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  1. I am char99 - otherwise known as ash/cloudeh/cloud... Ashkit was my first proper roleplay on horseland.com... I know, not very good, but still - it's fun to hang out but not very good with a plot. Then I moved onto a website from one of the people there - ask me, I can give you the website - which is a Warrior Cat's roleplay.

    I enjoy roleplaying and now I've found this site I will bookmark & try to visit reguarly. I have quite a lot of roleplaying experiance, but I'm looking to expand my description and showing - not telling - what my character is thinking and feeling. I'm open to pretty much anything, although I favor female characters.
  2. [video=youtube;41RFw9aqIxM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41RFw9aqIxM[/video]
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Ash Cloud!

    Selenite here, pleeeased to meeet you.
    Have a cookie.
    (Sorry it is bitten. I was hungry)

    Have fun, and return often!