are in a wonderful place with Miss Uotoni and Miss Honda. Can't you just try to get a long. If only for today?" He said, before taking another bite. Yuki took a sip and spoke into his cup, "I was just trying to warn him, Shigure." Kyo growled and got up.

    Shigure tilted his head, "Where are you going?" Kyo walked away, yelling, "To the bathroom." Yuki sighed and put his cup down as the girls started to return. He smiled at Tohru and Uo, "This place is lovely isn't it?" He said, taking a deep breath.​
  17. "Oh, yes!" Tohru clapped her hands together happily, but apparently had missed Kyo's angered departure. Uo, on the other hand, hadn't and was curious as to what finally set him off. While Tohru stayed in the company of Shigure and Yuki, the Yankee went searching for the ginger-haired man. He seemed to going into the bathroom, Uo noticed upon following him, but saw him divert his path somewhere else at the last minute. Surprised and even more intrigued now, Uo decided to continue following in his footsteps.

    * * *

    "Um, where did Uo and Kyo go?" Tohru finally realized their disappearance and looked around anxiously. "Did something happen!?"

    Shigure gently placed a hand on the frightened girl's shoulder, "They went to get some air." A complete lie, but something Tohru was willing to believe.

    "Oh, okay." She settled back down into her seat and glanced over to Yuki. "I hope neither of you are upset that I wanted to bring Uo?"

    * * *

    "Yo!" Uo called from across the room, quickening her pace to catch up alongside Kyo. "What's the matter, Orange-top?"
  18. "Oh no, it's lovely that she is here!" Shigure said with a smile. He continued to eat his meal.

    "What would you like to do, after this, Miss Honda?" Yuki asked.

    * * *

    Kyo walked towards the back door of the building, trying to get outside for some fresh air. "Yo!" A familiar voice spoke out from behind him. He looked behind him to see Uo coming up. Why was she following him? She asked then what was wrong. He shook his head, "Nothing. Just need some air." He stated. He walked out of the building and took a deep breath. It was a very nice day out, and he had to admit that it was nice to be away from the rest of the Sohma family.

    But why did Yuki have to get on his nerves like that. It was obvious that he had to be careful around Uo...but there HE was, hanging around Tohru. Yuki and Shigure had to be just as careful! He clenched his fist again as he grew angry again.​
  19. The signs of anger that Kyo displayed were the very same Uo knew all so well. She sighed softly, lifting her sapphire eyes to the sky just above them. "Look, I know it's difficult for you to get along with Yuki and myself, but..." Her voice suddenly dropped, cracking very faintly as she continued. "This trip means a lot to Tohru and I don't want anything or anyone to ruin it for her, understand?" Always looking out for Tohru, that seems to be all Uo ever does anymore.

    "I'll even pretend to be nice and friendly to you if that would help?" Uo suggested, an uncomfortable smile forced onto her lips. "I just want her to enjoy this time away from studies and housework. You must know already how diligently Tohru cares for you and everyone else. She needs a chance to relax and think about herself for once." Uo walked forwards, standing beside Kyo without getting to close.

    "So, what do you say, Orange-top?" She extended her hand and held it out for him to accept. "Tolerate each other for Tohru's sake?"
  20. Kyo listened to Uo and knew that she was right. Tohru really did care for them all, and she did a lot at the house. From cleaning, to cooking...she hardly ever got to do anything for herself. He nodded and looked at her hand that was ready to shake. He grabbed it and shook it, "Alright. For Tohru." He let go of her and started back towards the building, his hands in his pocket, "My food's probably cold now." He grumbled with a slight smile on his lips.

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