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  1. Quick Info! (open)
    Game Master: Sakura
    Accepting New Characters:Yes! It's a lot to read, but don't be intimidated! Ask any questions! :)
    Posting Expectations: At least once a week, please :) People are more active in summer, yes?
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre: Time Travel / Fantasy/ Action / Intrigue
    Atmosphere/Mood: Adventure / Drama
    Basic Plot: The compass of Aetas is an old artifact that allows humans to travel through time. Today, that compass is scattered into eight different pieces. Each piece must be reunited with it's sister artifact in the past. Time travelers are born for this duty, and to protect the pieces of Aetas from falling into the wrong hands.


    Cell phones, appointments, salaries, facebook, work, study, children, life.

    Day by day, we're spinning out of control or stuck in routine. Our lives are run along with money, people, emotional fluctuations and lost dreams. We struggle for a better life. We plan, we hope, we attempt to achieve, but some of us have this feeling that we will always be doomed to fail. Fate hands us an empty glass; the imagination to believe it to be full is long gone.

    It's when we know our weakness that we can grow stronger.

    The Compass of Aetas. The answer to man's greatness weakness, Time.

    Spoken of in Old English legends, Aetas was the compass of time, originally created with magic.It allowed humans to travel through time without paying a cost. Because of it's great power, it was cursed by ancients, split into eight pieces, each with a different fragment of magical power. Those eight pieces were then scattered into the modern timeline.

    When a piece of Aetas lands into human hands, a person is no longer human. They are removed from the timeline, as if they never existed. However, the possession of a piece of Aetas delivers a final curse. Upon human contact, each fragment is split into two, one in the modern timeline and the other, a sister artifact sent to the past. Without the sister artifact, the fragment's power cannot reach it's full potential. Once all eight sister artifacts have been reunited with their pieces, the eight time travelers can make unanimous decision to destroy the compass of Aetas or to use it for good.

    You have found a fragment of Aetas. Tonight you will be reborn as a time traveler.

    The Eight Pieces of Aetas:
    (1) Salubris, the Locket (Healing Magic)
    (2) Celeras, the Ring (Speed Magic)
    (3) Noctis, the Earrings (Stealth Magic)
    (4) Efflux, the Pocket Watch (Time-Freeze Magic)
    (5) Mephitas, the Guardian Blade (Poison Magic)
    (6) Reveras, the Ancient Bracelet (Telepathic Magic)
    (7) Berceus, the Bell-Anklet (Sleep-Inducing Magic)
    (8) Mariones, the Sash (Mind-control/Puppetry Magic)

    Not all time travelers are in search of good. There are those who will do anything to gain the power of the Aetas compass for themselves, hunt the pieces, their sister artifacts and attempt to combine them. These mysterious individuals are a part of an ancient cult known as the Caligenus. They are people from a lineage of old age wizards, cursed for their greed and dark ways.

    The Caligenians, after touching a piece of Aetas, can absorb it's powers for a period of time. (Assume that the younger Caligenians are a part of normal society) They are nearly human, with the ability to travel through time granted through the Caligenus curse. Each Caligenian time traveler has paid a price for that ability.

    For more information on the storyline, quirks, and Caligenian limits, check out the second post of this thread where there will be various GM updates!



    Time Travelers
    Time Travelers Code (open)
    [B]Time Traveler [/B]
    [CENTER][SIZE=6][FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#yourpostingcolor] Nickname/Alias [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][SIZE=4][FONT=Helvetica] >Which Piece of Aetas<[/FONT][/SIZE]
    [imga=right]Apperance URL[/imga]
    [U]Why am I unhappy with my life? [/U]
    [B]Full Name [/B]
    [B]Birthdate: [/B]
    [B]Occupation: [/B] character's job/role during modern timeline
    [B]Personality: [/B]
    [B]General History: [/B]
    [B]Childhood Trauma:[/B]
    [B]Interests:[/B] hiking/biking/swimming/math puzzles/etc
    [B]Stress Factors: [/B] what's currently stressing him/her out?
    [B]Talents:[/B] order of most accomplished:
    [B]Weaknesses: [/B]
    [B]Powers:[/B] Attained from the Aetas piece
    [B]Dreams for the future:[/B] Aspirations or wants unattainable due to financial/other reasons.

    Caligenus Warriors
    Caligenus Warriors Skeleton (open)
    [B]Caligenian [/B]
    [CENTER][SIZE=6][FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#yourpostingcolor] Nickname/Alias [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [imga=right]Apperance URL[/imga]
    [U]What price did I pay for these dark powers?"[/U]
    [B]Full Name [/B]
    [B]Birthdate: [/B]
    [B]Personality: [/B]
    [B]General History: [/B] Most Caligenians are half-breeds of the original wizard lineage. One parent is most likely a normal human.
    [B]Interests:[/B] hiking/biking/swimming/math puzzles/etc
    [B]Stress Factors: [/B] what's currently stressing him/her out?
    [B]Talents:[/B] order of most accomplished:
    [B]Weaknesses: [/B]
    [B]Price paid for time travel power:[/B]


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  2. [​IMG]
    • Co-GM is Overcast ~ Yay!
    • Story will be Chapter-Style! Summaries will be in this post!
    • PLOT ADDITION: Pieces of Aetas can be temporarily combined to form new weapons/powers. This can only be done if both individuals completely trust each other & are in sync!
    • IC THREAD IS UP :: PROLOGUE: flashback of how your character died some time after finding the piece of Aetas. Doesn't have to be related to the piece of Aetas!

      1- Caligenians aren't like humans where they've lost their human life and died to become time travelers. Instead, they are a different life form cursed to achieve that power through sacrifice. If you're interested in a prologue post, you can detail the moments before and after your sacrifice :)

      2- yes, I saw that in your profile and it was okay! Since a Caligenian does not depend on finding a piece of aetus to be a time traveler, it makes sense that they might already be traveling.
    • GM POST : Concerning Caligenians, Immortality & the Caligenian Massacre.
    • GM POST: The Time Travelers have a MIND LINK with one another !
      Always, please, please please on your post, make sure you write something like this:
      location, time period, nickname-of-traveler
      mind_links: name-of-traveler-linked (none if they haven't realized or set them up)
      Show Spoiler

      I will provide you clues within the OoC AND IC in events, people or situations to where or what the sister artifact is!
      You can create as much as you like! I will give you a basic identity and a place in society and you can take it from there! If you have an idea of who you want to be in a time line, tell me so I'll give you that:)
      Let's just say that the items take on a disguise in every era to help with your assimilation. YOU CAN CHANGE THE VISUAL OF YOUR ARTIFACT AND HOW IT LOOKS TO OTHER PEOPLE, but to you it is the same. Just like how you can see the TRUE APPEARANCES of your fellow travelers despite their changes!
      If you're a knight, you will have battle skills! Whatever character I set you up as (or you choose), think of it like replacing a person in a past, but actually, the past has been changed to make a place for you. For example, a family with two children will now have three, the third which is you. The timeline has changed to FIT YOU THERE but the history or the financial situation of the family doesn't change.
      Caligenians, you DO know who the time travelers are! You recognize them immediately when you SEE them. Also, you have two options. To be yourself in a time period (and face possible ridicule) or to accept a random identity like the travelers and live that lifestyle while being a Caligenian. YOU ARE BOUND BY HISTORY, which means that even through you can alter time, you cannot alter history. So you can't use magic in the middle of common people who will be confused by it. But you CAN use your magic cleverly or secretly against the time travelers.
      I meant that you cannot change the dynamics of life; as in showing magic to the public eye or creating something like a mythical beast into reality - something that will change things completely. Changing royal families, introducing new diseases, these things are all fine!
      Caligenians are naturally 'called' to the pieces of Aetas (the original ones and not the sister artifacts). As a result, they have a kind of 'sensor' ability that can lead them within walking distance of a piece.
      Caligenians time travel the same way they cast any other magic. There is no random door callings or anything like that because they have paid a dear price. Feel free to be creative (magic circles, talismans, wands, etc)
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  3. interested, make a CS after finals are done
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  4. Time Traveler

    Nickname: Blur
    Piece of Aetas: Celeras, Ring of Speed

    Why am I unhappy with my life: "Things aren't going good lately. Well, they were, until I got caught. Threw me in jail for 3 years, and when I finally got out, my family wouldn't take me back. They through me on the streets, and honestly, I don't think they gave a shit about whether or not I died; they just wanted a clean rep. My family disowned me, and I was seen as an everyday beggar."

    Full Name: Nathaniel Benson
    Birthdate: December 4th, 1989
    Occupation: Criminal ( Artifact Thief )
    Nathaniel loves to take the leader position. This stems from his hate of higher authority, such as the police, who he sees as corrupt tyrants who seek nothing more than money. This being said, he refuses to be ordered around, and will fight every formof authority that stand in front of him. He has no soft spots, and does not make relationships unless they prove to be in favor of 1 of Nathaniel's goals.

    General History:

    Nate was born under uncertain circumstances, of which none remember. He was subjected to abuse and neglect from his father, although after his fifth birthday, the child services got involved, throwing Nate into an adoptive family, a bunch of rich snobs. He despised them, and his siblings treated him like an outsider. Needless to say, Nathaniel was thrust into the criminal world at a young age.
    He started stealing valuable ancient artifacts when he was 18, and he was good, too good, and he was bound to run out of luck at somepoint, and that he did.

    He was caught soon enough, thrust into a prison at 18, just old enough to be prosecuted in adult court, and three years in prison made him strong, if anything. His family disowned him, and he seeked out a new job. It was in his search that he found Celeras, The ring that changed his life.

    Childhood Trauma:

    Being abused by his father

    Interests: Reading

    Stresses: Too many to list

    Hand to Hand Combat

    People Skills
    Sitting Still

    Powers: Can run at the speed of sound, faster reflexes

    Aspirations: He wants to attain higher social status.
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  5. WIP

    Time Traveler
    Nick Name: Cycle
    Appearance: Nerd girl.png

    Piece of Aetas
    : Efflux, the Pocket Watch (Time-Freeze Magic)

    Why am I unhappy with my life?: It's an easy question. It wouldn't take a long look at my life to see why I'm unhappy. It isn't a happy existance. Day in and Day out, it's the same thing. Walk to school, listen through boring classes, head home, and spend the rest of the day at home doing nothing. I wake back up in the morning, rinse and repeat. To top it all of, I don't really have any friends. I've moved around a lot, so it was hard for me to make new and worthwhile friends. If I try to make friends, I feel awkward around them and it's hard for me to carry out a really good conversation. Sigh... I feel best when I don't have to say much and I can draw in peace. I really wish I could just be alone.

    Full Name:
    Chloe Nightingale

    May 17th, 1997

    Student(Moonlights as a Graff Artist)

    She's very shy and introvert. It had stemmed from moving around a lot and not being able to make worthwhile friends, which in turn lowered her self esteem. It's caused her to put up a shell for herself, isolating her from the rest of the world, wishing time would just stopand somehow things would change on their own.

    General History:
    Born in the small town of Redding in California and raised in a multitude of places, Chloe moved around a lot due to her parents' hectic work and need to move for business.It wasn't uncommon for them to move every couple months or so. The fastest she's stayed in one place was about a month. It's pretty self-explanatory why she hadn't made many friends. Everyone in the hallway was just a passing face, and she was just another nameless loner roaming the world.

    Of course, no human can really stand living life like that. Like most girls in her situation, there were other outlets for her frustration. In her case, she just had a tiny voice in herself that was just craving for attention while the rest of her wished to stay anonymous. Her solution was to make "public" works of art. Armed with a can of spray paint, she sneaked out at
    night to make a piece of what she felt at that moment. For the first time she felt good about something she'd done, though it was sloppy compared to other graffiti artists. She left her mark and began doing it more and more frequently under the name of "Cycle."
    One night, she was tagging at a new place, somewhere in the industrial part of town, when she came across it. She had managed to knock over a can while she was working and before she took off, thinking that someone would here her, something glimmering caught her eye. It was a rather expensive-looking and unique pocket watch. She took it along with her, abandoning her piece for the night. That was the night that would forever change her life.

    Childhood Trauma:
    Being bullied in elementary school, and lacking worthwhile friends

    Interests: Art (Graffiti), Writing, Chess (And other strategy games), Card Games

    Stress Factors:
    Isolation and being a social outcast


    (1) Arts
    (3)Thinking on her feet


    (2)Being in the spotlight
    (3)Commitment issues (promises, etc.)
    Powers: Time Freeze

    Dreams for the future: She wishes that she could find someone to understand her, and travel abroad. She would also love to have an art piece in a museum.
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  6. I don't have time at the moment, but I'm interested in joining. Plan on taking Mariones if no one takes it before...thursday, maybe?
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  7. Time Traveler

    Why am I unhappy with my life? "Things have always been a bit difficut for me and those close to me, but everything came to a head after the accident. With their little angel gone, it was if our centre, the glue that held our family together, was gone too. Everything began to fall apart, with Dad's drinking, Mom leaving... And its all my fault."

    Full Name: Arciel Simon Rusburgh
    Birthdate: January 14, 1990
    Occupation: Full time grocery clerk.

    Personality: Arciel fronts a smiling facade to the world and those outside of his small circle of friends. He's easy going and likeable. He has to be, as his choice of work is very intolerant of a bad attitude. Arciel is good at what he does, and covers his inner turmoil well. Those who do see past his mask of smiles and cheer will find a young man wracked with guilt and despair. A young man who has experienced loss, and hasn't come to terms with its presence in his life.

    General History: Arciel is the eldest child in a moderate sized family, with both parents and a much younger sister. His family wasn't what one might call overtly wealthy, but they made due with what they had, and were happy. As he grew older, Arcil began to understand that his parents dotted on his sister. She was a golden child, always smiling and polite, and while he loved his sister dearly, there was always that jealousy buried within him. The boy was given the responsibility of caring for his sister as both their parents worked, a duty that he did not particularly care for. It was one such day, when the two were out on the lot in front of their small home, Arciel neglected to keep a close eye on his sister, his nose buried in a book. The little girl's ball rolled out into the road, and she chased after it. To the credit of the driver, they did all they could to stop, but it was too late. And in that one moment of negligence, she was gone. A darkness set over his family as they gave into their despair, his father turning to the bottle to numb the pain, and his mother trying in vain not to blame her son and herself for the poor girl's death. Eventually, it grew too much for the woman to bare. She left without a word, taking her belongings and leaving an even larger void in the home. With his father wasted at all hours, and no income coming in, Arciel was forced to drop out of school and find some sort of job. Eventually, a small grocery chain gave him a shelving job, and he's worked hard to keep things together. It was by complete chance that he stayed late the night that he came across the Aetas Piece.

    Childhood Trauma: Death of his sister, resulting in his mother walking out and his father's heavy drinking problem.
    Interests: Reading, Running, Caring for animals
    Stress Factors: His rent has been hiked up by a couple hundred dollars, and he may not have enough to pay rent and still feed himself and his father.

    (1) High physical stamina and strength
    (2) Charitable Nature
    (3) Running

    (1) Untrusting
    (2) Indecisive and Doubtful of Himself
    (3) Lacking Education

    Powers: Poison and Disease Resistance. Ability to cause nearby wounds to become infected and fester. A Toxic Touch with his left hand, causing heavy nausea and mild delirium.

    Dreams for the future: Finish High School, Gain better employment, move to nicer neighbourhood.
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  8. There's a SOLID tag at the end that doesn't belong anywhere, sorry! You can erase that bit! :)
  9. welp, managed to get a CS up.
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  10. Hay, if its cool with you I would like the Salubris locket.

    Time Traveler
    Nickname/Alias: Doc
    >Which Piece of Aetas< Salubris Locket
    Why am I unhappy with my life?: Well to be honest most people would be happy with my life. I'm a successful doctor who already is one of the most sought after in the world and is trusted with the most advanced medical equipment money can buy as well as the hardest cases that he can find. I have been referred to as, by most medical journals, as 'The god of medicine.' So again, back to the question. Why am I unhappy with life? Well I told a reporter one time. "So why am I not happy? Well its simple, because your not happy." Of course everyone thought I was joking because I always smile but it was the truth. Sometimes I wish I could get away from all the spot lights and melt away in time...

    Full Name: Doctor (Title) Jacov Rohind

    Birthdate: April 23 1985

    Occupation: Doctor

    Personality: He is a more or less 'happy' man who goes about his business trying to make everyone else happy. Of course being a doctor he can't make everyone happy and its hard for him to break the news to a family when one of their members is on death row. He always tries to find a bright side for them but it doesn't typically work out... considering you can't find a bright side to the death of a loved one.

    General History: He is a new doctor, to say the least, and has only been working as one for just under a year. He was said to be some kind of super genius, or something along those lines. He started off skipping senior year because he completed all his credits and went to collage early. Then he only spent 7 years to get his degree, which should have taken 8, and only spent three years working under another doctor to be fully qualified as an emergency room doctor that can handle just about any problem. Since then he had saved almost thirty people whom other doctors had given up on but still, unfortunately, could not save them all and ended up telling dozens their loved one wouldn't make it.

    Childhood Trauma: He was seven when his mother died, she was the only one he truly cared about. He was always an 'odd' child and didn't have many friends but some how she always made him smile. After she pasted away he only had his school work to keep him from feeling guilt, guilt that he really shouldn't have felt. He thought it was his fault she had died because his father told him it was his fault...

    Remember how I said he was an 'odd' child? The reason why the other students thought he was odd was because instead of going out for recces he would stay inside and work on his homework, do tests on things they haven't learned yet, or even go to the next grade up and join their class.

    Anyways, a few years later his father died and he was being thrown from house to house around the area while they tried to find someone who would take him. No one did, he ended up in an orphanage where he watched as the few friends he could make died away from disease. That is why he always smiles a gentle smile, that is why he always feels guilty when he see's someone else fading away before him. He doesn't want anyone to go threw the same suffering...

    Interests: Medical Advancements, Technology, Video Games

    Stress Factors: Unhappiness of others.

    (1) Medical Field, he is very knowledgeably in all ways of medical aid.
    (2) Friendly
    (3) Throwing, believe it or not, when your in an emergency room you learn to throw things accurately and quickly.

    (1) Talking to others about how he feels. He would rather hide it behind a smile.
    (2) Wimp! He isn't very strong or athletic, after all he was cramped in his room studying all his life.
    (3) Indecisive over some things, if he is going to make a big decision he might not come to a decision on his own. He will probably just follow someone elses whether he thinks its a good idea or not.
    Powers: Healing (Has yet to obtain it however)

    Dreams for the future: Cure things like cancer, not for the fame but for the lives saved.
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  11. Time Traveler
    Why am I unhappy with my life?
    "I've worked hard ever since I was little to make everyone proud, but no one ever noticed. I've been hanging on for so long, I don't know if I can take it alone anymore. Thousands and thousands of dollars in debt makes me wonder if this dream is really worth it. Or maybe I'm just a silly girl who thinks she knows what life is about. My parents are cross with me. I only have a couple of friends. I'm scared that even if I do take more loans to graduate, maybe I won't be a great engineer after all..."
    Full Name: Aurelia Versace
    Birthdate: March 22, 1994
    Occupation: University Student, Journalist
    Personality: An energetic, bubbly young woman with a penchant for adventures and excitement. Determined to succeed, courageous, and outspoken. Naive and trusting, Aurelia is extremely emotional and quick-to-tears. Most would describe her as cute, but she would prefer to be remembered as something more profound.
    General History: The youngest of four with a large gap of ages, Aurelia has always felt like an only child. She grew up in the shadows of family fights and dramas, hiding in her room or concentrating on her school work to forget the trauma of being in a dysfunctional family. As a result, she was an excellent student, acing her studies all the way until she was accepted in one of the country's most prestigious universities for an engineering degree. Her parents, however, had other plans. Because they had never been particularly close, they couldn't understand her dream to study at that uni and refused to finance her education at such an expensive institution. Even with scholarship, two years into the program, Aurelia is several thousands of dollars in debt and it's eating her inside. She lives independently and takes care of herself, working two jobs, a cafe waitress and a intern journalist, but she can't help feeling the dread that she'll never be able to pay off all the money.
    Childhood Trauma: Constant family pressure from fighting, physical and verbal abuse. At first, Aurelia used to hide and wait for the storm to pass, but as she grew older, she was tired of the fighting and would shout at them to stop. The constant yelling and screaming was emotionally draining. Aurelia still feels the experiences are traumatic and linked to many of her shortcomings as a individual.
    Interests: Tennis, Storytelling, sports, video games, and languages.
    Stress Factors: Financial responsibility of attending such a high-prestige school. Tension of constantly fighting with her parents. Not sure if she's made the right decisions in life.
    Talents: order of most accomplished:
    (1) Agility; an avid sports player, Aurelia is super flighty and quick in movements.
    (2) Hacker/Computer expert; she's majoring in computer engineering
    (3) Puzzles; she enjoys solving physical, word, and math puzzles.
    (1) Gullible; naive, easily tricked, she's trusting so she'll believe anything you say
    (2) Emotional; quick-to-tears
    (3) Fear of Failure; though she doesn't admit, she's always scared to lose
    Powers:Temporary invisibility and stealth maneuvers; the power to move around without making a sound and to evade radars or detection machinery.
    Dreams for the future: To be a world-traveling journalist-engineer after finishing her degree, falling in love. Aurelia's main wish for the future is to be happy, free of crippling stress like debt.
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  12. I had a mostly finished CS in notepad. My computer decided it needed to restart. Will see if I can do it today, but I promise nothing. If I don't have it by the end of thursday, just take me off of this.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that you'll be able to join! :(
  14. Sakura, Conference Box, Nao
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  15. I like this. Working on a CS now, on accounta I have no life and it's hot outside. And also because I like this.

    EDIT: On second, maybe I'll wait to join. Lemme know if you're still looking in a couple days. =)
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  16. OKAY, to mix it up, I could play a Caligenus. My concern is that my 'bad' characters are never really 'bad' so much as misguided. How 'bad' would you need him/her to be? Like, is he/she an evil redshirt? Or can I actually work in some character development? Because if that's the case--if he/she can come around, so to speak--I have some fun ideas. =D Except for the evil.
  17. Are there still spots? I am very much interested!!!
    Nevermind... I just read more... I'll be posting my character momentarily...
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  18. Caligenian

    His identity, his riches, the ability to control emotions and gender
    Kern Luke Kay
    November Fifth, Nineteen Eighty-Four
    She tended to try and keep herself, quiet and controlled. However she had paid the price for her powers and her emotions tend to run rampant and out of control. She tends to speak her mind when her emotions were out of control and was quite rude.
    Kern had been liked to be called by his middle name, Luke. His childhood was the average, nothing out of the ordinary. He was generally a rule follower, he had a couple of friends who weren't but most of the time he would be with others like him.

    At the age of eleven he was hanging with one of the bad kids, they were at his house, it was getting late, his parents had been tired from a long day at work and there was a box of matches on the table. The other kid had a terrible idea to play with fire. He prodded Luke to join him, and eventually Luke gave in. He lit the match and put it up the piece of paper but little did he know the gas stove had been turned on not long before and then the whole house went up in flames. Luke had managed to scrape his way out unharmed. It was quite the opposite for his parents and the other boy.
    Luke's life was then full of tests and pills. He learned to hate the world and distrust everyone. He had soon become sexist, a druggie and a exceedingly terrible student.
    At the age of eighteen he had no idea what do with his life. He had been "dating" this girl, he had fulled her ears full of lies just to bed her as often as he wanted. She was moving to France for family purposes. Luke decided he would follow seeing no other paths for him.
    It was a good life in France, he had spent his time with her family. He mostly smoked hemp with his girlfriends Dad. Her parents however were rich, really rich. They lived in a mansion, traded stocks and owned a gun franchise.
    Two years later Luke had used her to the point of bore and he killed her in a bath tub, stole her parents money and took a boat to England where he would start anew. He used the money he stole to buy his way through college and rent an apartment and lived like a king.
    He lived out his life in London going under a new name. He became a famous millionaire, he had every thing he could ever want and more. There seemed to be nothing he couldn't have.
    He was twenty-nine when he was offered a deal. An exchange, his riches, identity, emotional control and gender. They were all exchanged for something he didn't have. Time travel.
    He then became she. And she hated herself for it. She was full of hate, the lack of her being able to control herself didn't help. She now travelled around time, mostly in Medieval England doing whatever she pleased.

    Her favorite past time was torturing people. Teetering them on the edge of life and death. It drove her crazy and filled her with excitement and a sense of fulfillment for days. She also enjoyed fighting, physically or through speech.
    The lack of something to do. She was currently tired of torturing people and was bored out of her mind. She needed a new thrill or sense of excitement.
    (1) Torturing. A favorite past time, she had studied deeply into it, how to, why, where, when and what.
    (2) Silver tongued. She could outsmart and out talk almost anyone she knew.
    (3) Emotional control. Making people feel emotions they normally wouldn't feel or would be adversed too. It's something she has practiced and gotten good at.
    (1) Self control. She would often do things on impulse or simply "because".
    (2) Intolerance. She couldn't stand anyone doing something wrong or stupidly.
    (3) Running, she had asthma. It was hard for her to run fast or for a prolonged amount of time.
    ( If anything doesn't fit or doesn't make sense please tell me! I will be happy to make changes to fit the setting! )
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  19. You had me wondering at the he/she until I understood the price! She's positively devious, thank you for joining! I'm going to send you a PM soon so we can discuss plot stuffies about the evil half of the story! If not today, expect a message from me tomorrow!

    ALSO. Guys, please keep checking the second post for announcements! I'm going to put something there now about the IC thread & PROLOGUE chapter!
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  20. Cool! I'm glad you liked it, I was a little confused as to some of the details and what I should put so I just made it up a little... Glad it worked out though! Btw I forgot to add on, she goes by Kay now.
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