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    "One day changed everything. Sure, I was unhappy with my life, but I never said I was ready to die. It's true what they say, moments before your death, your entire life flashes before your eyes. And here I was, regretting almost half of it. The bitter taste of wasted years. The comfort of having nothing left to leave behind. And yet, even with that disappointment, I was prepared to give up everything for a different life, a purpose. Maybe with a purpose, I thought, I would be happier."

    And so, we became time travelers.


    1 am.

    She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. It was frustrating.

    Every other question she attempted was going nowhere. Piles of papers with scrawled equations and semi-complete responses littered her desk and floor. She was reaching breaking point. As she squinted at her tablet, reading the next question, her cell phone lit up in the corner of her eye. She dropped her pencil, leaned back in her chair and picked up the device. A text message from Chase. He was asking if she was still awake.

    Yes, and I'm dying. I regret having taken physics 2. Help me?

    She sent the message and attempted to stretch her arms over her head. The space under her bunk bed-desk combo was scarce, but she could at least get some feeling back into her limbs. Glancing behind her, she looked out the window. The view was fantastic. The riverside, the bridge, the city lights. She sighed. She couldn't believe such a beautiful night was being wasted on physics.

    Her phone buzzed. She reached for it. Chase wanted to go for a walk. He figured she needed break from cramming as well. Aurelia paused to think. She wasn't making much progress anyways. Fresh air would be nice. Chase might agree to tutor her afterwards. It all seemed well so she agreed.

    Quietly sneaking out from under the curtain under her bed, she reached for a sweater and put on her shoes. Her two roommates were asleep so she shut the door very gently, turned around and almost screamed. Chase was across the hall, smiling at her.

    "You scared me!"

    "I figured I might." He grinned, "Let's go."

    They often spent time together, the breaks between studying, weekend mornings to get breakfast. The other friends in their group were living at different places now, so getting together every other day was difficult, to say the least. Plus, everyone was getting busy with things. They were nearly juniors.

    "How's the physics?" Chase teased.

    Aurelia bumped her shoulder into his and pushed him to the side. "Don't even ask. You're going to tutor me after this."

    Chase laughed. She took it as a sign of agreement and smiled.

    They spent a lot of time on that bridge, gazing up at the architechure, trying to point out the stars. Chase was star-gazer. Back at home, he even owned a telescope. Aurelia, being the dreamy sort, loved pointing them out and asking him which was which. It was fascinating how much he knew.

    There were always strange things on the bridge walkway. People would write their names on locks and tie them to the string boards. Sometimes there were RIP locks. Sometimes some of the locks were "Happily Wedded." Aurelia once found a lock from 1999. She wondered if it was a local tradition for good luck or something.

    "Hey look at this!" Chase was pointing to something hanging from the strings. From where she stood it sparkled under the moonlight. Aurelia walked over and reached for it. Two earrings. A little strange looking. Two opal-like stones and some strung jewels. Aurelia held them in her palms. For a moment, she felt the world spin. A scene flashed before her eyes... She was walking with Chase on the bridge. Just like earlier, but this time, Aurelia was the one who pointed at the earrings and Chase was the one who picked them off the string board. There was a flash of light as he touched them. He fell to the ground, coughing. It was as if he couldn't breathe. Aurelia knelt next to him. "Chase! Chase are you okay?" He gripped her shoulder, his face pained. Aurelia watched, afraid. Moments later, he fell over. She sat there for a few minutes as cold swept into his hands. She realized he was dead.

    "Aurie, open your eyes!"

    Aurelia snapped back to reality, looking up to see a worried Chase shouting at her. He was holding her in his arms, shouting. They were still on the bridge. It was still night time. Past his shoulders, she could see the same night sky, full of bright stars.

    "W..What happened?" She croaked.

    "Some light came out of the earrings and you fainted. It was really weird. Are you all right?" Chase looked worried. Aurelia wanted to tell him what she saw. Tell him not to touch the earrings, not to go close to them or she'd lose him. But it was too late. Chase was reaching for her face, no, her ears. "That's strange. I never saw you put them on. They do look pretty good on you."

    Aurelia's eyes widening when she felt the tug of weight in her ears. The earrings were her's now. Did that mean the future she'd seen was her's as well. Did she somehow save Chase? Was what she saw the future or the past, or an entirely different course of fate. She didn't know. But she was sure of one thing.

    "Chase, do you remember what you said... when I asked you what you would do if I died?"

    "I said I'd go to your grave. Leave some flowers. Read a bad poem," he laughed, "something like that I guess?"

    With a smile, she looked at him. His blue-green eyes, his scruffy brown hair. He was almost a brother to her. And sometimes, he was something more.

    "Chase, thank you. The time I spent with you was so precious."

    He laughed. He was used to her strange behavior. Talking like she was going to die. "Yeah, me too. You ready to study for physics now? I think we've had enough excitement for a day."

    "No, I'm going to jump from the bridge."

    "Okay, I'll jump with you then." He stood up, giving her a hand to help her up as well. She took it reluctantly. He thought it was just a joke. That she was so stressed about their exams that she was talking nonsense. But the moment she stood up, it all became real to him. She fell forward, unable to find balance. Her eyes glazed over. Her body grew cold. She murmured something. He shook her by the shoulders, "Aurie, are you that tired? I can carry you back.." Slowly, she began to disappear, until all he was left embracing was little pieces of sparkling dust, floating off into the air. Chase didn't understand what was going on. He reached to grab the air. A small, stifled cry rang out from his throat. What the hell was going on. Where was Aurelia? A tear slipped across his face. Chase, crying. Aurelia would've been shocked. Ahead of him, upon the water, the sun began to rise. And once the light filled up the sky, Chase began to wonder what he was doing, standing in the middle of the bridge. In about four hours, he would have to leave for his exam. Chase walked back to his apartment, thinking he'd come out alone. He would go to the deli for breakfast, study in the library, spend his evenings on his computer, all without feeling lonely.

    It was as if she had never existed. As if he'd never held her as she died.

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  2. Doctor Jacov Rohind, otherwise known as Doc, was just pulling into a parking lot located next to one of the world’s best hospitals. He worked there as head of the emergency department and was also always on call should something major come up. After all he was the most trusted doctor in the entire department and lived only just down the street. Slowly he pulled up into his dedicated parking spot and put his car in park with a sigh. He could already feel today was going to be one of those days... he already knew something bad was about to happen. Its like that sixth sense that some people don’t believe in. He just had that feeling.

    Anyways he steps out of the car and closes the door with a soft thud before looking over at the hospital with a nervous feeling that he normally only got when he was called in for an emergency. If he was called that meant it was something serious but this time he was only starting his shift. Something was definitely odd about all of this but he shook it off and smiled. He was about to save some lives and fill people with relief. It had been almost a year since the last person died under his care and quite honestly there was no way she could have survived. Still it hurt him to see her fade away... He took another sigh in hopes of shaking the nervous feeling before casually walking to the automatic doors. If they needed him someone would already be out at the door looking for him, he didn't have to rush.

    Finally he made it to the door and stopped as it opened before him. Right away he was greeted by a nurse whom had taken a liking to him and followed him around like a secretary. “Good afternoon Doc.” She was a small giggly girl that he assumed only followed him because she liked his smile, not that it mattered. Her name was Sarah and she was a real help when he needed her. “Good afternoon.” Was his reply before she handed him his clipboard and his jacket that already had his name tag pinned. She came an extra fifteen minutes early just to make sure everything was set for him. “They are in the middle of a minor surgery. Do you want to join in?” Doc stopped a little surprised she had just said that. Most of the time they would rush him into the operating room if a surgery was underway. “Well, who is handling it?” “Doctor Wilson.” “No, he can handle it.” He walked a little further then turned around to see she was no further than three steps behind, as usual. “Anything else going on? Any calls?” “Nope, nothing's really happening today Doc.” He let his smile grow a little, “That's good.” Slowly he started his stroll once again just looking around.

    By now it was the end of his shift, nothing happened the entire time, not one call, not one rush in, not a single surgery other than the minor one he opted out of showing up to. He felt the day was quite easy and started to doubt his sixth sense. ‘Why was I so nervous? Nothing happened... maybe I’m over tired.’ His smile grew a little and he watched as the door opened only to hear the sound of a siren and Sarah came running up to him, “Wait Doc. The ambulance should be- its already here. A person was in a car wreck, he needs emergency surgery. A metal bar is stuck in his chest and one of his eyes is missing. He is also burned up and has unstable breathing.” Docs eyes widened. ‘So this is the reason.’ “Emergency room 1, get me Doctor Wilson and three other nurses. Tell them to bring everything they feel is necessary, no anything they think we would need if this goes wrong. I trust them.” With that he walked away leaving the nurse watching the man being pulled out of the ambulance. She knew he had no hopes of living and was already awaiting death. This wasn't going to be good...

    In the room Doc had already prepped for what he thought would be needed as Doctor Wilson rushed in with two nurses behind him. The last one was picking up some high grade pain medication from the lab. Sarah rushed in with a worried look as the patent was pushed in afterwards. Doc already knew their was no saving him... but that wouldn't stop him from trying. As soon as the man hit the table Doc was bringing in robotic arms to hold things in place and the two nurses were strapping the man in. The last nurse rushed in with the medication and Doctor Wilson was filling a syringe. As soon as the medication was given to the man and knock out gas was placed over his mouth Doc was already working around the pipe trying to figure out what was hit. There was no time for x-rays or cat-scans. He needed to trust his own instincts. It was only minutes before the bar was removed and they were trying to close up his lungs, both had been hit. The nurses had warped up the mans head to stop minor bleeding and were sewing his eye shut. This was a hectic seen.

    Just as they closed up the lungs they heard the sound that all Doctors feared, “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.” Instantly Doc had the defibrillator in his hands trying to revive the man but after almost an hour of trying they had to pronounce him dead. If the man could have hung on for a few more seconds... just a few more seconds he would have lived. Doc sighed and already knew what would happen next. He was going to tell those who were closest to the deceased man, he was dead. Slowly he walked out of the room, his normal smile wasn't there and all the staff knew what happened. The entire hospital went solemn as he washed the blood away. He walked into the waiting room to see the hope of the man’s wife wash away and his two children playing on the floor. “I’m sorry to say. We couldn't save him.” The mothers face went pale and her eyes opened wide as tears began to form. The two children froze in place before looking up as if hoping he was kidding. Almost at the same time the three started to cry and hug each other. “I’m sorry for your lose.” Doc turned and left the room, tears in his own eyes. If only he just pulled the bar out sooner... just a couple of seconds could have changed the outcome.

    He walked outside with a messenger bag over his shoulder. He would head home and try to forget whatever happened. However he didn't see the buss, no one did. It came flying out of no where and when he noticed it, it was too late. He froze in the headlights and was hit down on to the pavement. A locket fell out of his bag and landed in his hand as he slowly fade from reality. All the faces of people he hadn't been able to save, including his mother, flashed before his eyes. He was pronounced dead at the seen and it was only a couple minutes later before everyone forgot about him. All his medical journals and interviews now belonged to Doctor Wilson and that was that.
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  3. Nate was sitting, head down, rain drenching his hair and soiling what little motivation he had. He was broke. Apparently prison doesn't sit well on your resume. Nate could still remember some of the faces that the job interviewers gave him when they seen he was thrown in the slammer for Grand Larceny. Sometimes he wished he had carried a camera. He was sitting in an alley adjacent to a busy sidewalk. That's were the homeless hung out. While they huddled around a fire, Nate found himself sitting in a puddle. He was bloodied and beaten, actually. It was shameful, a man like Nate fighting with a homeless man over a bottle of booze. Needless to say he got his ass kicked.

    He sat up, shaking the rain out of his hair, and then patting it down. All he had to show from his time in Pittsburg was a stupid ring. He stepped into the relentless wave of people that walked up the sidewalk. He had a hard time shuffling through, but when he finally found the edge of the sidewalk that converged on the busy street, he took no time to look both ways. By the time he turned it was already too late. The hood of the Taxi was inches away from him and in a moment he was over the roof of the car and staring with glass eyes. It wasn't a big deal when he realized the few people he knew forgot about him... His death wasn't really a big deal at all.
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  4. [imga=left][/imga]

    Pleasant dreams of warmth and light were shattered by the garbled screaming of an old radio, eyes of soft jade opening to stare into the glaring red light of its digital display. There was a moment of stillness, the only noise that of the radio crying for attention. A pale hand reached up, ignoring the snooze button that called out in temptation, instead moving to turn the radio off completely. The room fell into silence again, the splendor of the morning sun just beginning to filter in through the curtains to illuminate the tiny bedroom. Piles of clothing folded into neat perfecting lined up against the far wall in the absence of any dresser, the bed and small nightstand that held the radio the only furniture decorating the space. Done with the intention of creating the illusion of a larger space, it served to bring about the opposite, the walls seeming to press in on the occupant. A closed space of claustrophobic conditions.

    The stillness of the room seemed everlasting, permeating the dust filled air. It was stifling. Finding himself unable to stand the feel of his own room, with its walls and their shadows leaning in ever closer, Arciel raised himself from his bed, sheets falling away to pool like rippled water on the mattress. The curtains were drawn, golden light spilling in through the window, bringing a hint of brightness to the room, pushing the shadows back into the corners. A deep sigh pressed past pale lips, the young man turning from the window to leave this place and face the world from beyond the four walls. The hallways were dim, the lights long ago having given up on bringing light to a place stifled and surrounded but such darkness. Each step forward was careful, calculated. A misstep sending a toppled bottle rolling into it's partner with a harsh clink of thick glass, echoing in the stillness that now spilled out from the small room into the whole premise.

    Taking a short intake of breath, Arciel slowly continued on his path through the glass mine field. The coolness of tiled floor against his bare foot marked a passing into safe territory, calculated steps fading into those of the quick and quiet. The bathroom held the air that it might have been beautiful at one time, tarnished golden framed mirrors reflecting the cracks of mould that spiralled up the wall, the faucet flaked with red rust and age. Slender fingers gingerly took hold of the old handle, giving a few harsh tugs, barely moving the stubborn bit of plumbing with each pull. A slow spray of cool water cascaded down over his back, a gasp being sucked through his lips at the shock. The cleaning of his body was done quickly and haphazardly, the water growing steadily colder and colder the longer it was left running. Desperate to remove himself form the harsh cold, Arciel pushed the handle back in place, the water slowing to a slow drizzle before stopping completely.

    Shivering and dripping, the young man moved to the small closet, pulling the door back and allowing light to spill over its contents. A startled family of spiders scurried back, finding small holes in the wood to hide in from the intruding bright. A large towel was removed and shaken out, wrapped around his waist as he stepped from the bathroom. The sun had risen further into the sky, illuminating a clearer path back to the tiny room with the one bed, progress much faster than his initial venture through the hall of glass bottles. The towel was moved from his body to roughly tousle his red hair as the top item from each pile of clothing was tossed thoughtlessly on to the bed. Letting the towel drop, Arciel set about covering himself, dark fabric slipping over pale skin criss-crossed with a tapestry of red lines. The towel was left crumpled on the floor as the young man hurriedly left the room once more, door shut to keep in the silence.

    He wandering led him into the open area of the living room. Small flecks floated in the light that peaked through the front window, illuminating the secondhand loveseat and recliner, the faux leather cracked and tearing. An old television claimed the far corner, a thick layer of dust coating its top and sides. It gave off no sound, despite the flickering static in its picture. The floor was littered with bottles and cans, some half full, most empty, and a heavy stench of stale beer permeated the air and carpet. An older gentleman sat in the recliner, a bottle gently gripped lightly in one of his large hands. He wasn't dressed, his light hair left in a mess of dandruff and grease, his chin covered with a thin beard. His eyes were closed, breathing heavy and rhythmic. Moving quietly, carefully, Arciel crept closer, reaching forward to gently pry the bottle from his father's hand, lest he spill it on the already ruined carpet.

    "Mmmnn yur 'ands off my drink!" The man mumbled, his head turning to face the younger male. His eyes were bloodshot and clouded, distant and cold. Arciel recoiled his hand, standing straight.

    "I'm sorry, I thought you were asleep."

    The older man mumbled something unintelligible, relaxing back into the recliner. Arciel felt a tired frown find its way to his face, turning away from the drunkard to find himself something to eat before he headed out. "Can I make you something to eat?" he called back, thinking the other should eat something to soak up some amount of alcohol in his system, rummaging around in the cupboard to find something suitable.

    "Dun' want nothin'." Came the reply, a hint of annoyance filtering into the voice.

    It was better not to push his father into anything, especially when the man was still drunk from the previous night's binge. Sighing softly, Arciel opened himself a granola bar, munching quietly as he slipped his shoes on. "Try to take a shower today, ok dad?" His father didn't look up, didn't say another word. Arciel didn't expect him to say anything, turning and leaving out the door. The walk into work was a short one, the young man in and dressed in his work apron with plenty of time to spare. Not entirely happy to sit in the break room, waiting for his shift to start, Arciel approached one of his coworkers, offering his assistance.

    "Actually, if you could run back and grab a palate of oranges, we can start setting up the sale display."

    With a task in mind, the young man wandered into the back room. The air was cool and damp, meant to keep the produce fresh for as long as possible. Stacks of product lined the walls, resting on shelves that reached high up into the ceiling. It smelt fresh, clean, and Arciel loved it. As his eyes scanned for the pallets of oranges, a glinting of gold caught his attention. Curious, the young man carefully climbed the shelving. What he found was an ornate knife of sorts. The hilt almost looked as though the gold had been woven, with small jewel embedded in its end. The blades were etched with beautiful lace patterns, their edges razor thin. It was beautiful, and whoever had lost it must have been frantic. Or perhaps they didn't know it was missing. Though the thought of someone bringing something so precious to their workplace baffled him. He was sure whichever coworker had lost it would be wanting it back. With the knife clutched in his left hand, Arciel began to climb his way back down the shelving. However, as his hand gripped on of the support beams, there was the horrible scream of bending metal. The young man barely had time to look up, before the shelving came apart, hurtling him and a thousand tons of fruit and metal to the ground.

    Having heard the noise, one of the workers came running. She gasped at the sight, stepping through the piles of fruit to get a closer look. "Geez... Lucky no one was back here!" Having examined the mess, the woman went running to find her manager to explain what had happened.
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  5. Clink, Clank

    The sound of the aluminum cans scraping against each other echoed in the small crawlspace where she hid her "art" supplies. Outside was cold and brisk night. It was the conditions that Chloe loved. The crispness of the air refreshed and inspired her. There wasn't anything holding her back tonight. Her entire family, including her little brother was fast asleep that night and so was the rest of the town. No one to bother her and no one to catch her. She doesn't know where this habit sprang from, but she was hooked on it. She'd already finished decorating her favorite wall on the eastern part of town. It was the commercial part of town. There were lots of businesses, which had lots of walls that were just lying there so bleak and baron. It screamed to have something on it.

    With the cans stuffed haphazardly in her bag, she navigated through the dark house, something she's gotten quite good at. After innumerable times sneaking out she's developed a sort of night vision. Nevertheless, she took a headlight with her on her trip to town. Tonight, she decided that she would start tagging an old industrial building near the bridge. She was thinking of starting a mural over there. The place was already depressing as it is.

    With the decision set in her mind she tiptoed through the house and out of the back door. As she stepped outside, the temperature suddenly dropped eliciting a gasp from her. The sky was clear and the moon illuminated her way. She may not have needed the headlight with the full moon out, but there was something ominous about the night though. She's done this thousands of times, but the only time she felt this anxiousness was the first couple times she went out. Pushing it to the back of her mind, she grabbed her bike and started down the hill.

    She was there in about thirty minutes. She checked her watch. It was midnight. She had about a couple hours before she had to start heading back. She put on her gloves and started on her work. Pulling out the cans of paint, she started on the mural. Stroke after stroke, swipe after swipe, small beginnings of a mural started to form. She took a step back and started thinking of a more solid idea. She wanted a message to be implanted in this piece. Something to make her mark and liven the place up. She pondered for a bit and an idea came to her.

    ~~~~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~~~

    She wiped the sweat from her brow. It was cold and chilly, but she worked nonstop for the last couple hours. It was almost done. She shook her can a bit more. Empty. "Damn," She swore. She sighed a sigh of resignation. It was about high time to get going. But before that, she would take a break. She trudged over to a wall, next to a shelf lined with empty, rusted cans. Well, presumably empty. She rested for a couple minutes before she grabbed onto the shelf to help her up. On the other end of the shelf a can fell, and out came an antique pocket watch. Intrigued, she walked to examine it.

    She crouched and picked up the watch, causing a small sting upon touching it. She cursed under her breath. She picked it up once more, but with no sting this time. She opened it and the watch was frozen. The hands would not move, but it didn't appear to be rusted or broken. In fact, it looked brand new. She would keep it and try to fix it later. Looking back at her watch, it was almost 2:30. She picked up her things and mounted her bike. She began peddling into the street, not bothering to look for traffic since it was in the dead of night.

    This proved to be the worst decision she could have made. It was the worst decision that she'll ever make. A car came barreling down the street at the same moment she entered the street. She stood there on her bike, watching as the blinding headlights get closer and closer. It was painfully slow and she couldn't do anything except let herself get hit.

    Then the thud came. She was thrusted over the hood and stabbed in the stomach by a very promenant hoo ornament. Her bike was sent flying in another direction. The driver came to a grinding halt as he wondered why a bike was left in the middle of the road.

    The girl, however, lied there battered and broken. It hurt, but what cut deeper was the fact that no one will miss her and her death will go unnoticed.
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  6. Cyn eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the dim room she was laying in, forgetting what had happened the previous night until it all flooded back. She turned on her side and moaned as she felt the aching of her back. She was at the homeless shelter. She sighed quietly as she sat up from her thin mat on the floor. Her head drooped into her hands and she began crying, muffling it as best as she could. It was only a couple days back when she was thrown out of the University, it was still a very fresh wound in her heart.

    She slowly tried to stifle her crying little by little until she remembered that she had found a beautiful cloth the other day. She grabbed at her small leather bag, moved her little doll to the side, and pulled out the long red fabric and gently she wiped her tears from her beautiful face. Cynthia then lied back down, holding the sash in her arms in a protective form, it was oddly warm in her cold arms and she thought back to how she found it.

    It was the afternoon and all she had been doing was laying against a tall apartment building, her stomach was empty and it groaned with every single movement she did so she just sat there, slowly starving to death, she realized there was a dumpster across the street. I'm going crazy, she thought as she got up and painstakingly walked over. She flipped the cover open and jumped back at the sudden smell. "Why am I doing this?" She mumbled to herself, pinching her nose and walking over she searched its contents only to find a half eaten burger she pulled it out and stepped back against the wall. It had at least been a couple hours old but it didn't reek of dumpster. Her initial instinct was to throw it away, but the growl of her stomach was much to loud. She put it to her delicate lips and bit.

    A disgusting river of sour, raw taste flooded her mouth and she hurled the rotten food at the wall before proceeding to puke out the very little amount of substance in her stomach. She laid on the concrete, curved over spitting out as much of the putrid taste as she possibly could. She only stopped when she noticed a fiery red sash hanging on the fence that barricaded the other entrance of the alleyway. Cyn had remembered seeing many dancers dance with such kind of sash and without thinking she got up and carefully pulled it off, making sure to not tear the fabric. And then the bell that signaled the opening of the shelter stole her attention, she wrapped it around her neck like a scarf, the warmth making her smile and she hurried back.

    Cyn all the sudden woke up once again. She had fallen asleep recalling two days ago. She had slept for maybe, about two hours. Right now was the earliest one could leave the shelter so she packed her stuff. wrapped the sash and tiptoed around other unfortunate souls and quietly exited outside the door. The moonlight barely lit the streets and Cynthia turned to walk towards the diner where the rumor was they were hiring. It was a long walk so she decided to cut through the next alley, but it would prove to be a fatal mistake. When she turned she could make out three men laying around in the area.

    "Hello missy. What are you doing here?" One of them spoke loudly, the other two chuckling. Cyn glared at them, more scared then mad. The one that spoke slowly shifted to get up and Cyn backed up. She was preparing to run but that was when she felt a firm grip grab her shoulders.

    "Your staying right here." Damn, one of them had snuck up behind her.

    "Please, don't do this.." Cynthia muttered, her fear taking over her. The lots of them laughed, imitating her in a girly manner that sounded odd with their deep gritty voices. It was then when Cyn quickly turned and kneed the man holding her, he shouted in pain and she broke off running.

    "Kill that bitch!" He shouted, writhing in pain. Cyn hadn't made that far until a loud gunshot was made and she tumbled to the ground. She knew what happened and she oddly felt relieved, only two words were left in her mind. Even the shouting of one of the men, talking about why is he shooting at nothing didn't phase her. Just the two words kept repeating in her mind.

    Its over..
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  7. London, 1216
    "Kay!" There was a knock on the door. I closed the book I had been writing in and gave permission to enter. It was Nabb, he was right hand man to my right hand man. It seemed he reported to me more often than he did his employer now. "A man has pardoned for your audience."

    "A man you say?" I looked him up, he had put on a new tunic. It had fitted him rather well. "What kind of man?"

    Nabb looked behind him. "He's some Teutonic Knight." Nabb rested his hand on his long sword. "Shall we deal with him?"

    "I'll see what he wants first." I stood and pushed the chair behind me. "Keep him within the first wall, I'll be there shortly."

    I decided to wear something fancy but not unsuited for battle. I took my green battle dress that had chain mail and daggers underneath the silk fabric. I tied my hair and tied my knife to my belt. I had taken the knife out of the cold dead hands of a crazed warrior that lived many years in the future. It was less of a useful tool but rather something to strike fear into your heart. Combat wasn't my thing as much as fear.

    I then strolled out onto the wall. I looked over the city I had stolen from the English King. It was his Father's castle and I cut his throat on his own property. A foolish fifteen year old boy was now "King". I walked to the top of the gate of tides. A new renovation I had made to the city. There were my allies, fief holders and cohorts awaiting me at the top. Below were five men on horses, four of them armed and donning plain armor.

    Then the final man had black and white wings sprouting from his great helm. He had a black cross that was on fire sowed onto his shirt. The sigil of a powerful german lord named Frederick. I peered down at him. "Lord Frederick of the Lonely Isle. Why do you bless me with your presence?"

    He took off his helmet, he was a beautiful man. He had a reputation among lords and ladies for his handsome face. "Knowledge mi'lady."

    I always hated when people called me mi'lady. It had reminded me of my curse. "What kind of knowledge?"

    "That is something I would like to discuss in private." He held up a hand to shield his eyes from the blazing sun. "A few guards may be there of course."

    "Don't try to pretend like you are have already gained entry." My hands gripped the cold stone of the wall.

    "I-I didn't mean to offend mi'lady." He looked around. "May I enter your city?"

    "Of course. Your friends will have to stay in the common districts however." I smiled.

    One of the men near him spoke to the Lord. "My lord, that is not advisable. We can't trust-"

    The Lord raised a hand to silence the man. "I accept your terms."

    I looked over to Gregor, another man who answers to me. "Open the gates, treat him to a room in the east spire, direct his men to the best Inn closet the spire, give them coin for a night."

    I then began to walk back to my study. My right hand man and ruler when I was away walked with me. "Kay."

    "Herald." I faced him as I walked. "Any news?"

    "Germany has had a civil war, France is supporting the West obviously. They have been attacking caravans bearing our marks." He looked at me. "I believe Lord Frederick has chosen neither side, both sides have petitioned him but he hasn't given answer to either, that we know of. He isn't to be trusted."

    "Understood. I am correct in saying The Fools King Ruger the Second is leading the East part of Germany?"

    "Indeed." We reached my study and he hold the door open for me.

    I walked in and thanked him. "It would be like him to want to remove me. He tends to remove unsuspecting opponents before things elevate." I walked over to my shelves and pulled out of my map of Germany. "Scribe John has kept my scrolls up to date yes?"

    Gregor nodded. "I believe he has."

    I opened the map and poured over it, there were two main parts. The Eastern side led by The People's King Ruger and the West led by The Rightful King Haagen. The upper part of Germany was split by the Havel river. The rest was split by Weser. The West had managed to hold onto the biggest cities and held most of the South. "There is no pointers geography wise as to who Lord Frederick will side with."

    "Well if hes here to kill you by King Rugers orders he would most likely do it today and have his men by his side."

    "Only a stupid man wouldn't. Make sure his men are at the Inn and then pay a whore to fall in love with them at the bar. Then we can send someone to kill them in their sleep. The whores and the men."

    "And what about Lord Frederick?"

    "Send him in a moment into Twilight. Not to dark for us to look for him, not to bright for him to scurry away. And well if he's innocent. He won't care."

    Gregor nodded and left. I was alone in my study for a few regions of the sun. I sighed and went back to my book. I opened it and began to write again. The origins of the idea of the devil are most intriguing to me. How such men who call themselves powerful bow down to another bowing down to a myth saying that it has spoken to him and revealed secrets to him. I have read their books and studied their beliefs. It is laughable religion. They base it off of the Jews who had followed a man who tended to smoke to much hemp. I began to write about whatever came to mind as I usually did.


    I looked outside my window. Twilight was upon me. I had a gun under the table. I had only brought it out once before and since then I was claimed to shoot magic bolts from a wand. I was considered some sort of wizard like the old tales of Merlin. I sat at the table looking out the window remembering. I had lived in London in the future, and again hundreds of years in the past. The view wasn't much different. People working and trying their hardest to eat, sleep and clothe themselves. Such little people, no power, no understanding of the world. In the future, they still believed in the same silly things, had the same silly problems and were the same silly people. Lords became bankers, battle fields became stock markets and peasants became consumers. The difference between the future where I am from and the now was the future tried to mask it all. Atleast now there wasn't much hiding, people were quite upfront those kinds of matters.

    Then there was the knock on my door. I sighed. "Come in." Two of my guards opened the doors and let Lord Frederick in. "Hello Frederick."

    "Mi'lady." I offered him a chair and he took it. "So how has the fight against the English crown been?"

    "Well enough. I don't care much for small talk. Why did you come here?" I stared into his eyes.

    He shifted uncomfortable. "Not one for decencies I take it?" He yawned. "I am here to make a few inquiries."

    "Like what?" I crossed my legs, I was curious now.

    "I was wondering how you keep your youth. Your face never seems to change, your body doesn't scar and you are always staggering beautiful." He stared into my eyes. "How?"

    I smiled. "Well. I can tell you that I am in-fact twenty nine."

    "But you've been on this Earth for lifetimes!"

    "I am immortal." The truth was really that I was a time traveller but as far as the beauty, youth and loss of scars was to a ring I had gotten from a place very far in the Future. "I have seen the stars and worlds. I have travelled to each end of what you call Earth. I am God." I knew I wasn't what he called God but I'll be damned if he believes that I am not.

    He seemed to hesitate. "I was. I was wondering if you could bless me with your holiness."

    "You seek to become like me?"


    "What will you give me?"

    "I will serve you till the end of this life."

    "And then once you die I turn you into a god yes?"

    "You know I have powers that others cannot even see."

    "Indeed. You are a powerful Lord with many connections. But how do I know once I swear to it that you won't just fall on your own blade."

    "I wont. By my honor, I wont."

    Little people were funny. They had this thing they called honor. It was a silly way to say not a complete and utter douchebag. But that was a thought for another time. "We shall perform a blood oath. It is the only oath a God cannot break." I remember reading that in a book once. One of my exes had loved fantasy books, I had to be able to talk about authors and books. It was foul.

    He nodded. I then motioned him towards the back of my study. I brought a cauldron to hold the blood, after all I didn't want to get my floor all messy. I pulled my dagger and told him to remove his shirt. He did so and I pulled up my sleeve. I took his arm and sliced down it. It was fun watching his face as the pain went through his body. I then cut my arm. I had learned how to not portray pain physically. I pressed my arm to his and our blood mingled dripping into the cauldron. I then took a vial of gas and poured into the cauldron with the blood. Next I took a torch from off the wall and lit it on fire.

    It was funny, such a simple trick could make a man forget in everything he had believed. "The deed is done. You break this oath. Your soul will be lost and haunted by constant pain and it will be exiled to a profound pit of despair and failure. Understood?" He nodded. "Good. Now return to Germany but remember, you serve me now."

    Once he left I cracked up. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Soon I would have to visit my ally "The Elder."
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  8. 9AM
    Morning dawned crisp, the cold air in the room unwelcoming but clear.Complete and utter silence, with the exception of the shallow breathing under a bundle of covers that shielded a sleepy young woman from the light of the day.BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! Small grumbles could be heard as the alarmbreaks the quiet, a shuffle under the covers took place for a moment, then there was a stillness. A hand fumbles causing the bracelet around her wrist to clink with the alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed, hitting the snooze she rolls back over, "Let me sleep..." she mumbles as she slips back into sleep for about ten more minutes.
    It was that same recurring dream that had always come to her on days of trouble... Her mother laying in the bed, inflicted with a sickness that had restricted Nights from getting close. Her father and twin cousins had passed days before and now everyone prayed ,Anisa would get better by miracle. Nights already knew her mother wouldn't make it, she could feel it. There was a knot in her tummy just churning in fear and worry of loosing her, the sound of her heart beat drowning out all sounds other than the ticking of time. Her mothers words had barley just audible from afar, risking it Nights had walked forward not heeding what anyone had said about her catching their sickness and becoming the next victim of it, she was fearless of that outcome. Her mom had repeated the words but there was no sound, still they had reached Nights heart either way as she smiled weakly in response. Her mothers hand had felt cold chill up her spine, though her fingers were wrapped tightly around Night's hand, nearly crushing it as she gasped for air. Her body falling limp, in that moment a heart had become softer yet stronger. However ,that strength did not stop her tears from overflowing in her eyes and falling down in sorrow, the tears leaving cracked trails down her face till it eventually just shattered like that of a porcelain doll. She had lost the pieces of herself, the wisps whisking them away. To her family she had walked out of the room and the image of them had faded into the dark silence.
    BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! That wrenched noise had again found it's way to disturb her, and she sat up with groggy blue green eyes and a deep sigh.” Mom..”Glancing over at the clock all thoughts of the dream were put from her mind as she realized she was late. "Crap! Why must I be late on the day I make the most money.” Nearly swearing to herself as she lurched from the bed and began to get ready for her big heist. She jumped into the shower for a good twenty minutes after brushing her teeth several times over, the sound of the shower turning off she flew from the bathroom like a bat out of hell with combed olive green hair, slipped on her ruffle and flower decorated white dress with the white undershorts and accessories that came with it and her size six white slip on shoes.The light from the sky had been gloomy as dark gray clouds had hung above, a sure sign she would have to beat the rain and time, today. It had almost been a blissful week of sun light and business, it just had to be today that it was unnerving .The roar of her motorcycle came to life as Nights dropped the small, yet quick Apilia RS 125 into gear, the front wheel popping up a bit as she raced through the streets toward the Universitywhere she signed up to attended for other motives. She was in the process of getting a Masters in Music and also stealing a a valuable gem, despite her mother's wishes of just getting a degree in something that could be more helpful to a young woman who expected to become independent and live on her own, though that was years ago. Even with her passed away Nights hated going against her mother, but she felt the need, the drive to do what she wanted and what called to her.
    Leaning hard to the right she whipped the bike around a corner as she drove at a concerning pace as she rushed to get to building before the class had started so she could make the grab and go to class, having an perfect alibi. This was just as always she played a certain role to get to what she needed, not sparing a chance for anyone to question her. The air rushing through her hair and tickling her skin , she had long before assumed something was going to deter her from getting her work done today. HONK!! “ Good god!” screeching a bit as she hit the brakes and jerked the bike out of the way of a box truck that had seeming to come out of no where in front of her.
    Looking over her shoulder at the driver ,who was now promptly giving her the finger, she laughed as she finished her trip to University. A few more minutes and she had stopped near the side walk, Still sitting on the bike she had grabbed hold of a pair of gloves she would need,once she went into the Professor's office. He wouldn't know the gem was even missing with his clutters of papers and valuables disorganized every where as it was. It just made her job all the more easy. Before she could hop off her motorcycle she had looked down at the ant pile that she was about to step into as a man passing by had warned her of.
    She got off the motorcycle key being twisted and pulled out of the ignition she carefully shuffling her way around the various ant piles. Her walk to his office had a short one, she had also gotten there way earlier than she anticipated. Nights slipped on the gloves quickly, this seemed like it would be a cinch with his area closed off from the rest of the building, no one was walking around and that meant she was practically invisible. To top it off the door was unlocked, she peeked inside to find it empty and crept in. A slight giggle surfaced as the short young woman when through his shelves coming across the Sapphire that the older man had asked her to get. She was on her way out until her eyes had landed on a two bracelets. The red string hooped through the three ancient bronze coins, so she swiped that along with the vintage brass Chinese coin bracelet. In her feeling someone would come any time soon, she left out of the closed off building and back to her motorcycle she had dropped the gem looking for it under her bike. There was a screech of a car whipping the corner making her look up and hit her head on the handle bar, but it was already to late to look at the car had crashed into her motorcycle smashing her under the vehicle. The drunken man had gotten out of the car to see if he had hurt someone but there was no one there and as if she had never existed the accident went unnoticed.
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    Sleeper was smiling she knew it was time time to go to meet her mother and father once again. She was over joyed but she knew she someone need her. Or maybe something.

    10 Weeks ago
    Sleep was walking to school with a small smile she didnt realy have a friend in this school becuse everyone was way older then her she 13 but is in grade 13 its funny right she allways thought that. everyone gived her a drity look as she walked down the hall ways. she been feeling very tired for along while now. she didnt know what was wrong. some times she sleep through class for a very long time not meaning to. teartcher have been geting worryed that i may have got the sleeper. its a something that make a person sleeper and sleeper every day. she didnt think she had it she couldnt cheek it out becuse she had not much money. even if the govern gives her money to her. As she got to her class with a smile as she walked passed her teacher. she stat on her chair and lesoned as classed started troed to stay awake as well. once class was over she got up she finel stayed up in class but as she was about to walk--------

    to be contuined....
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  11. [​IMG]

    V E R T I G O ҉

    Chapter One

    Cold. A blanket of frosty white, hovering pale mist.

    You reawaken. The memories of your past life rushing past you. Are you dead? Is this heaven?Questions like these spiral through your mind.

    It's difficult to take a look around you, because there's a hovering white mist. Something cold moves through the air, undetectable. There are others. From the shadowed silhouettes, you can tell there are other people nearby. As they awaken, the mist begins to fade, depicting an empty landscape of doors. Each door is differently colored. Some doors appear to be ancient, with their crimping brown edges. Others are brighter, smoother, newer. From beneath each door there is a light. In total, there are about twenty doors. You can't even begin to understand why there are so many. Or what they mean.

    In your hands is the artifact, the piece of jewelry that you found before your death. For a moment, you wonder if you should mourn. But a strange calm sets upon you when an envelope floats towards you, from the direction of the doors.

    Before you can decide, it opens itself, unfurling the edges. A letter slips out and falls to the ground, the magic gone. The paper unfolds. Upon it, words begin to form.

    Letter (open)


    Welcome to the fifth dimension, the world of time. You are the seeker of speed, chosen by Celeras, the ring.

    From today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. With your guidance, this rag-torn group of individuals will be responsible to save time. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. These doors will lead you to those timelines in the past, but there is no guarantee. Some of the doors will lead to useless pasts, others will lead to you to clues in order to find the sister artifact.

    The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Blur, the compass has chosen you. Your skills are invaluable to them.

    Our advice to you: Trust.

    Letter (open)

    Arciel, for all your suffering, you have been given Mephitas, the Guardian Blade. The power inflict lethal poison lies in your hands. No more can those you love suffer because of others.

    From today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. With all that you've been through, your strength is this group's backbone. Do not give up hope. Just as you have until now, keep going. Someday, your pure heart will be recognized. When the time comes, don't hide behind a mask. We have given you the power of revenge.

    The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Arciel, the compass has chosen you.

    Our advice to you: Heal

    Letter (open)

    Chloe, the compass has chosen to give you another chance.

    You have been given Efflux, the watch of time. The power to freeze time, we have given to you. With this power, we want to free you.

    From today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. You will have to journey with the others to find it. We see in you pain and frustration. We would like to give you this chance to start over. Leave behind the parts of your life that haunt you and become someone new.

    The name we wish to give you is Cycle. You must warn the others. The Caligenians are a special race of humans, cursed by their greed. They are capable of traveling through time at the cost of something invaluable to them. Along with that power, they are also masters of dark magic, capable of destroying you and your fellows on this journey. To fight them, you eight must unite in your cause and use the powers of your artifacts wisely.

    Chloe, you are the only one who knows the power of Caligenians.

    Our advice to you: courage

    Letter (open)

    Jacov, we have entrusted to you the Salubris Locket. With it's healing powers, you have the ability to help more and more people. But with this ability, comes the price of your life. You are no longer human. You are destined to travel the timeline forever. This is the freedom we are granting you from your weary existence.

    You have worked hard all your life. Now, we ask you to put your mind to test. Can you protect the balance of time?

    From today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. With all that you've been through, your happiness is the group's happiness.

    The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Doc, the compass has chosen you.

    Our advice to you: sincerity

    Letter (open)

    Aurelia, from today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time.

    To you, Lotus, we have given the power of stealth. All your life you have been trying to run away, to escape, to disappear. Now you have that power, but you are no longer alive.

    Leave behind your woes and your memories for they will not help you are. You are delicate link, your tears will be the group's weakness.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Aurelia, the compass has chosen you.

    Our advice to you: Hope

    Letter (open)


    today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past.

    We have given you the Berceus, the bell anklet, with the power of sleep magic. Let people see the dreams they want, so they can be happy.

    The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Sleeper, the compass has chosen you.

    Our advice to you: Love


    Letter (open)


    You have been chosen to bear the power of Reveras, the ancient bracelet. The magic granted to you is that of telepathy, of being able to communicate with others without sound.

    Today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time. This group is in need of your expertise, of you who can mold and fashion yourself to become a part of any group. You who are like a chameleon born to man.

    Beware of the Caligenian warriors, born to destruct your journey.

    Nights, the compass has chosen you. Welcome.

    Our advice to you: Home

    Letter (open)


    today onward, you are no longer human. You are a time traveler. Each artifact in your possession has another, sister artifact somewhere in the past. The reunion of the eight artifacts and sister pieces will create Aetas, the compass of time. We have granted you Mariones, the sash of puppetry. With it, you can control the minds of other and move their bodies to your will.

    The way that your terrible past led you to a dream, we have taken that dream from you and given you another. Dance your way through the timelines in order to secure the balance of time and the living world.

    We have granted you freedom from the harsh life you once lived. Discard that past and start with a new step, a new rhythm. The others will need you, for you are the only who with a dream and the patience to follow it.

    Cyn, the compass has chosen you.

    Our advice to you: Perseverance
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  12. Slowly Doc awoke to a cold feeling that covered his body. Just as his eyes fully opened he popped up to a sitting position completely confused. 'What is this place?' and 'How did I get here?' were the first two questions that popped into his mind until he remembered the buss slamming into him. Subconsciously his hand raised to his head and touched the spot that had been cracked open on the ground. It wasn't their anymore.... After looking around slightly to see absolutely nothing but shaded figured and a mysterious white mist he sighed and tried to figure all this out. 'Is this the after life? Heaven?... no, one would not feel 'cold' in heaven... so what was this place?' His right hand went into a fist before he noticed something was in it but the mist made it so he couldn't quite tell what it was. (Remember he didn't see the locket as he was hit by the buss. It just landed in his hand from his bag)

    Just as he was building up the courage to shout out to the other figured that were shaded he noticed the mist clearing up and he could start to make out some of the faces before his eyes were drawn to something else. Random doors littered the area, at least twenty of them, maybe even more. Again he was about to speak up until a letter started to lower down to him. It was interesting, seemingly old but yet oddly it look familiar. After a quick hesitation in grabbing the strange thing his hand went out to pull it a little closer for an inspection but just as he got close the letter fell into his lap and opened it self. No words were on the blank document at first but slowly they began to form. It was a most peculiar sight but never the less he read it word after word and ended up quite confused afterwards.

    He looked over to the closest person as if asking what was going on but she was too busy reading what ever her letter said... in fact all of them had letters. His hand once again tightened as he tried to think and he found the locket. It was beautiful. The pure white and black shined back at him as he looked down and slowly he pressed the side and slid it open. The inside looked like it was made with gold, maybe a gold orb. It was truly a sight to see. On a second inspection of the others around him he noticed they too had something with them. Well, most of them looked like they had a strange objects. 'Didn't the letter say something about artifacts? Maybe that's it? This little locket must be his.'

    "Excuse me." Doc said looking over at the girl (Cycle) he was going to talk to before. She was the closest one which is the only reason why he chose her. "Do you have any idea whats going on? I mean more than what the letter tells us." He had assumed they all said basically the same thing. Really, if they were on such an important mission why would he be the only told what they were supposed to be doing? "and is that pocket watch your artifact? I mean, I would have a hard time believing a watch can be an artifact but after all that has happened it would be silly of me to rule it out."
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  13. The imminent sense of peace filled the girl's body, she thought it was over and even if the end wasn't exactly pretty she just might be able to finally catch a break. She felt a nice cold chill slowly touch her skin and she smiled but kept her eyes closed. This flooring she laid on was strangely comfortable and Cynthia never had such a restful sleep. Maybe this was what death was, no one ever lived to tell their experience of it after all there was no defined after-life she knew of, that anybody knew of! Maybe this was how souls would rest in peace, in a relaxing and everlasting nap. It was a definitely a comforting thought to Cynthia.

    It was only when a faint light landed on her face did she decide to open her eyes, revealing her beautiful pair of blues. She stood up quickly her eyes trying to adjust to the fog that blanketed this area she had woken up in. Her earlier thoughts were still fresh in her mind when she finally managed to decipher some people off in the distance, their outlines showing through the mist.

    She almost wanted to shout out at them, ask them what was happening but then the thoughts of her "death" came back, maybe these weren't friendly people around her. Maybe one of the homeless at the shelter decided to smoke some weed and she was high? It was all very confusing for the poor girl, and she somehow knew that this wasn't her final resting place. But that didn't tell her why or where she was.

    It was then she realized the letter her hand gripped ever so tightly. Her eyes looked around her the other figures seemed to be reading as well, so maybe she ought to as well. She slowly unfolded it her eyes concentrating intensely on the words. It was almost all to much to really take in, time travel? Artifacts? Aetas? Cynthia surprisingly believed it right away though. The words written speaking to her heart. She nuzzled into the warmth of her sash improvised into a scarf, happier then ever she decided to go to that dumpster. The words of magic intrigued her however, puppetry. How quaint, Cynthia thought as she took her rag doll from her coat's pocket putting it on the ground before she realized she had no idea how to use her supposed powers. Her eyes darted around embarrassed hoping no one saw her while she sat crossed-legged on the floor.

    "How.." Cynthia muttered to herself, her brain racking a way to somehow animate her little doll. She even tried to wrap her sash around it or something. She was basically out of ideas after a minute or two. Sighing, she thought she couldn't even use her gift that is if it existed to begin with. Placing her head on one of her palms she looked at the doll imagining it move, when all the sudden it jerked up before falling down afterwards. Her face lightened up and she clapped giddily. Maybe a little bit too loud, and somebody near her could most likely hear but she didn't care. She focused on thinking about her doll moving and it wasn't long till it got up, this time to its feet. She made it walk from side to side and a smile found her lips. This was splendid. Her first friend now actually could move around.

    Maybe she ought make new ones though, these people seemed to be in the same situation as herself at least from what she observed. She looked back at her ragdoll which returned the glance, smiling again she concentrated on making it return to her coat pocket and after a short while it did. She stood up from her position glancing around as she began to walk into the mist wondering how she would come off as.
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  14. She lay there, a sharp pain in her abdominal area, just for a second. It was short lived, but that moment hurt immensely and then died down suddenly. The sharp pain that was in her was replaced by a cool comforting feeling enveloping her body. For a while she just lay there, enjoying a very peaceful and comforting rest, oblivious to the fact that she had been run over just a moment ago. All on her mind was 'rest'.

    Soon that darkness in her closed eyes was fading away, giving way to a bright white light. This light forced her to open her eyes and take in her new surroundings. These surroundings consisted essentially of hazy, white mist and a plethora of doors. The sight was extremely peculiar, but it had an angelic like feel to it. The thought passed her mind, "Was she in heaven? Was what happened a moment ago real?" But most importantly, "Am I dead?"

    It was all a great amount to take in, and even more so dealing with it once the realization hit. Raising even more question was a conveniently placed letter in front of her. Before she could even inspect it, it found it's way to her, moving on it's own. Opening the envelope, the page was blank, save for a handwritten black letter at the top left. She thought it was a trick of the light, but as she looked at it more, letter began appearing after one another. It formed words then sentences and paragraphs, until the entirety of the page was filled by a letter telling of artifacts and time travel.

    She read it over again. Once. Twice. Three times. Even then she still could not wrap her head around the message. All of this was impossible. It was all just a dream right? She recalled her memories, and the latest one was of her tagging a wall. Then she found a regal looking pocket watch, and then trying to bike home. The last part of her memory then hit her. She had been hit by a speeding car and then waking up here.

    She dug her hands in her pockets and found that very same pocket watch in her memory. It was also the same as the one described in the letter. Efflux it was called. Chloe fondled the watch, twirling it in her hand and examining it. "Huh, the letter was right about you. And if it was right about the pocket watch, it could be right about it's 'power'. Could it be true? Could she really have the power of time travel along with freezing time in the palm of her hands? She felt powerful, almost as powerful as the time when she first tagged a wall.

    Before she could even begin to test it out, her thoughts were interrupted by a man in a lab coat. He wore a doctor's lab coat, yet he looked only a tad older than herself. She'd ask him how he got here, but the fact that they're complete strangers in a white haze, presumably the afterlife was a little more than overwhelming. It made it even harder to talk to people.

    "Um, yeah. Er... no. I don't know what's going on. I just got here too," She replied to him meekly. "I think that this pocket watch is my artifact. According to the letter that is." There was a moment of silence. "So... how did you get here," Chloe asked nervously.
  15. The soft brush of cool mist rolling over him, damp and heavy, slowly brought Arciel's mind awake, though his eyes remained closed. He could remember falling, hitting the ground with such force that he heard bones snap. The pain had been so intense then, it was a strange experience, waking up and feeling nothing. No aches, no ghosts to prove that he had fallen. He might have thought it the work of modern medicine had the metal shelving not come crashing down on him. A tightness pulled in his chest as remembering watching as time seemed to slow, remembering every detail of the metal bars that grew ever closer caused all the fear of pain and death to set back in. Limbs began to shake and shiver as realization began to set into his mind. He felt no pain, for he was dead.

    But it was so cold...

    Was this how being dead felt? Forever cold and numb? He knew he should open his eyes, see where he was, but some foolish hope inside himself clung to the belief that this was all a dream. That he would wake up at home, go to work, come home again. He couldn't just die. His father needed him to be there, to care for him! But the coolness of the reality around him, rolling in mist and silence, told him otherwise. Slowly, with no small amount of trepidation, green eyes opened to peer at what death brought him. Mist, white and thick, obscured his vision, but shadows and blurred outlines suggested others were with him. Angels? Demons? Perhaps something else entirely. Demons seemed fitting though. He deserved no less. Taking a deep breath to prepare himself, Arciel brought himself to his feet, straightening out his clothing and removing his work apron. He wouldn't be needing it anymore.

    The mist was beginning to thin, the shadows taking a more solid form. Surprisingly, they were people. Simply people, some looking confused, others sullen. Had they all died recently as well? Or maybe they were part of this strange purgatory of doors. That was all that filled the space as the mist seemed to vanish, doors of all different shapes and makes. Old wood work, worn and weathered, freshly painted and plastic. Ignoring the others around him for a moment, the young man approached the nearest door, inspecting it for any form of familiarity. Most afterlives held trials of some sort. Perhaps they were behind these strange doors? Though, twenty trials seemed quite steep. He wasn't even sure if he was willing to go through one trial. He had lived his life as best he could, and now he was dead. Had life not been a trial in and of itself? Was he not finished yet? Frowning, Arciel turned away from the door, moving back into the small room.

    The floating envelope startled him as it came into his view, bringing forth a small gasp from the young male. "This is... different." Thin fingers reached out to take the envelope, but were retracted quickly as it began to open itself, the letter falling to the ground soon after, letters burning into the page soon after. Arciel waited for the letter to finish, before once more reaching out, taking the piece of paper in his hand. It felt like regular paper, dry and rough, no hint as to why it might move on its own. Unless someone, or something else had moved it. Not wanting to dwell on the implications of invisible forces, he began to read the letter. As he read, his frown just grew deeper and deeper. Whatever they may have called it, it was destruction. He had been given the power to destroy. "They suffer because of me."

    A small, bitter smile pulled at the corners of his lips at the last line, folding the letter to fit in his pocket. So he had died to be reborn as something far greater than himself. What made him so special? He assumed the others had gotten similar letters as well, so what made any of them special? There were far stronger people in the world, more suited to the task at hand. So why them? One of them was a child! What gave... whoever it was that had written them, the rite to pluck this girl out of her life? "This whole thing is such bull." Turning his eyes downwards, he glared hard at the small knife in his hand, the jewels and gold glittering against the light. "I wish I had never found this thing."
  16. Blur sat up, his vision foggy. His eyes struggled to focus on the white of the envelope as he sat clueless to where he was. He assumed he was dead, hell, he knew he was dead. He was pretty sure he was in the domain of Satan, and he was positive that he deserved to be there. He saw others, too. The envelope continued to float in place, and he saw no reason to avoid it. He outstretched his arms, a piece of paper falling into his hand. He carefully read the cursive writing. He read it twice over, and crumpled it up, dropping it on the ground below him. He stood up, his eyes searching through the inescapable fog in which he was trapped. He glanced at those around him, searching for a familiar face in the small group, finding nothing but uncertainty and confusion plastered on each of their faces. He too was confused, not sure whether to believe the entirety if the situation. He found no peace in this place, and the only material things he had to show were the clothes on his back and that stupid ring on his right ring finger, the ring that supposedly caused all of this to happen.

    Perhaps a God he didn't believe in had tasked him with this in order to make Nathaniel clean up his act, but preserving time? It all seemed like a petty hoax. He mind again journeyed back to his last moments, eagerly replaying his death; over, and over, and over. Blur cursed himself, and then his brain for going against his will by replaying the most painful moment he had ever experienced. The memory scared him. He looked to his behind him, staring at the wooden door, surveying each direction of the grain.

    He thought back to the last line of the letter. Trust, it had said. He had discarded those words; the writer had not known him, had not looked over his shoulder as each and every person he tried to confide in betrayed him. He had no reason to trust, but if this is what this false Messiah though was best, he might as well follow it, he had nothing to lose.

  17. Cold So very cold.

    She sat up abruptly, her eyes adjusting to the hazy atmosphere. There were others around her, but Aurelia thought only of one person. She reached out into the fog, tears brimming in her eyes. She didn't understand what was going on. The girl shuddered, clutching her hands to her chest to slow her oncoming sobs just as the letter appeared before her. Before reaching out to read it, Aurelia's eyes wavered around. The others had also received similar letters. It was a bit intriguing. She held onto the paper as she read, hands trembling. She had to hold it with both hands because her trembling made the paper shake and she couldn't read it.

    Time travelers?

    The idea was incredibly fascinating and Aurelia felt herself grow more pensive by the second. She was both scared and excited, but worried and dismayed. She wanted to use these powers. She wanted to go see Chase. Could she do that? Would this group allow her to? Why was it them anyways? Who were these people?

    She stood up, stretching her arms above her head. The letter disintegrated into dust and Aurelia stared at where it had been in her hands. Whoever wrote it knew far too much about her, more than she would have allowed anyone to know. Even Chase wouldn't go as far as to say that she was running from her life. She was trying her hardest to face the difficulties... it was just that there were so many and so overwhelming to her.

    Some of the others were talking. She figured it would be a good time as any to make introductions. After all, the letter had called them a group. And as unlikely as they might be to stick together, Aurelia felt they would be together for a while. She held her trembling hands behind her back, leaning over the shoulder of the nearest person to her, a red-headed young man. He seemed her age, or perhaps older. In his hands was a beautiful blade, the hilt decorated with ivory and gems.

    "It's beautiful." She breathed. It was nothing like the odd earrings she was granted. Pieces of Aetas, she thought, the Earrings of Noctis. All of this seems so much like a dream. But there is something strange, too.

    Part of her desperately wanted it to be real. Deep down she always wanted to die. It was the final freedom, the last time she'd have to run away.

    So why wasn't she happy?
  18. "I died... I'm going to go ahead and assume we all died considering my letter said my ability came with the price of my life. Then again it talks about healing abilities in the letter so it could just be the opposite of what your power is. I have the power to heal so first I must die type of thing." he thought for a second. "Well how did you get here?" He said looking over at her, "Did you die too? and what power do you have? If we are a team it would be pointless for all of us to have the same power... and since we all have different pieces of the Aetas I would only assume." For another second he thought again before sighing, "So do you know how we are going to get the sister artifacts? Then those Caligenian warriors are trying to stop us... who are they anyways? These letters left me with a lot of questions." He sighed again. "Sorry, I think I cut you off like ten times now, what were you saying?" Just as he finished saying that his letter turned to dust. He looked at it a bit confused then grumbled a little. He was going to keep it with him for reference. Just great... Once again he turned his attention to the girl and just happened to remember what his letter told him. "I'm truly sorry, how rude of me. My name is Doctor Jacov Rohind, its a pleasure to meet you."

    Why was that his advise? His was sincere with people, wasn't he? According to the thesaurus sincerity is being genuine. He was that wasn't he? I mean he didn't want to drag people down with bad decisions or his feelings, that was just something that went behind a smile. I mean who would want to hear about the troubles of a successful man? A poor man would have many more. A poor man can't solve problems with money or has any fame or... yeah... his troubles... he was just week. His troubles weren't really troubles at all.

    The letter gave him a trouble though, protecting the balance of time. That was a simple though, don't use the time traveling abilities. If they time travel then they would upset the balance. So if no one time traveled then the balance would never be upset... but then how would they complete the aetas? If they needed to travel threw time to pick up the sister artifacts then how would they... uhg. This was confusing! Still his face only showed a smile and he was listening closely to what his friend was saying. He was good at that, something he picked up while doing surgeries in the hospital.
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  19. The young doctor began to ramble on and on, cutting her off suddenly and overpowering her own voice. She seemed to have shrunk back even further as she was bombarded by questions. He talked and asked questions about what was in the letter and how she died. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

    At last he stopped and gave her time to breathe. She tried to process what he'd just said, answering them in an orderly fashion. "If I remember correctly, then I died." She relived the painful memory and stared at her stomach to where she was impaled on the hood ornament. "I was.... ran over by a car," she said dejectedly. "Anyway, I'm Chloe. Accoriding to the letter, this pocket watch gives me time control." She felt as if she was her younger brother playing pretend as the sentence came out of her mouth.

    Still sifting through all the queries thrown at her, a word rang out to her. Calegians. She read over the letter three times, but the part about the Calegians escapes her. It was something very important, she thought, but she was so focused on the other parts of the letters that she had skimmed over it most of the time.

    Another part of the letter that she remembered was the advice, The closing words. 'Courage' was what it said. It was an unsuiting word for her. Something that she lacked. She didn't like her lack of it, but it was just how she is. It's something that will be very hard to change.
  20. Waves of chilling air lapped at her exposed flesh greedily, surrounded by the darkness of her death she could not feel the cold or peace. Even as she lay so still with closed eyes, the regret she felt had overwhelmed the crisp chill on her flesh and the sense of peace she should have felt. How could she have died so swiftly with her family having no knowledge? Had she not known her end was coming soon? The previous gloom of the day had warned her of troubles, but to die was an extreme trouble. But there was no way she couldn't have known her thievery would be then end of her existence eventually. The smashing contact with the car was etched into her mind, the failed scream that never made it out of her mouth still at a pause in her throat, the shock of all the pain she felt as she died all instant in memory. Ease should have kicked in when she opened those sorrowful green blue orbs, but there was nothing but dread to follow.
    Nights didn't expect a heaven, but she sure didn't expect the thick fog that licked the ground. Hell had to much more agonizing than this place. All sound had failed her till she truly came to focusing on her surroundings than being lost in her regretful mindset. With eyes averting around she clasped her hands shut just barely before realizing the note inside it. Without much enthusiasm she read it slowly once, then again for confirmation that this was true and she wasn't delusional. Not that she needed the obvious to be stated that she had an untimely death, but to validate she had been thrusted into an outworldly position of being a 'Time Traveler'. She never did well with big responsibilities, and this was more than just big. No way could she do this. How could she? Telepathy? Vali could have sworn she was thrown into a movie scene with Professor X and the Xmen.
    The mention of the bracelet had shocked her, Vali had been right. It was her greed and sticky fingers that had cause her very demise; if only she had taken that long time thought into consideration would the young woman have stopped stealing long ago.
    The notes slight moment of advice was but a word. "Home.." Her voice had come in a whisper, as if scared to be heard by anything that lurked in this fog.There was not a point to return, she knew she would be forgiven but still she had not sought to give up her freedom to help them come to terms with the great losses. She wasn't interested in anyones advice or opinion, surely not from a piece of paper given to her by god knows who. She crushed the note in a small fist and threw it away from her person as if it would explode.
    With a narrow of her eyes she stood slowly and dusted off her dress in habit. Her surroundings more clear, she could hear them talking, see their silhouettes, some of them closer to her than others. They must be the other time travelers that the note mentioned, each of them needing her expertise that she was not willing to offer. Nights could not just trust them nor care too much of this time traveler business. If she did, she'd become attached, involved and would care. Right now, all Nights could think about was how she had gone a great distance away from the people she cared only then to die so suddenly and regret her time on earth.
    But even as much as she wanted to walk away something in her shouted otherwise. Unfortunately, it was that unruly conscience of her's, where had that been for all the time she had done wrong and now it seeked for the right. It was ignored. Just as she willed it to go dormant, and it did. Why work with these people and understand their roles in this place, why search for an answer to all their questions and her own? What point would it serve? How would that benefit her? She was dead. And frankly she wished she would have stayed dead. The whole point of dying was to be granted peace or punishment, not more responsibilities. If you can't juggle your life as you should alive then why juggle anything at all in death. Even with her rather staying dead she never wanted to die in the first place, and thanks to this bracelet she was forced into the thick of events that would unfold. With a moment of thought to herself, Nights knew she would end up helping because her heart and mind would not allow her to walk away so easily this time, She wondered," What exactly is a...or who is a Caligenian?"
    The only thing at this time that had made sense for her to question with full curiosity was of the Caligenian Warriors. She figured everyone here had just about the same bit of knowledge she had, and that was just whatever was on the letter they had been given. A vague walkthrough of nothing..
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