V is for Violent Purge

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Warmaster Death

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The space Marine edged closer, the thick woods concealing his eight foot tall, one tonne frame.

Edward and Bella strolled, hand in hand ever closer, unaware of what awaited them, hidden in the nights thick shadows.

WMD grinned, his eyes peircing the black, lightless night with ease and jsut as the faux vampire turned, a look that seemed a mix of constipation and suprise, the Space marine lunged, two terminator armored gauntlets clamping down around the faux one's head, the pressure alone enough to crush stone into powder.

the false one's head popped like an overipe watermelon, showering WMD, and the now gibbering and shocked Bella with brain and skull fragments
"Immortal is not invulnerable, pathetic one" the space marine growled, seizing the bella by the throat and hauling the girl from her feet, she kicked at the armored warrior with all the strength she could muster, the space marines only response was to tighten his grip until he could see the veins bulging beneath her flesh.

"Archetype will break you, and as for the rest of your pathetic circus, their purification is nigh" WMD whispered, his eyes glowing with a melevolent hunger as he forced the girl to watch as a on the horizon, the sky lit up with numerous blinding flashes as the Ominous Drunbkardous began to fire the first lance strikes of the Exterminatus.

"your world will burn and your freinds and loved ones will perish. your existence is your crime, you are a sickness, and we, your destroyers are the cure" a portal opened behind WMD and the space marine hurled his victim into the swirling vortex.


well aren't you just raveshing, i know what you need" a sickly sweet voice purred from the darkness as Bella vomited fresh bile onto the floor, all around her were corpses, each arranged in a different sexual position, the sight was both sickening and somehow erousing at the same time, but Bella had no time to think as a long, silkt smooth and delicate seeming hand grabbed her by the face and dragged her into the darkness.


The earth's crust began to crack and buckle under the weight of the bombardment, which had continued for seven months straight, new ships arriving through portals and adding their weight of fire to the barrage with every moment.
videogame, television show, tabletop wargaming, Anime, live action shows and Film, all were represented in the armarda that fired murcilessly into the earth.

finally, the Earth broke apart and the peieces were blasted into smaller and smaller peices.

finally, a full year after the bombardment began, the Twilight Earth was nothing but dust drifiting through space, its only survivor left in the hands of one of the sickest adrogynous beings known to the relam of fiction, Archetype of the ISAF.
That Archetype lady will give me nightmares forever. .__.
Archetype is going to do horrible things to Bella, isn't she (it)? v_v
fuck year.
and im enjoying the mental images of such an occurence.
Applause! Applause!

I always wanted to get a bunch of the better examples of vampires in literature together to put Edward over their knee. Take that anyway you want it.
And the better Edwards too, cause that was one of my favorite names until Meyer RUINED it.
oh, I am envisioning a time travellign sequel.
perhaps the forces of Nefariousness get a time machine, go back before wmd shows Twilight the Emperor Class battleship and go all "True Vampire" on the twifags.