V for Vendetta: Legacy of V

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  1. The years after Norsefire were chaotic at best. The terrorist, codename V, was also labelled a hero of society and shortly thereafter disappeared into obscurity. Those involved in the destruction of Parliament (a.k.a., everyone) were allowed to return to their normal lives. A temporary sort of government was established, something as a placeholder until stability could really be developed. The People were finally able to govern themselves.

    However, the human race needs guidance, and there were many who sought the position of absolute power. There were rules, laws, set up to prevent anything like that happening ever again, but things were not going as well as they could have. With no real leadership, the economy was plummeting, riots were being started, crime was high. Anarchy still ran rampant through the streets.

    That's when The Order of Vo' Tai stepped in. This religious group decided that a flock of sheep wandering blind was too dangerous to allow to continue. They campaigned, they won over the people, they ascended to power. Their leader is anonymous, claiming the true leader is Higher than all of them, and their identity, thus, is not necessary. They are but a conduit for the true leader.

    This new government has served the country well, but over the years, its actions began bordering on fanatical. Religion became necessity, "heretics" began being tried and publicly executed. It is suspected that Codename V watched all of this, stood by, waiting. People began to take notice, but dared not stand up against this new regime. Fanatics can be more dangerous than a soldier.

    Alright, We need 2-6 policemen, 2-6 government officials, 2-4 random citizens, And 2-4 other people in the group with me and the co-founder of this idea, SurpySoup, fighting against the Order. Not all positions have to be filled, but most would be nice. At least the minimum.

    Please use this format:

    Positions filled:
    Policemen: 0/6 ( )
    Order members: 1/6 (Thomas McTavish, )
    Citizens: 1/6 (Mushishi, )
    Fighters: 2/6 (Thomas McTavish, Surpysoup, )
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  2. Name: Robert Cormando; Codename: V6
    Age: 22
    Position: V's apprentice
    Appearance: Looks like V, but shorter by an inch, short black hair, not burnt.
    History: As a young boy, Robert had admired the work of the so-called terrorist, V. He trained for years to be like him, one day finally getting to meet his hero, just after the Order took over. V took him on as an apprentice, and trained him in everything he knew. Robert had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, and now awaits the perfect moment to for a band of rebels to take down this oppression.

    Name: Anonymous
    Age: unknown
    Position: High Priest of Vo' Tai, leader of the order, servant of Vo' Tai
    Appearance: unknown
    History: A religious fanatic, The High Priest once had a dream while he slept. It was a dream of God, and showed him the error of their ways, told him to correct them and set humanity on the divine path. He founded the order on principals of the Old Testament and Puritanism, including human sacrifice of sinners to give example to his followers of what would happen should they stray from the path. When Britain fell into chaos, the High Priest seized his chance to spread his word, was elected as the highest governmental power. Effectively having taken control over the country, he forced His word upon the people.
  3. Name: Angelica Dumont; Codename: V8

    Age: 20

    Position: V's apprentice

    Appearance: Slender, young form. Blond hair, kept short in a boy's cut. Taught muscles, lithe, like a dancer.

    History: Her family had been among the anarchists during V's initial 'terrorizing'. She watched as everything played out, her parents taking part in political stand-ins, riots, the whole nine-yards. Her opinion of the matter was apathetic at best. She was too young at the time to really understand anything, or to care. When the Order of Vo'Tai stepped in, however, that's when she took a notice. Yes, society seemed to be getting a handle on reality again, and she was glad for that. She had always been involved in her school's dance classes, but really started putting forth effort in her teenage years. When everything was leveling out. That was until the sermons were being broadcasted each morning in school, each evening during dinner. Public executions were terrifying and seemed so barbaric, but no one had the guts to say anything. Angelica herself didn't claim a religion, never have, probably never would. She blended in without standing out and without actually succumbing to the new Order's demands of national religion. That was before her parents were tried as heretics. That was when she escaped and disappeared, and when V found her.
  4. may I join? I love the movie so amazing. I was happy and sad at the end.

    Name: Owen aka Vendetta
    Age: 19
    Position: random person. (goes to works at a café and is a student and hacker)
    Appearance: is a pic ok [​IMG] but HER hair is Dark black. sorry.
    History: before Her mother passed away she told her a lot about V she wish she was around when it happened though. She don't know why she started to like V but she did. she follows him but not like join them follow them. her mother called her Vendetta. she liked that her mother called her that she and she was called that at school. after her mother died she start to hack and started to work at a small café. her hacker name is Vendetta.

    (cant tink of anything right now -.- for my history.)
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  5. Make a history for her.