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    Theme Song (open)
    A new day was dawning, the fates of the divine had made their prophecy. Here it was an uprising, in the new cycle of the cold days. For many years now the five legions have wished to over turn the throne which currently is held by the Knights of Uvinia. As well as the fight to over turn the forces of the Human's there are conflicts within the legions themselves.
    It all begun just with different religious beliefs and land ownership. Branching out to eventually come to circumstances of assassination, murder, theft, and other unspeakable crimes against the kingdoms laws. The races not only fought against the Knights, but within their selves were conflicts too. Invasion of their citadels and imperial territories lead to the many deaths of mothers and father's throughout the lands of Uvinia.
    It was the Knights duty, as the current in command of the law, to up-hold strict regulations to those who go against the morals and rules set in stone for the people of the world of Uvinia. However, numbers were decreasing slowly due to spies invading their concrete walls, and the king was becoming too lazy to care. What with the conflicts for the throne, for the land, for power, and for items such as sacred treasure and weaponry, he had given up trying to keep his calm.
    Battalions have been in preparation for years, children taught how to weild swords from the age of 8. It had become a bloodbath, and there were few willing to try and stop it.
    Elves: Their abilities to connect with nature over-exceed that of the Faerie. Elves are worshippers of the deity Elria which is known as the Goddess of the tree's. Their connection with the greenery in the forest allows them to have a strong connection with their magical capabilities too. They are able to manipulate the earth that they walk on, although many prefer to stick to the use of weaponry as this is their strongest point. Although holding the abilities to wield magic, they prefer physical swords, bows, maces, axes, etc.
    Dwarves: Do not underestimate the Dwarves for their size, because for their lack in height they make up with for sheer muscle and strength. The Dwarves are traditionally very well known for their abilities to wield the heavy armor and the melee weapons which they spend many hours smithing and mining materials for. Dwarves too are known for their skill in magic linking up to their strength they have the talent to increase their own muscle capacity and weight. Their deity or 'God' is the God of the flame and the hammer, Vraccas.
    Orcs: Are considered to be the cast-away's of the five races. They are ugly, and mostly live underground away from sunlight. Although this seems like a negative against the Orc race, don't let it fool you. Orcs have brilliant eyesight and can match a Dwarves strength quite easily with their numbers. They often travel independently and rarely associate themselves with anybody but themselves. Orcs have a natural ability to be able to see in the dark, they also have an enhanced magic ability too. Orcs are able to see in the dark, and when the sun is out their eyes can adjust quite easily, and movements are precise when in battle. Orcs worship Samusin, the God of night, shadows and darkness.
    Faeries: Are natural mages, they are not familiar with the arts of melee and range, or any weapon other than magic. However, it isn't the type of magic which has been represented in myth to the children of Uvinia. A connection with nature is possibly the only thing which comes near through their ability to communicate with the animals, as well as command the tree's to take such action every now and then. It's more so passive magic they have the nick for such as their strong ability to be able to sense whether somebody is lying or telling the truth, their ability to see further into the future, their speed. Faeries have been known to be able to fly, however, this drains a lot of their energy and can have a vast affect on their health too. Their deity is the Goddess of spirit, and fortune, Sitalia.
    Knights: Knights, although human, also have their abilities. They have a strong sense of intelligence and wittiness about them due to them having a high fortune in their were-abouts in the heirachy system right now. The Knights are introduced to combat at an early age, as well as the opportunity to go into the path of alchemy to forge poisons and toxins in use against their enemies. However, due to their lack in numbers this is steadily falling and a struggle is being upheld in the Knight race. Their deity is the God Palandiell, he is known as the God of wisdom and snakes.
    I will be posting summaries every now and then of what is going on in this topic. However, I strongly encourage you to read the posts in the roleplay topic too. It will also have chapters and episodes so things don't get boring and there isn't just one storyline. I find roleplays die out rather quickly when there is just one objective. However! Onward!
    • No Godmodding, or metagaming.
    • Magic is subtle, we do not wield fire balls, or manipulate the vines to attatch themselves to others.
    • Stick to IC, OOC posts will be made in the sign up, or via PM.
    • No maximum characters, go crazy just 3+ paragraphs each.
    • Do not add another race to the bidding, if you wish to do that, take it to another post.
    • No raunchy smut here, take it to the mature section.
    • A minimum of 3 paragraphs.
    • Posting as much as you can, nobody's forcing but if you're unable to post, please pull out.
    • Have fun!
    (Any questions, PM me.)

    Character Name: [What is the name of your character?]
    Age: [How old is your character?]
    Race: [Elf, dwarf, knight, faerie, orc?]
    Personality: [Temperament of your character.]
    Biography: [History and background on character.]
    Appearance: [You can use a picture]
    Weapon: [What weapon does your character wield?]
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  2. Character Name: Villuctia Entrucé
    Age: 233
    Race: Elf
    Personality: Vi' is stealthy, she mainly keeps up high in the tree's with her glass bow and arrow enchanted with luck and fortune on her side. She is very much like a mouse in a sense that when she is confronted she is quite timid and shy around other's. However, when concealed in her usual attire she can be a bloodthirsty young woman as well. She is caring and loving for those who are close to her but her ties are easily cut.
    Biography: She is the daughter of the one of the eldest living Elves alive, Fera. Being such well known face was never in her luck. She always wanted to be an assassin however, if those recognised her, then how could she be? She kept chasing the dream and eventually found her way and abilities to course through the tree's like a fish swims through water. This became her usual way of travel and hiding her identity under her usual attire of a mask and armor was quite the positive. Her father died in the first cold days of war many centuries ago, so she was left under the wing of Fera and tutored in the art of combat by her too.
    Weapon: Glass Bow, glass daggers.
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  3. Character Name: Grimslin
    Age: 28
    Race: Knight/Human
    Grimslin is rather sly, always known for having something up his sleeves, but also a man of honor and respect. He was often planning ahead in most situations, but when it comes to sudden problems or situations that have gone off track of his plan, that's where he falls slightly on reliance. When Grimslin is around other people, he can communicate with others easily but prefers to keep to himself at most times. In his view, people come and go quicker than flies, so what was the point of really holding a friendship for so long? Grimslin prefers not to get up and close with his enemies, but take them by surprise and leave them dazzled by his intelligence and tricks.

    Grimslin at a very young age was always fascinated with being a knight. His parents were not very supportive of the idea of their son going out and ruthlessly taking people's lives. When he came of age to wield a sword, Grimslin was given a test to see if he was true knight material. He was hesitant of swinging the sword at first, but then he finally gained the courage to swing and felt a bit more confident. The same day of his test, he walked by a room that had an unusual scent. The scent allured Grimslin through the door and into a world filled with vials, books, and poisons. Dropping the sword instantly, Grimslin was intrigued and his thoughts of being a knight vanished, he wanted to indulge in this lifestyle of what was known as Alchemy. During the many years of learning and concocting many types of potions, poisons, and toxins, Grimslin also learned how create venomous smogs as well coat weapons with poisons.

    Appearance: View attachment 11961

    Weapon: A short sword that is light and easy to swing, vials containing a variety of poisons and toxins.

  4. Character Name: Boíndal
    Age: 87
    Race: Dwarf
    Personality/ Biography: Still young by dwarf standards, Boíndal is mostly a loner; he wonders the lands as he pleases, staying in one place only long enough to make a little coin in order to keep himself fed and comfortable. Regardless of his sporadic appearances, however, a friendship with Boíndal isn't to be taken lightly as he has an uncanny ability to be there right when he's needed most. A favour will always be returned and a debt always paid, whether in gold or blood.

    Weapon(s): Boíndal is instantly recognisable for the self-designed and forged Bec du Corbin (Crow's Beak) always strapped to his waist and similarly unique battleaxe which he carries on his back.
    Bec du Corbin/ Crow's Beak (open)

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  6. Re-opened this roleplay! Wondered if it would get any more attention this time around? :) x
  7. Ooh. I just revived my RP as well! Haha. I am interested, and working on a character. :3

    Also do Faeries have to be particularly small? :o
  8. Nope they can be any size you wish :)
  9. Character Name: Gwenaviere Syl'vtal
    Age: A long time, long enough for her to no longer care.
    Race: Half-Faerie Half-Elven
    Personality and Biography: Gwenaviere a forbidden child between the elves and the faeries, her life was destined to not be restraint to the norm. She at first lived a very sheltered life, only seeing her father as he would visit her mother on the darkest of nights, and the quietest of evenings. She grew up with the faeries, the very blood within them hiding what was contaminating her's. Being of the descent of both magic-adorned races Gwenaviere inherited her mother's magic. It wasn't long for them to notice that she was rather talented in the arcane. So said magic allowed her to surpass most of the faeries in her village in almost all ways. It wasn't long until they became suspicious of her. Things only worsened when her father came to visit them, bearing the news that he had been exiled from his tribe for eloping with a faerie and creating an unknown abomination, at that time Gwen didn't know he was referring to her.

    From that point on her father lived with her and her mother, Gwen once thought it was a good thing. But now that he was there, he became the living existence that all the icy rumors of poor little Gwen had become true. Instead of praising her affinity with the arcane, the other faeries scorned her for she was different. It went on like that for years..then her sister came. A small little girl with the light green hair of her mother, Gwen had thought this was a turning point in their lives, her parents were happy and she was to have a sister! Someone who she could share the burden with, someone she could protect from the burden even. But on the dawn of her birth, their mother died. The faeries were broken-hearted and concentrated their anger and angst on Gwen's father and had him executed for he had caused the death of one of their own. Gwen was forced to watch the death of her parents and she was only at her fifteenth year.

    Gwen was allowed to stay with the tribe, though the situation seemed only worse the faeries became bolder, calling her out in public not even bothering to wait for her to leave before their silver tongues began running on about how the chief's grand-daughter was a mutt. Gwen was left to take care of her little baby sister and so she ended up doing so. She did her best to protect little Aveline, she grew older and so did her sister. Gwen eventually matured into a respectable young woman and Aveline a good-hearted, naive, girl. The two of them ended up leaving to go on a journey and have been travelling the continent since, staying at places for long times sometimes.

    Due to the circumstances of Gwenaviere's past she isn't exactly the most proud girl. More or less insecure in her abilities, looks, blood, Gwen is definitely not the one to raise her hand up first. She is extremely caring and warm-hearted, believing the reason of her existence is to make sure that Aveline would end up alright. Gwen's heart is a big one with compassion for others, but is sadly locked up after she had to chain it down in order to protect herself from the words of her brethren. Gwen doesn't get angry unless Aveline would be involved in the topic.

    Weapon: Gwenaviere prefers to assist others with faerie magic, though if push comes to shove she wields a long, curved elven knife of her father's.

    Character Name: Aveline Syl'vtal
    Age: She has been trying to keep up with it, trying.
    Race: Half-Faerie Half-Elven
    Personality and Biography: (Biography more or less above) Aveline has lived for a long time yes, but surprisingly she still holds onto a childish demeanor and a sense of naivety and innocent. Her constant happiness is extremely endearing and many people can't just help but love her. Though the small child within her can often get her into trouble as well. Being mischievous she loves to play tricks and go on adventurous escapades, much to the stress of her older sister.
    Weapon: Aveline also prefers magic, though her magic is oddly strictly elven. She has a special connection to animals so she can often call on them for her assistance if that would count.

    Appearances (open)
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  10. [MENTION=3536]Rufiya[/MENTION] Approved :) - But please don't combine both magical capabilities from either race, just choose one or the other side. I didn't plan on having half-breeds, but understandably it's an attractive concept. However, you've written so much I feel rude asking you to change it.
  11. Oh pssh, it's fine. Easy fix just gimme a second~
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  12. Hope you don't mind another person joining? :)

    Character Name: Cellorys

    Age: 200.

    Race: Elf.

    Personality: Cellorys is usually calm and gentle to everyone, always composed and with good manners. He enjoys the little pleasures of life - music, books, strong scented flowers and that sweet smell after a rainy day. But even if he shows himself friendly to everybody, he tries not to get attached, for his lifespan is quite long compared to other creatures, and he got tired of the grief that came with every death. He has a prodigious memory: he can recite poetry or sing from the top of his head, doesn't matter how long the lyrics are. He's able to remember recipes and forumlas. And promises. He's a very honourable elf, and will always give his best to fullfill any promise made.

    Biography: Cellorys grew up in a metropoli mostly habitated by humans. His father made a living as a vet, specially for the pets of wealthy people. He never knew his mother, and his father refused to talk about her. He got sick in that atmosphere; people and animals died so easily from the littlest illness. He explained to his father he wanted to see a world full of life instead of that city with death in everycorner. His elder appeared to comprehend his feelings, and let him go with the condition of sending a letter once a few years, saying he was alive and kicking.

    Most people would think of him as a nomad now. His travels have taken him to all kind of places, big cities and humble towns, long forgotten ruins, tricky caverns and passages, deep forests, and a few places he'd prefer keeping them to himself. He loves meeting all kinds of people and involving in their culture. Also, as a self proclaimed alchemist, wherever he goes he studies the flora and takes with himself as many samples as possible, and makes some money selling remedies and cosmetics, and poisons in some rare occasions. Along his journey he discovered that, as beautiful as the world may be, it's full of ill-intentioned people, and with practice and dedication, became quite the skilled archer and swordman (short swords and daggers only), and learnt basic magic for the sake of self preservation.

    <<picture by emmil in deviantART>>

    Weapon: Cellorys carries a longbow and its carcaj, and has a shortsword attached to his belt. He has a dagger he hides in his clothing, usually in one of his boots.
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  13. Of course! Love your character! Approved! Waiting for a good few more characters :) x
  14. Cellorys seems pretty bro, I might add. owo

    Charlie I just let one of the siblings have elven magic and the other Faerie magic, is that fine? :o

  15. Yeah sure :)
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