V is for Violent Purge

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  1. Mason marched up to Zidane and promptly ripped the joint away from his hands. "This stuff is bad for magic, psych, arts and aura users" he said, scolding the young thief, "because the distraction of your mind's processes create a danger. Your powers could easily start slipping up, and once you try to activate them,they go haywire. We don't need super pink monkey boy to be out of commission or attacking his teammates."

    Mason walked a short distance away and opened up a portal through his aura. "I'm going to dispose of this PROPERLY," he said while leaving the room through his portal.

    Zidane laughed and dug deep into his pockets, retrieving a second joint. "Hey, Bibi, mind giving me a light? I promise to share."

    His partner was reluctant, but cast a small Fire spell to light up the illegal materials. Zidane took a drag and offered it to his partner, who respectfully declined. "You do what you need to, Zidane, but I'd rather stay clean."

    After a time of about ten minutes, a return portal opened. Then it closed. Then it opened. The portal continued to flicker open and closed until a slightly disoriented Mason leapt through and landed on his stomach.

    He pushed himself up off the ground, his eyes tinted with a slight red. "Gee, oh boy, I shouldn't have gone outside. The pollen count is awful today and I didn't take my allergy medication. I'm sure I'll be fine," he said while rubbing his eyes. He then pulled a breadstick from a pocket in his cloak (with the breadstick somehow freshly baked) and took a bite out of it.

    "Anybody else need snacks? I think I have some pretzels and beef jerkey," he asks.

    Mason may have fallen prey to temptation
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  5. The Nine Demon Gods

    Azabaidon~ He is the Known King of the Plane of Hell. He rules over the Nine circles. Demon God of Contracts, and Sin

    Appearance~ Azabaidon is the size of a full grown Werewolf. Covered in horns and spines that would pierce through the hardest of metals. Lava flows from his veins, dark fires encircle him and he has a crown of Horns atop his head to show he is the King of Demons. His symbol is a Human walking through blackened fire away from the light.

    Judgment~ The First Circle of hell where the damned souls are judged by their sins.
    Sloth~ The Second layer of Hell
    Envy~ The Third Layer of Hell
    Lust~ The Fourth Layer of Hell
    Gluttony~ The Fifth Layer of Hell
    Greed~ The Sixth Layer of Hell
    Pride~ The Seventh Layer of Hell
    Wrath~ The Eighth Layer of Hell
    Damnation~ The Ninth Layer of Hell where Azabaidon Resides atop his throne of Sin
    Ramadius~ Demon God of Domination, and Submission. He rules over the Plane known as
    Bassmasius or the Realm of Chains

    Appearance~ Seen as a Goliath Demon with a much smaller crown. he is wrapped in chains that attach themselves to Dark hounds. An army of slaves follows him by damnable chains wherever he walks. He is faceless but his voice can not be ignored. His symbol is a Bowing Human being choked by chains.

    Astaroth~ Demon God of Plague, and Carrion He rules over the Realm of Los Carmion or the Land of Undeath, decay, and rot.

    Appearance~ Astaroth is a Collosal sized mixture of Rot that forms the most powerful Lich to ever exist. His body is millions of corpses en-rapped in dark miasma. He has not feet only floats across the earth as a plague of death. His symbol is a skull with carrion and insects crawling out its rotted eyes and mouth.

    General~ Abbadon the Male Death Knight
    General~ Narcronamy the Female Death Knight.
    Carnabious~ Demon God of Temptation, and Indulgence. He rules over the Plane of Avalon. Or the Garden of Forbidden Fruits.

    Appearance~ Human sized Carnabious is a man dressed in death flowers, and spikes. He is naked always only covered where it is needed by man eating plants and dark thorns. His eyes are oddly bloodshot and yet he is a beautiful Demon to behold. His symbol is a Human rotting away as they smell a Dark looking flower.
    Barizul~ Demon God of Terrors, and Trapped Souls. He rules over Limbo, or the realm in between.

    Appearance~ A shadow of darkness with many faces, and mixed of terrors and phantoms. He is shaped much like a tornado but takes more of a form of wisp like ghosts and reapers.
    General~ The Shepherd:
    Deridenia~ Demon Goddess of Selfish Pleasures, and Adultery. She rules over the Realm of Desires, filled with all those women or men that came to her after fulfilling their sexual desires.

    Appearance~ A dreadfully beautiful Succubus with wings, and a flawless form. She has dark red hair and glowing eyes that can not be ignored. At her breasts a smaller demon is constantly suckling and her very voice is that of a lustuous moan.

    General~ Setarin:
    Abastus~ Demon God of Genocide, and Total Slaughter. He rules in the Realm of Tartarus. A Land where the ruthless soldiers have gathered in an army.

    Appearance~ An infernal armor with dark strains of glowing white light flowing from every blackened piece. His eyes glow with infernal fire, and his armor is that of darkest shadows. 12 Angelic winks covered in chains and blood stains sprout from his back and encircle him their sway giving rise to great infernos.

    Ziamectus~ Demon God of Obliteration, and Devouring. The genderless God slumbers in a realm all his own, like a prison. For his hunger and taste for destruction can NOT be sated until he has devoured all things in existence, or fallen back into slumber.

    Appearance~ Faceless a formless moster that comes into being a tower sized world eater with infinite country eating tentacles. His form is comprised of the lost, ships, castles and all of that which he has consumed long before he was locked away by the other eight.
    Sereth~ Demon God of Damned Creation, and Dark Knowledge. He is the ruler of the Vault of Souls, a land where all knowledge’s passes, he knows all things but as a consequence may not participate in most mortal affairs, and may never share his wisdom outright. Sereth is a Demon God that has come the closest to Neutral, but in the end was forced to settle as a Lawful Evil Creature with the power to create and un-create at the tip of his fingers.

    Appearance~ The Most human of all the Demon Gods at one point was the closest in evil to Azabaidon. Shadows cover his form, and he still retains a crown of horns. But above that crown is a blazing set of three halos. He has a skeletal wing, Three Black wings, a Blood stained wing, and two purely angelic white wings. His eyes are lost and hold the wisdom of everything in the world within them.

    General~ The Pope:

    Demon God's Hierarchy~
    Demon God > Demon Prince/Princess > Generals > Barons > Demon's by tier