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  1. well, since I'm not used to introductions, please pardon me if I'll use the format given.

    it's pretty hard to edit when using tab, sorry, i'll just post here what is supposedly below,
    all in all, i'm kinda excited to rp, ^^

    I hope i can do okay,

    Well, what do I prefer to be called..?
    Chou is fine for it's my username in here, people will easily be able to remember. But you can call me "Mei" for I'm used to be called that when it comes to sites like this, ^^'

    Gender, well, female. ^^"

    Age, currently 19...?

    I'm new in this forum/site, but in roleplaying, I'm not, but it's been long since i had one proper rp. and I might be an amateur to pro rp-ers here, :3 so, please do bear with me,

    in rp, I prefer one x one, since, I'm more used to it. I tried group rp, but, I can't always keep up because of time, rp-mates aren't predictable about when they will reply or did they already left, sometimes, they just act quick without you noticing, sometimes, they don't mind your post or will overlook.
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  2. Hi there Chou~! <3 We're happy to have you with us! Welcome to the communityyyy!
  3. woah, sankyuu, Diana-san~~ I'm glad to know that~~ xxz3