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    Bare feet slide across the damp and wet moss which lined the trees like a protective shield. Skating down the lengths of tree branches, and swinging down their vines. Villuctia's body gracefully spiralled lower into the thick of the branches, where the rare creatures laid their eggs. Planting the balls of her heels momentarily into the surface of the tree's appendage to gather the spawn from it's nest. Wrapping it tightly into a linen cloth, and attaching it to her quiver for safe keeping.
    Her feet started to pick up pace again and then she made a leap for it, her body arching backwards in all of it's matured glory. The shapes of her torso defining her womanhood as the sunset created a silhouette formation of her physique. Heavily landing into another quick paced run across the next tree which came into her path she acrobatically flipped from one to the next in order to make her way back home.
    On the horizon she could see through the gaps in the forest the castle beyond the barrier of their homeland. Although she was currently in the wilderness, if she would leave the forest, she would surely be caught. Her brilliant eyes meant she could see far beyond what any other creature could. In the distance she spotted the guards lined on the walls of the royal home, their spears in hand and eyes forward. Their mere human senses would never spot her, and thank goodness for that.
    Villuctia's body gave a light thud when she landed back on the ground. The moisture on her feet clinging to the leaves and dirt on her level. She lowered her body back down into the dip, and made way to the gap between two trees which seemed to join together. In the center of the tree was a hole, which her body comfortable fit into. Sliding down the opening, she made way into the underground city of her people. It's livestock evident, a mass of trees growing to such extreme heights that it was touching the hard rock sky, which protected them from the enemies above. Around the trees were stairs leading up to homes high above.
    Elves went about their business, tending to their mystical crops, and babes alike. Some turned to look at her as she walked through their streets. Not in a spiteful manner, they knew she ventured to the above world regularly. They did not see the point in it, however, they had everything they needed down here. She just enjoyed the sunlight, and fresh air. There wasn't much of that down here. Although, this was a perk for the elves. Their eyesight was brilliant in every way, including in the darkest of places.
    She took a slight smile to one little girl with a similar face to hers. Then began walking back to her chambers in the main manor.
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  2. The rhythmic clang of metal on metal filled the air, each blow showering the forge with a thousand dancing fairies. Whilst not the most exciting work, nor the most challenging or best paid, Boíndal enjoyed farrier work all the same; all he needed was the feel of a hammer in his hand and the blast of heat from a furnace, the sound of the bellows and the beauty of that unique glow as the metal moulded to his will and began to take shape. Life is simple when you're smithing...

    He set off walking East from the blacksmith's cottage with his small bundle of possessions, food, and freshly earned coin strapped to his back alongside his axe. He didn't have a destination in mind; he rarely did, simply going wherever the road happened to take him. Perhaps he would stop at an inn for the night and treat himself to a tankard of ale (or at least what the humans passed for it), the blacksmith had paid him well for his work after all. Even with all the turmoil between the different races, Boíndal found that the skill of a dwarf was always appreciated by small, independent parties, even if they were wary of dealing with him.

    As he walked, Boíndal nibbled at a piece of cheese that the blacksmith's wife had been gracious enough to give him as thanks for his help with housekeeping whilst he'd stayed with them. She had been the one to convince her husband to have him stay and help at the forge, so he was more than happy to do his bit towards upkeep. He twiddled his beard absent-mindedly and hummed an old Dwarven tune as he trekked along the road contentedly.
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  3. The smell of wet grass lingering in the air, the ghostly games of light of the moonlight reaching the ground through the trees, the silence so deep the rhythm of his heart sounded clear in his ears. The night had an eerie feel to it. An inexperienced traveller would have his nerves made a wreck. Not knowing where you were coming from, or where were you going. And in the case of a traveller with less keen senses, not being able to distinguish between your hand and a bush... That was a severe threat for many people's sanity, but not for him.

    Cellorys had spent a little over a hundred years in a never ending journey. A journey with no specific destiny. Only his feet as vehicle, and his desire for discovery as fuel. He was humming a tavern song while he stopped every now and then to pick up a flower or a herb and put it into his basket. In this forest grew a special herb known as the 'herb of love'. He used it to make potions and sold them to males who had problems satisfying their partners, or who couldn't even enjoy by themselves.

    He heard a low sound far into the distance. Raising his head to smell the air, he knew a storm was approaching. Putting the casket's contents in his bag, he wished he could stay more time, but the rain would ruin the herbs. Once everything was in place, he rushed back to the inn he was staying at.
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  4. While sitting by a path that led to 'who-knows-where', Marinda rubbed the wolf's ear and chattered at him like a small child and ruffled his fur and ears in emphasis of the words she was saying,

    "You know, it would have helped a lot if the elders could have described what a hume looked like. Then at least I would know one when I saw it. Ahh! All they knew was they wear metal and live in very large groups away from the wood. In enclosed spaces made of dead wood and stone! How silly is that!"

    She stood up and looked around her and then shrugged and began walking down the path, not knowing where it led. The wolf kept pace with her for a while, then ran ahead of her and then off into the tall grass chasing a rabbit that leaped and turned in an effort to loose the wolf, all in vain. After running it to ground and delivering the killing bite it picked up the carcase in it's mouth and brought it back to Mari. A smile lit the fairie's face and she bent down to congratulate the whitish-gray wolf by ruffling his fur once more and blessing his meal with a quick touch and a whispered word. He promptly laid down and began eating his meal with relish. Pausing only to smile up at Marinda and ask, with body language, if she would care to join him in his meal.

    "No dear, enjoy your food, I am not hungry as of yet, but thank you for the offer." She smiled again and sat on a rock to wait for her friend to finish and began to hum a tune to the distant sound of thunder. She had always loved the rain, the dances that were made the food and the company. It brought home how lonely this journey would be and her smile faded as she watched the horizon and the clouds.
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  5. Larak journeyed on, though he hadn't the slightest clue what he was looking for. In the end he figured he would know it when he saw it and if he never saw it, it was never their to begin with. He sighed slightly as he adjusted his gear which was starting to make his shoulder sore. He had... won a new strap which he used to replace an older strap that held his scabbard to his back, unfortunately the strap was not warn in and in return caused him slight discomfort after long periods of use.

    Setting down his gear he pulled out his small canister of water and sipped the last couple of drops out of it in hopes of quenching his thirst but yet again he was dissatisfied. At least he now knew he would have to search a little harder for a stream or river. Going into town would just cause him more trouble than worth with all the bounty hunters after him. Slowly he stood again and strapped everything back on again. By the look of the skies a storm would be rolling in soon and heavens know he didn't want to be caught by that.

    Again he started to walk aimlessly in the forest until he came upon a cave. He figured that was a good a spot as anything for the night. At least it would be homier considering it would be underground. He squeezed threw the entrance and set his gear down before creating a small irrigation system that he could use to fill his canister after the storm. Then he found a comfy spot against the wall and started up a small fire to hopefully ward away unwanted visitors and something to cook with as well. He had hunted a deer down and he still needed to cook it so now would be as good a time as ever.

    He stuck a good sized piece of the meat on a stick to roast over the fire before creating a line for the purpose of smoking all that was left. After all preserving the meat would be better than having to hunt down another deer. Samusin knows he is getting a bit to slow to chase down a deer in its prime. Not that it mattered anyways...

    After finishing his meal and feeling satisfied he closed his eyes figuring it was better to sleep out the storm than anxiously waiting for it to pass. He was safe anyways, no hunter was going to hunt while their game was alerted already by the storm and anyone hunting him would have a hell of a time finding the small cave entrance, even with the soft glow of the fire barely dancing outside the cave... plus he had a good feeling. Being in the cave felt like home.
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  6. The cold chill of the approaching storm brought by the wind would be reason enough for most creatures to head back inside to their homes and shelters, inns even if they could afford it. The breeze was swiftly beginning to pick up at a relentless speed, carrying fresh, newly plucked leaves from the surrounding trees that were dotted around the small town, small cottages and houses tucked into neat rows between them. The single dirt road that ran through a majority of the area was deserted, aside from the odd male making a hasty retreat to the promise of a welcoming kiss from his spouse and a warm fire.

    One other was on the road, though if any saw the dark figure as it moved from one building's shadow to the other, then it was quickly forgotten. People tended to fear the unknown, and so long as the unknown was not affecting them, who were they to concern themselves, especially during such a time for their nation? Surely, it could only lead to trouble. Such thoughts were what Ashkara depended on in order to keep a majority of creatures away from her before they could realise that she was an Orc. Word would spread quickly and she would undoubtedly lose her current employment to the bald, sweaty human.

    She approached a small hut that had been built further back from the main road than most other buildings, which people quickly excused as it being from the age of the hut. Three knocks in code on the oak door allowed her immediate entry into the damp, musty smelling room that was adorned with a low level table, slated windows and the repulsive stench of stale urine mixed with fresh blood. Her eyes darted around the room. Whoever had opened the door for her must have already scurried to the back room that was hidden behind a veil of beads, for the main living quarters she had entered was empty. Shutting the door with a soft thump as the slid the wooden car across the lock, she proceeded to stand beside the table as she waited for her employer to make his appearance.
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  7. downloadfile-2.jpeg

    Tumbling leaves fell all around as a wisp of blue light zipped through the trees, shortly followed by a white crow duantingly attempting to chase after it. Winds began to lift the air and soon Elswyth was feeling tiered having fluttered through the unsettling treeline. Hunnin tilted his head and let out a short and stern caw at her.​
    "Hunnin! I'm only looking for berries,"she pouted at him, baring her bottom lip out. The ivory bird ruffled his feathers and shook in discontent, worried over her and plucked at her long braid of hair. "Ouch! Hunnin..." She exclaimed in exaggeration,"ok ok ok, as you wish" Elswyth fluttered to his back and held fast to tiny handfuls of feather. The winged creature took off into the sky higher an higher, erupting from the treetops.​
    The storm ahead looked dark sending down and ominous foreboding shadow as the sun sank behind them. Hunnin pushed through the altitudes gaining speed and finally swooped to a branch in the forest near an opening in the earth.​
    "A cave?" Elswyth questioned, narrowing her blue eyes to see and shivered.​
    "No...Hunnin, It looks like darkness is flooding that cave"​
    If a crow could roll it's eyes, Hunnin was doing so. Thinking to himself "there is probably food in there, Elsy."​
    "Nope" she spat crossing her arms.​
    The bird lowered his head turning it to the side and looked on into the cave, hearing noises from within. Suddenly an array of twigs flew out from behind them, as a bear attempted to climb up, swiping at the crow. Elswyth closed her eyes tightly as Hunnin immediately flew away into the cave for cover. The little fae began to cry and scream out, clinging to Hunnin. The bird did his best to fly through the darkness, a dim fire light coming into view.​
    "Hush, Elswyth, look there is a light in the darkness"​
    Her yelping cut short as he landed atop a large rock and they both Sat there looking at the warm fire, and the sleeping Larak.​
    "What is that Hunnin?" She whispered between sniffles and rubbing tears from her cheeks. She had never seen a creature like that before. Her eyes grew, filling with curious thoughts, jumping slightly as Larak shifted in his sleep. Hunnin swooped down to the ground not to far from he fire and began to pick worms out of the cave floor. Elswyth fluttered from his back to the moist dirt, eyes fixated on the creature and childishly tugged at Hunnins feather.​
    "Hunnin...What is that? She eagerly inquired again.​
    He picked up his head for a moment to look at he sleeping creature, and said with a stern tone.​
    "It's danger."​
    Elswyth looked back at Hunnin putting her fingers to her lips, gasping as a fright came over her, "see, I told you, the dark is dangerous" she spoke with a forced hushing whisper. Hunnin went back to collecting worms as she stood watching the creature sleep.​
    "It looks so peaceful"​
    "So do you when you are sleeping, but awake you are a right little terror"​
    "How could you say that? Don't you love me?​
    "Of course I do Elsy," he said looking at her with deep black pools," but everything sleeps, the danger is in the wake"​
    "What if it is nice?​
    "What then, invite him into a tree with us?"​
    She pouted at the bird, and crossed her arms, far from amused. Larak shifted again, sending Elswyth into air, such a fright it gave her. Her poor little heart pounded as she hid behind Hunnin.​
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  8. She had been doing this job for several months now and had become quite used to the order of operations that her employer had set into motion, starting with only a name and, on rare occasions, a picture, and ending with the poor sap's head in a pouch. It wasn't something she enjoyed doing or had decided to do on a whim, but it was something and something was needed when money was hard to come by for the orc woman. Her last job has been a hunt of a man out of the Fair Folk variety. It had been easy enough, seeing as how he was young, arrogant and average at best as far as his magic abilities has been concerned, although he truly had put up quite the fight; healing, running, calling on animals for help, and almost made it back to the safety of his town. Had he not stopped in order to construct a flimsy trap to ensnare her, he may have lived, but he had, so he didn't. She easily avoided the obstruction, a natural defense made from the trees, vines and thorned stems that had been planted around the fairy town in order to discourage wayward travellers and humans. The tables had immediately been turned a mere hundred meters from the village, when he became overconfident of his stopping her, and slowed down his pace, only to be stabbed in the back by her sword.

    Ashkara still had some of the wounds that the sharp thorns had inflicted, but a majority of them had healed during the returning journey from her quest back to this very hut, although that didn't stop the scabs from itching. Perhaps she would have enough coins when she left to buy some of the cream that reduced swelling and itching. Although usually used for bug bites, it should still work nicely. The beaded curtain shifted, snapping her attention back to the present and a bald, sweating man with a handkerchief who scurried out of the back room, his body deformed to be forever hunched. "Ah," he started nervously, already dabbing at his moist forehead, "I-I see you're back earlier than expected. Well, let's see it then, hmm?" She pulled off the single strap that hung over her shoulder in answer, allowing it to slip off her arm and land on the table, where the grubby man fumbled around with the buttons until it was open, revealing the severed head of the previously mentioned fairy man. He swallowed and gave a shaky nod. "Y-yes, that's him, alright. Little bugger was wanted for adultery with another man's wife. In answer to your next question, no. She's already dead." The man hastily buttoned up the pouch again and made as if you take it with him to the back room, before Ashkara snapped her scythe down, flat side on the back of his hand. "Payment first," she reminded him, making him jump. Her quick movements and high pitched voice were always forgotten do to her apparently large frame, an illusion cast by the cloak she wore and her lack of speech, leaving him stuttering more furiously whenever she did either. "Y-y-yes... Of c-c-course..." he stammered under his breath.

    The man released the bag as if it were suddenly made of hot coals, clutching his hand against his chest in a gesture of protectiveness as he rushed back to the room he had first come out of. He returned moments later, the hand that Ashkara had silently threatened to slice off now holding a small pouch of coins, while the other wiped at his sweaty neck, leaving black smears of dirt every time the dark cloth was removed. "Here we are," he said quickly, setting the pouch down on the opposite side of the table, the coins jingling from within. The woman removed her blade from where it still hovered above the decapitated head and, quick as a snake, her hand darted out to grab her payment, pocketing it faster than the man could so much as blink. She ducked her head down in thanks to the deal and turned on her heels towards the door, hopefully to find an inn before the storm struck. "Lynb'akh!" the man called out, tongue having gone frozen at her abrupt departure. When Ashkara had met him, it was agreed that only her last name be given for safety reasons, so that was all he knew to call her. She stopped, hand resting over the wooden bar, and turned her head to look at him. "Th-there is a man who would value your skills... three days traveling, north of here... I am in no longer need of your assistance. I am growing old, but he is still young and could do better with your varying abilities." A new chance at a more permanent workplace, she thought, eyes widening slightly at this man's sudden generosity of such information. She nodded her head, slightly more so then she previously had, and flung the wooden bar back before slipping out to the uncontained space of the cool, earth scented outdoors.
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  9. Finally the wolf finished its meal with a final licking of its chops and a smile. Just as quickly it stood up and ran off into the grass to romp ahead of where he thought Marinda would be going. He stopped to look back as if to say, 'Come on, you are keeping me waiting!' With a laugh that sounded more like wind chimes on a summers breeze, Mari rose to her feet and dusted herself off and began following the beast down the path.

    It was a while before the path became more like a rutted road and then they came upon a dividing of that road, one going left the other right. A curious long stick with a flat piece of wood with symbols on it was in the middle. The fairie shook her head in perplexity and smiled then shrugged her shoulders and turned to follow the left road, for lack of a reason, just because it pleased her.
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  10. Larak rolled over catching the last bit of someones conversation. Somehow someone had found him and he wasn't all that pleased about it. He laid their for a second not sure if he wanted to open his eyes or hope they would just go away but... well they could be thieves. Honestly it didn't sound like they were but it was better to be safe then sorry. In a split second he opened his eyes fully as they locked in on the source of the sound. A bird and a small creature were before him. They seemed a little jumpy and he immediately found them to be of no threat. Though they could have more with them which would make maters more complicated.

    "Why are you here and what do you want?" Was his first question. His voice came out at a normal speaking tone which, with the echo of the cave and the former silence, sounded uncomfortably loud. "I mean you no harm." He said seeing them jump at his voice. He sat up and looked at the two before him. Honestly he wouldn't be surprised if they just up and left but something seemed to be troubling the little... fairy? Like she was caught between two fears.

    Slowly he reached over and grabbed a small slice of smoked meat and started to chew as he both listened and observed. He may have seemed relaxed on the outside but he was very tense. If these two were a distraction and more lie in waiting then he might have a problem. It didn't seem these two were after his bounty but what was bothering the little fairy might have something to do with a trap... he was no fool.
  11. downloadfile-2.jpeg
    Blue dust exploded from her wings as Elswyth leapt back atop of the albino crow, her eyes blinked at the larak as Munnin Caws at the movements made. When Larak spoke the crow bounced away to the rock where they previously landed, looking straight on to the character. Elswyth tilted her head as he bit into his meal, almost frothing at the mouth Elswyth new it was food of some kind, yet it didn't smell like anything she ever ate.​
    The fae spoke his words," I mean you no harm" she imitated. Elswyth never heard this tongue before, she became broken by curiosity. She fluttered to the ground beside the fire and pointed to herself, standing no taller than one's thumb. Forsaking fear she spoke but only sounds came out, sounds like tiny wind chimes.​
    Elswyth, though tiny, seemed tall and again imitated the man's words only understanding the primordial meaning in the sound of his words.​
    "I...mean you no harm"​
    Munnin let one more loud caw echo through the tunnels of the cave in worry of the young faerie. His black eyes fixed on Larak, watching him carefully, ready to swoop to Elswyth to safety. If only he could speak their languages, he would tell him they would leave. Elswyth's advances were reckless and naive, they could get her captured or killed. The worry grew in the crow as he ruffled his feathers, puffing out to seem threatening.​
    Elswyth just repeated in attempt to learn this talk.​
    "No...harm."She announced with curious eyes.​
  12. Her long legs meant that her steps were more like elongated strides. Through the thick humid air did she make her way, throwing her lengthy braid around to her back and swinging her bow arm in front of her for its subconscious aid in balance. Villuctia reached the part of the underground Elven city where the steps lead up to the manor where her family and the other elders resided. The establishment homed her mother and younger siblings, and the other elders' families in the spare rooms. She had her own quarter within it, which even included her own bathroom and personal study area.

    Light from the fireflies which congregated on the cities rooftop at particular times, caused rays of yellow to stream through the regal swags and tails on her drapes. Occasionally bars of light would cause V' to squint when manoeuvring around the area. There was a blundering knock on her door, causing even V' to jump slightly to it's demanding answer. "Miss Entrucé, your mother has requested your presence in the grand hall... You're late." The last words were stern and bitter, as if to be said through gritted teeth.

    She grunted and began to remove all of her armour and hide bits of it within the familiar places of her room, her protective headband was placed in the vase. Her bow back on the wall to appear like art, and other items assembled in other places too. Her mother would not approve if she knew she had been out again. Fortunately few of the villagers knew her face and so they did not recognise her as 'royalty' anyway, nevermind behind her full set of armour. She wasn't even well known outside of the Manor and council..
  13. Tiny water drops were falling from the sky; the storm was growing closer and closer, and if he didn't make it to the inn in time, he risked ruining the herbs he had collected in the forest. He was tired after being all day outside, and he didn't know if he could jog even if he tried, but at least he could accelerate the pace and walk faster.

    He recognised the small details in his surroundings, now he was near to the point where the road came across another one and fused together, and from there, only one road went to the town he was staying at. Cheered up because he was close now, he began humming an old elvish song to himself, and after a while he was singing, just for the night sky to hear. He was in this state of tranquility when he saw a wolf and a... 'being' walking down the road, in his direction. He didn't stop singing, but he couldn't help it and stared openly at the pair, such a sight wasn't common.
  14. Hmmm...
    The tune was familiar but yet not. It was a sweet sound that made her curious to see who sang it. She moved forward down the path to see who sang it. Well, she tried to, her wolf friend kept crossing her path and shoving her away and whining at her while turning to growl at the singer of the tune in the distance. It did not take knowledge of animal speech to figure out what he meant, he did not trust the being coming their way.
  15. The wooden bar fell back into place the second the trails of her cloak passed the doorway, determined to show that she should no longer come here in the years to follow unless she was specifically called for. A rare thing it would be for an ex-employer to call her back, and so used to an ever changing scene was she, that she was unsure if she would even do so if it was asked of her. A violent gust of wind came from the skies and carried on its back the first few droplets of freezing cold rain, spreading them out evenly across anything it came upon in its path of unrelenting speed. The woman gathered the garb closer to her so that it would not blow open as she walked, and set off down the dirt track that led to an inn she was particularly fond of. It was really only a tavern for the men of drink to spend their coin at, but after a bit of probing on her part towards the owner of the establishment, he had agreed to the idea of turning the upstairs that had served as storage for the barrels of alcohol into a lodge of sorts. " 'sides," he'd said on several occasions, scratching at the stubble of his neck, "could ulways use a bi' mor' gold 'n ma' pocket fur da missus. Enjoy dat, she would." He would nod a few times to himself then and turn to serve other customers with his usual, jolly grin, spreading word of the idea that had come up out of the blue, all on its own. Although he was pleasant enough company to keep, he was the most forgetful human she had ever met.

    Ashkara pressed forward, a shiver trailing unnervingly down her spine every time a drop of the icey liquid managed to blow under her cloak and onto her skin. She did not quicken her pace nor hunch forward against the cold though, defiantly standing straight in confidence of the cover that the overcast sky promised to provide her with. Sure enough, she soon arrived at the tavern, a sign hanging above the front door declaring it as 'The Laughing Dog', with enough heat emitting from the place to warm someone who stood outside and enough drunken laughter and cheers within for her to question the wisdom of entering. That small ningling of self-doubt was promptly placed in the back of her mind admist all other feelings of inferiority that had been sealed away since her adolescence, and she pushed the door open, becoming bathed in the light of dozens of candelabras and oil lamps. A quick blink of her eyes and the wide room came into immediate focus, as well as all the drunkards, barmaids, travelers, ruffians, the odd whore, sleeping canines who lay at the feet of their masters, a dozing employee and everyone else who she cared not for paying any more attention to. The Orc kept to the walls as she made her way around the room until she came to the bar itself and took a seat near to the shadows but so into them that it would appear suspicious or shady of her. Her eyes darted around the noisy enormous room, body craning to the side every now and again in order to look around the tall pillars that were dotted smartly every few meters.

    The center of the room was occupied by the loudest of the men, the most outgoing drinkers, the show-offs and those too drunk to know what they were getting themselves into by mixing with the others of that part of room. Meaning, all the idiots who were also the biggest buyers and attracted the most attention, spending more coin than they would ever be able to recall having by dawn. These creatures were clustered around a massive table of oak that also served as a more personal bar of self service in the center, easily accessible and with an observant woman keeping track of all the drinks carelessly taken. The keeper's wife, Ashkara knew. A modest woman who must have been quite attractive in her earlier years, for she still retained a good number of those traits even in her fifties, as she was. Dark hair, bright eyes and a brilliant smile that left the elder men gaping... until her husband took notice of this and with a look of annoyance, would dump a mug of ale over their heads. This would leave them still gaping but more in shock than anything else, and if they tried to retaliate against his actions, the man would say that they were lucky he hadn't gauged their eyes out and thrown them onto the streets like that. It had happened one or twice before in the past and she hoped that the place wouldn't get as rowdy as that this evening.

    With a sigh, she leaned back in her seat, whistling for a common bartender who looked little like a man and more of a mere boy, eyes wide and nervous as he approached her. "Rum," she told him bluntly, tossing back her hood and freeing her long braid of hair from the confines of the cloak. She waited until he scurried off to get her order before she stood briefly and removed the entire garment from her rapidly warming body. That was one of the few things she disliked about getting potentially drunk, the heat of those around her and herself made it near impossible to do so enjoyably without removing the extra cloth. 'So be it...' she thought, draping it over the back of her chair and resitting. Self-consciousness had been near lost to her already and what people thought upon seeing her were only thoughts, and words were only words. Though both could easily be sorted by a blade to the neck or the removal of a tongue.
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  16. Cellorys kept walking until he could get a clear sight of the pair. His singing died out when he noticed the wolf was growling at him, his ears and tail tense, his teeth an obvious signal of danger.

    The elf stopped in his track, and shifted his weight from one foot to another, growing nervous. Looking at the animal right in the eyes, he didn't seem like he was going to attack anytime soon as long as he sensed no actual offence against him. Cellorys could see from the side of his eye the other being now, a young woman with blonde hair and... wings? coming out from her back.

    Not daring to walk past them and show his back to the wolf if the animal was in that angered state, he said to the woman 'psst miss, tell your puppy to calm down...'.
  17. Marinda stared at the young man until he spoke and then she tilted her head to the side in puzzlement. She didn't understand the words he spoke but his reference to the wolf was plain enough, pointing at it and looking its way while he talked. The blond fairie waved at her friend in a shooing motion and spoke quickly to it in its own language, (Stop it now! Leave the man-beast be. He means no harm, go please for now.) With a parting sneeze and slight growl the white-one stiffly walked off to the tree line of the wood and then disappeared from sight like a puff of smoke on the wind. Then Mari turned her attention back to the young man and smiled.
  18. Larak sighed, it didn't seem she understood any of what he was saying. He leaned back slowly against the wall of the cave and just stared at her for a while. It didn't seem she had anyone else with her otherwise the cave might have been swarming with others by now. "Don't you understand?" He said questionably figuring she hadn't the slightest idea of what he was saying. She probubly never had the opportunity to learn another language and unfortunately, though he had met a fairy before, he never was able to speak even the easiest of words from her tongue.

    From the sound it was making outside it seemed it was still raining and unfortunately his drain system wasn't working too well because the water was starting to seep down into the cave. He watched a small stream move further down into the cave and honestly he was just grateful it didn't decide to move into the small pit he made for his fire. That would have been a hassle... His eyes turned back to the young fairy not exactly sure what it wanted with him...
  19. His breath, just a second before caught in his throat, was set free in a deep sigh of relief. He wasn't afraid of engaging in a fight and end up killing a wild animal, but if said animal was this lady's companion, then he preferred avoiding trouble. From how the woman talked, it seemed she spoke another language. But if she had understood him, then maybe she spoke common tongue too.

    Eyeing the person standing before him, he inspected her appearance. She was quite beautiful and delicate, she had almost an elvish aura to her, but her wings gave away the fact that she wasn't a being of any race known to him. A couple of songs came to his mind, songs where creatures with similar looks were the protagonists.

    'Thanks for saving me from the almighty beast.' said Cellorys, bowing his head in a theatrical manner. 'It's always refreshing, seeing a beautiful lady just like you cross paths with me.' He added, pointing at her with his hand. 'And for it to happen in a place lost in the middle of nothing, oh gods, how fortunate I am.'
  20. Understanding nothing of what the male elf was saying (she now recognized his features from old songs and tales), Mari still looked on at him in a clueless way with a slight smile on her lips. When he stopped talking finally she spoke and the words came out on the air like wind chimes and angels sighs but he didn't understand a word of it, she could tell.

    A small pouting frown traded places with the smile she had worn but a moment ago. Then her face lit up and she looked around about her on the ground until she found a stick of decent size. She settled to the ground and began to draw a picture. It was a rough representation of her walking and farther along was what she had been told was a village. She leaned back from her stick figure artwork and smiled while pointing at it and tilted her head to the side while looking quizzically up at him.
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